Great Clips Prices, Hours & Locations

Great clips prices are also the most reasonable in the industry and affordable.

Great Clips is a completely franchised company that operates more than 4,200 salons catering to those seeking simple haircuts and styling services.

Great Clips Prices

This company has demonstrated that it can succeed in providing services that meet the demands of busy individuals who need basic salon services in a welcoming setting.

Great Clips Prices begin at around $18 for a typical adult haircut, but the actual cost will vary depending on where you live.

Before you go to a Great Clips near you, you should look at their price list. Each service has a different price.

Even though there are thousands of Great Clips All over the country, each one is owned by a different franchisee. The franchisee decides how much each service will cost based on the salon’s location.

Services may be a little different from one city To the next. Great Clips salons in bigger cities tend To charge a little bit more.

Below are the current Great Clips prices.

Great Clips Prices in 2023

Great Clips Haircuts Prices

Service Price
Haircut (adult) $18
Child Haircut (10 & Under) $15
Senior Haircut (65 & Over) $15

Great Clips Style Prices

Regular Style $22
Long Style $47
Formal Style $65

Great Clips Other Services Prices

Shampoo $7
Bang, Neck, or Beard Trim $7
Conditioning Treatment $18

How much does a regular haircut cost at Great Clips?

The cost for a standard haircut with Great Clips can vary depending on a variety of factors, including how far away the salon location is and the length of the hair, as well as the additional services required.

As of my knowledge, by 2023 typical cost of a typical cut for an adult at Great Clips was around $18 to $22 USD.

It is important to note it is important to note that Great Clips often offers discounted prices for children, seniors and military personnel and the discounts can differ depending on the location.

In addition, the business occasionally has promotions and offers that further cut down the price of haircuts.

For other offerings, Great Clips offers a variety of hair-care services including coloring, styling and beard trimming. They typically are offered at an additional cost and prices vary based on the particular service and the location of the salon.

In general, the cost of a haircut from Great Clips typically reasonable and affordable in comparison with other chain salons.

But, the exact cost will depend on the particular salon and the service requested and it’s recommended to inquire with the nearest Great Clips location for their latest pricing information.

How much does a kids’ haircut cost at Great Clips?

Great Clips is a chain of hair salons with locations across the United States. The price of a kid haircut in Great Clips can differ based what location the salon operates in.

A typical kids haircut with Great Clips cost between $12 to $15. The price could be slightly more or less in accordance with the location. It’s always best to contact the neighborhood Great Clips salon for their particular pricing.

They might also have special promotions or discounts offered, so it’s worthwhile making inquiries about these as well.

In general, Great Clips is a well-known brand that offers low-cost haircuts for individuals from all ages, even children.

Are there any additional charges for hair styling or other services?

Yes, there could be additional costs for hair styling and other services offered at Great Clips, depending on your selected services.

For instance, if you would like your child’s hair to be styled in a specific manner or require additional treatments, such as deep conditioning or a scalp massage, these could be an extra price.

Great Clips offers a variety of services that are suitable for children and adults. These include conditioning, shampooing, haircuts, and styling, among others. Certain locations also offer additional services like coloring highlights, coloring, or waxing.

The price of these additional services can differ according to location, So it’s best to inquire with the neighborhood Great Clips salon for their special pricing.

Are there any discounts or coupons available for Great Clips?

Great Clips offers coupons and discounts on its website and mobile application. There are often promotions and discounts for customers to avail of. This could include haircuts with discounts, products, or promotions for new customers.

To access Great Clips current deals and promotions, go to their company’s website or install their mobile application.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the application, you can join their loyalty program. This can give you additional discounts and reward points.

Great Clips also offers special discounts for senior citizens and military members at certain locations. It’s always recommended to inquire at the salon you frequent regarding any promotions or discounts they may offer because they can differ depending on the location.

How much does a Great Clips haircut cost with a senior discount?

A haircut that includes discounts for seniors may vary according to the salon’s location and the discount provided.

Most discounts for seniors are available at Great Clips, which will save customers between $2 to $3 off the normal price for haircuts.

Because Great Clips is a franchise, pricing, and discounts may differ by location. Certain locations may provide discounts for seniors, and others do not.

It’s always an excellent idea to inquire with the nearby Great Clips salon to see the availability of senior discounts and the exact discount amount.

Remember that senior discounts might not be accessible at all times or for all services. It’s essential to inquire whether any restrictions or exclusions apply to the sale price.

Can I get a free haircut at Great Clips?

It is unlikely that you can get a free haircut at Great Clips, as they are a for-profit business And rely on revenue from their services to stay in business.

