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Hair Highlights Cost 2023

Hair Highlights Cost Guides:- Do you want to change the way your hair looks? If you don’t know how much hair highlights cost, don’t worry. This guide will help you figure out how much each kind of highlight will cost. Read on to learn everything you need to know about highlights.

Find out how much the kind of highlights you want will cost. The price of highlights depends on the type of highlights, how long your hair is, and where they are put.


How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

On average, hair highlights cost $75 to $115, while full highlights can cost $75 to $150 or even $350 in high-end salons. Prices vary depending on where you live, what salon you go to, and how long your hair is.

How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

These prices can vary quite a bit from one salon to the next across the country.

Read on to learn more about how much hair highlights cost and how you can save money on your next trip to the salon.

Service Average Price
Full Highlights $75 – $150
Short Hair Highlights $60 – $70
Long Hair Highlights $90 – $150
Babylights $100 – $120
Balayage Highlights $100 – $150
Lowlights and Additional Colors $20 – $40
Ombre Highlights $100 – $150+
Partial Highlights $20 – $55
Pintura Highlights $100 – $120+

Why Highlight Prices Vary

Most salons sell highlights for $75 to $150. Highlights might cost between $25 and $45 at Supercuts and other cheaper salons, but high-end salons in big cities might charge more.

Why Highlight Prices Vary

High-end salons can charge as much as $350 for highlighting techniques that are more complicated. Most highlights for short or partially cut hair are on the lower end.

Partial highlights can cost as little as $20 if you only need a few to frame your face. This makes sense if your hair is shorter or you only want a few highlights since the stylist won’t need to use as many foils or lighting products.

It won’t take as long to do either. Highlights for long hair or for the whole head cost more. If your hair is longer than your shoulders, you will need to use more foils and lighting products.

If you want highlights all over your hair and not just in certain parts, you will need to use more lighting products. Your stylist will need more time to put on highlights if either of these two things happens.

Hair Highlights Cost by Type

You can get different kinds of highlights at a salon, and more and more ways are being thought of all the time. Here are the prices for the most common types of hair highlights.

Hair Highlights Cost by Type

Partial Highlights:

Items that are only partly highlighted can cost anywhere from $20 to $55. The price is based on how many highlights are added. Four accent highlights in the front of your hair that frame your face start at $20. The cost of partial highlights, which are more detailed (about 12), is between $45 and $55.

Full Highlights:

Costs range from $75 to $150 for highlights that cover the whole head. To get full highlights, you will need more than 12 foils in your hair. If you have short hair, full highlights will cost you $60. If you have long hair, full highlights may cost you more than $90-$150.

Highlights of Balayage:

The goal of Balayage is to make your hair look like it was lifted by the sun on its own. With this method, stylists can quickly blend the lighter shades and tones of your natural hair. With Balayage, you won’t be able to tell where your hair is darker and where it is lighter.

This method gives the stylist more ways to change how you look. Balayage, on the other hand, needs to be done by a skilled colorist because it is an artistic technique based on intuition and experience.

A stylist will charge between $100 and $150 for balayage highlights. To make the hair look natural, the stylist will put the colour right on the hair.


Ombre is not a way to add highlights to your hair; it is a way to colour your hair. People often mix this up with balayage. Color is added to the ends to make the change look natural. Prices for the ombre technique start at more than $150.


Babylights are small highlights that look like how the sun makes a child’s hair lighter. Most of the time, they are done around the hairline, forehead, and crown.

These highlights cost more than regular ones. First, the hair needs to be cut into thin strands. Then, the lightning product needs to be put on. The last step is to close the foils. Price ranges for babylights are between $100 and $120.

Pintura Highlights:

This style is called “highlighting” by Brazilian hair stylist Dennis Da Silva. He made “Pintura” because “painting” is what it means in his native language, Portuguese. The idea is to use dyes in the right places to bring out the curls and coils that are already there.

Salons sell Pintura highlights for $100 to $120 or more. These highlights can be put on the hair by hand and used to make curly hair stand out.

These are put on the hair in certain places where the curls would normally catch the light. The end result makes sense.

Lowlights and Additional Colors:

For each additional colour in the highlights, you can expect to pay between $20 and $40, bringing the total cost to $75 or more. Adding different colours to your hair can give it more depth.

If you have blond highlights and a few darker lowlights, you will have to pay a little more for the extra colour or toner.

Differences between Short Hair and Long Hair Highlights:

Most of the time, highlights for short hair (hair that is above the shoulders) cost less than highlights for long hair. The cost of highlights for short hair is $60 to $70. If your hair is short, you will need to use less bleach and foils.

The stylist will need less time to add highlights, and the hair will be shorter when the style is done. If your hair is longer than your shoulder, a haircut will cost more like $90-$150.

To get the look you want with long hair, the stylist will need to use more foils and lightening products and spend more time on the job.

