Eddies Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations


Eddies Barbershop Prices & Its Services

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Eddies Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations


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 Services Offered By Eddies Barbershop

  • ✅ Facial steaming
  • ✅ Beard dyeing
  • ✅ Beard adjustment
  • ✅ Eddie´s Combo
  • ✅ Premium Haircut
  • ✅ Buzz Haircut
  • ✅ Luxury Shaving
  • ✅ Long hair cutting
  • ✅ Black Mask Peeling

Eddies Barbershop Service Prices

Service Price
Premium Haircut $28.37
Buzz Haircut $20.15
Eddie’s Combo $65.37
Luxury Shaving $22.61
Beard adjustment $22.61
Long hair cutting $36.59
Premium Haircut and luxury shaving $47.28
Premium Haircut and beard adjustment $43.17
Premium Haircut, beard adjustment and dyeing $53.04
Buzz Haircut and luxury shaving $39.06
Buzz Haircut and beard adjustment $1.61
Long hair haircut and luxury shaving $60.85
Haircut for children up to 12 years $18.50
Haircut for seniors over 65 $18.50
Beard dyeing $14.39
Beard adjustment and dyeing $32.48
Black Mask Peeling + facial steaming $18.50

Eddies Barbershop Gift voucher

You might think your lover has everything or the money to get everything.

Eddies Barbershop Gift voucher

It’s possible that he hasn’t even thought about going to a regular barbershop for men. Give him a chance to relax while he gets used to how we cut and shave or tries out everything Eddie’s Combo has to offer.

About Eddies Barbershop

Men go to Eddy’s Barber Shop because they know how to cut their hair, shave with straight razors, and trim their beards.

The people who work at Eddy’s Barber Shop are dedicated to providing the best services possible at fair prices and making sure that every customer is happy.

Eddy (or Iyad), who owns the business and is its head barber, has been working as a barber for more than 20 years.

In 2016, when he started giving people trendy haircuts, Eddy moved to the Bay Area. In 2019, he opened his own local business near Burlingame Avenue in Burlingame, California.

Every customer at Eddies Barbershop is greeted with a friendly smile. He is dedicated, polite, and skilled, and he makes it his business to make sure each client gets the haircut they want.

Eddies Barbershop – Video Tutorial

Eddies Barbershop Hours

If you want to know when Eddie’s Barbershop opens, click here. OR When does Eddie’s Barbershop shut down? You’ve come to the right place to do the same thing.

Days Hours
10 am to 4 pm
Tuesday 8 am to 6 pm
Wednesday 8 am to 6 pm
Thursday 8 am to 6 pm
Friday 8 am to 6 pm
Saturday 8 am to 3 pm
Sunday 10 am to 4 pm

Eddies Barbershop Amenities and More

  • ❎ Masks required,
  • ✅ Accepts Android Pay
  • 🛼 Good For Kids
  • 📱 Free Wi-Fi
  • ❎ Not Wheelchair Accessible
  • 🅿 Bike Parking
  • 🚻Gender-neutral restrooms
  • 🏍 Street Parking
  • ✅ Accepts Apple Pay
  • ✅ Accepts Credit Cards

Eddies Barbershop Near Me Location


  • phone image281.292.8440
  • address image25170 N. INTERSTATE 45 SUITE 5

    SPRING, TX 77386

FAQ About Eddy’s Barbershop

FAQ About Eddy’s Barbershop

Where is Eddie’s barbershop in Houston?

Eddie’s Barbershop is the oldest barbershop in the area. It is located at 25170 N. Fwy. Service Rd., Spring, Texas 77386, and can be reached at (281) 292-8440 or at

What time does Eddy’s Barbershop close?

Eddy’s Barbershop was open all the time.

What days are Eddy’s barbershop open?

Eddy’s Barbershop is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday through Monday.

Why choose Eddy’s barbershop?

Cleveland’s East and West sides have an EDDY’S Eddy’s Barbershop. It is a traditional barbershop in the best way. The barbers on Chuck Falk’s crew have been cutting hair for many years and are very good at it.


The Eddy’s Barbershop Prices may vary from one location to another its depend on its geographical area. The prices listed above are estimates and may not be current. To obtain up-to-date pricing, kindly contact your nearby Eddy’s Barbershop location.

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