However, Great Clips may Offer free haircuts as part of special promotions or charitable events from time to time.

For instance, Great Clips has partnered with organizations like that of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) to provide free haircuts for veterans during certain holiday.

Additionally, some Great Clips locations may Offer free haircuts to customers on their birthday, but this is not a guarantee and can vary by location.

How much does it cost to get a beard trim or shave at Great Clips?

The price for shaving or trimming your beard with Great Clips can differ based on the salon’s location and the particular services provided. In general, the price of shaving or trimming a beard for a shave at Great Clips ranges from $5 to $15.

The cost could be less when you’re receiving haircuts for your beard in addition to hair trimming or receiving other services at the salon, such as Shampoo or conditioning service.

Certain salons may also offer discounts if you buy an entire package with several services.

Remember that prices For trims of beards and shaves can vary based on the expertise And experience degree Of the stylist providing the service. Also, prices are subject To change based on the moment of the day or of the week when you are in the salon.

Can I book an appointment online and see the price list?

Yes, you can make appointments online at Great Clips and view the pricing list on their service. To make an appointment or review the pricing, go to their Great Clips website or download their mobile application.

On the website or the app on the app or website, you can choose the location you prefer, and the stylist selects the services you want and then view the price information. You can also pick the time and day for your appointment according to your availability at the stylist and salon.

Scheduling appointments online can be an easy way To ensure you will receive the required services at a date that suits your needs. It also lets you know the cost of the services ahead of time To help you plan and budget according to your needs.

How much does a haircut for a man or woman cost at Great Clips?

For Great Clips, the cost of a regular haircut for a male or woman is based where you are, and usually can range from $15 to $25.

But, prices can be higher for specific haircuts like perms or color treatments. It is always recommended to inquire with the neighborhood Great Clips salon for specific price information.

Remember this: Great Clips also offers discounts for seniors and children, along with military discounts at certain locations.

Does Great Clips offer any special services for weddings or events?

However, Great Clips does not typically offer specialized services for weddings or other occasions they do offer hair styling or haircuts along with other services for men and women and even children.

If you’re looking for the perfect hairstyle, or are looking for the perfect hairstyle for a special event It’s recommended to call your salon in your area Great Clips salon ahead of the time to discuss your ideas with a stylist.

Examine them to determine the quality of your options. They might give Suggestions or recommendations regarding hairstyles that are appropriate for the occasion.

Does Great Clips offer any packages or memberships for discounted prices?

Great Clips does not offer any formal memberships or packages with discounted rates, however they do have an loyalty program known as “Great Stuff”.

That allows customers to earn points on each purchase that can then be used to receive discounts on subsequent visits.

In addition, certain Great Clips salons may offer their own loyalty programs, or discounts that are only available to frequent customers It’s worthwhile to inquire at in your salon about upcoming deals or discounts.

Does Great Clips accept credit cards?

It is likely that Great Clips accepts credit cards as a means of payment. Most establishments take credit cards of all kinds like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Certain Great Clips Salons may accept mobile payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay However, it is recommended to contact the salon you are visiting to confirm the payment Options they offer.

Additionally, Great Clips may require the purchase of a minimum sum to be able to accept Credit Card transactions, Which is why it is always advised to carry cash or a different alternative Payment method to be ready.

How long does a typical haircut take at Great Clips?

The time required for the regular haircut Great Clips can vary depending on many factors, including the length and the complexity of the haircut as well as the client’s personal preferences.

The majority of hairstyles offered can be found at Great Clips take approximately 15-20 minutes from beginning to finish.

Customers can reduce time making use of Great Clips Online Check-In. Great Clips Online Check-In feature which lets them look up wait times and then include their names on the waitlist of the salon before they arrive.

This can reduce waiting times and guarantee an efficient, faster haircut experience.

Can I get a haircut without an appointment at Great Clips?

It is true that Great Clips welcomes walk-ins and doesn’t need appointments to get haircuts.

Customers can make use of their Great Clips Online Check-In feature to view the wait time and add their names on the waitlist prior entering the salon.

This will decrease waiting times and make for an enjoyable experience.Always make sure consult the nearby Great Clips salon for any specific rules or policies they apply to customers who walk-in.

How much does a color treatment cost at Great Clips?

The price of a color treatment in Great Clips can vary depending on the location, kind of color treatment, along with the length hair.

The price to get a simple color procedure for a basic color treatment at Great Clips ranges from $50 to $70, however the prices could increase for complicated color treatments or for longer hair.

Great Clips also offers other hair color treatments including highlights and lowlights, that could differ in price.

