11 Different Types of Perms ❤️

Different Types of Perms

You may be shocked to discover how many fantastic hair styling options are available today if you only saw movies 30-40 years ago.

You can now choose from various styles for your hair, including loose waves or tightly-wound curls. There are so many perm options available today that it is essential to understand the meaning of each term to pick the right look for you.

Types Of Perms

Types of Perms

The two ways to Types of Perms

  • Hot perms
  • Cold perms

Types of Perms Perm styles

  • Spiral Perm
  • Body Wave Perm
  • Spot Perm
  • Root Perm
  • Partial perm
  • Volumizing Perm
  • Multi-Textured Perm
  • Stack Perm
  • Straight Perm

Should you get a perm?

When you’re considering a new hairstyle, consider the following first:

  • Are you a hairdresser who dyes your hair more than once, or has it been bleached and dyed again?
  • Are you a fan of swimming as a sport? Are you a swimmer?
  • Are you a frequent hair-washer?

A perm might not be suitable for you if you answered “yes” to the above questions.

Perming your hair with permanent dye can cause your hair to become more fragile.

Regular washing can reduce the lifespan of perms. If you have fine hair or engage in sports, you might need to wash it more often.

A perm can also be damaged by chlorinated water.

Keep this in mind: Your hairstyle should be a reflection of your lifestyle.

The two ways to perm

There are many types of perms, but there are two main methods that every person considering perming their hair should be aware of.

types of perms

 Hot perms

A formula for hot perms has a pH range of 4.5 to 7.0. This is the pH of pure, unfiltered water. To create curls, this acid dissolves the hair’s disulfide bonds.

The hair is heated during the process. Hot perms are sometimes called acid perms or digital due to the digital display of the equipment used in hot perms.

Best for

For hair with thin hair or hair that has been colored, hot perms work best. Hot perms are also incredible for people who have a lot of time to do. Hot perms are versatile and can be used in a variety of styles.

There are downsides

Your stylist won’t touch your roots because they don’t want to shave your hair. A hot perm will have less volume and lift at the roots.

Cold perms

types of perms

Cold perms are made from an alkaline chemical with a pH of 8.2 to 9.6, similar to baking soda. A cold perm may also be called a ceramic perm by your salon.

Cold perms are made with ammonium thioglycolate, which breaks down the disulfide bonds in the hair. This makes it curl. To bring the pH back up to standard, a neutralizer will be applied. This will fix the hair in its curved, new shape. A cold perm can be applied right up to the root and will lift hair and add volume.

Best for

A cold perm is more traditional and is best for those who desire tighter stronger curls.

There are downsides

A tight spiral is the only style that’s available in cold perms. You can alter the size of the rods so that you create sausage curls and tighter curls.

Different Types Of Perm Styles

However, there’s more to perming than just the way it is done. Particularly hot perms can create many styles based on your face shape, hair thickness, natural curl, and other factors. They may also help to cover up any problem areas. Let’s get to curling, or at least cracking! Here are nine types of perm!

Body wave

Types Of Perms

Recent body waves have become very popular! This style looks natural and increases the volume of your hair while still looking romantic with loose, romantic waves.

Body waves are great for straightening hair or getting your flyaway curls to behave more naturally. It works best with longer hair, as it does with many other hot techniques. A body wave perm can bring life back to your hair by giving it bounce and natural movement.

To create loose waves in a body wave perm, larger rollers can be used. They are placed in hair in slightly different places to imitate natural waves.
Body waves require very little maintenance.

You can avoid heat styling no matter what it says to you. If you let it do its job, you can have a body wave perm twice or three times per year.

A well-maintained body wave perm can last for up to three to five years.

Spiral perm

types of perms

Spiral perms are made using a cold technique to create springy, bouncy curls. They bounce back when you pull them out and release them. Cold perms look pretty much the same, except that the spiral goes up to the hair. However, you can change the size of the rods to alter their appearance.

The spiral perm can create any look you want, from tight corkscrew curls to lose sausage curls. These perms are incredible for women with curly hair. The best spiral perms are for hair at least 8 inches in length.

Spiral perms will gradually lose their shape over time and last approximately six months if properly maintained.

