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Are you thinking of changing your hairstyle? Don’t worry if you don’t know the cost of hair highlights. This guide will help you determine the price of each type of highlight. Continue reading to find out all there is to know about highlights.

Find out how much you can pay for the type of highlights you desire. Highlights cost varies depending on the highlight type, hair length, and location.

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How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

Hair highlights are, on average, $75 to $115, and full highlights can cost $75 to $150 and up to 350 in high-end salons. Prices vary depending on where you are located, what salon you go to, and how long your hair is.

How Much Do Hair Highlights Cost?

These costs can vary quite a bit at different salons across the nation.

Keep reading for a more detailed look at how much hair highlights cost and how to save money on your next salon visit.

Service Average Price
Full Highlights $75 – $150
Short Hair Highlights $60 – $70
Long Hair Highlights $90 – $150
Babylights $100 – $120
Balayage Highlights $100 – $150
Lowlights and Additional Colors $20 – $40
Ombre Highlights $100 – $150+
Partial Highlights $20 – $55
Pintura Highlights $100 – $120+

Why Highlight Prices Vary

Highlights can be found in most salons for $75 to $150. There may be a few cheaper salons, such as Supercuts, where highlights cost between $25 and $45; however, high-end salons located in major cities might charge more.

Why Highlight Prices Vary

Luxurious salons can charge as high as $350 for specialized highlighting techniques. Highlights for partial and short hair are typically on the lower end.

If you only need a few highlights to frame your face, partial highlights can cost as little as $20. If your hair is shorter or you want a few highlights, this makes sense as the stylist will not use as many lighting products or foils.

Also, it won’t take nearly as long to do. Highlights for long hair or full highlights are more expensive. You will need to use more foils and lightning products if your hair is longer than your shoulders.

You will need to use more lighting products if you want to have them highlighted all over your hair, not just in certain sections. These two scenarios will take more time for your stylist to apply highlights.

Hair Highlights Cost by Type

There are several types of highlights you can get at a salon, and more techniques are being developed all the time. Here’s how much the most popular types of hair highlights cost.

Hair Highlights Cost by Type

Partial Highlights:

Partially highlighted items can cost between $20 and $55. The price depends on the number of highlights added. The cost for four accent highlights that frame the face at the front of your hair starts at $20. Partial highlights, which are more detailed (around 12), will cost you approximately $45 to $55.

Full Highlights:

Highlights that cover the entire head cost between $75 and $150. You will need more than 12 foils in your hair to achieve full highlights. Full highlights will cost you $60 for shorter hair, and full highlights may cost you more for longer hair than $90-$150.

Balayage Highlights:

The purpose of Balayage is to give it the appearance as if the sun lifted your hair naturally. This method allows stylists to blend lighter shades and tones of your natural hair more quickly. With Balayage, you won’t notice any sharp distinction between darker and lighter shades of your hair.

This method gives the stylist more flexibility to alter your appearance. However, it requires a skilled colourist to turn Balayage out properly since it’s an artful technique based on intuition and experience.

You can expect to pay between $100 and $150 for balayage highlights by a stylist. To create a natural look, the stylist will apply the desired color directly to the hair.


Ombre is not a technique for highlighting but a technique for hair coloring. This is often confused with balayage. To create a natural transition, color is applied to the ends. Prices start at about $150+ for the ombre technique.


Babylights are fine highlights that mimic how a child’s hair is lightened by the sun. They are typically done around the hairline, the forehead, and the crown.

These are more expensive than regular highlights. The hair must first be cut into fine strands, and then the lightning product applied. Finally, the foils must be closed. Babylights can be purchased for between $100 and 120 dollars.

Pintura Highlights:

Brazilian hairstylist Dennis Da Silva refers to this trend as highlighting. He developed “Pintura” because it means “painting” in Portuguese, his mother tongue. The idea is to use dyes in the right spots to highlight the natural curls and coils.

Pintura highlights can be purchased at salons for $100-$120+. These highlights can be applied freehand to the hair and used to highlight or accent curly hair.

These are applied to the hair in specific areas where the light would usually strike the hair’s curls. The final result is natural.

Lowlights and Additional Colors:

You can expect to pay between $20 and $40 for each additional color in highlights, and this will bring the total cost to $75+. You can add dimension to your hair with different colors.

You will need to pay a little more for the extra color or toner if you have blond highlights and a few lowlights in darker shades.

Short Hair vs. Long Hair Highlights:

Highlights for short hair (hair above the shoulders) are usually less expensive than those for long hair. Short hair highlights will cost you $60-$70. You will need to use less lightening products and foils for short hair.

The stylist will take less time to highlight the hair and finish the style with shorter hair. The price of a haircut for hair longer than the shoulder will be closer to $90-$150.

To achieve the desired look, long hair will require more foils and lightening products, and the stylist will need to spend more time finishing the job.

Highlighting Techniques

Highlights can be done with foils or freehand. Each method has its pros, which are the facts about each highlighting process.

