Supercuts Prices, Hours & Locations

Supercuts Prices 2023

Supercuts Prices are one of the primary factors that make this chain so loved by those needing haircuts.

With more than 2400 locations throughout the United States, Supercuts Prices are reasonable and provide excellent value.

Supercuts Prices

This is why Supercuts is the ideal option for anyone looking for a low-cost and easy haircut without spending a lot.

In this article, we’ll go over everything from Supercut’s cost for haircuts as well as their working hours, as well as any discounts, specials or coupons that may be provided.

Let’s examine Supercuts Cost and Hours, along with all the locations, to help you locate the perfect salon.

What Are The Prices On Supercuts?

Supercuts prices vary based on the kind of service you want and where the salon is located and many other aspects.

However, Supercuts Prices are generally affordable and budget-friendly, making it a popular choice for many people looking for a quick and easy haircut.

They offer three types of price: low, medium and high. For instance, haircuts begin at just $14 which is actually quite affordable!

At any of their 2,400 locations, you can get lots of different things done, like haircuts, coloring, styling, and even waxing.

A regular haircut for grown-ups usually costs around $22, but it might be different in different places.

If you’re looking to find out what Supercut’s prices are to use their service, it could be difficult to determine. Sometime, the prices that you see on the internet don’t match the actual prices. One way to find out the truth is to visit Supercuts’ salons and compare their prices yourself.

We also know that it’s beneficial to know the costs before you go. We called a few Supercuts salons across the nation to determine their costs and calculate an average.

Keep reading to find out how much each service costs at Supercuts, compare prices at different locations, and see what the average price is for this popular salon chain.

Let’s check out the Supercuts prices together!

Supercuts Prices 2023 Services & its cost

Service Price

Supercuts Haircuts Prices

All haircut services include a Hot Towel Refresher.
Supercut $22
Supercut II


Includes shampoo and basic conditioner
Supercut III


Includes shampoo, basic conditioner, and blow dry
$35 & up
Supercut Jr. (10 and under) $19
Supercut Sr. (65 and over) $19

Supercuts Haircolor Prices

Tips $35 & up
Highlights $35 & up
Glazing $45 & up
Root Retouch $45
Gray Blending $10

Supercuts Other Services Prices

Supercuts offers a variety of services in addition to haircuts and waxing. Here are the prices for some of their other popular services:

Shampoo and blowout $25
Conditioning Treatment $15
Perm $70
Partial highlights $55
Full highlights $80
Color $60
Beard or bang trim $8
Neck trim $10

Supercuts Waxing Prices

Supercuts offers waxing services for both men and women. Here are the prices for some of their most popular waxing services:

Eyebrows $15
Upper lip $12
Chin $12
Full face $45
Underarms $22
Bikini $32
Brazilian $57
Full legs $60
Half legs $37

If you’re in the United Kingdom and want to know how much Supercuts costs there, you can check out their prices on a different website.

This website will tell you how much Supercuts charges for haircuts, coloring, styling, and other services in the UK. So if you’re interested in getting your hair done at Supercuts in the UK, be sure to check out their prices on that website!

Supercuts Offered Services

Supercuts is a hair salon that offers different types of haircuts. They have four main haircuts: Supercut, Supercut II, Supercut III, and Supercut IV.

They also have special haircuts for kids under 12 years old, called Supercut Jr., and for seniors over 65 years old, called Supercut Sr.

Before talking about the cost of each service, it’s important to understand what each one includes.

