Kink Hair Salon Prices & Services

Welcoming you here to Kink Hair Salon, the most comprehensive destination for all of your hair requirements.

Here at Kink Hair Salon, we take pride in our superior hairstyling service and our love to create distinctive and unique hairstyles.

Kink Hair Salon

We have a team that is highly trained and knowledgeable hairstylists is committed to bringing you the latest styles and trends to aid you in creating your dream hairstyle.

You can choose an edgy and bold cut, a dazzling change in color or a chic and classy style our stylists are there to create your vision into reality.


Find the perfect blend of professionalism and creativity in Kink Hair Salon, where hair is our art.

What is a Kink Hair Salon?

A kink salon is one of the salons which caters to people with curly, coily or kinky hair texture. Salons with stylists that are well-trained and skilled in dealing with these hair kinds.

They offer various services, including haircuts treatment, styling, and tips for maintenance that are specifically designed to the specific needs of curly hair.

Is kink hair salon good for all hair type?

Certainly! Kink Hair Salon is suitable for all types of hair that include curly or textured hair.

The salon is specialized in working with hair with texture Their highly skilled stylists are experienced and knowledgeable in providing services to a broad spectrum of clients having different hair kinds.

Kink Hair Salon

No matter if you have straight curly, wavy, or curly hair and you can count on Kink Hair Salon to provide tailored services to satisfy your individual hair requirements.

Kink Hair Salon understands the specific needs and challenges of various styles of hair, and can offer customized solutions to improve the appearance that your hair has.

Therefore, whatever your hair’s type you can be confident in visiting Kink Hair Salon and expect outstanding styling and care.

Kink Hair Salon Prices & Services


Service Price 
Short Scissor Cut $35-75
Haircut & Blowdry $45-85
Clipper Cut $30-65
Child’s Cut $25-65 (Tiny.Trim)


Service Price 
Shampoo & Style (Blow Dry) $30-65
Shampoo & Curl (Blow Up) $45-75
Shampoo & Flat Iron (Blow Down) $45-75
Special Occasion (Dolled Up) $65-125
Chemical Service with a Blowdry $20-55
Iron Work (Additional) $1 per minute
Silk Press $95+

Color services:

Service Price 
Color (Tint.Me) $55-100+
Foil (Lighten.Up) $100-185
Partial Foil (Brighten.Up) $75-145
Balayage (Paint.Me) $120-215
Partial Balayage (Paint.Me) $95-165+
Toner (Tone.Me) $25-50+
Fashion Color (Color.Me) Price available after consultation
Corrective Color (Change.Me) Price available after consultation
Gloss (Shine.On) $25-45+


Service Price 
Gloss (Shine.On) $25-45+
Consultation (Chit.Chat) No Charge!
Brazilian Bond Smoothing Treatment $275+
Brazilian Bond Express $125+
Glycolic Smoothing (Mane.Tame) $225+
Perm (Kink.Me) $95-160+


Service Price 
Kevin Murphy Treatments (Treat.Me) $25
Red Carpet Blow-Out (Bombshell.Blowout) $50-75
Keratin Vital Shot (Hair.Repair) $20/shot
Pro-Fiber (Repair.Me) $40
Bond Reconstructor (Strengthen.Me) $20-50+
Bumble and Bumble Hot Oil Treatment (Coat.Me) $25+

Makeup Services:

Service Price Range
Makeup (Make.Me.Pretty) $50+
Airbrush Makeup (Make.Me.Perfect) $80+
False Eyelashes (Blink.Me) $20

Waxing Services:

Service Price Range
Eyebrows (Shape.Me) $15-16
Chin (Clean.Me.Up) $12-16
Lip/Nose/Ears (Wax.Me) $10-16

 What is the Kink Hair Salon Cancellation Policy?

Kink Hair Salon follows a cancellation policy in order to ensure the smooth operation of their salon and to provide top service to their customers. Here are the main elements in their policy on cancellation

  1. To cancel an appointment, minimum notice of at least 24 hours is required.
  2. If a customer fails to give a notice of 24 hours or fails to show up for an appointment, a fee for cancellation may be charged.
  3. The amount for cancellation fees may be different based on the kind of service you have booked.
  4. For clients who regularly make cancellations or do not show up for appointment, Kink Hair Salon reserves the right to ask for an unrefundable deposit for future appointments.
  5. In the event of an emergency or unexpected circumstances Kink Hair Salon understands and appreciates prompt notification of scheduling changes.
  6. Clients are encouraged to make changes to appointments rather than cancelling in order to avoid charges or inconveniences.
  7. Customers can contact out at the salon by phone via email or phone to change or cancel appointment.
  8. Kink Hair Salon values client satisfaction and will work to accommodate requests for cancellations and rescheduling.
  9. The cancellation policy ensures the fairness of both clients and stylists by allowing stylists to modify their schedules in accordance with the rules.
  10. It is advised for customers to read and be familiar with the specifics regarding the cancellation policies of Kink Salon in order to avoid any confusion or surprise.

