Cheap Haircuts Near Me in 2024 | How to Find Low Cost Salons 2024

Cheap Haircuts Near Me in 2024 | How to Find Low Cost Salons

Are you looking for “cheap haircuts near me?” If yes, continue going. We’ll teach you how to get your money to stretch the longest, how you can make money while saving costs, and finding salons that are cheap close to you.

How to Find Cheap Haircuts Near You

Are you not a fan of high-end salons and aren’t willing to pay $100+ for haircuts? It’s not just you. We’re all searching on the internet for “cheap haircuts near me” instead of “haircuts that cost more than my car payment.”

I’m not saying you’re looking for a low-cost haircut, not a poor one. But how do you ensure that the salon you pick will do it right without spending a fortune?

How to Find Cheap Haircuts Near You
If you’re planning to spend $13-20 for a haircut you’ll enjoy, then you need to be aware of the salons you should look for. The final thing you’d like to do is to make an appointment at a pricey salon that cuts your hair into an inexplicable mess.
However, you shouldn’t go to a friendly salon only to find that your haircut, shampoo, and hairstyle cost you three times more than you anticipated! There are fortunately decent options for low-cost haircuts in your local area.
Finding salons across the country that offer consistently high-quality haircuts at an affordable cost is the best starting point. Salon franchises (or chain stores) are the best option for a low-cost haircut.
Franchisees operate independently from these salons within your local area. Still, they must follow the headquarters of the company the strict guidelines. Visiting one of these salons will ensure you get the same experience at the lowest cost.

Cheap Vs. Expensive Haircuts

Knowing the differences between expensive and cheap haircuts is essential before looking for cheap ones near me. It can save you money and help you avoid emotional distress.

So, here are the main points to consider:

1. The time that the hairdresser spends on the haircut directly affects the cost.

2. For the best results, a comprehensive consultation is essential. This usually costs extra.

3. The more complex the hairstyle you desire, the more expensive it will be.

4. A higher price means a greater chance of getting the desired haircut.

5. Additional investment is required to obtain professional styling advice and help you choose the best look.

6. Hair services are usually more expensive depending on the expertise of the hairstylist.

Now that you know how cheap and pricey haircuts differ, it is time to find out where to look for a cheap  haircut near me.

Top 3 Places for Cheap Haircuts Near You

Three major salon franchise players are Great Clips, Sport Clips Supercuts, and Great Clips. You’ve likely heard of the three chains; however, if you’ve not visited one, you may not know what you can expect in terms of price.

We’ve put together the list of services and the cost for each of the salons below. Some independent salons don’t publish their prices online; this is often an indicator that the cost is more than you’d prefer to pay.

I don’t know about others, but I must know how much a haircut, style, or color will cost me before I show up for an appointment.

The affordable salons you’ll see below all have four wonderful things in common:
  • They have locations all across the United States (and Canada, in some cases!)
  • They charge low prices for all hair services – haircuts, styles, colors, trims, etc.
  • They don’t book appointments, so you can drop in when it’s convenient for you
  • They are staffed by licensed, experienced stylists who give you results you’ll love

Which salon is the best to go to for an affordable haircut? Learn about each salon, their costs, and the kinds of services they provide to learn more.

Let’s get started!

1. Great Clips 

Great Clips is one of the most popular and well-known salon franchises across the United States. There are over 4,200 locations throughout the U.S., so you’re sure to find a location close to where you live.

You can find haircuts, trimmings, trims, shampoo, styling styles, conditioning, and perms (only available at certain stores) through Great Clips.

Great Clips

The Highlights

Get your hair done faster by using The Great Clips app, which includes an estimated wait time and Ready Next notifications via text so you know when you’ll be next in line. They frequently distribute coupons that can make haircuts and other services less expensive, starting at $6.99.

It is important to note that the examples below are only for reference and are not representative of the local prices. This will give you an approximate cost estimate to anticipate.