Supercuts Haircut Services

  • Supercut: Haircut and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut II: Shampoo, haircut, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut III: Shampoo, haircut, simple blow dry, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut IV: Shampoo, haircut, simple blow dry, hot tool styling, Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut Jr.: Kids’ haircut (12 and under) and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Supercut Sr.: Senior haircut (65 and up) and Hot Towel Refresher®
  • Beard/bang trim: Cut limited to the beard or bangs between visits

 Hair Styling Services

  • Blow dry: A simple blow dry after a shampoo
  • Blowout: A blow-dry into a smooth style after a shampoo
  • Hot tool styling: Flat iron or curling iron to style the hair after drying

 Hair Color Services

  • Supercolor®: All-over hair color applied to achieve a uniform look
  • Highlights: Lighten small sections of hair with bleach to add dimension
  • Lowlights: Dark small sections of hair with color to add dimension
  • Tip color: Application of color strictly to the ends (tips) of hair 
  • Gray blending: Scattered application of color to blend and lessen gray 

 Add-On Services

  • Shampoo: A shampoo before cutting or styling the hair
  • Conditioning treatment: Deep-conditioning treatment applied to the hair after shampooing
  • Tea Tree Experience: Tea tree shampoo and scalp massage 
  • Waxing: Hot wax applied to brow, lip, or chin to remove unwanted hair

How much does a Supercuts haircut cost for women?

The price of a Supercuts haircut women can differ based on the location and specific service that is requested.

In general, a typical female haircut at Supercuts can cost anywhere from $16 to $30. But, the price could be higher if other services like coloring, styling and conditioning are included.

It is always best to inquire with the local Supercuts salon for an accurate estimate of the cost for the particular services you’re interested in.

Remember that Supercuts frequently offers coupons, promotions and discounts that aid customers in saving money on their hair-care services.

Does Supercuts offer discounts for kids’ haircuts?

Yes, Supercuts provides discounts for haircuts for kids at select places. The discounts offered vary based on the stylist and the level of the kid’s age.

Certain Supercuts locations might offer discounts on prices for children younger than the age of 10, While others may offer coupons or promotions that are available for children’s haircuts.

To determine whether you’re near Supercuts offers discounts for children’s haircuts, be sure to inquire with the salon directly or go to their website.

It’s also important to note that Supercuts might offer offers or discounts throughout the year. So make certain to keep an eye out for any offers that might be available.

Does Supercuts offer discounts for seniors?

Supercuts don’t have any special discounts for senior citizens on the website. However, certain salons may have discounts or offers for senior citizens at their own discretion.

Always visit any nearby Supercuts salon to find out whether they have any discounts or promotions for seniors.

In addition, Supercuts might provide other coupons or promotions throughout the year that could be used on haircuts for senior citizens.

It’s worth visiting the Supercuts website or joining their mailing list to keep informed of any new promotions or discounts that might be offered.

Supercuts Products Sold

Supercuts has their own line of products that are put out by Regis and their corporate owners. They include Designline products as well as Designline for Men.

This line of conditioners and shampoos, as well as leave-in products, and various styling products such as the texture paste, curl cream as well as flat iron spray.

Certain products are designed specifically for hair dyed with color or silver, gray or even white hair.

Furthermore, Supercuts carries a variety of high-end products from leading hair salons across the United States. Some of these are available at any Supercuts store.

These include brands such like Redken, Sexy Hair, TIGI There’s a 10, Nioxin, Biolage and Joico.

Supercuts is a brand that has been that are specifically designed to address hair problems. No matter if one suffers from frizzy hair, thin locks, or an scalp that’s dry or itchy oily scalp, there’s the right product to meet the requirements.

Supercuts Color 

At Supercuts, our stylists want to make sure you’re happy with your hair, whether you want a big change or just a little one. We offer different options and technologies to meet your needs, and you can talk to us anytime.

We believe that hair color can do more than just change the color of your hair. It can make you look better and bring out your best features. We have a variety of options and techniques to help you achieve the results you want.

Please note that prices may vary depending on the salon you visit. If you want more information, please visit a Supercuts store near you.

