Regis Salon Prices, Hours & Locations 2024

Regis Salon Prices, Hours & Locations

Regis Salon Prices 2024

Regis Salon Prices are the most reasonable in the industry.

Regis Salon Prices start at $20.00 for men’s hairstyles and $30.00 for ladies’ hairstyles. For complete information about the Regis Salon Prices and administrations, go through this whole post.

Regis Salon Prices

What Do Regis Salons Cost?

Regis Salons are known for being a convenient, affordable chain of salons with a high-end feel. Their locations are scattered throughout the United States.

They’ve been around since 1922 and were originally called Kunin Beauty SalonsIn 1958, they updated (and upgraded) the name to Regis Salon.

Today, these salons are operating in more than 10,000 locations worldwide and have a great reputation in the beauty industry. While some salon chains only offer haircuts and styling, Regis Salons offer a wider range of hair services.

Haircuts, styles, colors, highlights, perms, relaxers, waxing, and deep conditioning treatments are some of the services you can get for comparatively low prices at Regis. 

At Regis Salon, guests are always welcome and encouraged. Regis Salon wants everyone to experience their salon and believes testing it out is the best way.

In this guide, we’ll cover prices by service and product and a thorough description of what each one includes. Then, we’ll compare prices to that of their competitors. Let’s jump in!

We also take a look at the Regis Salon Prices and discover how things charge up here.

Regis Salon Prices & Services 2024

The Regis Salon prices are known for being fair and not too high. Here are the lowest, highest, and average prices for each service at Regis Salons. We’ll talk about each service and what it includes after the price list.

Service Low Prices Average Prices High Prices
Women’s Haircut $30 $33.50 $37
Women’s Cut & Style $38 $38.50 $39
Men’s Haircut $20 $23.50 $27
Men’s Cut & Style $28 $28.50 $29
Color $60 $67.50 $75
Balayage $50 $50
Ombre Color $150 $150
Mini Highlights $29 $29.50 $30
Partial Highlights $55 $65 $75
Full Highlights $90 $92.50 $95
Relaxer $65 $65
Perm $65 $67.50 $70
Facial Waxing $14 $14.50 $15
Deep Conditioning $10 $10
Formal Styling $55 $55
Blowout $100 $100

Regis prices are about average. Their deep conditioning treatments start at $10, which is their least expensive service. Here, ombre colour is the most expensive service.

But since the average price for this service starts at about $125, Regis’ price of $150 is reasonable. Since each Regis Salon is owned by a different franchisee, prices do vary a bit from place to place.

But most Regis Salons charge about the same amount for a variety of services. A haircut for a woman might cost $30 at one place and $37 at another.

We made sure to include the average prices for each service because of this. So, you can get an idea of how much you might pay anywhere.

Before you get a service at a Regis Salon, make sure to talk to your stylist about the prices in your area. They might even know about specials, sales, and discounts at your location!

Why Choose Regis Salon?

Regis is a huge company with over 10,000 salons all over the world that use the Regis name. Its continued growth and good health are due to its commitment to excellent customer service.

When you walk into a Regis Salon near you, you will see right away that they care about your happiness and satisfaction.

Your stylist will take the time to get to know you and figure out exactly what you want done that day. People will always be kind and respectful to you.

The prices at Regis are also a good reason to choose this hotel. Even though it is committed to great customer service and cutting-edge fashion, it keeps its prices low, so you can look your best without breaking the bank.

You can almost always get a walk-in appointment for yourself or your kids, which makes it a good choice for your whole family.

Regis Salon Services

Now that you know how much each service at Regis will cost, let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer. What comes with each service?

Regis Salons offer a variety of hair services, such as cuts, styles, colours, highlights, perms, relaxers, waxing, and conditioning treatments. Here’s what each service gives you.

Regis Haircuts

Regis Salons always have people of all ages get their hair cut. Your haircut will cost different amounts, with children’s being the cheapest and women’s being the most.

When you go to a Regis Salon, your stylist will give you a quick consultation. They will find out what kind of haircut you want and make sure it will work for your hair. Then, your stylist will wash, condition, and cut your hair the way you asked.

If you pay extra for a cut and style, your stylist will blow dry your hair in the way you want. If you don’t, your stylist will cut your hair and dry it quickly without styling it.

Children’s Haircuts

Children under the age of 10 should get a haircut at a salon. (The age limit varies from salon to salon. Find out more from your salon.)

