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⏩ Walmart Nail Salon Prices 2023

Walmart Nail Salon Prices are not very expensive and have great value, like the Walmart ethos of continually giving a low cost. Typically, Walmart Nail Salon costs and salons are worked by Regis.

The salon frequently offers a wide range of hair and nail services and is happy to assist clients without an appointment.

The entire business is based on the fact that there is so much rush-hour traffic at most Walmarts and that many people will decide to visit a Walmart nail salon immediately after seeing it while looking for other items.

Walmart Nail Salon Prices

It is always a pleasure to welcome guests to Walmart Nail Salon. Walmart Nail Salon wants everyone to experience their salon and believes that testing it out is the best way to do that

How about we also look at the Walmart Nail Salon Prices and discover how things charge up here?

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⏩ Walmart Nail Salon Prices 2023

Acrylic Nails $24.99&up
Acrylic Nails (Fills Only) $17.99&up
Gel Nails Color $19.99&up
Diamond Nails $29.99&up
Diamond Nails (Fills Only) $19.99&up
UV Gel Nails $33.99&up
Pink & White Solar $37.99&up
Pink & White Solar (Fills Only) $28.99&up
Solar Pink – Extra Gel for $3 $32.99&up
Solar Pink (Fills Only) – Extra Gel for $3 $19.99&up
White Tips $26.99&up
White Tips (Fills Only) $17.99&up
Manicure with French or color $3 extra $10.99&up
Spa Pedicure with French or color $3 extra $19.99&up
Spa Pedicure & Manicure $29.99&up
Nail Repair $5.99&up

Walmart Nail Salon Prices For Nails


Walmart Nail Salon Prices For Manicure & Pedicure

GEL COLOR $17.99

Walmart Nail Salon Prices For Other Services

Nail Art $2.99 EACH

Walmart Nail Salon Prices For Waxing

Eyebrow Wax $8.99
Lip Wax $5.99
Chin Wax $8.99 & UP
Face Wax $25.99 & UP
Half Leg Wax $35.99 & UP
Full Leg Wax $60.99
Bikini Wax $25.99 & UP
Under Arm Wax $15.99 & UP

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Walmart nail salons are generally based on principles since there is high walk-in traffic, and most people browse other things naturally after seeing Walmart nail salons. When doing, likes it.

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Walmart Nail Salon Prices

⏩ Nail Salon In Walmart

Walmart Nail Salon offers a number of impressive treatment services including:

  • Manicures
  • Gel and acrylic nails
  • Nail designs
  • Spa Pedicure
  • Nail repair
  • Color and much more
  • Solar Pink
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⏩ Walmart Beauty Salon

There’s a certain novelty in seeing a salon at the place where you usually buy your groceries. A beauty salon inside Walmart is an uncommon sight – but it is catching on and becoming more and more common.

A side from appearing in some smaller stores, we’ve seen them popping up in larger city locations like New York City and Orlando.

More and more salons in Walmart

The salon industry is a multi-billion dollar business, so it’s no surprise that several major companies are seeking to enter this market.

The growing number of salons in Walmart maybe just be testing out the market – but there are several reasons why having these hair cutting centers inside of Walmart could be a successful venture.

 Convenience for the customer

One of the main reasons why salons in Walmart are becoming more common is that they offer customers convenience. It’s easy to stop by the salon on your way to do some grocery shopping, and you can get everything done in one place. This is especially beneficial for people who are short on time.

Lower prices for services

Another reason why having a salon in Walmart can be successful is because the prices are often lower than what you would find at a traditional salon. This can be an attractive option for people looking to save money.

 More space for stylists and customers

The layout of Walmart stores often provides more space for stylists and customers than you would find in a traditional salon. This can be beneficial for both the customer and the stylist, leading to a more relaxed and comfortable experience.

 What to expect at a Walmart beauty salon

If you’re thinking about getting your hair cut or styled at a Walmart beauty salon, you might be wondering what to expect.

There’s no need to worry about the quality of service as salons in Walmart are typically staffed by professional stylists and barbers who have received training from significant companies like Regis Corp.

The prices for services at a salon inside Walmart will vary depending on your location and the type of service you are getting. However, you can expect to pay around the same price as you would at a traditional salon.

Walmart is not the only retailer getting into the beauty salon business. Department stores like Sears and J.C. Penney are also opening their salons inside their stores.

So, if you’re not a fan of Walmart, you might still have the opportunity to get your hair cut or styled at a department store.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for convenience and affordability, a salon inside of Walmart is a great option.

You can expect to receive quality services at a price comparable to what you would find at a traditional salon.

If you need a haircut, stop by a Walmart beauty salon and give it a try!

⏩ Walmart Nail salon hours

Walmart Nail Salon hours are broad since most Walmart are open for most, if not the majority of the day.

The Walmart nail salon is normally open 7 days per week. The following is a complete list of Walmart nail salon hours.

Week Start End
Monday 10:00 AM 8:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM 8:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM 8:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM 8:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM 8:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM 7:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 AM 5:00 PM

⏩ Walmart nail salon phone Number

If you want to talk in Walmart Nail Salon Customer Service, we can provide you with the number and other increased information.

Walmart Nail Salon Phone Number= 1-888-414-6245

Industry Nail Salon
Founded 1997
Founder Regal Nails
Products Nail Care Products
Customer Service 1-888-414-6245

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⏩ Walmart Nail Salon Near Me Locations

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Services Offered

Walmart Nail Salon Prices

Regal Nails locations don’t spend their time and energy on a lot of different services. Instead, they focus on what they do best, which is giving great manicures and pedicures and making your nails look healthy.

