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First Choice Haircutters Prices 2023

The First Choice Haircutters Prices are also among the best in the business. The First Choice Haircutters Adult haircuts cost $18.95, and children’s haircuts cost $14.95.

First Choice Haircutters has good people working there who know how to make you look great.No matter their age or gender, they like serving everyone. There is no need to call and make a reservation in advance; instead, you may stroll in or use their app to reserve whenever you are ready.

If you go to First Choice Haircutters, you can get a modern and unique hairstyle that fits you for under $20. Lots of people love going there and leaving happy with their new haircut.

First Choice Haircutters Prices

The employees of First Choice Haircutters have undergone extensive training to become the best hair stylists in the region. They therefore possess some of the most crucial abilities to offer you advice and assist you in achieving the greatest appearance.

You can enjoy this at First Choice Haircutters Prices are very low. At First Choice Haircutters salon, guests are always encouraged and made to feel welcome.

First Choice Haircutters salon wants everyone to try it out and thinks that’s the best way. We also examine the First Choice Haircutters Prices and discover how things charge up here.

 First Choice Haircutters Prices 2023

Service Cost


Haircut $18.95
Shampoo & Cut $22.95
Complete Service $31.95 and up



Haircut $14.95
Shampoo & Cut $18.95
Complete Service $27.95 and up


Haircut $14.95
Shampoo & Cut $18.95
Complete Service $27.95 and up


Shampoo & Style with Finish By Consultation
Hair coloring $47.95 and up
Highlighting $57.95 and up
Foils By Consultation
Conditioning Perm (Short) $64.95 and up
Conditioning Perm (Medium and Long Hair) By Consultation

First Choice Haircutters History and Growth

First Choice Haircutters has its main office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “Family members who value their money” go there. First Choice guarantees all of its services and goods for seven days.

In 1980, Bud Cowan opened up First Choice Haircutters. At first, the business was a low-cost salon that put a lot of emphasis on family and value.

The “first come, first served” operating principle has greatly aided the company’s expansion. 1982 saw the opening of the first franchise.

The well-known Regis Corporation owns First Choice Haircutters. Some salons, such as Supercuts, Magicuts, Pro-Cuts, and City Looks, are franchised by Regis Corporation.

First Choice started out with only one salon in Ontario but now has more than 400 salons nationwide.

If you and your family feel a little old and want to relax with something new and better, you should go to the First Choice Haircutters salons closest to you.

Every employee is a qualified professional. You can verify their claims that they have a wide range of skills when you come here. They are good at what they do.

This salon is ideal for you if you think you look elderly and want to improve your appearance.

First Choice Haircutters book online

By using First Choice Haircutters’ online booking service, you can save valuable time and easily find out who your expert stylists are for the day.

You can locate a salon close to you and use it with the assistance of the online booking service.

Find A Salon Near You And Book Now

To book an appointment online with First Choice Haircutters, go to and type in the name or postal code. Today, stylists from a salon near you will come and book you.

Why Choose First Choice Haircutters?

To learn more about the values, According to First Choice, you must understand the basic ideas behind how the company runs daily.

What are the values, morals, and morals that they stress? The answers are the customers, the products, and the people who work there.

If done right, these three things can be a powerful way to reach your goals. The word “haircare” means the following:

  • Everyone can feel good about them
  • The inventory needs are not high and are not a significant issue.
  • Experts staff it. Staff members are highly knowledgeable, certified, and well-trained.
  • Resists technological desuetude
  • It’s an essential procedure that should be performed by a professional to get the greatest results
  • It’s pertinent in any economic environment and community.

How much does a haircut cost at First Choice Haircutters?

The cost of haircuts for a haircut at First Choice Haircutters varies depending on the location you’re in and the services. A basic adult haircut is typically priced between $18.95-$31.95.

Alongside haircuts, First Choice Haircutters offers various haircare options, such as highlights, coloring perms, hair styling, and highlights.

The cost for these services can vary according to the particular service offered and the salon’s location.

It is important to remember that prices can differ based on the experience level the stylist has and the degree of service you’re getting.

Whatever type of service you select, First Choice Haircutters strives to offer affordable and top-quality hair-care solutions to their customers.

How much does a perm cost at First Choice Haircutters?

The price of perms in First Choice Haircutters varies depending on the location and particular service you pick. But, on average, the cost of a basic perm is approximately $64.95 and up

It’s crucial to be aware that the cost you pay for perms will be contingent on various factors, including the length and thickness of your hair. The type of perm you want to use and the stylist’s experience level.

If you’re thinking of having a perm done at First Choice Haircutters, it’s recommended to consult a stylist who will discuss your hair’s needs and determine the best way to proceed.