Great Clips Price List :

Great Clips Service Low Price Average Price High Price
Adult haircut $13 $15 $16
Child haircut $11 $13 $14
Senior haircut $11 $13 $14
Bang trim $5 $6 $7
Neck trim $5 $6 $7
Beard trim $5 $6 $7
Shampoo $3 $4 $5
Conditioning treatment $10 $14 $17
Regular length style $20 $25 $35
Long length style $34 $35 $45
Formal style $45 $50 $60
Partial perm $30 $40 $45
Full perm $49 $60 $70
Long perm $79 $90 $115
As you can observe, Great Clips has incredibly cheap costs. Their lowest-priced service (a haircut) begins at only $3, and haircuts for adults cost about $15 on average.
The most expensive Great Clips service is usually formal or long hairstyles ($34 up to $65). This could include curling iron styles or hairstyles.
When it comes to Great Clips places that provide perms, they are the most expensive options, ranging from $30 to $115 for long-hair. If you want haircuts, you’ll be charged approximately $15.
Suppose you’re looking to purchase cut hair, and shampoo costs around $19. If you want cuts, shampoos, and curling iron, flat iron, or flat iron style, expect to pay approximately $44. Don’t forget the tip! Typically, 15 percent tips for your stylist will be highly appreciated.

Great Clips Location Near Me :

2. Sport Clips

Are you looking for a salon that provides low-cost haircuts that cater to males (and women) and offers other treatments that can turn the haircut into a memorable experience? Sport Clips is your answer.

It’s more expensive than Great Clips and Supercuts (about 4 dollars more for haircuts on average). However, it offers some unique benefits that other salons do not.

Sport Clips
There are over 1850 Sport Clips locations in the country, and the brand continues to expand. You’re likely to be able to locate one in your neighborhood using our database of salons.

The Highlights

These salons are targeted at males; however, they welcome women equally. The unique MVP and Triple Play packages add massages, steamed towel treatments, and more to your regular haircut.

Additionally, you will receive an upgrade for free for the MVP package when you first visit! You can skip the line with the Sport Clips app check-in.

Please note that the the below samples only, and may not reflect your location’s prices. However, this gives you a ballpark cost estimate to expect.

Sport Clips Price List :

Service Low End Average High End
Varsity haircut $18 $19 $21
Jr. Varsity haircut $14 $15 $17
Sr. Varsity haircut $14 $15 $17
Detail haircut $28 $29 $31
Buzzcut $15 $15 $15
Beard detailing $5 $5 $5
Bang trim $5 $5 $5
Neck trim Free Free Free
Triple play $21 $22 $24
All-Star Treatment add-on $6 $8 $8
MVP $24 $25 $26
Double MVP $29 $30 $31
Triple MVP $34 $35 $36

It is a Triple Play package that includes a haircut, steamed towel treatment, and a scalp massage for shampoo. The stylist will put the freshly-steamed towel on your face, wash your hair, then massage your hair.

The MVP package includes haircuts as well as a towel treatment that is steamed. Shampoo scalp massage, leaving-in conditioner treatment, and shoulder and neck massage.

Hairdressers will lay an un-steamed towel on your face as they wash your hair. They will also massage your neck, scalp as well as shoulders.

If you’re looking to pamper yourself but don’t require haircuts at the moment, choose The All-Star Treatment. It includes a scalp shampoo massage, leave-in conditioner treatment, and shoulder and neck massages without a haircut.

Did you see the free neck trim? It is available to customers currently Sport Clips customers in between visits to keep your neck looking fresh. Don’t forget to give your stylist 15% off If you are satisfied with your haircut!

Sport clips Location Near Me :

3. Supercuts

Supercuts is more of a complete salon, but it is not as full-service as Great Clips or Sport Clips. Supercuts currently has more than 2,400 locations spread throughout the U.S.

If you want to find one in your area, scroll until the bottom to view our national salon database. You can use a specific link to look specifically for Supercuts in your area.


The Highlights

Supercuts gives you a complimentary hot towel treatment for every cut and tea Tree Experience. Chemical hair treatments like highlights, color, and gray coverage aren’t offered through Great Clips or Sport Clips.

A variety of cuts (Supercut(r)) plans are offered based on how many you’d like to be cut at your appointment. Prices vary based on location. However, here’s a price list for NYC locations.

Supercuts Price List :

Service Low End High End
Supercut $20.95
Supercut II $23
Supercut III $32 $44
Supercut Jr. and Sr. $18.95
Shampoo $8
Conditioning treatment $13
Tea Tree Experience $10
Blow dry/hot tool styling $23 $37
Beard/bang trim $9
Supercolor $25 and up
Tip color $25 $45
Highlights $55 $115
Glazing $40 $50
Waxing $6 $8

The Supercuts salons charge their services similarly similar to Great Clips. For instance, haircuts at Supercuts cost between $14 and $15, which is about $15 in total, precisely to Great Clips.