Highlighting Techniques

You can use foils or do highlights by hand. Each way to highlight has its own pros, which are the facts about each one.

Highlight in foil:

The most common way to highlight something is with foil. The foil is put under the hair by a stylist who uses a comb to separate the hair into sections.

Next, paint products that lighten or change the colour of the strands. The piece of foil is then folded over the painted part to cover and protect it.

Foil highlight

Most of the time, salons use foil highlights instead of cap highlights.

Foils let stylists add more than one colour and create highlights that are as thin or thick as babylights.

The problem with foil highlights is that they take a long time to make.

Cap highlight:

Not as many people use highlights as they do foils. Highlighting caps fit tightly over hair and have tiny holes all over.

You will use a small tool with a hook to gently poke through each hole in the cap. The stylist will then pull one hair at a time through the cap. To make the highlights thicker, the stylist can pull more hair through each hole.

Cap highlight

Lightening or colouring products can only be used on the hair that was cut off, not on the hair that is still under the cap. With cap highlights, you can make a pattern of highlights in one colour that go in one direction.

One benefit of cap highlights is that the processes that happen to the hair happen at the same time. The bad thing is that the bleach or colour won’t get to the roots of the hair.

Freehand highlight:

Freehand highlights don’t use foils or caps. Instead, they are painted directly onto the hair with a tiny brush to make them look natural. Highlights like Balayage, Ombre, and Pintura are done by hand to create a smooth colour change with no sharp lines.

With the balayage method, stylists put the colour in the middle of the hair strands and let it go all the way to the ends. With the ombre method, stylists apply the colour so that it gradually gets lighter or darker as it gets closer to the ends.

Freehand highlight

To make Pintura highlights, the colour is put on from the ends of the hair up, focusing on the curls and curves of the hair to bring out the curls. When you do highlights by hand, the results are always very natural.

One problem with freehand highlights is that the lightener or colour could get on the rest of your hair if there’s nothing to stop it. This also needs a professional stylist with a lot of skill.

Highlights vs. Lowlights

Lowlights are a great way to give your hair a three-dimensional look. You can do this by dying some parts of your hair darker than the natural colour. A multi-tone hair colour service starts at $75 in a full-service hair salon.

What’s The Difference Between Highlights and Lowlights?

Lowlights give your hair a different look and look great on any length of hair. A lot of people like how lowlights make your hair move, whether it’s straight or curly.

Many hairdressers use a combination of lowlights and highlights to give you a final look. This is a popular method for darker hair shades.

What's The Difference Between Highlights and Lowlights?

Highlights are a modern way to add colour to your hair that women always want. This method is for hairpieces that are lighter than your natural hair colour. Lowlights are hairpieces that are darker than your natural hair colour.

In simple terms, highlights are a way to lighten the base colour of your hair, while lowlights are darker shades that give your hair more depth and dimension. If the highlights you bleached get too dull or disappear, the lowlights can be a great way to get the look back.

But before you try these colouring methods, you need to buy shampoos and conditioners that are safe for coloured hair. These products will help keep your hair’s colour and shine for a long time.

Do you have the choice in your head to use both lowlights and highlights? Yes, but it will work better if you make an appointment to talk about it with your hairdresser. Choose a certified hair colorist with a lot of experience who can add highlights and lowlights to your brown hair and give you the colour you want.

But based on the colour of your hair, that brown expert will give you the best answer. If your hair is already light brown, a lowlight is a good choice. On the other hand, this method of darkening is not good for people whose hair is naturally black or brown.

Are Highlights Worth the Cost?

Highlights can cost as little as $20 for face-framing highlights or as much as $350 for highlights that are hand-painted at a fancy salon. But is this process for lightening hair worth the money? We believe so.

Are Highlights Worth the Cost?

Highlights are a great way to change your look without changing the colour of your hair all over. Also, with the latest colouring techniques and highlights, like balayage, babylights, and ombre colours, you can get away without a lot of maintenance and without having to get your hair touched up every few weeks.

Highlights are the best way to improve your look, give your hair colour more depth, and bring out the natural curls and waves in your hair. Most highlights cost between $60 and $150, so they are an inexpensive way to change the way your hair looks.

Are you ready to have highlights done at a salon near you? It’s easy to find a salon that takes walk-ins or make an appointment. Find a salon near where you are right now. Type in your zip code to see what salons are available in your area.

How to Save Money on Highlights

Remember that when getting highlights, you have more options than you realize.

Get your money’s worth with a package deal:

A majority of the time, the total cost of your hair highlights is less when you book appointments to color your hair, cutting and deep-conditioning during the same time.

Prep your hair at home before going to the salon:

If you shampoo your hair every two to three days before getting highlights, your scalp will be better able to handle the colour. Your hairdresser will only ask you to wash your hair before colouring it if it is dirty or if it has a lot of residue from hair products like hairspray, gel, or mousse.

