Sephora Return Policy: No More Confusion, Here’s Exactly How It Works

The Sephora return policy is quite generous (one and is one of our favorite) there are plenty of questions regarding returning to Sephora.

If you’re wondering about the Sephora return policy on used items is, or if you’re interested in knowing the number of days you’re required to return or have lost the receipt, we’ll address the entire subject.

We’ll break down the jargon of the policy in order to simplify it so that your return can be as effortless as you can in Sephora.

What Is The Sephora Return Policy?

Simply put, if you don’t like the Purchase due to any reason of nature and the product is new or barely used you can return the product within 60 days to Sephora for an entire refund.

Within the First 60 days following the purchase you’re entitled for a full refund. If you return an item within 60 days, you might receive credit at the time of return if you present the receipt.

Even if the Product was open and used several times but it’s still eligible to be returned due to the friendly returns policy which covers you for a period of 60 days.

In the Case of makeup, you have ample time to determine whether the product you purchased is effective, and if not, return it.

Can I Return Items Without a Receipt?

Yes, you can return items at Sephora without receipt.

With receipts, you can make the entire process fast and simple return one of the most appealing aspects of Sephora’s return policies is that they offer a variety of ways of locating your purchase.

Sephora will search for your purchase using the credit card you bought the item using or your Beauty Insider account to complete your return without receipt.

If they are unable to locate either your credit card or Insider Account, you’ll be given store credit.

What About Returning Opened Items?

Sephora accepts not only used products, but opened items as well.

A frequently asked concerns is that if I’ve opened an product, is it feasible in return? Yes all opened or used items are able to be returned at Sephora.

Sephora is great in accepting returns that are opened or unopened. If a purchase isn’t performing for you (even even if the product has been opened) return it and then return it.

How Do I Return Sephora Items By Mail?

If you’re less than 60 Days away from the date of Purchase, you’ll have the Option of making an Online return of the product.

Sephora Provides labelling for return that is Prepaid from their site which allows you to Return your items via mail.

One thing to bear in mind is that they don’t accept returns via mail for items that was purchased from the retail store.

Sephora return policy for in-store purchases

It is not possible to return purchases that you purchase from an Sephora store via mailyou must take it to an Sephora store.

When you have Returned the product within 30 days, Sephora reimburses you according to the original method of payment. Instacart orders are credited for any credit cards.

If you return it back 31-60 days of purchasing and you receive an Sephora credit for the item that will not expire.

Sephora exchanges:

You may exchange the item by bringing them in a Store in their Original packaging, along with your receipt from the first time or packing slip within 60 days from the date of purchase.

Sephora gift returns:

You are able to Return any items you received as gifts. You’ll get a refund with credit from the Store. Contact us at 1-877-SEPHORA to arrange your Return of gift cards.

Do I Need My Receipt to Return Stuff?

It’s not always the case in all situation.

If, for instance, you bought your first item using an Credit Card or Beauty Insider account, they will look up the purchase and make your return.

The Only way you aren’t able to return without receipt is if you pay in cash.

Can Their Return Policy Be Abused?

Yes, you can be disqualified for violating the return policy of Sephora.

Sephora’s Return Policy states that they will monitor returns to ensure that they are not in violation, and are able to limit returns if they think that you’re in violation of the return policy.

If you return items as normal and not violating the policy, you’ll be okay.

There have been reports from shoppers that they actually were exempted from the Policy.

We’ve also heard complaints about Sephora sending customers an email informing them that they had violated the policy.

This is an important thing to be aware of for anyone who is who are new to Sephora’s return policy.

Is a Receipt Required for Returns at Sephora?

Sephora clearly mentions on the front of its official returns policy “you must have proof of purchase” in order to make the return. 

Therefore, it’s better keeping your receipt whenever you try to return a purchase to the retailer.

However the receipt might not be absolutely necessary.

Sephora’s policy also states that they is willing to take “new or gently used items returned without a receipt.”

However, Sephora must be able to identify the product within their system in order to make the refund. If the company isn’t able to verify the item is in the system it won’t offer the refund.

Customers of Sephora’s Beauty Insider program would have an easier time should they lose their receipts. 

If you’re using the Beauty Insider card for points when you purchase something the associate may locate your receipt prior to the date of return.

Remember to save your receipt from the store when you purchase Sephora through DoorDash. You are able to exchange Sephora purchase that you DoorDashed in-store by presenting the receipt.