  • 👉Highlights: Do you want to change up your hair? One way to do it is with highlights! We have lots of different ways to add highlights to your hair so you can get the look you want.
  • 👉Gray Blending: If you have some gray hairs, we can help hide them with our Gray Blending service. It blends in with your hair and fades naturally.
  • 👉Glazing: Another way to add some color to your hair is with our glazing service. We have different types of color – semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent – so you can choose how long you want your new color to last.
  • 👉Color Advice: And if you just want a little bit of color, we can do something called “color advice” where we only add color to the ends of your hair. You can choose something subtle or more eye-catching. Come in and chat with us to find out more!

How much does a Supercuts hair coloring cost?

The price of hair coloring at Supercuts may vary based on the kind of service you pick. The price for a single-process color service begins at $49 for short hair , and increases by $69 for hair with long lengths.

Highlights, lowlights and other coloring services that are specific to your needs may cost approximately $69 to $129. It’s important to know that prices could vary based upon the area of the salon, as well as the stylist level you pick.

It is always best to inquire with the local Supercuts salon for an accurate estimate of the cost for the particular hair coloring service that you’re looking for.

Supercuts Waxing

At Supercuts, you can get more than just a haircut. They can help you with coloring, waxing, and styling, so you always look great and ready for anything.

The stylists are happy to give you tips on how to maintain your look at home, and they will work with you to create a style that fits you.

At Supercuts, they offer more than just haircuts. They have different services that can help you look and feel your best. Here are some of the services they offer:

  • 👉Tea Tree Experience: This is a service that includes washing and conditioning your hair, massaging your scalp, and putting a warm towel on your face. It’s a great way to relax and feel refreshed.
  • 👉Waxing: If you want to get rid of unwanted hair, waxing is a popular and easy option. You can ask your stylist about getting your eyebrows, lips, or chin waxed.
  • 👉Styling: Supercuts can help you get ready for any event with their styling services. They can curl, straighten, blow dry, and more. The price will depend on how long your hair is.
  • 👉Beard Trims: If you have facial hair, Supercuts can help you trim your beard, neckline, or mustache to make you look neat and well-groomed.

It’s important to note that not all Supercuts locations offer these services, so make sure to ask your local Supercuts for more information.

How much does a Supercuts waxing cost?

Supercuts offers a variety of waxing options available to males and females like eye waxing the lip, face waxing and the chin waxing.

The cost of services that are offered for facial waxing in Supercuts can vary based on the type of service provided as well as the location within the spa.

The cost is typically around $15 for eyebrows. It can increase in cost to about $35 for full-face waxing. It’s important to note that prices can vary according to the stylist you choose.

For a precise cost estimate for the waxing service you’re considering. You should inquire about the nearby Supercuts salon.

Additionally, Supercuts could offer discounts or promotions on waxing services, So it’s worthwhile to look for deals that are currently available prior to make an appointment.

Supercuts Appointment

You don’t need an appointment to get this hair service at Supercuts. Just walk into one of their salons and ask for it.

Especially for those who may tell them to wash their hair 24 hours before their haircut to make it better,

And if you want to get a Supercuts Appointment, you can fit it into your busy schedule by making an online appointment with the Supercuts app.

The fact that Supercuts has an appointment system shows how much they care about their customers’ time. Also, the parlour can handle a large number of customers at once, which is very important during the current corona crisis.

A free Supercuts app on the App Store or Google Play can be used to make an appointment at Supercuts.

Supercuts Appointment Step-By-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide to making a Supercuts appointment:

  1. Visit the Supercuts website or download the Supercuts app on your mobile device.
  2. Click on the “Book Now” button or icon.
  3. Choose your preferred location by entering your zip code, city, or state. You can also use the map feature to find a salon near you.
  4. Select the salon that you want to visit and choose the type of service you want (haircut, color, or waxing).
  5. Choose your preferred stylist, date, and time. You can view the availability of each stylist and choose the one that suits your schedule.
  6. Confirm your appointment details, including the service you selected, date, time, and stylist.
  7. Provide your personal information, including your name, phone number, and email address.
  8. Review the salon’s cancellation policy and agree to the terms and conditions.
  9. Submit your appointment request and wait for confirmation from the salon. You may receive a confirmation email or text message.

