XpresSpa Prices And Services

XpresSpa Prices 2022

The XpresSpa Prices are also among the most reasonable in the industry.

XpresSpa’s spa experiences are always fun. It is not surprising, considering the excellent services offered by its chain of spas! XpresSpa is also known for being a leader in luxury travel spas, a claim that is supported by positive reviews from its customers.

XpresSpa Prices

 According to its management, the chain services nearly one million passengers annually in 50 locations across the United States, United Arab Emirates, and Holland.

XpresSpa Prices vary depending on the number of services purchased. You can choose from a variety of premium spa services such as massages, manicures, pedicures and stress and tension relief, reflexology, facials, and waxing for your face and body. 

You can also select from a variety of hair-blow-out services to complete your salon or spa-on-the-go experience.

Note: Massage, hair blow-out and other massage services were explicitly created to fit the busy lives of frequent travellers. These services are not quick and easy, but they combine efficiency with quality.

XpresSpa offers a complete line of premium accessories and products for travel. These include travel pillows, blankets, and massagers. There are many products and services available that can make the journey more accessible.

How about we additionally take a look at the XpresSpa Prices and discover how things charge up here.

XpresSpa Prices And Services


XpresSpa Prices For Massage

Foot (15 Minutes) $42.00
Foot (20 Minutes) $52.00
Foot (30 Minutes) $72.00
Neck & Back (15 Minutes) $42.00
Neck & Back (20 Minutes) $52.00
Neck & Back (30 Minutes) $72.00
Table (Full Clothed) (30 Minutes) $80.00
Table (Full Clothed) (45 Minutes) $90.00
Table (Full Clothed) (60 Minutes) $115.00
Table (Full Clothed) (90 Minutes) $165.00
Full Body (30 Minutes) $85.00
Full Body (45 Minutes) $110.00
Full Body (60 Minutes) $140.00
Full Body (90 Minutes) $180.00
Tension Relief (15 Minutes) $42.00
Tension Relief (20 Minutes) $52.00
Tension Relief (25 Minutes) $62.00
Hand & Arm (15 Minutes) $38.00
Hand & Arm (25 Minutes) $52.00
Relaxation Lounger (15 Minutes) $20.00
Relaxation Lounger (20 Minutes) $25.00
Relaxation Lounger (30 Minutes) $35.00
Add-On 5 Minutes to 25/30 Minutes $10.00

XpresSpa Prices For Manicure


Choice of Polish (Xpres) (Manicure) $35.00
Gel Polish (Xpres) (Manicure) $50.00
Gel Polish with Removal (Xpres) (Manicure) $55.00
French Finish (Add) (Xpres) (Manicure) $12.00
Gel French Finish (Add) (Xpres) (Manicure) $15.00


Choice of Polish (Classic) (Manicure) $50.00
Gel Polish (Classic) (Manicure) $60.00
Gel Polish with Removal (Classic) (Manicure) $65.00
French Finish (Add) (Classic) (Manicure) $12.00
Gel French Finish (Add) (Classic) (Manicure) $15.00


Choice of Polish (Deluxe) (Manicure) $60.00
Gel Polish (Deluxe) (Manicure) $65.00
Gel Polish with Removal (Deluxe) (Manicure) $75.00
French Finish (Add) (Deluxe) (Manicure) $12.00
Gel French Finish (Add) (Deluxe) (Manicure) $15.00

Additional Services

Strengthener (Manicure) $5.00
Buffing Manicure (Manicure) $8.00
Individual Nail Repair (Per Nail) (Manicure) $8.00
Hydrating Hand Treatment Mask (Manicure) $10.00
Nail Shaping + Polish Change (Manicure) $15.00
Gel Soak-Off (Manicure) $20.00

XpresSpa Prices For Pedicure


Choice of Polish (Xpres) (Pedicure) $50.00
Gel Polish (Xpres) (Pedicure) $60.00
Gel Polish with Removal (Xpres) (Pedicure) $65.00
French Finish (Xpres) (Pedicure) $15.00
Gel French Finish (Xpres) (Pedicure) $20.00


Choice of Polish (Classic) (Pedicure) $60.00
Gel Polish (Classic) (Pedicure) $70.00
Gel Polish with Removal (Classic) (Pedicure) $75.00
French Finish (Classic) (Pedicure) $15.00
Gel French Finish (Classic) (Pedicure) $20.00


Choice of Polish (Deluxe) (Pedicure) $70.00
Gel Polish (Deluxe) (Pedicure) $75.00
Gel Polish with Removal (Deluxe) (Pedicure) $85.00
French Finish (Deluxe) (Pedicure) $15.00
Gel French Finish (Deluxe) (Pedicure) $20.00

Additional Services

Strengthener (Pedicure) $5.00
Soothing Foot Treatment Mask (Pedicure) $10.00
Foot Soak (Pedicure) $10.00
Toenail Clipping (Pedicure) $15.00
Nail Shaping + Polish Change (Pedicure) $25.00
Gel Soak-Off (Pedicure) $25.00

XpresSpa Prices For Facial

Xpres (20 Minutes) $50.00
Rehydrating (30 Minutes) $75.00
Rehydrating (45 Minutes) $95.00
Enriched (30 Minutes) $75.00
Enriched (45 Minutes) $95.00
Collagen Facial Mask $25.00

XpresSpa Prices For Waxing

Eyebrows $20.00
Upper Lip $20.00
Cheeks $20.00
Chin $20.00

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