All-over Color

At Regis Salons, you can choose to get colour all over. You can choose your favourite permanent, demi-permanent, or semi-permanent hair colour, depending on how long you want it to last.

If you don’t know what colour suits you best, your stylist can help you choose. Before the colour is put on, you and your stylist will talk briefly to figure out what kind of colour will look best on you.

Your stylist may be able to make you a custom colour. After the colour has been put on your hair, it will be left on for the right amount of time before being rinsed out. Then your hair will be blown dry to finish the look.

Permanent Color

Permanent colour is a popular way to cover grey hair, change the colour of your hair, or make it lighter or darker. Permanent colour will last the longest on your hair.

Demi Permanent Color

Permanent hair colour is one step up from semi-permanent. It can be used between 24 and 28 times. It will wear off over time, but not as fast as semi-permanent hair colour.

It works best for giving faded hair colour a new look, blending in grey hair, or adding shine, vibrancy, and a bit of toned dimension to your hair colour.

Semi-Permanent Color

There is also hair colour that lasts for 3 to 6 washes, but not as long as permanent or demi-permanent colour. If you want a fun, bright colour or just want to try out a new tone or shade, you might choose a semi-permanent colour.

Trend Color Techniques

Use one of these trendy ways to colour your hair to make it look nicer and more interesting. Ask your hairdresser what you should do.


Balayage is a way to paint the hair by hand to give it a natural, sweeping look by putting colour where the light naturally hits the hair. At Regis Salons, you can get balayage in any colour you want for a reasonable price.


The colour of ombre hair changes in the middle of the hair shaft into a different colour. It could be darker or lighter than the roots.

Sombre is a more subtle version of ombre, with less of a difference between the colours. Ombre colours cost the most at Regis Salons, but they are still cheaper than most services at independent salons.

Grays and silvers

Right now, grey, lavender, and silver tones are very popular. Regis Salons can give you a platinum blonde look or a silvery tone to your hair colour. They’ll use a toner in the colour you want on your blonde hair to make sure it’s the right shade.


At Regis Salons, you can always get highlights. There are mini, partial, and full highlights that you can choose from. Regis Salons use foil highlights to give your hair colour depth and dimension.

Choose small highlights to frame your face, and full highlights to lighten your hair all over. The first thing you’ll do is talk to your stylist.

Before putting on highlights, they’ll talk to you about how you want your hair to look and anything else that needs to be taken into account, such as roots, maintenance, damage, etc.

Mini Highlights

Babylights, which are small highlights, are becoming more and more popular. Mini highlights at Regis Salons are made with 7 foils placed around your face to give you a natural, sun-kissed look. This quick service doesn’t include styling, but your stylist will blow dry the areas you’ve pointed out so you can see how it will look.

Partial Highlights

We also do partial highlights, which use more foils spread out through the hair. Adding depth is easy with partial highlights. Most partial highlights are in the T-zone, which is around the face and down the line where your hair is parted.

Full Highlights

Full highlights are the most like having one colour all over your head. They are great for mixing greys into your colour, lightening or darkening your overall colour, and adding a lot of depth. A lot of foils will be used to put full highlights all over the hair.

Services for Specialty

Regis Salons also have a list of services that aren’t on the menu. Styles, perms, relaxers, and waxing are all examples. Here’s what’s included in each specialty service at Regis.

Formal Styling

Updos, braids, and twists are all good styles for formal events and special occasions. Your stylist will start by having a short conversation with you to find out what kind of event or occasion the style is for and what kind of style you want. A shampoo and blow-dry are part of every formal style.

Relaxers, perms, and retexturizing

Regis Salons can help you if you want a perm, relaxer, or treatment to make your hair smoother. Perms give your hair a permanent curl in the shape and size you choose.

Some specialty perms, such as spiral perms, may cost more. Long hair might also cost more. Relaxers are permanent treatments that make natural curls smoother, softer, and less curly. Relaxers get rid of frizz and make curls easier to work with.

There are treatments for naturally curly hair that can make it straight again. These treatments get rid of frizz by changing the shape and pattern of the curls. With any of these services, you’ll get a shampoo and blow-dry.

Blow Outs

Enjoy a relaxing shampoo and a smooth blowout to get rid of frizz and add shine and body to your hair.


Regis Salons also offer waxing for the face. Some of the parts of the face that can be waxed are the eyebrows, upper lip, chin, and sideburns. Regis stylists are trained to shape hair in places like the eyebrows and sideburns and to get rid of hair in places like the lip and chin.

