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Great Clips Prices can be challenging to locate. In the end, with multiple sites, franchisees can determine their prices. But don’t fret because we’ve done all the work for you. Check out the low, high, and average costs you’ll be charged when you shop at Great Clips.


What Are Great Clips Prices?👈

Great Clips Prices

Great Clips ‘ prices are well-known for being less expensive than other salons. They do not offer the same services as the full-service salons (no highlights, colors nail polish, etc. ). This is one way they can keep costs lower and wait times shorter.

Although they don’t provide chemicals (though some do offer perms), It is possible to be surprised by the number of options are available within Great Clips. If you’re in at one or more of Great Clips’ 4,100 hair salons, they offer these services you could be able to select from.

Average Great Clips Prices👈

Great Clips salons offer the following services to their customers. They provide women’s, men’s seniors, children’s, and senior’s hair-care services. We have listed the lowest, average, and high prices for each service below.

Great Clips Service Low Price Average Price High Price
Adult haircut $13 $15 $16
Child haircut $11 $13 $14
Senior haircut $11 $13 $14
Bang trim $5 $6 $7
Neck trim $5 $6 $7
Beard trim $5 $6 $7
Shampoo $3 $4 $5
Conditioning treatment $10 $14 $17
Regular length style $20 $25 $35
Long length style $34 $35 $45
Formal style $45 $50 $60
Partial perm $30 $40 $45
Full perm $49 $60 $70
Long perm $79 $90 $115

If you’re planning to go to the Great Clips near you, it’s best to look over their pricing list. Every service is priced differently.

Although there are many Great Clips locations across the nation, all of them are managed by the franchisee. The franchisee determines the amount they’ll charge for each service based on the area the salon is located.

There may be a slight difference in the service offered between one city and the next. The best Clips salons in bigger cities are generally a little more.

Great Clips Prices by Service👈

Let’s examine Great Clips prices and how they differ in different areas of the United States.

Great Clips Haircut Prices :-

Haircuts for adults from Great Clips cost between $13 and $16. Seniors’ and kids’ haircuts are priced between $11 and $14. Haircuts for seniors and kids cost 2 dollars less than adults’ haircuts. The average cost is 15 dollars for an adult cut and $13 for kids and seniors.

Haircut Type Low End High End
Adult $13 $16
Children $11 $14
Senior $11 $14

The salon in Missouri City, TX, Great Clips customers pay $13 for an adult haircut and $11 for a senior or child haircut. The other location in Jacksonville, FL, customers pay $14 for an adult haircut and $12 for a junior or senior cut.

In Tampa, FL, Norco, CA, and Mt. Laurel, NJ, customers pay $15 for an adult haircut and $13 for a kid or senior haircut. The same is true for Beaumont, CA. Beaumont, CA, the cost of a cut for adults starts at $16. For kids and seniors living in the area, the price for haircuts is $14.

Great Clips Trim Prices :- 

Great Clips also offers bang trims, neck trims, and beard trims to those who don’t require the whole haircut. These are less expensive than haircuts and can range from $5 per trim to $7 for a trim.

The price you pay is contingent on the location you’re in. Here’s how the prices for trims differ between the various Great Clips locations.

Service Type Low End High End
Generic Trim $5 $7

The price is $6 for trimming in Algonquin, IL, and Aurora, CO. Bang, neck, and beard trims cost 5 dollars in Missouri City, TX. For Chesapeake, VA, bang and neck trimmings cost $7.

Great Clips Shampoo and Conditioner Treatment Prices :-

If you only require shampoo or want to add shampoo to another service, it will cost you anything from $3 to $5. Also, the amount you pay is contingent on the location you’re in and which franchisee chooses to charge to remain at the top of their game in their region.

Treatment Type Low End High End
Shampoo $3 $5
Condition $10 $17

Price in Gahanna, OH, you’ll be charged $3 for shampoo. Some salons, such as those at Daytona Beach, FL Great Clips, pay $4 for shampoo. The price costs $5 at the Aurora, CO Great Clips.

