Fuse Hair Salon Prices & Services

Fuse Hair Salon: Are you searching for an establishment that can provide an ideal blend of creativity, style and outstanding service?

Find it at Fuse Hair Salon! Our team consists of highly educated experts, the latest techniques, and a desire to please our clients.

Fuse Hair Salon

We’re committed to providing you with an unforgettable experience when it comes to your hair.

In this blog we’ll guide you into the world of Fuse Hair Salon, highlighting our stylists, Professional services and the calming ambience which awaits you.

Prepare to change your hair’s appearance and increase your confidence by visiting Fuse Hair Salon!

What is a Fuse Hair Salon?

Fuse Hair Salon is a contemporary salon for hair that provides various expert hair-care services.

With a team of experienced hairstylists, and a contemporary comfortable and inviting environment, Fuse Hair Salon strives to design unique and modern appearances for their clients.

Fuse Hair Salon

Haircuts, styling and haircuts to coloring treatments, they offer high-quality services with top-quality products.

With a focus on client satisfaction, Fuse Hair Salon aims to improve the appearance and confidence of each person who comes through their doors.

What sets Fuse Hair Salon apart?

We are at Fuse Hair Salon, we believe in being more than just a hair salon. We’re determined to create an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming, going beyond traditional hair services.

Our aim is to offer an experience that enhances not only your hair but also your spirit.

By paying attention to every Detail and personal approach, we make sure that each client departs our salon feeling rejuvenated and gorgeous.

Fuse Hair Salon Prices & Services


Service Price 
Men’s Haircut $25 – $36
Women’s Haircut (without Blowdry) $25 – $40
Women’s Haircut(with Blowdry) $30 – $48
Children 9 and Under $17 – $36
Buzz Cut $15 – $23

Hair Style

Service Price 
Blowdry and Curling Iron $25 & up
Blowdry, Curling Iron, and Flat Iron $45 & up
Rollerset $25 & up
Flat Iron with any Service $25 & up
Special Occasion Updo $70 & up

Fuse Hair Salon Color Services

Fuse Hair Salon

A Single Process Color

(Single Retouch of color roots, and pull through formula, including blowdry) $84 & up

Single Foil

(Add-on service that is color-related or another chemical services) $14 & up

Partial Highlights

(16 foils, or less than percent of the head contains blowdry) $86 & up

Full Highlights

(Dimensional color that is applied throughout the head using foils, further cost may apply. blowdry) $115 & up

Additional Color with any other Color Service

$30 & up

Additional Services

Hair Treatments

Hair care is essential to keeping your hair healthy and shiny. These treatments can aid in repairing damaged hair and replenish moisture damaged or dry hair.

If you’re looking for a treatment to deep condition your hair, a hair mask or Keratin treatment, investing in regular hair care treatments will improve the overall appearance and health of hair.

Treatments $15 & up


As well as our hair-care services we also offer threading and waxing services that will give you a smooth appearance. 

Our expert estheticians will form your eyebrows, get rid of unwanted facial hair and give your skin a smooth, silky an elegant look.

Eyebrow, Lip or Chin (per area) Starting at $12

Length Charges for Styling/Blowdry

  • Below the Shoulder $2
  • Mid-Back $4
  • Lower-Back $6
  • Waist $9

Length / Additional Chemical Charges

  • Shoulder / additional 1 oz of Color $12 & up
  • Below Shoulder / additional 2 oz of Color $24 & up
  • Mid-Back / additional 3 oz of Color $36 & up
  • Lower Back / additional 4 oz of Color $48 & up
  • Waist / additional 5 oz of Color $60 & up

Fuse Hair Salon Spa Services

In Fuse Hair Salon, we provide a variety of spa treatments to improve and pamper your hair. Here are a few spa treatments we offer:

Hair Spa:

Our treatments for your hair aim to nourish and revive your hair. We provide a soothing scalp massage that will improve blood circulation and encourage the growth of your hair in a healthy way. 

Our professional stylists utilize high-quality products and custom-designed hair masks that restore the moisture and vitality of your hair.