What About Returning Stuff from

Here’s where the policy becomes kind of fantastic.

If you want to return something you purchased on Sephora’s website Sephora web site, the retailer will cover the total cost of shipping to return the item.

No questions asked. Use your return label that is included with every order.

To accelerate the process of returning items you can also bring items to any brick and mortar Sephora store.

The same 60-day period also applies for online purchase. After 60 days, you’ll be required to pay to receive store credit.

How Many Days Can I Return At Sephora?

It takes 60 Days for you to Submit your return to Sephora to receive a complete refund.

Remember that within 60 days, should have the receipt, you could be eligible for credit from the retailer.

Sephora’s Return Policy for Used and Open Items

According to Sephora’s return policies You can return unopened items as gently used returns are allowed in most instances.

However, Sephora doesn’t define “gently used” on its website, leaving some ambiguities, but make sure you use common sense when making the returns.

For instance the empty concealer bottle isn’t faulty, but the compact that has a cracked mirror is a good reason to get the return or replacement. Take a look at other examples of returns that are eligible:

  • A scent that you’ve spray several times.
  • You may have a curling iron that you have used at some point.
  • A shower gel that you tried once, but you didn’t like or had a reaction to.

On the other hand the company won’t accept:

  • A perfume that is more or less all of its components lacking.
  • A curling iron that shows wear and tear from regular use.
  • A half-used lipstick.

When it Comes down to it it’s all about the intentions. Are the Products you purchased damaged or not what you had hoped or desired?

If so, then return it. the item is in good state, you can claim an exchange. If not, Sephora might reject your refund request.

Like all businesses that they are, they must balance protecting their customers as well as preventing any individual from committing a violation of the return policy.

Have People Actually Been Banned?

It is true that Sephora have banned customers (temporarily) From returning to Sephora in the future.

The company is named The Retail Equation to keep track of all returns and to take action if required.

This is the reason they ask to see a photo ID before you return.

If you purchase 5 lipsticks, then take them home, test them, and return four of them and you could be flagged.

If you’re interested Here is a list of the six most frequently returned products from Sephora.

This is logical since Sephora isn’t able to resell these lipsticks.

They’ll usually email you a reminder first, and begin to investigate if you’re in violation of their policies.

Sephora customer service number

Sephors Customer Services Number is 1 (877) 737-4672

Final Thoughts

When you Purchase items at Sephora it is Possible to return them within 60 days.

You can return them in one of the stores owned by the company or return them when you bought them on the internet. The policy that is in place is simple and you’ll generally receive a prompt refund.

But, you must ensure that the items are in excellent quality. The Process can also be Slightly more difficult when you bought the Product through a partner company.

It is highly recommended that you read the terms and conditions of use in detail to be sure that you’re eligible to receive an exchange or refund.

FAQ – Sephora Return Policy

Can you return opened items to Sephora?

You can certainly return your opened items to Sephora however it’s up to the retailer to decide if they’ll issue the refund. Be aware that Sephora will only refund items that have been opened and can be described as “gently used.”

How long do you have to return Sephora makeup?

Sephora does not have any specific return policies that apply to specific types of products. All makeup products, even cosmetics are subject to the overall return policy.

Does Sephora accept returns after 60 days?

There isn’t a Way to return it. Sephora does not accept returns for longer than 60 days following the purchase date. If you’d like to receive a refund in cash the item must be returned the product in the first 30 days.

Can I return opened and unopened fragrance products?

It is true that Sephora permits customers to exchange opened and unopened scents within 60 days of purchase.

Can I return a product if I’ve lost the packaging?

Yes, you’re allowed to return a product to Sephora without the packaging, as in the event that the item is in good condition and you have the evidence of purchase.

Can I return items purchased online to a Sephora store?

Yes, online purchases can be returned at the store or by post.

How many days do I have to return an item?

Sephora lets Customers exchange or return items within 60 days from Purchase, Regardless of Whether the item was purchased in store or on the internet.

Can I return a Sephora product I purchased at another retailer?

There is no such thing. Sephora does not accept returns, exchanges or refunds on items bought directly through Sephora.

Can I exchange a product I purchased with a discount or promotion?

Yes, Customers are able to exchange their Purchases made with the Discount or Promotion however, the amount of the discount cannot be added to the exchanged item.

Do I have to pay for return shipping?

Customers do not need to pay for return shipping when they use the label that comes with prepaid shipping in the original package.

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