The stylist will also provide you with a more accurate quote of the overall cost of the service during the consultation, depending on your unique needs.

First Choice Haircutters Prices

How much does hair extensions cost at First Choice Haircutters?

First Choice Haircutters does not currently provide hair extensions. However, they provide a range of haircare options, such as haircuts and coloring highlights, highlights, and hair styling.

The price of these services can vary based on the area of the salon and the services you pick.

If you’re thinking of having hair extensions, you should research and talk to salons specializing in this kind of service.

They can give you information about how much the service costs, the various extensions available, and the necessary maintenance needed to ensure that your extensions look their best.

Are there any additional fees at First Choice Haircutters?

Does First Choice Haircutters offer any promotions or discounts?

First Choice Haircutters offers discounts and promotions throughout the year. These promotions can include holiday specials and discounts for new customers.

First Choice Haircutters also offers discounts for seniors and children on select days of the week. To receive special offers and promotions straight to your inbox, customers can sign up for First Choice Haircutters’ email newsletter.

You should always check with your First Choice Haircutters salon to find out if there are any current promotions or discounts they may offer.

First Choice Haircutters strives to provide affordable pricing and great value for its customers by offering various discounts and promotions.

Are First Choice Haircutters prices the same at all locations?

First Choice Haircutters’ prices can vary depending on where you live. Pricing at individual salons can be affected by factors such as local competition, regional pricing differences, and operating costs.

To confirm the pricing of the services you are interested in, it is important to contact your local First Choice Haircutters salon.

Be mindful that salons might provide different services or packages. It is recommended to confirm the price of the wanted services with your closest First Choice Haircutters salon.

First Choice Haircutters is committed to fair pricing and affordable prices, regardless of any possible price differences.

What are the payment options available at First Choice Haircutters?

First Choice Haircutters accepts various payment options for their services. Customers can pay for their services with cash, credit card, and debit card. Credit cards accepted are Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Certain First Choice Haircutters locations may accept payments via mobile payment options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay However, it’s recommended to confirm at your local salon prior to your visit.

It’s important to remember that although First Choice Haircutters accepts credit cards and debit cards they don’t take personal check payments as a means of payment.

In general, First Choice Haircutters offers numerous payment options that are convenient for customers to select from.

First Choice Haircutters Ajax

FIRST Choice Haircutters is a salon in the Ontario city of AJAX. It has different names in AJAX, like Baywood Center and Westney Heights Plaza. Both of these are first-choice haircutters.

☑️ First Choice Haircutters (Baywood center)

Baywood Center is a full-service hair salon in Ajax that offers affordable haircuts, styling, and colouring services for both men and women.

At first-choice haircutters, you’ll get a step up from your usual salon experience, whether you’re there for a quick trim, a new short hairstyle, or a change to your current look.

☑️ First Choice Haircutters (Westney Heights Plaza)

Westney Heights Plaza is a full-service hair salon in Ajax that offers affordable haircuts, styling, and colouring services for both men and women.

At first-choice haircutters, you’ll get a step up from your usual salon experience, whether you’re there for a quick trim, a new short hairstyle, or a change to your current look.

Services Offered

At First Choice Haircutters, the stylists do more than cut and trim hair. The staff is well-trained and certified, and they know how to use the newest ways to color, cut, perm, and add texture to hair.

Stylists don’t just work with one type of client, either. At First Choice Haircutters, women, men, kids, and older people are welcome.

With so many different types of clients, stylists need to be very good at cutting, trimming, reshaping, and using advanced hair treatments.

This team of stylists has been trained to make clients of all ages feel comfortable.


First Choice Haircutters Prices

The staff at First Choice Haircutters know their clients and know that fast haircuts are an essential aspect of looking and feeling confident about yourself.

First Choice Haircutters has a an exclusive menu of full-service services for everyone’s budget and taste.

The client will have a much easier time using this. These choices are ideal for women who would like the complete package and for guys who simply want a neat cut and slim.

Seniors love that when they are surrounded by people who pay great deal focus on them as it makes them feel valued.

Children love it when they have a professional cut their hair, or the hair of their favourite superhero exactly how they like it.

☑️ Haircutting Menu:

  • Cut and shampoo with a little bit of salon-quality shampoo and conditioner.
  • You can get a full blowout like at a salon with Cut, Shampoo, and Basic Style.
  • Cut & Shampoo & Full Style has professional styling tools perfect for taming and shaping that new style.
  • KidsCutTM is a great way to teach kids under 12 how to style and make their hair look good.
  • Kids can get the best hair care there is with KidsCutTM & Shampoo.
  • Bang & Trim is for people who need a little touch-up between haircuts to keep looking good.