Deep Conditioning Treatment 

When your hair appears damaged, dry or lacking luster Our deep conditioning treatment could assist. 

We employ professional-grade conditioners and techniques to penetrate deeply in the shaft of your hair leaving your hair silky smooth and well-hydrated.

Hair Treatment 

The treatments we offer for scalp are focused on the condition of your scalp because it plays an important aspect in the overall health of hair. 

We provide scalp exfoliation treatments to eliminate dead skin cells as well as products, and then relaxing massage for your scalp to ease tension and create an environment that is healthy for your scalp.

Hot Oil Treatment 

The hot oil treatment is specially designed to deeply moisten and nourish your hair. 

We make use of warm oil that is that is infused with beneficial ingredients for penetration into the shaft of hair, supplying essential nutrients while also improving the elasticity of your hair.

The Hair Glossing 

If you’re looking to add a glimmer and shine to your hair’s color Our Hair Glossing Service is ideal for you. We employ a semi-permanent colour glaze that improves the natural color of your hair, gives it depth and gives an attractive, glossy look.

Keratin Treatment 

Keratin treatment is a favorite option for those who want to get rid of frizz, cut down on curly, and have smoother hair that is more manageable. 

We employ high-quality keratin treatments and the most advanced methods that transform hair to a smooth shiny, glossy and frizz-free tresses.

Hair Botox:

The treatment for hair botox is specifically designed to restore and revitalize damaged hair. 

Our formulas are specially designed to penetrate the cuticle of hair to fill in the gaps, strengthening and restoring elasticity. The result is more full, healthier and rejuvenated hair.

What is the cancellation policy at Fuse Hair Salon?

The cancellation policy of Fuse Hair Salon is designed to ensure that we satisfy all of our clients requirements efficiently and in a fair manner. 

We recognize that unexpected circumstances could arise, resulting in the necessity of cancelling or changing appointments. 

We ask that you give us at least 24-hour notice of any changes or cancellations in your scheduled appointment.

If you give us enough time, we are able to offer the slot in our schedule to a client who might wait for an appointment. This allows us to keep an orderly schedule and give an excellent service to all our clients.

Any cancellations that are late or not made with prior notice could be charged charges for cancellation. This fee is to pay our stylists their time and effort assigned to your appointment.

We recognize that unexpected events and emergencies could occur and we’ll take into account these scenarios when taking a look at specific cases. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding in respecting the cancellation policies we have in place.

If you must change or cancel your appointment, please notify us as quickly as you can to allow us to accommodate requests and implement needed changes on our calendar. 

Your cooperation allows us to ensure that we provide the best service for every one of our clients. We thank you for selecting Fuse Hair Salon.

Hair Care Tips and Advice

Certainly! Here are some important haircut tips as well as tricks to ensure your hair stays healthy and beautiful.

Regular washing and conditioning: 

Wash your hair frequently with a mild, gentle shampoo that matches the hair type you have. After that, apply a nourishing conditioner to help keep hair moisturized and manageable.

Proper hairbrush 

Utilize a large-toothed comb or brush that has soft bristles, to stop breakage of hair. Begin brushing at the end and move up to untangle knots with ease.

Avoid heat styling: 

Excessive use of heating tools such as curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers could cause damage to your hair. If you can, let your hair to dry naturally, and limit heat styling to occasions that require it.

Hairstyles that protect you from harm: 

When you’re engaged in an activity that could damage hair like swimming or working out, opt for hairstyles that are protective, such as buns or braids to limit the exposure to chlorine, saltwater or sweat.

trimming split ends:

 Trim your hair regularly to eliminate split ends. This helps prevent further breakage and splitting maintaining your hair’s health and encouraging growth.

Deep conditioning treatments: 

Your hair should be treated to deep conditioning treatments a couple of times each week or as often as you want. 

These treatments restore moisture, repair damage and enhance overall health of your hair.

Protect your hair from sun damage:

 Shield your hair from the damaging UV radiations through wearing a sun hat, or using hair products with UV protection. This will help to prevent color loss and dryness that is caused by exposure to sun.

