SmartStyle Prices, Hours & Locations

SmartStyle Prices 2023

The SmartStyle Prices are also Among the most Reasonable in The industry. There is No Motivation behind Why you Ought to be discontent with your delegated Greatness now!

whether it is your old haircut you need To change, their frizz, dandruff, an awful perm, or hair shading That ended up being deplorable.

SmartStyle is the one-stop-shop That will make you go And that too at the most Unfathomable exceptional SmartStyle Prices!

SmartStyle Prices, Hours & Locations

Aside from the focused Prices of Smartstyle, the brand is additionally prevalent for being a family salon. It takes into account a total scope of hair administrations for men, ladies, and children.

Since Smartstyle Salons are strategically placed in Walmart stores crosswise over Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States, this is one spot you can unquestionably plan to visit at the end of the week with the family.

At Smartstyle Salon, guests are always welcome and encouraged. Smartstyle Salon wants everyone to experience their Salon and believes testing it out is the best way to do so.

SmartStyle Prices 2023| Services & Its Cost

The current prices of SmartStyle are given in the table 👇 below.

Service Price


All haircut services include a complimentary shampoo.
Adult Haircut $15.95
Adult Haircut & Express Dry $18.95 & up
Kid’s Haircut (10 and under) $10.95
Kid’s Haircut & Express Dry (10 and under) $13.95
Buzz Cut

One guard length all over.


All coloring services include a shampoo and blow dry style.
Permanent or Demi-Permanent $44.95 & up
Full Foil $49.95 & up
7 Foils $24.95 & up
14 Foils $34.95 & up
Individual Foils

Up to 5 foils.
$6.00 each
Dimensional Color

One foil color; add $10 for each additional color.
$49.95 & up
Cap Highlighting $44.95
Bleach (includes toner) $54.95 & up
Beautiful Browns or Jazzing $24.95 & up
Glossifier $24.95 & up
Color Rinse $3.00


Toner $39.95
Filler $18.00
Color Remover (per application) $18.00


All styles include a shampoo.
Basic Style

Roller set, blow dry, braid, hot iron (ends or bangs).
$14.95 & up
Advanced Style

Blow-dry and hot iron (all over), wrap.
$18.95 & up
Therma Smooth

4-step, non-chemical straightening system.
$31.95 & up
Specialty Style

Updos, finger waves, freeze, hard press curls, barrel curls, flat iron and blow dry, roller set w/ wrap.
$26.95 & up
Luxury Style

Twist, windmill, piggyback, spiral curls, candlestick, straw set.
$44.95 & up


All perms include a shampoo,l haircut, and express dry.
Basic Wave $44.95 & up
Specialty Wrap

Spiral, windmill, piggyback, candlestick.
$54.95 & up
Partial Perm

10 rods or less.
$23.00 & up


All relaxers include hydrating conditioner and basic style.
Relaxer Retouch

Regrowth 1″ or less.
$44.95 & up
Virgin Relaxer $49.95 & up


Wave Nouveau

Includes straightening, curl, and haircut.
Basic Conditioner $1.00
Moisturizing Conditioner $3.00
Special Care Conditioner $7.00
Intense Conditioner $10.00

Brow, Lip, and Chin available.
$11.00 each

What is SmartStyle?

SmartStyle is a salon chain which operates in Walmart stores throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

They provide a variety Of hair care services for women, men and kids, such as haircuts, color of hair perms, waxing, and more.

A SmartStyle is well-known for its reasonable Pricing and its convenient location in Walmart Stores.

Why Choose SmartStyle?

If you shop at an Walmart close to your home there’s no other reason why you would require a visit to SmartStyle which refers to this Walmart Hair Salon.

There are more than 22,000 salons in the nation, you’ll find them extremely accessible, whether you reside in a suburban, urban or perhaps a rural area.

SmartStyle is a smart option for busy families. If you’re a hectic parent or professional, SmartStyle can save you time by allowing you to combine your regular appointments for hair along with shopping for groceries that you already do.

There’s always ample parking in any Walmart and there is no need to fret about making an appointment because the salon is open for walks-in appointments in the convenient salons.

This Salon is ideal for families of all ages. It’s cost-effective, offering every one of your haircare services, and is staffed with professional and friendly stylists.