Color Treatments

First Choice Haircutters Prices

Have you had enough of spending hundreds of dollars on hair dye? At First Choice Haircutters, the prices are fair.

A stylist at First Choice Haircutters is trained in the newest ways to color hair so that they can take you from drab to fab.

☑️ Color Treatment Menu:

  • Permanent color treatments are a great way to refresh the skin, improve a cut, or change how a person looks. Go either soft or hard.
  • Semi-color treatments are a subtle way to add shine to your hair without making a permanent change.
  • People who like to try new things have a wide range of colors to choose from with speciality colors, from bold to dimensional. You can choose from ombre/sombre, multi-tone, balayage, or dramatic block styles.
  • When grey tones are blended, they look better without making the person look older.
  • Are a natural way to change the color of your skin and hair.
  • Mini foils can have up to five foils for a subtle look.
  • Partial add between 6 and 15 foils to make a different style.
  • For full highlights, 16 or more foils make it look like the sun is shining on the hair.
  • With cap highlights, a stylist can only highlight the strands he or she wants to.

 Deep Conditioning Treatments

First Choice Haircutters Prices

Just like each person is different, so is their hair. Clients sometimes do too much damage to their hair with styling tools, coloring, and even how they live.

Damaged hair can be fixed and made stronger with help from First Choice Haircutters.

☑️ Conditioning Menu:

  • Protein was used to strengthen hair from the 1940s by conditioning it.
  • Specialty conditioning is a unique cocktail made for each client’s hair care needs.

Other Services

First Choice Haircutters has everything its clients need in one place. Stylists know how to make the eyebrow’s arch stand out by waxing it.

Men should use traditional beard trimmers, shapers, and color enhancers.

Clients need special treatments like updos, blowouts, perms, relaxers, and texturing to make their hair look younger for special events.

First Choice Haircutters Coupons

First Choice Haircutters coupons can be a great way to start your journey to beauty with First Choice Haircutters. You can save money on its regular prices with its help.

To avail the First Choice Haircutters coupon code and redeem coupons, customers have to register on a specific time before the expiration date of the promotional period. This means it’s valid for a certain period of date and time.

Certain deals do not have a particular expiration date. That means that you can to utilize them at any time you’d like. Find out more information about them on their official site.

You can use First Choice Haircutters Coupon Codes to have your haircut at the most affordable price.

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Why do customers love Their First Choice Haircutters?

If you’re bored of traditional salons and would like something different and unique, First Choice can give you the best hair care you’ve always desired. Hairstylists are kind, imaginative and knowledgeable about the latest trends in hairstyles.

You must make an appointment at most hair salons, but not at First Choice. You can come to First Choice whenever you want.

First Choice Haircutters specializes in color, cuts, highlights, washes, and fashion. The staff is up-to-date on the latest styles and trends and knows what works for everyone. The salon also has a program called “Kids cut” that gives kids a great haircut and a free toy at a great price.

First Choice Haircutters learned early on that women, men, and even children have different needs based on their situations.

Customers also appreciate the fact that the rates are reasonable at First Choice Haircutters are consistent and great for families.

When they first created the idea and have been working to make their hair salon a one-stop destination for families.

Do I need to make an appointment at First Choice Haircutters?

First Choice Haircutters Prices

The first choice is available 24 hours 7 every day of the week so that you don’t need to set an appointment.

You’ll always be able to receive high-quality haircuts at reasonable prices in a place you and your family are able to quickly reach.

First choice Haircutters is a full-service salon with locations in three large states. The stylists at this salon have been there for a long time and love giving their clients the newest styles.

Your day can look great when you get a good haircut at Firstchoice. The people who work at this salon in Niagara Falls know a lot about color, highlights, wash, and style.

First Choice Haircutters Hours

First Choice Haircutters Prices

Day Hours
MONDAY 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Different places might have different hours. To find out what time your location is open, you can call ahead or check the app.

First Choice Haircutters Holiday Hours

First Choice Haircutters Prices

☑️ They either change their hours or close on holidays. These holidays include:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
  • New Year’s Eve.

☑️ Use any of these ways to get in touch with them if you have questions about their hours or prices:

  • Phone number
  • Email contact
  • Mail
  • Social Media

You can find these as well as more information on the website. First Choice Haircutters is a great place to start. After you have tried their services for the first time it should be simple for you to decide whether to make use of them again.

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First Choice Haircutters Near Me Location

Company Profile and Origin

The principal office that is the headquarters of First Choice Haircutters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company aims to be the salon of “value-minded family members.”