Treatments for deep conditioning

At Regis Salons, you can choose from three deep conditioning treatments. Each is a little bit different. Your hairdresser can help you decide which deep conditioning treatment is best for you.

Of course, this depends on what your hair needs and how it is made. For the most comfort and relaxation, a head massage is part of every deep conditioning treatment.


The DESIGNLINE deep conditioning treatment untangles hair, puts moisture deep into the strands, and coats hair with a protective protein to rebuild weak or damaged hair. It’s made with cocoa butter, which makes it shine and feel soft right away.

Chemistry Shots by Redken

Redken Chemistry Shots are mixed just for you based on what your hair needs. Your stylist will decide if your color-treated hair needs to be strengthened, smoothed, moisturised, or just given a gentle conditioner.


The two steps of the Malibu deep conditioning treatment are clarifying and conditioning. In the first step, the hair is washed to get rid of buildup, oil, and dirt.

The second step is to use a deep conditioning treatment that repairs damaged hair and makes it feel strong, soft, moisturised, and shiny.

Regis Salon History

Regis Salon used to be called Kunin Beauty Salon. Florence and Paul Kunin opened it in 1922. Which quickly grew into a chain of cheap salons, most of which are in department stores.

When Regis bought the chain in 1958, they changed the name of the salon to just “Regis.”

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How Regis Salon Prices Compare

Regis Salon prices seem reasonable, but how do they compare to other salon chains? Let’s find out.

How Regis Salon Prices Compare

Regis Salon vs. Supercuts

Supercuts Prices and Regis are about the same, but they vary by service. The Supercut III is like a haircut for women at Regis (includes shampoo and simple blow-dry).

On average, this kind of haircut at Regis costs $33.50. At Supercuts, it’s $36.98. About $10 will get you a deep conditioning treatment at Regis. Most of them cost $12.50 at Supercuts.

But Supercuts is better when it comes to hair colour. Supercolor can cost as little as $35, and its best parts cost about $72. At Regis, full highlights cost an average of $92.50 and all-over colour costs $60.

Great Clips vs. Regis Salon

Let’s compare the Great Clips prices and Regis. Adult haircuts at Great Clips cost about $15 less than at Regis, but they don’t come with a shampoo and simple blow dry like they do.

At Great Clips, conditioning treatments cost about $14 on average, while at Regis, they cost about $10. On average, a perm costs $60 at Great Clips and $67.50 at Regis.

Fantastic Sams vs. Regis Salon

The prices at Regis and Fantastic Sams are about the same. Which salon is cheaper? At Fantastic Sams, an adult haircut with a shampoo but no blow-dry costs about $19.

On the other hand, a similar haircut at Regis costs an average of $33.50 and comes with a shampoo and blow-dry. At Fantastic Sams, treatments for deep conditioning cost between $15 and $17.

And Regis Salons sell them for about $10. And the price of hair colour is about the same at both places, with an average of $61 at Fantastic Sams and $60 at Regis.

Cost Cutters vs. Regis Salon

Cost Cutters is known for having cheap prices, but how do they compare to Regis? At Cost Cutters, the average haircut costs $18 and includes a shampoo and blow-dry. At Regis, the same haircut costs $33.50.

At Cost Cutters or Regis, a deep conditioning treatment will cost you about $11 or $10, which are both very close prices. Cost Cutters charges about $45 for all-over colour, which is a lot less than what Regis Salons charges, which is $60.

Regis Salon Hours

Disclaimer: Hours may be a little different from one place to the next. Please call your local salon to find out what its current hours are.

Days Hours
Monday 10:00 AM–9:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM–9:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM–9:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM–9:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM–9:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM–9:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM–7:00 PM

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Are Regis Salon Prices Worth the Cost?

Overall, the prices at Regis Salon are about average for salon chains. Prices for haircuts are a little bit higher than at other salons that are part of a chain.

But their haircuts also include a simple blow-dry and a shampoo, which many others don’t. Prices for other services at Regis Salon are below average and very cheap, just like the prices for perms and hair colour.

If you’re looking for a new hair salon, use our Salon Locator to see if there’s a Regis Salon near you. Now that you know how much they charge, you can book an appointment with confidence and know what to expect to pay.

Regis Salon Near Me Location

Regis Salon Contact Information

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This article give complete information about Regis Salon Prices.

Check out the all kind of Regis Salon services and their prices.

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Disclaimer: Regis Salon Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm the current pricing, please contact your local Regis Salon.

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