And that’s it! You are all set for your Supercuts appointment.

What is Supercuts cancellation policy?

Supercuts’ cancellation policies may differ depending on the location and the kind of appointment you’ve booked. In general, it is recommended to change or cancel your appointment at minimum 24 hours prior to the appointment to avoid paying any cancellation charges.

If you must make a cancellation, you should to call the salon directly via email or phone to inform the salon of your cancellation.

Certain Supercuts locations may require a deposit to book specific services or appointments that may not be refunded in the event that there is a cancellation.

To avoid confusion or miscommunications It’s best to confirm the cancellation policies with the specific Supercuts location before making your appointment.

Does Supercuts offer coupons or promotions?

Sure, Supercuts offers coupons as well as other promotions. They can differ based on the place and season of the year.

Some of the most well-known promotions include haircuts at a reduced price for new customers or customers who refer a friend to Supercuts, along with specials for the holidays and seasonal discounts.

Furthermore, Supercuts has a Supercuts Rewards program that lets customers earn points with every haircut they get, which can later be redeemed for discounts on haircuts in the future or products for hair care.

Customers can also subscribe to Supercuts’ Supercuts electronic newsletter in order to be notified of exclusive promotions and offers.

It’s always recommended to inquire at your local Supercuts salon or go to their website to check out what specials they’re offering.

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Supercuts Hours (Salon)

Most Supercuts hair salons are open from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday, which means you can get your hair cut before or after school or work. On Saturdays and Sundays, most salons are open all day long, so you can come in whenever it’s convenient for you.

However, there may be some small differences in the hours of operation depending on the location. Also, on some holidays, most Supercuts salons are closed. You can check the holiday hours on their website or call ahead to make sure they are open.

If you’re looking for a Supercuts salon near you and want to plan ahead, here are the hours of operation for each day of the week.

It’s important to remember that the hours may change depending on the day of the week and the time of year. So, it’s always a good idea to call ahead to confirm the hours of operation.

Days Hours
Monday 9:00 AM–7:00 PM
Tuesday 9:00 AM–7:00 PM
Wednesday 9:00 AM–7:00 PM
Thursday 9:00 AM–7:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM–7:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM–6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM–6:00 PM

Supercuts Near Me Location

Lots of people go to Supercuts Near Me to get their hair cut. But some people think it costs too much money, and that they could just cut their own hair at home.

But is that really true? If you think about how long it takes, it’s actually better to go to Supercuts Near You. It takes about an hour to cut your own hair, but a professional can do it in just 15 minutes!

Cutting your own hair can be hard because you have to pay attention to lots of little things, which can take a long time. But at Supercuts Near Me, they have all the special tools and skills to do a great job quickly.

Supercuts Near You is a salon where you can get your hair cut and styled. They do all kinds of things like coloring, perming, waxing, and facials. They even have a special play area for kids while they get their hair cut! So if you want to look your best, Supercuts Near Me is a great choice.

Supercuts is a franchised hair salon with over 2400 locations in the United States and Canada. Alan and Gerald Greenberg, along with their friend Louis Enjalbert, founded the company in 1975. The first Supercuts location was in Albany, California.

Supercuts Video Tutorial

Company History

Supercuts Salons was founded in 1975 with the initial salon opening in California. The company now has its headquarter at Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is part of the same family as Regis Corporation. Regis Corporation, which today is regarded as the biggest salon company in the world, which includes several other brands, including Cost Cutters along with Holiday Hair..

With more than 2,600 locations in the present, Supercuts can easily be located across in the United States. With this numerous locations, it’s an obvious rival with Great Clips which can be found in almost every city.

It’s important to know that Supercuts also is a proud sponsor of Major League Baseball and is the official hair salon of MLB.

Supercuts has certainly seen rapid growth over the last several decades. This is due to its business model that is smart and the franchising possibilities it offers those around the world who would like to open salons.