With the quality of service offered by Regis as well as Walmart price, SmartStyle is a perfect combination.

Smartstyle Hair Salon Services Offered

SmartStyle hair salons offer an array of hair-care services, from haircuts to permanent and short-term hair styling. 

No matter if you require an instant trim or searching for a completely new style, SmartStyle offers just what you require.

Furthermore, every service is accompanied by Shampoo, conditioning treatment, and massage to the scalp for no extra fee. Haircuts are offered to men as well as children.

If you’re seeking a bit than a shift or to spice things up to celebrate a special event think about one of their numerous chemical services.

Color services can include the all-over shade of hair and highlights that are either partial or full. SmartStyle generally is charged based on the number of highlights you would like.

Other services worth considering include basic, special or Malibu conditioners, complete and partial perms either basic or luxurious styles, relaxers and waxing of up three areas of your face.

Smart Style App

If you complete the hair with the new Smart Style app, you Can now book three days in advance And get booking reminders.

If you have an app, you can quickly find your nearest SmartStyle hair salon, find The estimated waiting time And even check the guests. Make your next visit more convenient by filling out a preferences profile.

With the new app, you can enjoy all of the following services 👇:

  • Schedule a haircut, color or style for a one-day appointment or three days in advance
  • Book additional family members or other guests
  • Select “My Salon” so that their favorite location is shown first
  • Receive reminder emails or push notifications for the next booking
  • Get notified when they are due for a new cut
  • See estimated waiting time
  • See their booking history

You can visit their official website to use the Smart style app.

Smartstyle Products Sold

Similar to Walmart, SmartStyle offers nearly every salon-quality brand and kind of haircare products that you may require.

If you’re looking for an exclusive product designed for aging, curly, dry, or thin hair or just looking for an appropriate set of shampoo and conditioner ideal for daily use there is no trouble finding it on this site.

SmartStyle offers the top hair care brands such as CHI, Joico, Kenra, Mizani, Sebastian and TIGI. There are also portable and electric tools as well as handheld ones to assist you with styling your hair.

If you’re looking to save some money, but enjoy the same stunning appearance at home that you had going to the salon think about SmartStyle’s budget-friendly brand that is part of its parent business Regis.

Does SmartStyle Offer Coupons?

Yes, SmartStyle offers coupons from time to time. Coupons can be used to receive discounts on haircuts, styling, products for hair, and other services provided by SmartStyle.

Check the SmartStyle website and social media pages and newspaper and coupon sites for the latest coupon deals.

It’s an excellent idea to go over the terms and Conditions of any Smartstyle Coupon Prior to making use of it to ensure it’s relevant to the Product or service that you’re looking to buy, and to ensure it’s not expired.

Can I make an online appointment at SmartStyle Salon?

Yes, you are able to make an appointment online with SmartStyle Salon. Visit their SmartStyle website and click”Book Now” or click the “Book Now” button, which will bring you to the booking site online.

There, you will be able to choose your preferred salon and time, date, and the service. You can also select a stylist, should you prefer.

After you’ve Completed your appointment procedure, you’ll receive an email confirmation containing the details regarding the appointment.

It is important to show up on time and bring any necessary details or instructions like images of the hairstyle you’d like or any specific requirements.

Does SmartStyle Offer Gift Card?

Sure, SmartStyle provides gift card which can be purchased in stores or on the internet.

They are able to purchase any service or product provided by SmartStyle such as haircuts stylists, color services, styling and hair products.

The gift cards can be bought at any price and can be utilized at any SmartStyle branch. The gift cards aren’t cash-backable and cannot be exchanged in exchange for cash.

In addition the balance of the gift card is not transferable to a different account or card. It’s a wonderful gift idea for those who love to look after their hair or explore new styles and services from SmartStyle.

Does SmartStyle Offer any Discounts or Promotions on their Services?

Yes,SmartStyle offers various discounts and offers on their services periodically.

The discounts and promotions are available on their website and social media pages along with coupons websites and in newspapers.

A few of the most well-known offers and deals include new buyer discounts, senior discounts military discounts, seasonal discounts.

It’s essential to review the conditions and terms of any offer or Discount Prior to making use of it in order to confirm that it’s applicable to the product you wish to purchase and that it’s not expired.