Choose one of their pedicure services, which are done in an ergonomic massage chair, if you want to relax.

Regal has a range of prices based on the colour and service you choose. A spa pedicure is a very luxurious thing to do.

But when it comes to getting a manicure, Regal Nails really shines.

There are many places where you can get the latest nail designs, such as gel nails and the more recent dip powder manicures.

They also have classic styles like French tips. No matter what kind of manicure you want, you can probably get it at Regal Nails.

You might also want to think about getting some of their extra services, like polish removal, nail art, or just a polish change.

If your nails aren’t as healthy as you’d like, ask about getting them fixed or taken off.

Can I Book my Appointment Online?

Walmart Nail Salon Prices

Maybe, Some Walmart nail salons, but not all, can be booked online, but this varies by store.

So, if you want to feel more at ease, check out how your local Walmart nail salon handles online booking.

Still, you can also just walk in.

The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll have to wait a little bit before you can get your nails done.

Can I Use My Walmart Gift Card at Regal Nails?

Yes, you can certainly use a Walmart gift card to pay for your next manicure or pedicure.

You can also use it to get your hair cut or styled at any Walmart hair salon.

Can Walmart Workers Use Their Employee Discount?

Depending on the Walmart, employees may be able to use their 10% discount at the nail and hair salon inside the store.

Other places won’t let you use your card, so just ask at the Walmart where you work to see if you can.

Products Sold

Most of what Regal Nails does is give manicures and pedicures. But some of them sell the nail polish they use in the salon at the front desk.

You might also want to buy a salon gift card as a special surprise for someone special in your life.

Keep in mind that all of the stores are franchises, and the products sold at one store may be very different from those sold at another.

Company History

Today, Regal Nails is known as a large nail salon franchise with more than 900 locations all over the United States.

But in the beginning, it was much smaller. It all started in a Kmart in Brooklyn, Ohio. It quickly grew by opening a second store in a Louisiana Walmart.

Another salon was supposed to move in, but when they changed their minds at the last minute, Regal Nails moved in right away.

Walmart Nail Salon Prices

The rest is history, as the brand is now well-known for being sold in a lot of Walmart stores across the country. Since its start in 1997, the brand has built up a lot of locations, which shows that it has done well.

In fact, it is the biggest chain of nail salons in the U.S. Because each salon has its own franchise, each one is owned and run by a different person under the Regal name.

Today, the brand still gets a lot of new customers and keeps the ones it already has because it has a wide range of nail services and low prices.

Customers are always impressed by how good the services are, how clean the place is, and how knowledgeable the nail technicians are.

In the past few years, new Regal stores that offer even more services have begun to open. These places are called Regal Nails, Salon & Spa, but they still have the same core values as the original brand.


So, now that you know more about Walmart nail salons, like when they’re open, what services they offer, where they are, and how much each service, like gel polish, acrylic, or filing, costs, you may find it easier to go to the one you want.

But Walmart nail salons have many services that can be done in 10 to 15 minutes or less. So, if you’re busy and don’t have much time, choose a manicure or pedicure that can be done in 10–15 minutes.

Walmart Nail Salon Prices – FAQ

Walmart Nail Salon Prices

 How much do Acrylic Nails cost at a salon?

Acrylic Nails price at Walmart Nail Salon is $24.99

 How much do Diamond Nails cost at a salon?

Diamond Nails’s price at Walmart Nail Salon is $29.99

 How much is a full set of nails at Walmart?

Regal Nails Price List (Walmart nail salon)

The price of a complete set of Walmart nails

  • Acrylic Nails (Full Set) – $ 25 & up
  • Acrylic Nails (Fills) – $ 18 & up
  • Gel Nails (Full Set) – 40

 Can you paint over fake nails from Walmart?

You can paint on Walmart’s fake nails, but the color will only appear if you need to try to paint the fake nails before putting them on the real nails.

Can you wear fake nails at Walmart?

Yes you can wear acrylic nails

 How Much For UV Gel Nails At Walmart?

UV Gel Nails is priced at $ 33.99 at Walmart

 How much for Solar pink at Walmart?

Solar Pink is priced at $ 32.99 at Walmart

Are Walmart nail salons good?

Many people go to Walmart nail salons every day so there must be a reason why people go there often and even take their friends and relatives with them. From this, it can be said that Walmart nail salons are good salons.

 Does Walmart have a nail salon in it?

Yes, most Walmarts have a nail salon within their store that runs every nail salon Regal Nails Salon.

 How much do nails cost at Walmart?

Nails are priced differently at Walmart, with Acrylic Nails priced at $ 24.99 and Diamond Nails priced at $ 29.99.

 What’s the nail place in Walmart called?

Nail Place in Walmart is commonly known as Walmart Nail Salon, and the official name of this salon is Regal Nail.

You will find the prices at Regal Nail Salon incredibly affordable, as well as the best rates for most treatments.

 How much do pedicures cost at Walmart?

Spa Pedicure & Manicure costs $ 29.99 on Walmart, and Spa Pedicure with French or color costs $ 19.99.

 Can you use a Walmart gift card at Regal Nails?

Yes, you can use Walmart Gift Card for Regal Nails, as the recipient will be advised to use Gift Card on Regal Nails in Walmart, and Gift Card can also be used in MasterCard where it is acceptable.

 Where can I use a Walmart gift card besides Walmart?

In addition to Walmart, Walmart gift cards are used in the US. Or at any Walmart store or Sam Club in Puerto Rico unless other restrictions apply, or the use of a Walmart gift card on online or at

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