Add more features using one of the two models, Supercut II(r) or the Supercut III(r) option. It will become slightly more expensive. We love that you are able the option of deciding the amount you wish to pay by choosing to add or reject additional services.

The standard Supercut(r) is the same as you’d expect it to be, but with a bonus: A precise haircut with a complimentary Hot Towel Refresher following the cut. It removes any loose haircut and allows you to feel refreshed and calm before going home.

The Supercut II(r) (about $20 on average) includes a shampoo with the haircut and a hot Towel Refresher. The Supercut III(r) (about $25 on average) consists of a shampoo and a simple blow-dry.

If you’re looking for colour highlights, colour, or gray coverage, you’ll have to pay more than just a basic haircut. Be aware that extra services such as waxing, treatment with tea trees, and conditioning treatments will cost you extra.

To maximize the value for your money, we recommend Haircuts Supercut III(r) package, which comes with a haircut, easy shampoo blow-dry, and a Hot Towel Refresher that costs about $25. Don’t forget to leave a tip of 15-20% if you’re happy with your hair!

Super cuts Near Me Location:

How to Find Cheap Haircuts Near You

Now that you’ve seen the top 3 salons that are likely to have locations in your area, you’re ready to find the exact place to get a cheap haircut near you.

How to Find Cheap Haircuts Near You

All you need to think about are the following three things:

  1. How much do I want to spend?
  2. What kind of salon am I looking for? 
  3. Do I want basic services only or a few extras? 

Cost :

When it comes to overall costs are concerned, Great Clips offers the lowest rates. Their haircuts begin at $13; however, the average haircut costs $15. If price is your main priority, choose Great Clips.

Supercuts’ price is similar to the cost of Great Clips if maybe it’s a little more expensive in a few places. The price for Sport Clips is between $4-$5 more, on average, per service.

Salon Type :

They are considering the general mood and the kind that salons you’d prefer to visit can help you find the right direction. Sport Clips is targeted more towards men.

However, Supercuts offers a more salon experience that is full-service, with coloring and waxing services too. Great Clips is strictly a unisex salon with no other services.

Services :

Great Clips will have the perfect cut for you if you’re in the market for a basic haircut that isn’t too fancy. To get a better experience, consider adding extras such as scalp massages or hot towel treatment; go with Supercuts and Sport Clips.

With a clearer idea of what you’re seeking, You can limit your choices and determine which one is the perfect match for your needs. Utilize our database of salons across the country to locate those Great Clips, Sport Clips or Supercuts nearest to you right now.

Alternative Places To Get Cheap Haircut Near you

Hairdresser Schools  :

Hairdressers don’t come; naturally, they are created. Before they can offer their services at a full-price, professional hairdressers should have completed specialized training at the school of hairdressing or an apprenticeship in the salon.

Hairdresser Schools

Apprentices often seek someone to practice with since hairdressers can cut hair for both men and women. To find affordable haircuts  near me, visit a local hairdressing school.

Barber Schools :

Barbers can cut hair on men in the same way as hairdressers. They learn by attending a barber school or an apprenticeship at a barbershop. It is worth contacting a local men’s barbershop to see if they have apprentices looking for hair.

Barber Schools

Work-At-Home Barbers :

Barbers and hairdressers who don’t have to pay rent or insurance will often offer their services at a lower price. It is worth looking for a barber who can work from the convenience of their own home.

You can search the internet or local newspapers for information about barbers offering haircuts in your area.

Work-At-Home Barbers

Barbershops :

You can find barbershops nearby that offer affordable haircuts. It would help if you considered that these barbershops are often located in the suburbs as the rent there is usually lower. A hairdresser with a lower price list may not be as experienced or well-trained.


Though, if you are not aiming for an elaborate hair cut near me, you can save some buck by visiting a barber with less regalia on the outskirts of the city.

Hair Salons :

A hair salon offers professional hair styling services to men and women. Hair salons provide hair services such as professional hair styling and hair texture. Hair salons offer various hair services, including hair coloring, highlights and head and scalp treatments.