Foil highlight:

Foil highlights are the most popular highlighting technique. The foil is applied underneath the hair by a stylist who sections the hair using a comb.

Next, paint lightening or color products onto the strands. The foil piece is then folded to cover and protect the painted section.

Foil highlight

Salons use foil highlights more often than they do cap highlighting.

Foils allow stylists to create highlights that are as thin or chunky (as with babylights) and add more than one color.

The downside to foil highlights is their slow processing time.

Cap highlight:

Highlights aren’t as popular as foils. Caps for highlights fit snugly over hair and have tiny perforations all around.

You will use a small, hooked tool to poke through each perforation on the cap gently. The stylist will then pull a few hairs through the cap one at a time. The stylist can pull additional hair through each perforation to achieve thicker highlights.

Cap highlight

The lightening or color products can be applied only to the hair that was removed without impacting hair remaining under the cap. Cap highlights are a possibility to create a unidirectional pattern of highlights across the hair in one shade.

One benefit of cap highlights is that the hair’s processes happen simultaneously. The downside is that the lightener or color will not reach the hair’s roots.

Freehand highlight:

Freehand highlights are created without foils or caps for highlighting, and they are painted directly on the hair with a tiny brush to create a natural appearance. Balayage, ombre, and Pintura highlights are applied freehand to create a transitional color with no sharp lines.

By using the balayage technique, stylists apply the color at a mid-point, extending from the hair strands until the ends of their hair. The ombre method is where stylists apply the color in a way that gradually changes to either becoming lighter or darker towards the ends.

Freehand highlight

To create Pintura highlights, the color is applied at the ends of hair upwards, focusing on the natural curves and curls of hair to highlight curls. The advantage of using freehand highlights is that the result is always very natural.

A disadvantage of using freehand highlights is that the lightener or color could spill over your hair’s rest if there isn’t a barrier to safeguard it. This also requires a professional and skilled stylist.

Highlights vs. Lowlights

Lowlights are a fantastic way to create a 3-dimensional appearance for your hair. You can do this by coloring portions of your hair shades darker than the natural hair shade. In a full-service hair salon, getting a multi-tone hair coloring service starts at $75.

What’s The Difference Between Highlights and Lowlights?

Lowlights give an extra dimension to your hair and look great on any hair, no matter the length. Many people love the way lowlights enhance the motion of your hair, whether straight or curly.

Many hair stylists employ a mix of lowlights and highlights to give you a final look, and this technique is viral for darker hair shades.

What's The Difference Between Highlights and Lowlights?

The term highlights is a modern hair coloring technique that women always want. This method refers to hairpieces that are lighter than your current hair shade, and Lowlights are darker hairpieces.

In simple terms, highlights are described as a way to lift your hair’s base hue, while lowlights are deeper shades to add an extra dimension and depth to your hair. If the highlights you bleached become too dull or fade away, the lowlights can be an excellent option to restore the look.

But, you must purchase color-safe shampoos and conditioners before you try these methods of coloring, and they will help maintain the color and shine of your hair efficiently.

Do you have the option of using both lowlights and highlights in your head? Yes, however, it is more effective if you schedule an appointment with your hairdresser to discuss the matter. Choose a certified and experienced hair colorist who can apply highlights and lowlights in brown hair and give you the hair color you want.

However, based on your hair’s hue, that brown expert will offer the most appropriate solution. A lowlight is a good option if your hair is already light brown. Contrarily this technique for darkening is not suitable for those with hair that is naturally dark black or brown.

Are Highlights Worth the Cost?

Highlights can vary in cost from as low as 20 dollars for face-framing highlights to up to $350 for hand-painted highlights at an elegant salon. But is this hair-lightening procedure worth the price? We think so.

Are Highlights Worth the Cost?

Highlights are an excellent way to alter your appearance without committing to a brand new, all-over shade. In addition, with the latest coloring techniques and highlights, including balayage, babylights, and ombre colors, it is possible to get away without a lot of maintenance and with no requirement for regular hair touch-ups.

Highlights are the ideal solution to enhance your appearance, give more dimension to your hair’s coloring, and highlight the natural curls and waves on your hair. With the majority of highlights costing between $60-$150, highlights are an affordable option to alter your hair appearance.

Are you ready to experience highlights in a salon close to you? It’s easy to schedule an appointment or find a salon that allows walk-ins. Find a salon close to your location now. Type in your zip code and see which salons in the area you can select from.

How to Save Money on Highlights

Remember that when getting highlights, you have more options than you realize.

Get your money’s worth with a package deal:

A majority of the time, the total cost of your hair highlights is less when you book appointments to color your hair, cutting and deep-conditioning during the same time.

Prep your hair at home before going to the salon:

The scalp can handle hair coloring better if it is shampooed your hair every two up to three days before making your highlights. Hairdressers will only require washing your hair before coloring when it’s dirty or if you’ve got lots of hair styling product residues on your hair, i.e. the residue of hairspray, gel, or mousse.