All of our services and products are covered by a guarantee that lasts for seven days.

Since its first day at the salon in 2004, this family-friendly establishment has stood by its word to offer families, males, and women top-quality hair care at a fair cost.

The drop-in simple idea was more successful because the stylists were professionally trained.

First Choice Haircutters thinks that everyone should be able to afford a good haircut.

Over 30 Years of Expert Hair Care

This is your opportunity to experience a thrilling innovative, cost-effective method to style hair for males as well as children.

When you visit First Choice Haircutters and the expert hairdresser will guide you through the most effective way you can cut your hair and dye it so that you appear more attractive.

You can also curl your hair and apply highlights to create a contemporary or modern look.

The most skilled stylists in town work at First Choice Haircutters. Because stylists are taught different methods of caring for hair, customers can be assured that they’ll be looking their best when they leave.

If you’re not looking to alter the color of your hair or cut, then you might explore highlights and curls.

First Choice Haircutters Salon Review

Many of their customers have stated that First Choice haircutters is among the best places to get haircuts and color your hair and other services.

The experts are imaginative and welcoming, they provide complete service and make clients feel confident and comfortable.

The salon is a popular destination for people for their hair to be cut and colored or highlighted, washed, and hairstyled.

The experts working at First Choice Haircutters Are experienced well-informed, and current with the latest trends and fashions for women, men, and even children.

The salon also has programs for children to receive a professional haircut at a reasonable cost, and receive a complimentary toy.

It is referred to as”a “family salon” since the professionals know the best haircuts for women, kids, and even men.

 First Choice Haircutters Franchise

People don’t usually think of hair care salons when looking at different franchise ideas.

But when franchisees learn more, they find that this industry is one of the best and unlike any other.

☑️ Care for hair can be summed up as:

  • It’s about making men, women, and children look and feels good about themselves. No one else can
  • do it for you.
  • It only needs a small amount of things that don’t go bad.
  • is run by professionals, and all its employees have degrees, certifications, and lots of training.
  • Keeping up with new technology
  • It’s a simple task that a pro should do.
  • It’s useful regardless of the economy or where you live.

About First Choice Haircutters

Men, women, and children can visit any First Choice Haircutters salon. Operations that focus on the community don’t need reservations or appointments.

With over 400 locations across both the U.S. and Canada, it is much easier to locate than its competitors.

Prices for these services are fair, but they depend on many things (e.g., type of hair and service desired).

You can get trims, cuts, waxing, coloring, and deep conditioning. For the best results, salon workers go through a lot of training.

First Choice Haircutters also sells hair products that are good enough for a salon. These shampoos, conditioners, and colors can be used on hair that is normal, thick, or thin.

Above, you can see how much things cost at First Choice Haircutters.

 First Choice Haircutters Links

First Choice Haircutters  link Company Website
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First Choice Haircutters Prices

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All of the information above was about First Choice Haircutters’ prices and services. In this article, I’ve also said a few things about this salon.

I also told you about the salon’s reviews, locations, and franchises so that you could find them.

I’ve also tried to tell you about the customers’ experiences, which have always been a part of this salon.

The salon is also regarded as being among the top salons, and everybody wants to visit it. You can visit its official website and click the below links to reach them for more information.

First Choice Haircutters Prices – FAQ

First Choice Haircutters Prices

1. How Much Does a Haircut for Kids in First Choice Haircutters Salon?

  • First Choice Haircutters price for Kids Haircut is $14.95
  • First Choice Haircutters price for Kids Shampoo & Cut is $18.95
  • First Choice Haircutters price for Kids Complete Service is $27.95 and up

2. How Much Does a Haircut for Senior in First Choice Haircutters Salon?

  • First Choice Haircutters price for Senior Haircut is $14.95
  • First Choice Haircutters price for Senior Shampoo & Cut is $18.95
  • First Choice Haircutters price for Senior Complete Service is $27.95 and up

3. How Much Does a Haircut for Adults in First Choice Haircutters Salon?

  • First Choice Haircutters price for Adults Haircut is $18.95
  • First Choice Haircutters price for Adults Shampoo & Cut is $22.95
  • First Choice Haircutters price for Adults Complete Service is $31.95 and up

4. How much is a franchise for First Choice Haircutters?

If you are considering or want to take the franchise of First Choice Haircutters, the fee is $ 49,500, with an initial investment ranging from $ 163880 to $ 302600.

5. Who started First Choice Haircutters?

First Choice Haircutters was started in 1980 by a man named A. Bud Cowan, Ontario, began franchising two years later.

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▶️ Disclaimer: First Choice Haircutters Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources: online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please get in touch with your local First Choice Haircutters.

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