Healthy Hydration and Diet: 

Take care to nourish your hair by eating an optimum diet that is with plenty of minerals, vitamins and proteins. Drink sufficient amounts of water every day to ensure the growth of your hair in a healthy way.

Avoid overprocessing:

 Minimize the use of chemical treatments like relaxing, perming, or excessive coloring as they can damage and weaken your hair in the course of time. Talk to an experienced stylist for safer alternatives.

Gentle handling: 

Treat your hair with care and avoid pulling or tugging hairstyles which can lead to hair breakage or hair loss due to traction. 

Take care when styling your hair and stay clear of using elastic bands which could cause damage to.

Fuse Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday 11AM–7PM
Tuesday 11AM–7PM
Wednesday 11AM–7PM
Thursday 11AM–7PM
Friday 10AM–7PM
Saturday 9AM–6PM
Sunday 12–5PM

Fuse Hair Salon Near Me


Fuse Hair Salon is a ideal destination for all of your hair-care requirements. With a staff of highly skilled stylists and an inviting ambience, they offer top quality services that leave clients feeling at ease and relaxed.

If you’re in the market for the latest haircut, amazing hair color transformation or an energizing service, Fuse Hair Salon offers expert expertise and outstanding customer service.

Enter Fuse Hair Salon and experience the perfect mix of fashion and relaxation for your hair.

For more information about other Nails & Hair salon prices please visit our website salonpricelist.com.

FAQ – Fuse Hair Salon

What services does Fuse Hair Salon offer?

In Fuse Hair Salon, We offer a range of services that meet the diverse needs of our customers. We offer haircuts, styling highlights, coloring of hair and balayage Keratin treatment, hair extension scalp treatments and more. We also provide the bridal makeup and hair service for special events.

How experienced are the stylists at Fuse Hair Salon?

Our stylist team of Fuse Hair Salon consists of professional stylists who are highly skilled and experienced. Each stylist receives extensive training and keeps up-to-date with latest methods and trends in the field. We are Proud to Provide the best service and guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers.

Can I book an appointment online?

Yes, we’ve created a booking system that makes scheduling an appointment with Fuse Hair Salon convenient for our customers. You Can book an appointment with our online booking system that is user-friendly via our website. Select the date time, stylist, as well as stylist and we’ll confirm your appointment.

What is the price range for services at Fuse Hair Salon?

The price for Fuse Hair Salon varies depending on the services and stylist. We offer competitive prices to ensure that our clients get an exceptional value for budget. Prices reflect both the high-end of our services as well as the professionalism of our stylists. For full pricing details, Please go to our website or contact us Directly.

Can I bring my own hair products to use at Fuse Hair Salon?

We appreciate our customers their preferences, we respectfully ask you to allow us to use professional grade hair products for your appointment. Our stylists have been trained to use those products. They were carefully chosen to give you the best results. We only use top-quality products that provide nourishment and protection for your hair.

Are walk-ins welcome at Fuse Hair Salon?

We strongly recommend making an appointment to guarantee availability and to reduce waiting times. We know that you might require a quick hair appointment. If stylists are available and we’re open to walk-ins. It is vital to keep in mind that during peak times, there could be just a Small amount of customers who are able to enter.

Does Fuse Hair Salon offer bridal hair and makeup services?

Absolutely, Fuse Hair Salon specializes in bridal makeup and hair services. We’re aware of the significance on your wedding day, among the top important occasions in your life, and we’re here to help you look and feel gorgeous.
Our expert stylists Will collaborate with you to create an ideal bridal style and make-up to match your Personal style, and enhances your appearance.

Does Fuse Hair Salon offer any loyalty programs or discounts?

Yes, we appreciate our customers who are loyal and provide a loyalty program in order to show our gratitude. When you join the loyalty programme, you’ll be able to benefit from special discount, prior booking and exclusive deals. We also frequently offer discounts and Promotions for different services. Stay informed by Signing up to receive our newsletter via email and Follow the blog on our various social networks.

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