Additionally it’s also in a position to maintain a broad customer base thanks to its affordable prices, knowledgeable staff, and reliable haircuts and styling.

Customers who have enjoyed a good experience at one place can be assured that they will experience similar experiences at every place they go to.

In addition, due to the friendly and cozy services they provide in a variety of locations, Supercuts is now regarded as a salon that can handle all of the most commonly-needed requirements for beauty.

FAQs – Supercuts Prices

What is the current price of a haircut?

Men’s Health says that the average cost of a haircut for a man is $28. The average price for women is between $60 and $80. At Supercuts, a basic cut costs $14, a cut with a wash and cut costs $16, and a blow dry and styling costs $20 or more.

What does Supercuts charge for a woman’s haircut?

A haircut at Supercuts costs anywhere from $14 to $20 or more. This depends on what kind of service you want with your haircut. On the low end of the price range is a basic cut, while a wash, cut, blowout, and styling cost more. When compared to most other hair salons, the prices for women’s haircuts at Supercuts are fair.

What are the Supercuts Prices for Super Color?

Tips – $35.99
Highlights – $45.99 and up
Glazing –  $45.99 and up

What are the Supercuts Prices for Waxing?

Eyebrows – $10.99
Lips – $8.99
Chin – $8.99

Do you tip at Supercuts?

At Supercuts, you will be tipping your hairdresser, but we need to know how much to give now; if you want to tip the hairdresser, you can provide 15% to 20% of the total bill amount if you provide a tip without asking you again Your haircut will cut good.

How much does it cost to get your hair dyed at Supercuts?

The total cost to dye your hair on the supercuts
Salon single process color – 50 to $ 100
Salon double process color – 100 to $ 200

Do they wash your hair at Supercuts?

Wash your hair with shampoo.
Refresh with a hot towel.
Finally, let the hair dry with a simple blow-dry.

Does Supercuts offer a senior discount?

Supercuts Senior does not offer discounts but instead offers Supercuts coupons and discount codes.

What is a supercut 2?

Supercut 2 is a popular haircut included in the haircut, in which shampoo is added and a hot towel refresher you can start your day.

Is Supercuts or Great Clips better?

Both Supercuts or Great Clips are known for hair care products with many locations and various promotional offers fur, Great Clips will appeal to dealers, and Supercuts offers the most information and the largest selection of hair care products.

Is Supercuts good for color?

Yes, supercuts are suitable for color because what if you are not happy with your existing hair color? So we’ll replace it with your full color, highlights, or gray-blending services. And will be brought in a brand new incarnation.

How much do highlights cost at Supercuts?

Highlights on Supercuts cost $ 45.00 which you have to pay $ 14.00 for a super haircut, and you have to pay $ 16.00 if you want to use shampoo for a haircut

What is gray blending at Supercuts?

Gray blending in supercuts is a natural way to hide the leading gray, in which you can choose what you want to reduce by 20 to 50 percent; it’s up to you.

Is $60 expensive for a haircut?

A $60 haircut would seem like a lot at Supercuts. Women usually pay between $60 and $80 at other salons for a wash and cut service. Many salons set their prices based on the length of the hair, the experience of the stylist, and the salon’s preference. On average, men pay less than women to get their hair done.

Does Supercuts take credit cards?

Yes. While it Predominantly accepts cash but it also accepts debit and credit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Discover along with American Express. It does not accept is digital wallets as well as debit cards that are Prepaid.

This article tells you everything you need to know about how much it costs to go to Supercuts. You can find out how much they charge for all of their different services by visiting their official website,

If you want to know how much it costs to go to other salons too, you can check out our website, We have all kinds of information about salon prices to help you decide where to go.

So if you’re thinking about getting your hair cut or styled, be sure to check out Supercuts prices online. And if you want to compare prices for other salons, visit our website to find out more!

Disclaimer: Supercuts Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by location or may not be current. To confirm the current pricing, please contact your local Supercuts.

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