Cactus Hair Salon Prices & Services 2024

Cactus Hair Salon Prices & Services

Cactus Hair Salon: Welcoming you the Cactus Hair Salon, where elegance and style are with perfect ease.

Cactus Hair Salon is a sanctuary for those who want a transformational and personalised hair experience.

Cactus Hair Salon

Visit our sleek and welcoming space, and take advantage of our talented and enthusiastic hairstylists do their best to transform your hair.

If you’re looking for an Stylish haircut, vibrant hair color, or a stunning hairstyle for an event We’ve got it covered.

We’re committed to providing top client service as well as satisfaction.We aim to create an enjoyable and relaxing environment for our clients.

Be Prepared to experience the new degree of confidence and beauty with us at Cactus Hair Salon.

What is a Cactus Hair Salon?

A Cactus hair Salon is a kind of salon for hair that incorporates a cactus theme in its branding and design.

It could have a cactus-themed decor as well as green-colored schemes and motifs inspired by deserts in the interior of the salon.

Salons provide a range of hair-related services. These include haircuts, coloring, styling and treatment.

The salon is awash in an exclusive and fashionable environment influenced by the splendor of cacti as well as the desert surroundings.

Cactus Hair Salon Services


You can experience stunning transformations when you use our professional color services for your hair from Cactus Hair Salon.

Our highly skilled color experts will design custom and vivid color combinations that compliment your style and make you feel amazing.

Cactus Hair Salon
  • Babylights – $75
  • Color Correction – starting at $200
  • Color/Partial Highlight – $115
  • Color Strength Treatment – $20
  • Extra Color/Toner – $25
  • Full Painting – $150
  • Full Highlight – $130
  • Glaze – $20
  • Partial Highlight – $110
  • Partial Painting – $130
  • Root Touch-Up – $60
  • Soap Cap – $3
  • Solo Color – $100


Cactus Hair Salon offers a wide range of luxurious and healthy hair treatments offering clients exceptional service and a fresh, healthy hair.

Cactus Hair Salon
  • Deep Conditioner – $35
  • Trenta Express Treatment – $30
  • Spruzzi Smoothing Treatment – $100
  • Keratin Smoothing Treatment – $120
  • Domani Smoothing Treatment – $250
  • Scalp Facial – $35

Additional Services:

Alongside our amazing hair coloring and haircuts, Cactus Hair Salon offers various extra services that can enhance your grooming and beauty routine.

From healthy hair treatments to styling for special occasions, to relaxing scalp massages, and fashionable hair extension services, Cactus Hair Salon can provide complete solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client.

Cactus Hair Salon
  • Lash Lifts – $40
  • Brow Tints – $20
  • Brow Wax – $15

Styling for Special Events and Weddings

If you’re looking for a weddings and special occasions, Cactus Hair Salon has provided you with the best.

Our stylists are skilled in creating beautiful curly hairstyles, romantic bobs, as well as intricate braided hairstyles.

We know how Crucial it is to appear your best for the event you are attending and will work closely with you to create the Perfect hairstyle that complements the theme of your dress, the attire and personal style.

Tips for maintaining healthy hair

  • Apply an easy shampoo and conditioner that is suitable to your hair’s type.
  • Keep your hair safe from heat damage by applying sprays to protect against heat prior to styling.
  • Use only heated styling tools to avoid the possibility of damage.
  • Keep your hair safe from UV harmful rays of the sun through wearing a sun hat, or using UV-protective items.
  • Do not wash your hair too often since it will remove the natural oils.
  • Consume a balanced and balanced diet that is with plenty of minerals and vitamins to promote good hair health.

The role of regular haircuts:

Regular haircuts are vital to maintaining the appearance and health that your hair has.

The trimming of the ends eliminates split ends and helps Prevent breakage, leading to healthy and manageable hair. Furthermore it helps your hair look more stylish and enhances general appearance.

Cactus Hair Salon Membership Benefits

When you join Cactus Hair Salon, you will benefit from special benefits like:

Discount Pricing for Members: Member get discounts on a variety of salon services, such as haircuts color, treatments, and hair styling.

