Gentlemen’s Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

Gentlemen’s Barbershop Prices & Its Services

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Gentlemen’s Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

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About Gentlemen’s Barbershop

The Gentlemen’s Barbershop has been a mainstay in Easton for the past 10 years. It has gotten a lot of attention during that time because it stays true to its roots.

Gentlemen’s Barbershop is a place where you can relax, unwind, and be sure to get the best haircut or shave in town. This is because our philosophy is to provide quality and consistency in a laid-back environment to make style look easy.

This story of a traditional barbershop is mixed with modern techniques and craftsmanship. It is a place where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy the service with confidence.

The Gentlemen’s Barbershop family has grown, and there are now two locations to choose from: the new shop in the Silk Mill and the old barbershop in Downtown Easton.

Gentlemens Barbershop Services Offered

  • ✅Hair Color
  • ✅Beard Trim NO Razor
  • ✅Face Combo Straight Razor
  • ✅Straight Razor
  • ✅Vintage Haircut
  • ✅Adult Haircut
  • ✅Kid’ Simple Cut
  • ✅Full Head Design
  • ✅Head Straight Razor
  • ✅Beard Shape Up
  • ✅Straight Razor Face Shave
  • ✅Hair Color

    Gentlemen’s Barbershop Haircut Prices

    Adult Haircut $22.00
    Kid’ Simple Cut $15.00
    Vintage Haircut Ages 65 and up $22.00

    Gentlemen’s Barbershop Classic Legends Haircut Prices

    Adult Haircut $22.00
    Specialty Cut $30.00
    Vintage Haircut Ages 65 and up $22.00
    Razor Fade Bald fade done with a straight razor $30.00

    Gentlemen’s Barbershop Gentleman’s Shave Prices

    Straight Razor Face Shave $30.00
     Beard Trim with Razor Line-Up $30.00
     Beard Trim NO Razor $22.00

    Gentlemen’s Barbershop Signature Combos Prices

    Specialty Cut & Beard Line-Up $50.00
    The Dapper Deluxe $55.00
    Head & Face Straight Razor Shave $60.00
    Hair Cut & Beard Trim $45.00
    Specialty Cut & Beard Line-Up $55.00

    Gentlemen’s Barbershop Lill Charges Prices

    Kid’ Simple Cut $15.00
    Kid’s Specialty Cut $25.00
    Baby Hair Cut $20.00

    Gentlemen’s Barbershop Additional Touches Prices

    Shampoo W/Head Massage $10.00
    Hard Part $5.00
    Hair Color $48.00
    Neck Shave & Hair Line-Up $10.00

Gentlemen’s Barbershop Appointment Service

Gentlemen's Barbershop Appointment Service

  •  Appointment service for gentlemen’s barbershops : Book Now

Gentlemen’s Barbershop – Video Review

Gentlemens Barbershop Hours

If you want to know, when does Gentlemen’s Barbershop open? OR When does Gentlemen’s Barbershop stop being open? You’re in the right place to find the same.

Days Hours
Monday 10am – 7pm
Tuesday 10am – 7pm
Wednesday 10am – 7pm
Thursday 10am – 7pm
Friday 8am – 7pm
Saturday    8am – 7pm
Sunday Closed

Gentlemen’s Barbershop Near Me Location

Gentlemen’s Barbershop Social Media Links


  • phone imageDowntown Easton (610) 253-1101
  • address imageFrisco, Colorado Barbershop

    116 South 5th Ave, Frisco, CO 80443

FAQ About Gentlemen’s Barbershop

FAQ About Gentlemen’s Barbershop

Is there a Gentlemen’s barbershop in Easton?

The Gentlemen’s Barbershop used to be in Downtown Easton, but now it has a second location in the Silk Mill. The opening of the first silk mill was a big deal. To look stylish, you need to have good hair.

  • Monday-Thrusday :  10am – 7pm
  • Friday – Saturday : 8am – 7pm

What is a Gentlemen’s Barbershop gift card?

Give him a gift card to the Gentlemen’s Barbershop so he can look his best. It’s perfect for getting a new haircut, beard trim, or shave for someone special.

Where is Gentlemen’s Barbershop?

Gentlemen’s Barbershop has been a mainstay in Easton for seven years, and with good reason: it takes the idea of a barbershop in a refreshingly new and honest direction.

Why choose Gentlemen’s barbershop?

Gentlemen’s Barbershop is a unique mix of the history of a traditional barbershop and today’s cutting-edge techniques and craftsmanship. It’s a place where you can relax, know you’re getting the best haircut or shave in town, and not worry about a thing.

Is Gentlemen’s a good barbershop?

Gentlemen’s is the best barbershop you’ll find. You’ll get great care, and once you find a barber you like, he or she will work with your busy schedule. I got the best of both worlds by getting a great haircut and a good fade. If it’s your day off, you could even have a few beers on tap. Everyone should read it, I’d say.


The Gentlemens Barbershop Prices may vary from one location to another its depend on its geographical area. The prices listed above are simply estimates and may not be up to date. To obtain the up-to-date pricing, kindly contact your nearly Gentlemens Barbershop location.

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