Supercuts Prices in UK

Supercuts Prices in UK 2023

➥ Supercuts Prices in the UK – We believe good looks are more affordable. You can visit any of their 80+ UK salons to get the best style at low prices.

➥ You can get a haircut starting at PS19.95, color packs starting at PS74.00, or a wash and dry starting at PS20.00. No appointment is necessary. Drop in today to refresh your look.

➥ Supercuts prices in Uk are the best in the business. Here we will tell you about the different prices of supercuts

➥ If you want to know how much Supercuts charge for their services, I found that you can’t rely on some web estimates and speculative prices.

Supercuts Prices in UK

➥ Many of these costs are based on averages from other salons or are several years old. All Supercuts salons will display their service menu and rates inside, so you can always check there.

➥ However, most of us would prefer to know the price ahead of time. That’s why we contacted several Supercuts locations around the country to get their exact prices and create a national average.

➥ Keep reading to find out how much you’ll pay for each service at Supercuts prices in Uk, compare prices from different locations, and see what the national average is for this highly regarded salon brand.

➥ Let’s take a look at the Supercuts prices in Uk and see how things are charged.

Supercuts Prices in UK 2023

Services Prices
Haircut £19.95
Shampoo & haircut £24.00

Including shampoo, conditioner & blow dry.

Wash & blow dry £20.00
Grooming package

Including haircut, hot towel refresher and beard & eyebrow trim

Treatment £4.50
Child haircut

8 years & under, Mon to Fri (Sat & Sun from £14.00)

Colour packages

All colour packages include a cut & blow dry and colour protection treatment. 

Eyelash/Eyebrow tint

Patch test required 48 hours prior to tinting service

False eyelashes £15.00
File & gel £20.00
Gel manicure £25.00
Pedicure £20.00
Soak off £6.00

Supercuts Services in UK

Haircut Services in UK

Supercuts Prices in UK

➥ Quick and easy dry haircut. No appointment necessary From £19.95

➥ Make it easy! Take advantage of a short and straightforward dry haircut at Supercuts.

➥ Our stylists are professional and ready to attend to your style requirements to those needing the quickest trim or some tidying up around the edges to freshen up the look you’ve been sporting for a while.

➥ Are you pressed for time between appointments? Dry-cutting is an affordable choice and perfect for busy people with no time.

➥ If you want to appear calm and fast, visit any of our Supercuts salons and request this hair treatment.

➥ There is no appointment required. However, washing your hair every day before your appointment is recommended to ensure the effectiveness of your newly-finished cut.

➥ Note that this service requires that your hair be cleaned of products and shampooed in over 24hrs.

➥ A maximum of one inch is removed for this service. If your hair doesn’t satisfy these standards, we’ll provide you with an alternative option.

Shampoo & Haircut Services in UK

Supercuts Prices in UK

➥ Consists of a shampoo, condition and cut. No appointment necessary From £24.00

➥ If you’ve got a longer to spare, You might want to think about the shampoo-and-cut services. 

➥ This option comes with a thorough shampoo and conditioning before the cut, perfect for those looking stylish and quick cutting and clean. 

➥ It makes use of professionals’ shampoo and conditioners.

➥ After thoroughly cleansing the hair and conditioning it, our skilled stylists will attend to your hair’s needs, whether shortcuts, a revamp, or giving some shape to a worn-out look.

➥ Our stylists know the latest trends and techniques and are qualified to make the best of your hair, so you’ll be advised on what shampoos and conditioners would benefit your type of hair.

➥ For instance, if you’re looking to expand the life of your recently colored hair, then our Colour Saving shampoo and conditioners would be more suitable than the Deep Cleansing options. 

➥ Similarly, our deep cleansing shampoos and conditioners will benefit those who use many products on their hair more than other hair cleansing options.

➥ A bit more indulgent than our regular cut dry, this renowned service is the ideal way to blend elegance with simplicity.

Supercut Services in UK

Supercuts Prices in UK

➥ Shampoo, condition, cut and blow dry. No appointment necessary.