To receive a fair price estimate for a color service make sure to inquire with the nearest Great Clips salon.

Does Great Clips offer a senior discount?

Absolutely, Great Clips offers a senior discount at all of their salons. The age requirements and discount amount can vary according to location, but senior citizens will typically save between $2 and $3 off the cost of haircuts.

To benefit from discounts, customers might require an ID that is valid or proof of age moment of purchase.

Always check with the neighborhood Great Clips salon for specific details regarding the policy for senior discounts.

Does Great Clips offer any discounts or coupons?

Great Clips might offer coupons or discounts at certain salons or at special promotions.

A few of the most popular discounts are a discount of $2 off when customers join Great Clips’ email list Great Clips email list or discount haircuts when customers bring in donations for a specified charity.

Also, Great Clips may offer special discounts for a limited time on their website or on social media channels.

It’s always recommended to check at the neighborhood Great Clips salon or visit their website to check the current promotions and discounts are currently available.

Are Great Clips prices the same for all locations?

The prices at Great Clips can vary little between salons due to things like costs of living in the area, rental and other costs.

While most Great Clips locations offer similar pricing for their basic services, there could be some variations in pricing for special services or promotions.

To obtain a specific price estimate for a particular facility or service it’s recommended to inquire with the nearest Great Clips salon or visit their website to view the current prices.

Highlights and Balayage

The same applies to highlights and balayage as Great Clips is not yet an all-inclusive salon. The salon is not yet offering services that deal with highlights, colors or Balayage.

This is a plus however, since the fact that these lengthy services aren’t yet offered by their providers makes it unnecessary to wait for an extended period of time to have a stylist help you.

Great Clips Appointment

Great Clips offers a variety of options to schedule appointments at the salon that they have.

Here are some ways To make an appointment:

  • On the internet: sign in online or make an appointment via Great Clips’ website or app. Great Clips website or app. Simply type in your zip code to locate an appointment near you, select a convenient time, and then make an appointment.
  • On the phone, Call at your nearest Great Clips salon an appointment. You can locate the phone number for your salon by searching for the location on the Great Clips website or app.
  • On the premises: you may also go to a Great Clips salon in person and book an appointment with the desk at the entrance.

It’s important to know it’s worth noting that Great Clips also offers walk-in appointments, meaning that you can go to the salon without an appointment And then wait for the next available stylist.

It’s best To make a call and inquire about the waiting times at your local salon before visiting to ensure that you know how long you’ll have to wait.

Great Clips Products Sold

Great Clips is a hair salon that offers many hair care products And services. Some of the items that are available for purchases at the Great Clips salons comprise:

  • 👉 Shampoo and conditioner
  • 👉 Products for hair styling (e.g. pomades, gels and mousses)
  • 👉 Hairspray
  • 👉 Sprays for finishing
  • 👉 Leave-in conditioners
  • 👉 Heat protection sprays
  • 👉 Dry shampoo
  • 👉 Tools for styling hair (e.g. flat irons hair dryers, curling irons dryers)

It’s important To know that particular products available to purchase will vary Depending on the area. If you’re in search of something specific you should call the nearest Great Clips salon To confirm the availability.

Great Clips Coupons

Great Clips Coupons and promo codes can be a great way to start your beauty journey with Great Clips. You can get discounts at its Regular prices with its assistance.

To use Great Clips Coupons, you must register a Certain amount Of time before the coupon expires. That is, it is only valid for a limited time.

While some coupon and promotion do not have expiration dates however, you are able to utilize them at any time.

You can find more information On our official website, listed below.

Click the links above To get the Great Clips Coupons.

Great Clips Online Check-in

See the estimated waiting time for Great Clips Hair Salons near you and add your name to the waiting list from anywhere.

For those whose accessibility requires more support channels, Great Clips can facilitate online check-in through appropriate communication methods following applicable law guidelines.

Please call them toll-free at 1-800-473-2825 or email them at [email protected]

Great Clips Hours

If you have a question, “what time does great clips open?” Or “what time does great clips close?, You’ve come to the right place. The solution to all your Questions will be found here.

Great Clips Hours are usually the same in all their salons. They are open all week, Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 7 pm,

And Saturday from 9 am to 7 pm and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. You can use Salon Locator to find salons near you.

You can find more information about Great Clips or Call 1-800-473-2825 for specific hours. Great Clips salons are mostly closed on Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.