The perm is considered moderate-maintenance to very high maintenance. To keep your curls looking shiny and uniform, you will need some styling products.

Spot perm

types of perms

Spot perms are also known as partial perm. They involve perming one area of hair.
This may seem a bit absurd at first, but trust us, a spot perm can be a great way to enhance your skin!

Curly hair can look uneven. It may be curlier than usual in certain areas, or it might change direction at random points. To give your hair a more defined look, a skilled technician can gently perm straighter areas.

Spot perms can be very easy to maintain. However, it is a good idea to pay extra attention to permed hair by preconditioning your hair and using a leave-in spray afterward (provided that it is not silicone-based or alcohol-heavy).

Spot perms are even cleverly possible to cover areas where hair is thinned!

You can leave some hair natural, but it is important to accurately judge which hair sections you should perm and which ones to let alone. Also, estimate the length of your curls, so they blend in with your natural hair.

To be certain, a good stylist will wrap the hair and measure it. Spot perms require skilled technicians. You should find a stylist who is skilled in perms and can also cut and style curled hair.

Root perm

types of perms

Root perms are similar to spot perms in that they only perm one area of hair. This perm, however, focuses on the roots of your hair and not the mid-shaft or ends.

This is the best method to add volume. You can use it to add a little more curl to your existing perm. It is very easy to maintain your hair after a root perm. However, it will only last about a month.

Multi-textured perm

types of perms

Multi-textured perm creates the most natural, curled curls. This is possible by using different perm rod sizes to produce more curl shapes than with a body wave perm.

Because it creates tight curls, this perm is best for medium- to long hair. You will notice a bouncy, highly-textured look to your hair. This look can last for several months if you use the right hair care products and styling products.

Partial perm

types of perms

A partial perm only highlights a portion of the hair. This contrasts with spot perms, which have certain focus areas to smooth out unruly curls and cover up thinning areas. The goal of a partial hair perm is to make some hair look different.

Partial perms might include a perm that uses larger rods to create loose curls around the face and leaves the hair back unpermed. This could mean that you choose some hair permed throughout your hair while leaving the rest unpermed.

Partial perms are popular because they allow you to curl your hair around your shoulders or give it movement.

Partial perms allow your stylist to arrange your curls to compensate for thin hair. A smooth head with curly, bouncy ends gives the illusion of tidiness while giving you a youthful, carefree look.

This is one of the most difficult perm techniques to master. It should look natural, but it can also seem unnatural.

This perm is also very easy to maintain. You can wash it and go!

Stack perm

types of perms

Another natural-looking option is the stack perm. It keeps your roots straighter and your ends curlier.

You should not use it if you don’t have layers in your hair. The perm will give you the appearance of layers without the need to cut.

This perm looks natural because curly hair doesn’t have long curls. Most curls start at the ends of the hair.

The curls can look natural by using different sizes of perm rods. This look can last up to five months, with minimal maintenance other than regular deep conditioning treatments.

Volumizing perms

types of perms

All of the techniques for volumizing perms can be found here. The neutralizer is applied to traditional perms while the hair is still curled around rods.

A volumizing perm uses rods that are removed before the neutralizer. This allows for more volume and relaxed curls than with curly hair.

Volumizing perms can be used for any hair length, but they are not suitable for curly hair. They last only six weeks.

These are best for those with thin hair, or hair that doesn’t have much lift, who are tired of curling their hair every morning and blow-drying it.

Straight perm

types of perms

Unlike other perms that create new curls in your hair, the straight perm is designed to remove any natural curls.

Your hairstylist will use the strong alkaline solution to break down hair bonds before you apply heat, wash the hair and then straighten it with a hot iron. The neutralizing chemical is then applied to ensure that the hair remains straight. Your hair will look longer once it is straightened.

Straight perm originated in Japan. It differs from other relaxers in terms of the chemicals it uses. You can achieve results lasting up to four to six weeks if you don’t style your hair with heat.

You can always ask your salon for advice if you’re still unsure which perm is right for you. Your stylist will discuss the options with you based on your preferences and offer tips for maintaining your hair after the perm.

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