Hair Salons

Hair salons offer hair services like basic haircuts, hair styling, highlights and hair texturing. Hair salons offer services such as shampooing, conditioning, and unique treatments for hair that is damaged. Barber shops are usually those that offer basic haircuts and grooming services.

However, there is a fine line between professional and basic hair styling. A few hair salons offer formal styling services for special occasions, such as weddings or other events.


A good haircut can be expensive, especially for a large family, depending on how often you need to cut your hair. However, it is possible save money and still looks great.

It would be best to keep searching for seasonal opportunities as some are more common. Consider comparing the options available in your area, from large-name beauty schools and barbershops to smaller-town shops, and even consider cutting your hair yourself.

FAQ’s About to Find Cheap Haircuts Near You

How can I get a cheap haircut?

You can get a low-cost haircut by finding a local rather than a large salon. A haircut is more affordable if the stylist doesn’t dry your hair. Additionally, many beauty colleges and schools offer cheap or free haircuts to students still learning their trade. Many salons also offer senior and student discounts.

How much do you tip for a cheap haircut?

Regardless of the price, you usually tip for the haircut 15-20%. If you get some extra services or you are not happy with the quality of the cut, this value may vary.

How much is a haircut at Fantastic Sams?

Fantastic Sams offers affordable haircuts for children and adults and shampooing. The adult cut costs $14.00 while the kid’s cut costs $10.00. There is an additional $3 charge for blow-drying. Fantastic Sams also offers an Adult Designer Cut at $24.00. Prices will go up for coloring, highlighting and more complex styling such as an updo.

What is an express haircut at Walmart?

Express Haircuts are time-saving and cost-saving, using a spray bottle to apply the hair instead of giving clients a complete wash. An Express Haircut costs, on average, $15.50. Only select SmartStyle salons offer express haircuts in the United States.

How much should a woman pay for a haircut?

The average price of a woman’s haircut in the U.S. was $45. The average cost of a man’s haircut was $34. The gender discrepancy is even wider in some states. In Hawaii women are paying $4 more than the national average, while men are paying less than half the national average.

How much is a haircut at Smart style?

Smart Style charges $15.95 to cut an adult’s hair, while a child’s haircut for children below ten years old is $10.95. Additional services such as coloring, drying and highlighting may raise prices. For $10, you can get a simple buzz cut or a short style.

How often should you have your hair cut?

You should cut your hair once every four to six weeks to maintain your style and length. If you are trying to grow your hair, this may change; in that case, you will need to wait a few months before returning to the hairdresser.

Why are women’s haircuts so expensive?

It’s been assumed for a long time that women’s haircuts will be more costly than men’s. Women’s hair is longer, and women curl, straighten and color their hair. They spend more time at the salon, and that is money.

How much does a buzz cut cost?

Buzz cuts are usually $15 at all Sport Clips locations. Buzz cuts are done with one clipper length over the entire head. These are priced in line with a kids or senior cut and are cheaper than Varsity precision cuts.

“We Can Skip The Consultation — I Trust You!” …

“I Love It!” (But Deep Down, You Don’t) …

“Why Can’t I Make It Look This Good At Home?” …

“I Want To Be Blonde, But Not Too Blonde — I Don’t Have A Photo With Me.” …

“I’m Fine!” (But You Actually Aren’t)

Should I wash my hair before a haircut?

Wash Hair Before Your Appointment

Clean hair is essential when you are getting your hair colored. If you have to go for a haircut, hair that has been soiled can cause hair to look unnaturally greasy and may not be able to take an excellent pre-wash consultation.

Is it rude to go to the hairdresser with dirty hair?

The general rule of thumb is to bring clean hair. It doesn’t mean you should wash your hair every day; however, it is a good idea to do so at least two days after the last shampoo. Hair that is too dirty, greasy, or just full of product can make it difficult for hairdressers to get to know your hair.

What happens if you never cut your hair?

If you don’t trim your hair, your ends will run wild and split further up the shaft, snapping your hair and preventing it from growing long. You can still grow your hair from the roots, but your ends won’t become frayed or snappier.

How long does a haircut look fresh?

Experts should cut for shorter haircuts and bobs every three to seven weeks. Richard Collins, a celebrity hairstylist, says that if you have a particular style like an Anna Wintour Bob with bangs, you should get it cut every three weeks, and it will keep your look polished and precise.

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