Day Hours
Monday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Great Clips Holiday Hours in 2023

Some salons are such that will organize hours on holidays or close salons. Contact the customer service department or your local salon for specific Great Clips holiday hours. Some of the holidays listed below include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • On the eve of Christmas
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve
Date Holiday Open/Closed
January 1 New Year’s Day Closed
January 17 Martin Luther King Day Open
February 21 President’s Day Open
April 15 Good Friday Open
April 17 Easter Sunday Closed
May 30 Memorial Day Closed
July 4 Independence Day Closed
September 5 Labor Day Closed
October 10 Columbus Day Open
November 11 Veteran’s Day Open
November 23 Day before Thanksgiving Open
November 24 Thanksgiving Closed
November 25 Black Friday Open
December 24 Christmas Evening Open (reduce its operating time)
December 25 Christmas Day Closed

Great Clips Near Me Hours

Great Clips Murrieta Plaza Hair Salon Hours

Great Clips Near Me Location

Easily find a nearby Great Clips salon by using their website or mobile app’s store locator feature. You can also search for “Great Clips near me” on Google Maps to get directions and contact information for the closest locations.

Company History

Great Clips was established in 1982 by David Rubenzer and Steve Lemmon in Minneapolis, Minnesota. With more Than 4,600 sites across North America, The company began as a single salon but has since expanded To become one of the biggest Hair salon chains in the country.

Due to the fact that Great Clips uses a franchise business model, most of its salons are independently owned And run by franchisees.

Great Clips is renowned for its reasonable rates And practical offerings, which include walk-in bookings, online check-in, And use of the Great Clips app.

The business has also earned a reputation as a fantastic place to work, prioritizing its staff members’ professional growth and training.

Great Clips is still growing And innovating today, focusing on offering its clients top-notch hair care services.


Absolutly, Great Clips is One of the top salons in the market today Offering high-quality services that do not require customers to shell out a large amount of dollars.

Be sure to learn in advance about the costs for Great Clips services, So you are aware of what you will have to pay for their services.

FAQs About Great Clips Prices

 What is the price of Long in Great Clips for Style?

The price of Long in Great Clips for Style is $ 30.00

 What is the price of Conditioning Treatment in Great Clips for Perm?

The price of Conditioning Treatment in Great Clips for Perm is $ 14.00

 How much does it cost to get a haircut at Great Clips?

Great clips prices range from $ 11 to $ 16 for kids and seniors for a haircut.

 How much do you tip at Great Clips?

Tips ranging from 1 to $ 5 can be given at Great Clips.

 Does Great Clips have $ 6.99 haircuts?

Yes, Great Clips $ 6.99 haircuts are on sale but you can make updates as time goes on.

 Are haircuts $ 7.99 at Great Clips?

Yes, you can find information on $ 7.99 haircuts on Great Clips.

 Should I wash my hair before going to Great Clips?

When you go to Great Clips, you don’t have to wash your hair before your hair is cut; you can do it after work. How clean or dirty you keep your hair will show up after your hair is cut. You can use a spray bottle to wet the hair.

 Which is better Supercuts or Great Clips?

Supercuts or Great Clips are both excellent. You will see the difference in the price of both. The service of both is excellent.
Great Clips will appeal to the dealers with different promotional offers, while Supercuts offers the most extensive selection of hair care products.

 Will Great Clips take expired coupons?

Great clips You can’t use coupons after running out of coupons; you can use past offers to save your next haircut.

Can you pick your stylist at Great Clips?

Yes you can pick your stylist at Great Clips

Why are great clips so cheap?

Great Clips Salons specializes in providing “quality” haircuts to its customers at an affordable price. Great Clips offers services such as colors, waxing, and a complete “salon experience.”

what is the great clips haircut price?

great clips haircut price is  $ 13 to $ 15

 How do I get a coupon for Great Clips?

To get a coupon for great clips when you sign up for the salon’s online newsletter, all the latest coupons and deals will be delivered to your inbox box and by mail.

Does Great Clips dye hair?

No. Great clips do not provide color services. They focus on the cut. The most similar salon chain that offers color will be Fantastic Sam.

What time do Great Clips open on Saturday?

On Saturday, most Great Clips Salons extend or reduce open hours. Opening hours begin at 9:00 am and close at 7:00 pm.

What time does Great Clips Open on Sunday?

Most Great Clips salons follow their schedule on Sunday, like other days. They open at 9 am and close at 6:00 pm/7:00 at 7:00 pm.

What time do Great Clips Close?

On normal days, Great Clips, most salons close at 6:00 pm or 7:00 midnight.

This article give complete information about Great Clips Prices. Check out the all kind of services and their prices.

Visit its official website for more details.

For more information about other salon prices please visit our website

Disclaimer: Great Clips Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Great Clips.

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