If your hair is dry and doesn’t have a lot of buildup from hair products, you don’t have to pay the stylist to wash your hair before colouring it. Also, if you brush and untangle your hair before you go to the salon, it will save time for both you and your stylist.

Spend less by booking a junior stylist:

Because they have more experience, the most skilled hairdressers will always charge more. But if you book one of their in-shop apprentices, you can often pay less for hair highlights and still get a great new look.

Resist the urge to buy hair products at the salon:

To make money, salons have to charge more for their hair care items. Instead of buying hair products there, you can get cheaper versions with the same ingredients at your local pharmacy or beauty supply store.

FAQ’S About Hair Highlights

How Long Do Hair Highlights Last?

There are many reasons why highlights last. Since everyone’s hair grows at a different rate, it’s hard to say how long it will last. Returning to the salon usually takes between one and three months. Women go back to the salon for touch-ups when their roots get longer.

We shouldn’t do this too fast. Give your roots at least a few inches to grow before going back for the second round. After bleaching your hair, you need to let it heal.

Can Hair Highlights Be Removed?

There are two ways to get rid of hair highlights. You can also bleach your hair, but since it’s already dry, don’t use harsh chemicals.

You can let your highlights slowly fade away. If you want to get rid of your highlights, hair colour may be the best way to do it. Choose a colour that is close to the colour of your real hair. After the colour has dried, you will have to put it on again.

Make sure you don’t put it on parts that have already been coloured.

Will Washing Hair Fade Highlights?

After about 24 washes, highlights will lose their shine, fade more quickly, and become less noticeable.

If you wash your hair less often, it will last longer. It’s better to use dry shampoo than to wash your hair every day. If your hair has light highlights, you can use violet shampoos to keep it from going brassy.

When to Wash Hair After Highlights?

A lot of money is spent by many women on salon treatments. After that, they go home to wash their hair, which can ruin all of their hard work.

You should wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after getting highlights. This lets the colour get into the hair follicles.

Can you Swim After Hair Highlights?

When you bleach, highlight, or dye your hair, it’s easy for it to break.

You should wait at least a week before going swimming. Water with chlorine can cause chemical reactions that can make your hair look terrible. This can make your hair turn yellow or fade, and it can also dry it out and cause it to break.

Before you go to the pool, be sure to condition your hair. Apply a conditioner and a mask to your hair after swimming.

Are Hair Highlights Permanent?

Most of the time, highlights stay in your hair until the new hair grows in. So, we can’t say that they will last forever. They are part of a group of hair treatments that last for about six months. Bleach is used to make hair lighter, so it will stay that way until your real hair grows back.

 Are Highlights Really Bad for Your Hair?

It’s simple: all bleaching or chemical hair treatments hurt hair. When they are done right, highlights aren’t so bad for your hair.

All of it depends on how many highlights you use. If you choose to draw attention to small details, the damage will be minimal.

But blonde highlights and platinum can be bad for hair. This is mostly because bleach removes hair pigments from the hair shafts, which makes the ends dry.

Can You Change Hair Highlights?

You can always color over your highlights. However, make sure to schedule an appointment in the salon. You shouldn’t do it on your own.

What is Half Hair Highlight?

Partially highlighting is done in small sections around the eyes to make them look brighter or to frame them. These look and feel like the sun has been rubbing your hair.

This kind of highlight is also cheaper than full highlights and takes less time.

What is a Full Hair Highlight?

Part of full highlights is putting highlights in all of your hair. This could be done to make your hair lighter or more noticeable, like going from a natural dark brown to a platinum blonde.

If you want to have your hair highlighted, you need to save more money.

What are Global Hair Highlights?

Global hair highlights mean that you are applying them to all your hair. It basically means the same as full-highlighted hair. Global hair is suitable for covering up greys, lightening, or slightly going darker than your natural hair color.

Is Hair Highlights Possible When Pregnant?

You can colour your hair or add highlights while you are pregnant. It is not known if dyes can hurt a foetus. Both permanent and semipermanent dyes can be absorbed by the skin, but not in large amounts.

When you get highlights, the dye only goes on strands of your hair and doesn’t touch your scalp. This lowers the risk to the baby. But you might want to wait until the second trimester to treat your hair.

How do you maintain highlights?

  1. Stay away from the sun. …
  2. Avoid styling hair with hot tools. …
  3. Wash with shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for colored hair. …
  4. Think twice about taking the plunge. …
  5. Use deep conditioning treatment regularly.

Do highlights make hair look thicker?

“Adding a little colour to the scalp can make the roots look fuller,” says Rivera. Highlights can also give your hair more depth, making it look like it’s thicker.

How can I get my natural hair back after highlights?

“The best way to grow out your natural colour, especially if you have highlights or balayage, is to have your colorist gloss down your hair to the natural level of the roots. This will allow the natural root to blend as your hair grows.”


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