➥ Want the whole nine yards? Get a Supercut From £29.00

➥ At a still affordable Supercuts price, this package includes a wash using conditioner and shampoo selected explicitly from our professional styling products that fit your hair’s needs, followed by a haircut and blow dry to top off your appearance.

➥ If you’re looking for a sleek and sleek look or large bobbing curls, We’ll ensure that you’re never leaving without looking you’re most stylish. Supercuts is the perfect choice for you.

➥ Supercuts Service is a perfect option for anyone who loves the salon-fresh look, an all-around wash haircut and blow dry that takes you through the chair and onto the catwalk or even dress the street as if it’s a fashion show, at a minimum!

➥ After washing and conditioning your hair, our fully trained, professional stylists are ready to tend to your style needs.

➥ Whether you have a celebrity style icon in mind or know exactly what you want, a free one-to-one consultation with one of our stylists will help determine what is suitable for your hair.

➥ After the cut, they’ll work their magic to style the cut to your perfect look, from volumized bouffant bounce to a simple, textured style.

➥ This is the perfect time to ask for styling tips, as your stylist can help you learn how to recreate your dream style at home with some of our extensive product ranges.

➥ This Supercuts service will improve your confidence and hair within minutes, ideal for those who wish to leave looking glamorous and perfectly blow-dried.

➥ If you’re searching for that complete hair overhaul, then a Supercuts service is precisely what you’re looking for. Visit your local Supercuts salon to learn more about the service.

Hair Treatment Services in UK

Supercuts Prices in UK

➥ Three hair-boosting, enriching treatments. Moisture boost, protein boost, super boost.

➥ No appointment necessary From £4.50

➥ Do you need a quick nutrition fix or an extended-term booster? We’ve got you covered at Supercuts. Give yourself and your hair a treat with a professional hair salon treatment.

➥ Ask your stylist at Supercuts which hair care product is best for your hair type since we have something for every type of hair. Dry, frizzy, fine… Just inquire!

➥ Our professionally trained stylists can determine the exact hair treatments you’ll require following one-on-one consultation.

➥ We are specialized in three types of hair treatment treatments that nourish your hair, that is blow-dried into the hair to maximize the effects and boost moisture for hair that is dry or brittle, protein boost for damaged or weak hair, and the super boost that blends protein and moisture to provide your hair with the extra boost of affection it deserves.

➥ The reason you might require a Supercuts hair treatment? After a while, your hair can be damaged by the elements and other external factors and so treat it now and again with something unique that will give it the strength and shine a healthy head of hair requires.

➥ Why not stop into your local Supercuts salon to ask our expert stylists about our treatments for hair enrichment and what you can expect to improve the quality of hair right now?!

➥ Visit this page to see a complete listing of Supercuts salons across the UK.

Beauty Services in UK

Supercuts Prices in UK

➥ Affordable beauty treatments. No appointment necessary From £6.00

➥ Have you recently looked at your nails, eyebrows, and lashes and concluded that they could use a little tender loving care?

➥ The good news is that at Supercuts, we offer an array of low-cost cosmetic treatments that will make you feel more confident.

➥ From threading and waxing and lash and brow tints to false eyelash extensions and gel nail extensions, we have all the products you need in our quick and hassle-free beauty salons.

➥ We’re also not appointment-based, so you can walk into the salon to our salon, and one of our knowledgeable beauty therapists will feel relaxed and well-groomed within a matter of minutes.

Colour Services in UK

Supercuts Prices in UK

All color packages include a cut and blow dry and color protection treatment.

➥ Color services are available in selected Supercuts salons only.

What colour is right for me? 