If you have dry hair that isn’t weighed down by hair product buildup, you don’t need to pay the stylist who washes your hair before coloring because it’s not required. Additionally, detangling and brushing your hair before coming to the salon can help save time for both your stylist.

Spend less by booking a junior stylist:

The most-experienced hairstylists will always charge more for their expertise. However, you can often pay a lower hair highlights price and still get a great new hairstyle by booking one of their in-shop apprentices.

Resist the urge to buy hair products at the salon:

Salons must mark up the prices of their hair care products to make money. Instead of purchasing products for hair styling there, it is possible to purchase less expensive versions that contain similar ingredients from the local pharmacy or at a beauty supply store.

FAQ’S About Hair Highlights

How Long Do Hair Highlights Last?

Highlights last for a variety of reasons. Each person’s hair grows at its own pace, so it is difficult to predict how long it will last. It usually takes between one and three months to return to the salon. When their roots grow, women go back to the salon for touch-ups.

This should not be done too quickly. Allow your roots to grow for at least a couple of inches before returning for the second round. You must let your hair recover from bleaching.

Can Hair Highlights Be Removed?

You have two options for removing hair highlights. You can also bleach your hair but avoid using harsh chemicals since your hair is already dried.

You can let your highlights fade over time. Covering your highlights with hair color may be the best way to eliminate them. Pick a color that is close to your natural hair color. It will be necessary to reapply the color after it has dried.

Take care not to apply on parts that have been previously colored.

Will Washing Hair Fade Highlights?

After an average of 24 washes, highlights will become dull, fade faster, and eventually become less noticeable.

Your hair will stay longer if you wash it less often. Dry shampoo is better than washing your hair every day. Violet shampoos are suitable for protecting your hair from becoming brassy if you have light highlights.

When to Wash Hair After Highlights?

Many women spend a lot on salon treatments. They then go home to wash their hair, which is how all their hard work can get ruined.

After getting highlights, you should wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair and allow the color to penetrate the hair follicles.

Can you Swim After Hair Highlights?

Hair can easily break after hair treatments such as bleaching, highlighting, and dyeing.

You should wait at least seven days before you go for a swim. Chlorine water can cause chemical reactions that can make your hair look horrible. This can make your hair turn yellow or cause it to fade, and it can also cause your hair to dry out and break down.

Make sure to condition your hair before you go to the pool. After swimming, apply a conditioner and mask to your hair.

Are Hair Highlights Permanent?

Generally, hair highlights last until the new hair grows up. So, we can’t say they are permanent. They belong to the group of semi-permanent hair treatments. Hair is lightened with bleach, so it will stay until your natural hair grows.

 Are Highlights Really Bad for Your Hair?

It’s simple: all hair treatments that involve bleaching or chemical damage hair. Highlights aren’t so bad for hair when they are applied in the right way.

It all depends on how many highlights you choose to use. The damage will be minimal if you choose to highlight subtle areas.

However, blonde highlights and platinum can cause hair damage. This is primarily due to bleach, which removes hair pigments from hair shafts, leading to dry ends.

Can You Change Hair Highlights?

You can always color over your highlights. However, make sure to schedule an appointment in the salon. You shouldn’t do it on your own.

What is Half Hair Highlight?

Partial highlights are done in small sections and placed around the eyes with a brightening or framing effect. These look natural and make your hair feel like the sun has rubbed it.

This type of highlight is also cheaper and takes less time than full highlights.

What is a Full Hair Highlight?

Highlighting your hair in all areas of your head is part of full highlights.This could be done to lighten your hair or make it more dramatic, like changing from a natural brunette into a platinum blonde.

If you want to have your hair highlighted, you must save more money.

What are Global Hair Highlights?

Global hair highlights mean that you are applying them to all your hair. It basically means the same as full-highlighted hair. Global hair is suitable for covering up greys, lightening, or slightly going darker than your natural hair color.

Is Hair Highlights Possible When Pregnant?

You can dye your hair or do highlights while you are pregnant. It is not known if dyes can cause harm to the fetus, and the skin absorbs both permanent and semi-permanent dyes but not in large quantities.

Doing highlights decreases any risk for the fetus as the dye is only placed on strands of your hair and does not touch your scalp. However, consider waiting until you reach your second trimester to treat your hair.

How do you maintain highlights?

  1. Stay away from the sun. …
  2. Avoid styling hair with hot tools. …
  3. Wash with shampoo and conditioner that are especially formulated for colored hair. …
  4. Think twice about taking the plunge. …
  5. Use deep conditioning treatment regularly.

Do highlights make hair look thicker?

“A little color can be added to the scalp and make roots look thicker,” Rivera says. Highlights can also add dimension to your hair, making it appear thicker.

How can I get my natural hair back after highlights?

“The best way to grow out your natural color, especially coming from a highlight or balayage look, is to have your colorist gloss down your hair back to the natural level of the roots to allow the natural root to blend as it grows,”.


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