If you’re looking to add a conditioning treatment to your shampoo, the cost can range between $10 and $17. The procedure is applied to hair following a shampoo.

After using the antidote to the hair, the stylist lets it work its way into the hair’s surface to leave it in a deep condition for around 15 minutes. You can also sit in the hooded dryer for this period.

A conditioning session costs at least $10 for Bowie, MD. If you live in Gahanna, OH, this treatment costs $11. If you live in West Hills, CA, you’ll be charged $14 for this service. If you live in Aurora, CO, the same service costs $15. For Pittsburg, CA, the cost is $17.

Great Clips Hair Styling Prices :-

There is a range of hairstyles from Great Clips combined with a fresh haircut or as a service all on its own. For instance, you could go in to get your hair straightened using an iron flat, wavy, or curled. It is also possible to get hair blowouts or a formal look such as an up do.

Type of Hair Style Low End High End
Regular Length Style $20 $35
Long Length Style $34 $45
Formal Style $45 $60

Hairstyles with regular length are among the least priced and range between $20 and $35, based on the area. Everyday length prices apply to hair that’s over or below the shoulders. Long length cuts, cost increases a little. It will cost you between $30 and $45 to have your hair cut, based on the area.

The formal style takes longer and is more precise. Therefore they’re priced higher. Expect to pay between $40 to $60 for a traditional look. Hair that is longer could cause an additional cost; therefore, make sure you discuss with your stylist ahead of time to get the style you desire by lengthening your hair.

For the Gahanna, OH Great Clips offers a $20 price for a regular length style and $34 for a longer length style, and $45 for a formal look. For Aurora, CO, a standard length style costs $20, a longer length style costs $45, and a formal one is $60.

In Pittsburg, CA, Great Clips salon, a salon is charged $25 for a standard length style and $35 for a longer length style, and $45 for a formal look. Bowie, MD, is the same. Bowie, MD, regular length styles cost $35, long length styles cost $45, while formal classes cost $55.

Great Clips Perm Prices :-

Specific Great Clips hair salons, but not all, provide perms and hairstyling and haircutting services. If there’s a Great Clips nearby that offers perms, their prices could vary from $30 (partial perm) to 115 dollars (long perm). The most likely price is about $50-$70 for a regular perm.

Type of Perm Low End High End
Partial Perm $30 $45
Regular Perm $49 $70
Long Perm $79 $115

A. Gahanna, OH Great Clips costs $30 for a part perm or $49 for a regular perm, or $79 for the longer perm. In Pittsburg, CA, a partial perm costs $40, while a traditional perm costs $65, while the long perm costs 90 dollars. For Santee, CA, the price for a part-time perm is $40. A regular perm costs $60, and a long one is $115.

How Great Clips Prices Compare to Other Salons👈

Great Clips Prices

Great Clips is renowned for its low prices and short waiting time. With costs kept at a minimum, they make regular hair care accessible to all kinds of customers. 

If you’re looking to have your hair cut or styled regularly, the affordable rates at these salons will surely attract those who are.

Since they don’t offer costly services such as color and highlights, customers don’t need to wait for as long to find available stylists. This allows Great Clips to accept walk-ins as well as online check-ins instead of making appointments.

👉 Great Clips charges about $15 per haircut on average. Other salons could cost 35-$40 for haircuts by comparison.

👉 Trims typically cost $5 in Great Clips, and other salons charge anything from $15 to $30 for the trim.

👉 The cost of conditioning treatments is about $14 At Great Clips, compared to an average of $45 in other salons.

👉 Great Clips hairstyles cost around $25 (regular length), $35 (extended length), or $50 (formal) on average. This is similar to the cost of a typical salon that can begin at just $20 for a short hairstyle and then increase the cost as the length of hair grows.

Overall, Great Clips pricing is among the highest we’ve ever seen in any salon franchise, franchise, or otherwise. The shorter waiting times and simple service Are top options for high-quality and reliable hair treatment.

Sounds like you? We’ve made finding Great Clips near you more accessible than ever before. Enter your address, and we’ll provide you with the closest locations. What are you waiting for? Start today!

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