Be aware it’s not possible for all SmartStyle locations are able to take part in any discount or promotion.

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About Smartstyle Walmart

If you want to buy different products of SmartStyle, you can shop for SmartStyle on, which Can save You some money and bring a better thing to your Home.

You will see many other products that you Can Also give as gifts to your loved Ones, for which you will Need to click here, which will take you directly across the Walmart store.

 Smartstyle Hours 

Days Hours
Monday 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM–7:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM–6:00 PM

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Smartstyle Near Me 🌎 Location

Company History

It is a Walmart hair salon, dubbed SmartStyle is part of the massive Regis Corporation the biggest hair salon company in the world with more than 10,000 salons which includes their very own Regis Salons.

Of those, SmartStyle encompasses over 2,100 of them. Cost Cutters and Fiesta Salon are two more well-known hair salon brands operated by Regis Corporation.

The Regis brand developed SmartStyle to capitalize on an opportunity. By partnering with Walmart Hair salons in the area, it will effortlessly attract a lot of customers who already pass through Walmart to run errands or do their shopping.

With a salon that provides excellent customer service and price The brand is able to quickly attract customers for the rest of their lives.

SmartStyle was launched as a part of Regis in 1998. It quickly grew to the 49 states of the 50 and has expanded expanding into Canada as well as Puerto Rico.

 The company worked hard and quickly to bring SmartStyle salons in the most Walmart stores as it was possible in the shortest time possible.

In less than 20 years it has fulfilled. With a dedication to high-quality styling, customer service and affordable prices, SmartStyle continues to maintain its existing customers as well as reaching out to potential customers who pass through Walmart stores

Final Words

If you are in close proximity to the Walmart and have access to the perfect location to get haircuts that are quick and simple at their SmartStyle hair salons.

They’re reasonably priced for simple haircuts however they may charge higher for more sophisticated services.

However, they also offer various additional services that are extremely helpful. Overall their services are acceptable and come with a fair price.

It is easy to locate them as they are likely to be right behind the corner of your area.

FAQs – SmartStyle Prices

What is the smart style for Permanent Wave Prices?

The smart style for Permanent Wave Price is
Basic Wave – $44.95
Specialty Wrap – $54.95
Partial Perm – $23.00

What is the Smartstyle For Permanent or Demi-Permanent Coloring Price?

The Smartstyle For Permanent or Demi-Permanent Coloring Price is $44.95

How much does SmartStyle cost?

SmartStyle Offers many Different Prices for Many services, Such as haircuts, Coloring, styling And relaxers. You can Cut haircuts From $ 10 to $ 18 in SmartStyle Prices.

How much is all over color at SmartStyle?

The price of all-over color in SmartStyle can be $ 64.97.

How much is an express cut at SmartStyle?

SmartStyle is a full-service salon inside Walmart where prices will provide customers with the cost-effective hairstyle That You Desire. SmartStyle Express Haircut can be Priced at $12.97.

Does SmartStyle wax eyebrows?

SmartStyle salons offer wax services for eyebrows, lips and chins.

Do Walmart associates get a discount at SmartStyle?

Walmart affiliates like Smartstyle franchisees, Employees as well As franchisee employees , And their immediate families can Enjoy 20% tuition Discounts in any of the Empire Beauty schools.

Does Smartstyle offer senior discounts?

Smartstyle Hair Salons is proud to offer a 10% discount On any hair service or professional hair products For senior guests, such as Those aged 65 and over.

Does SmartStyle do walk-ins?

SmartStyle accepts walk-ins and Appointments if you want To enjoy the services of Men’s, women’s, And children’s cuts, styles, colors, and facial waxing

How much does a shampoo and style cost at SmartStyle?

Hairstyles and shampoos at SmartStyle begins at just $20. Prices can vary based on the location and amount of hair you have.

How much is an express cut at SmartStyle?

A cut that is express priced at SmartStyle cost $13.97.

Check out this article which provides complete information you are looking for about Smartstyle Prices.

Look out the table which has a complete list of different Smartstyle Hair Salon services with its price.

Visit Smartstyle Salon official website for more details

If you want to know about other salon prices then visit our website for more information.

Disclaimer: Smartstyle Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Smartstyle.

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