Colour package Whats included? Perfect for How much?
Express colour package
  • Cut and blow dry
  • Bonding treatment
  • 8 foils (highlights)
  •  No skin test needed! 
Face framing highlights  £74
Colour package A Root tint OR Semi permanent colour OR 8 foils (highlights) OR a shoe shine Topping up your colour From £74
Colour package B Full head tint OR half head of foils (up to 20 foils) Refreshing your colour From £85
Colour package C 8 foils with colour in between Moderate colour revamp From £95
Colour package D Free hand colour service OR half head foils (up to 20 foils) with colour in between Subtle balayage From £105

Supercuts Special Offer in Uk

Military discount

supercuts prices in uk

Blue light discount

supercuts prices in uk

Student discount

supercuts prices in uk

Shop online with Supercuts in UK!

➥ Have you checked out our fab online store?

➥ All your favorite salon professional hair products, beauty must-haves, gift sets, and more are available at your door with free delivery*. Click here to start shopping!

How to get a Supercuts Gift Card in Uk

Supercuts Prices in UK

➥ Only PS Sterling can be used to purchase Supercuts gift cards. Only Supercuts salons can redeem gift cards. Gift cards cannot be issued or used in our franchise salons or department stores. You can purchase gift cards online, but they cannot be redeemed.

➥ Gift cards can be used to pay for services or retail merchandise at the salon. Gift cards can’t be exchanged or refunded.

➥ Supercuts’s refund policy will govern all refunds for goods and services purchased using your card. This does not affect any of your legal rights.
If a gift card is lost or stolen, it will not be replaced.

➥ The validity of Supercuts gift cards expires 12 months after activation. Any remaining balance will be forfeited and reduced to zero.

➥ The customer will be responsible for losing any stolen or damaged cards. The title will pass when all payments have been received in full.

➥ Once ownership of the card has been transferred to Supercuts, there is no responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged cards.

➥ Supercuts salons will not accept cards that have been altered, defaced, or canceled.

➥ These Terms and Conditions govern your use of this website. They are interpreted and enforced according to the laws of England and Wales.

➥ All disputes arising from your use of this site and the services we offer are subject to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the English court.

➥ Force Majeure; Supercuts can’t be held responsible for failing to fulfill its service obligations if caused by something beyond its control.

➥ This could include acts of God, trade disputes, governmental intervention, fire, flood, computer, and IT infrastructure disruptions.

➥ Supercuts will be able to pursue the appropriate legal remedy for damages, injunction, or other violations if these conditions are violated.

➥ These terms and conditions may be amended at any time. Any such changes will become effective when they are published on the site.

➥ To ensure you are familiar with and adhere to the most current terms and conditions, you must regularly review the terms and conditions posted on this website.

Supercuts Opening Hours in UK

➥ If you have a question in your mind. “what time does Supercuts Open?” Or “what time does Supercuts Close?“, You’ve come to the right place. The solution to all your questions will be found here.


Supercuts Contact Information in UK

➥ UK Hairdressers 2019 LTD, Lyndon House,
62 Hagley Road, Birmingham,
B16 [email protected]

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FAQs – Supercuts in UK

Is Supercuts in the UK?

➥ known for our convenient walk-in salons dotted around the whole of the UK, great value haircuts, treatments and colour packages.

How many Supercuts are there in the UK?

➥ our 80+ UK salons and get a great style without the high-end price.

Who is Supercuts owned by?

➥ Regis Corporation

Can I shop online with Supercuts?

➥ Supercuts got all your favourite salon professional hair products, beauty must-haves, gift sets and more, available to your door with free delivery.

Are you looking for a job as a hairdresser at Supercuts?

➥ Hair Stylist jobs are always available for qualified individuals with the expertise, ambition and desire to be successful and work hard.

Do you have to make an appointment for a supercut?

➥ If you want to look cool, quick, then head into one of our Supercuts salons and ask for this hair service. No appointment necessary.

➥ This article give complete information about Supercuts Prices in Uk.

➥ Check out the all kind of Supercuts Salon services and their prices.

➥ Visit its official website for more details.

➥ For more information about other salon prices please visit our website

Disclaimer: Supercuts Prices in uk above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by location or may not be current. To confirm the current pricing, please contact your local Supercuts.

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