Judes Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

Judes Barbershop Prices & Its Services

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Judes Barbershop Prices, Hours & Locations

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About Judes Barbershop

Judes Barbershop wants to be the best barbershop in Michigan. They believe in helping people and want to do a good job. Our team is most important. The guests look and feel better when our staff gets better.

In 2005, we opened our first Barbershop in downtown Grand Rapid to offer traditional services in a modern setting.

Judes Barbershop has 24 locations in Michigan, including Grand Rapids, Lansing, Kalamazoo Portage, Ottawa County, and Traverse City. This means that if a customer says, “I want a barber shop near me,” Judes Barbershop can meet their needs.

Jude’s Barbershop offers fades, tapers, taper fades, low fades, high fades, skin fades, military haircuts, buzz cuts, flat-top haircuts, high and tight haircuts, pompadour haircuts, mohawk haircuts, haircuts for men with curly hair, short haircuts for men, long haircuts for men, shag haircuts, and beard haircuts.

We only cut men’s hair at Judes Barbershop, so we can give you the best cut in Michigan.

Judes Barbershop Services Offered

  • ✅Damn Good Haircut
  • ✅Buzz Cut
  • ✅Color for Men
  • ✅Beard and Shave
  • ✅Waxing Service
  • ✅Wise Guy Haircut
  • ✅Boys Haircut
  • ✅Men’s Haircut

Judes Barbershop  Haircut Service Prices

Boys Haircut $20 & up
  •  Precision Haircut
  •  Vibrating Shoulder Massage
Damn Good Haircut $24 & up
  • Precision Haircut
  •  Straight Razor Neck Clean-Up
Jude’s Haircut $28 & up
  • Precision Haircut
  • Relaxing Scalp Massage and Shampoo
  •  Hot Towel Treatment
  •  Vibrating Shoulder Massage
  •  Straight Razor Neck Clean-Up
Boys Haircut $20 & up
  • Precision Haircut for ages 12 & under
Buzz Cut $16 & up
  •  Precision Haircut, one guard, no scissors or razor
Wise Guy Haircut $19 & up
Men over 65 who get their hair cut Monday through Thursday before 3 p.m. get a discount.

Judes Barbershop Straight Razor Service Prices

Face Shave $37 & up
  • Smooth shave with a straight razor.
Head Shave $35 & up
  • Smooth shave with a straight razor and a vibrating shoulder massage.
Jude’s Straight Razor Fade $33 & up
Straight razor fade haircut with shampoo, head massage, hot towel treatment, and shoulder massage.
Straight Razor Fade $29 & up
  • Straight razor fade and neck trim.
Neck Clean-up $8
  • Jude’s Haircut customers get a free straight razor clean-up between haircuts.

Judes Barbershop Beards Mustaches Treatments

Eyebrow Waxing $13
  • Clean up around the eyes to give you 2 separate eyebrows.
Ear Waxing $12
  • Clean up the hair coming out of your ears as well as the hair/fuzz on your ear.
Nose Waxing $10
  • Clean up the hair coming out of your nose (at the entrance).
Upper Cheek Waxing $10
  • Clean up the stray hairs on your upper cheeks and create a sharp line.
Front of Neck Waxing $12
  • Clean up the hair on the front of your neck and create a sharp line.
Unibrow Waxing $7
  • Clean up the hair between your brows.
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