How Can I Book an Appointment In Kink Hair Salon?

To Schedule an appointment at Kink Hair Salon, you can follow these steps:

  • Check out their Kink Hair Salon website or look up their official website online.
  • Find look for the “Appointments” or “Book Now” section on their website. It may be found in the menu bar as well as on their homepage.
  • Simply click on”Book” in the “Appointments” or “Book Now” section to start the appointment procedure.
  • If you click on the link, you will likely be directed to an online booking platform. Complete in the necessary details such as your personal name, contact information and the your preferred date and time for your appointment.
  • Choose the kind of service you need like haircuts, Color or style. You may also be able to select a specific stylist, if one is available.
  • Examine your appointment Details to make sure they are correct and include the date time, date, and service you have chosen.
  • If you are any other notes or suggestions you’d like to mention in the notes section, there may be a specific section to accommodate them. You can specify any particular requirements or preferences.
  • Once you’ve reviewed all of the information, you can send an appointment application.
  • According to the booking system used by the salon depending on the salon’s booking system, depending on the booking system used by the salon, you may get immediate confirmation on the website or by email.

In addition, you may receive confirmation call or an email from the salon staff to confirm the appointment.

Products – Kink Hair Salon

In Kink Hair Salon, we believe in using top-quality products to provide nourishment and care for your hair’s natural.

We have a carefully selected collection of hair products specifically formulated for hair that is textured which includes shampoos and conditioners, leave-in treatment and gels, styling creams and oils.

Our experienced staff can provide the best products to meet your hair’s needs and hair concerns.

Kink Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday Closed

Kink Hair Salon Near Me

Conclusion – Kink Hair Salon

In Kink Hair Salon, we are committed to promoting and celebrating nature’s beauty. The team we have of trained professionals is dedicated to providing high-quality hair-care services to those with textured, curly and curly hair.

We offer an array of options, such as haircuts as well as styling, coloring extensions, treatments and special occasions styling.

We are focused on using most superior products, and offering a Personal service and aim to create a warm and welcoming space in where you can relax and revel in self-care.

Schedule your appointment now and let us assist you to discover all the potential in your hair here at Kink Hair Salon.

For more information about other Nails & Hair salon prices please visit our website

FAQ – Kink Hair Salon

How long do hair extensions last at Kink Hair Salon?

The life expectancy of hair extensions is based on many aspects, such as the type of extensions as well as how they are maintained. Our stylists can offer advice on caring for your extensions in order to increase their lifespan.

Are walk-in appointments available at Kink Hair Salon?

We do recommend making your appointment in advance to ensure the time slot you prefer, we can accommodate clients who come in depending on availability. We suggest calling our salon to confirm availability prior to visiting.

Can I request a specific stylist at Kink Hair Salon?

Yes you can request the stylist you want when making your appointment online, or by contact us directly. We’ll do our best meet your needs.

What products does Kink Hair Salon use?

We at Kink Hair Salon, we are dedicated to using only the best product for hair that is nourishing and boost the health of your hair. We Choose only professional-grade hair care Products that are trusted by brands and are in line with our ideals. Our stylists can recommend the best products for your hair and can provide expert advice for maintaining your hair’s health as well as vitality.

Do you offer consultations before hair treatments?

We encourage our customers to book consultations prior to any major hair treatment. During the appointment, our professional stylists will examine your hair’s health, talk about the desired results you want and make recommendations that are based on their expertise. This method is tailored to ensure that we understand what you’re looking for and can Deliver the highest quality results that satisfy your personal needs.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes we do offer our customers the ease of booking online through our website. Just visit our site go into the section for booking and then Select the preference for date as well as time. You can select your preferred stylist, and indicate any Specific needs or requests. Booking your appointment on the internet is easy and fast that allows you to schedule the appointment you want at any moment.

Can I bring in my own hair products or extensions?

It is recommended to speak with Kink Hair Salon in advance when you plan to bring in your own hair extensions or hair products. Kink Hair Salon will be able advise you about their policies on this issue, since some salons may have guidelines or restrictions in place.

Can children receive services at Kink Hair Salon?

It is true that Kink Hair Salon provides services for children too. There are stylists who are proficient in working with children. It is recommended that you discuss with the stylist your child’s particular requirements and the services needed when making an appointment.

Do they offer consultations before starting a service?

Sure, Kink Hair Salon offers consultations to make sure that their customers’ requirements and expectations are fully understood. Consultations allow them to evaluate your hair and give advice tailored to your particular needs.


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