Early Access to Special Offers: Be the first to learn about the latest promotions discount, promotions, and exclusive discounts. Members get first access to these fantastic discounts.

Priority Reservations: We are proud of our customers and give priority to their appointments. Benefit from the convenience of securing the time slot you prefer to get your hair done.

Personalized Recommendations: Our skilled stylists will give you customized recommendations based upon your hair’s type, style preferences, and goals for styling. Get tailored advice to your particular requirements.

Membership Rewards: Earn points with each visit and service, and use points for rewards that are exclusive including free treatments, product samples or discounts.

Sign up to Cactus Hair Salon’s membership program today. Cactus Membership today to enhance your hair-care experience with these incredible benefits.

Cactus Hair Salon’s commitment to customer satisfaction

We are determined to surpass your expectations and offer an experience that is personalized in Cactus Hair Salon.

Our dedication to client satisfaction is evident throughout our services.

Individualized consultations:

We take pride in recognizing your personal preferences and needs. Our stylists are willing to listen to your thoughts and provide expert advice, making sure you’re happy with the end result.

Top-quality products:

We only use the best products for your hair that provide nourishment and protection for your hair.

Our collection of hair care products for professionals include reputable brands recognized for their effectiveness and ability to improve the appearance and health of hair.

A relaxing and cozy environment:

The experience of visiting Cactus Hair Salon is not solely about achieving a stunning hairstyle. It’s about having a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Our salon has been designed to provide a relaxing atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a little self-care.

Cactus Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday  – 
Tuesday  – 
Wednesday  – 
Thursday  – 
Friday  – 
Saturday  – 
Sunday Closed

Cactus Hair Salon Near Me


Cactus Hair Salon offers exceptional hair services in a chic and warm atmosphere.

Our highly experienced stylists, extensive range of treatments, and premium hair products guarantee professional and satisfying results for our clients.

No matter if it’s a haircut coloring, or styling, Cactus Hair Salon is the perfect place to meet all your hair requirements.

For more information about other Nails & Hair salon prices please visit our website

FAQ – Cactus Hair Salon

How can I book an appointment at Cactus Hair Salon?

You can make an appointment with Cactus Hair Salon simply by phoning their number or by visiting their website to make an appointment online.

Does Cactus Hair Salon offer hair treatments for damaged hair?

Absolutely, Cactus Hair Salon offers different hair treatments that are designed to restore and nourish damaged hair like deeply conditioning treatment and Keratin treatments.

Are walk-ins accepted at Cactus Hair Salon?

Although Cactus Hair Salon prefers appointments to ensure a proper schedule but they do allow walk-ins depending on their availability. It is suggested to make a call or visit their website to see if they have walk-ins available.

Does Cactus Hair Salon offer bridal or special occasion hairstyling?

Sure, Cactus Hair Salon provides wedding as well as special event hairstyling to make sure you look stunning on your wedding day or at any special occasion.

What hair products does Cactus Hair Salon use?

Cactus Hair Salon uses a assortment of professional haircare products that are reputable to guarantee the highest quality results. They will give you advice according to the type of hair you have and your needs.

Does Cactus Hair Salon offer haircuts for children?

Absolutely, Cactus Hair Salon offers haircuts for kids of all different ages. The stylists are experienced in working with children to provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

What are the accepted payment methods at Cactus Hair Salon?

Cactus Hair Salon typically accepts different payment options, such as credit cards, cash, and occasionally payments via smartphones. It is suggested that you inquire regarding their particular payment options prior to booking.

Can I request a specific stylist at Cactus Hair Salon?

You are able to request a particular stylist for Cactus Hair Salon in the event of their availability. They will do their best to meet your needs.

Does Cactus Hair Salon offer discounts or loyalty programs?

Cactus Hair Salon may offer discounts or loyalty programs periodically. It is suggested to inquire about ongoing promotions or benefits for loyalty when you make an appointment.

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