Target Return Policy: No More Confusion, Here’s Exactly How It Works

Target’s return policy includes some intriguing twists worth a look particularly in the case of frequent shopping.

Do you require a receipt? you have to return items at Target that you purchased online through the postal service?

Do they have any exemptions to their return policy? You got questions, I got answers. Let’s go straight to the source…

What Is Target’s Return Policy?

The return policy for Target comes with the following terms:

  • The majority of unopened items in brand new Condition are re-sold within 90 days for a full refund or exchange.
  • Certain items may have an amended return policy that is noted on the packing slip or receipt or on Target.Com or in the description of the item, or in Target Policies.
  • Items that have been damaged or opened, or items that do not have a receipt could be refused the right to exchange or a refund.

Here are six suggestions to make the most of your refund when you use the return policies of Target.

Can you return at Target with no receipt?

A receipt from the Target purchase isn’t required If you purchased in cash, you might be in trouble.

One of the advantages of trying to return your Purchase without receipt from Target is that they are able to find your purchase in various ways. You can get your receipt back in several ways.

Target can search receipts from purchases made using one of the following: Target REDcard, Target Debit Card, Mastercard, Visa Card, American Express, Discover personal check, as well as Target Gift Card.

If you’re trying to return without receipt from Target with the Target Gift Card, you’ll need the actual card.

If you bought with cash, you may not be able to return it or exchange it. Target may not be able to take the return.

Exceptions to Target’s Return Policy

In addition to the items you cannot return to Target There are other exemptions to the return policy of Target. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Brands owned by Target come with a one-year returns policy, with receipt.
  • Target RedCard either credit or debit card holders are granted added 30 days of time to return the majority of purchase made in Target stores as well as using their RedCard.
  • The collection of limited-time items for the holidays are subject to change in return policies.

What is the Target online return policy?

It is the Target returns policy online is exactly the identical to the regular return policy. The most appealing aspect is that you can return your online purchases to the retailer, or even return them via post.

We’ll cover the different ways to complete it. Use these guidelines to start with your online return

  1. Log into Your Target accounts.
  2. Choose “Orders” and locate the order you wish to cancel
  3. Click ‘View Order’ to view the order’s information
  4. Select ‘Return an Item’
  5. Choose either ‘Return to the Store’ (then you take that barcode to the store and let an Target team member begin the return) or’return via mail in which you select the item you want to return, choose an item to return, select the option of a refund or replacement and click submit. There’s the option to print a mailing label.
  6. Then, place the label of the package to the outer edge of your package and take it to the UPS drop-off point.

Do you not have a receipt? You can get the receipt by logging onto the find your order page. It’s handy for people who enjoy shopping online but are prone to losing receipts.

Does Target Offer an Extended Holiday Return Policy?

Yes, For all purchases that were made between October 6th to the 25th day of December, your return deadline starts on the 26th day of December.

This means that you have 90 days starting on December 26th to get your refund. This basically allows you until the 26th of March to return.

The Only exceptions to this policy are electronics (must be returned before or on 31 January), Apple products (must be returned before the 9th day of January) and cellphones (must be returned by January. 8th).

Are there any exceptions to the 90 days?

Yes, there are some exceptions to the 90-day return policy. Here’s a list of the exceptions:

  • Music, movies games, video games and software can not be returned, but could be exchanged in stores for exact title, on the same or another gaming platform.
  • Airbeds with open air can’t be returned, but could be exchanged with the same item.
  • The items that are defective or open (sports cards and Special edition Barbie dolls porcelain action figures, dolls, or die-cast automobiles) cannot be exchanged for a new one.
  • All electronic and entertainment products have to be returned in 30 days to receive either a return or exchange.
  • Drones have to return within 14 calendar days to receive either a return or exchange.

How to Make Target Returns With a Receipt

You’ve got all of year to make a decision regarding Target-owned brands and registry items.

A majority of the new items by your Target registry are eligible for return using your return barcode at the store that is the longest time to return that Target gives.

The brands owned by Target are Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, Durabuilt, Sonia Kashuk, and Xhiliration.

How to Make Target Returns Without a Receipt

In the event that you’ve misplaced or are unable to locate the invoice, Target Provides a number of methods to find the purchase and ensure that you receive an entire refund.

For Purchases by an Target Plus Partner, you must be able to prove the purchase. This proof is sent to your email after your order ships and when it’s delivered.

Before heading to the shop, look the details of your Target account first to check for the barcodes to return and receipts and also you Can access your Target Wallet through the Target app.

Here’s the way Target can help you when making an unreceivable return:

  • Return the item along with the payment method it was made with (a Target RedCard, Debit card, credit card, or third-party credit card) to the Target Retailer and they will find the receipt.
  • If none of these fail the product is returned You may have a chance to receive a refund by way of a Target credit card for return that is based on what you paid at the time of purchase of the item.

What is the return policy for makeup?

Most cosmetics and beauty items you purchased from Target whether in-store or online are able to be exchanged.

The good thing is that when the makeup was Opened but you’re within 90-day period and have the receipt, you’re able to claim the makeup back this is a great option for people who have tried something new and don’t love it.

What’s the policy for Target electronics?

One of the items that are most often returned in Target is electronics since the majority of them are purchased on holidays that are popular for Shopping such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday therefore you’ll need to understand how this works.

In contrast to the majority of items sold found at Target however, the Target electronic return Policy is different from the standard 90-day return period.

For electronics at Target there is only 30 days to exchange or return the electronic items you purchase.

The only exception is mobile phones. Mobile phones that you purchase at Target must be returned in 14 days from the date of the date of purchase.

Can you return opened items at Target?

Most of the time there is a possibility to return items that have been opened to Target.

So long as the product is still within 90 days and deemed eligible for a refund, Target can Offer you a replacement or a refund.

A thing to be aware of is that they state within their returns policy that that they may refuse to refund opened products.

The Policy Doesn’t define what it means, but I’m assuming this applies to those who are in violation of this Policy.

What is Target’s holiday return policy?

Target’s holiday return policy permits customers to return most of their items until January 31st in the event that the product was purchased between November 1st through December 25th.

If you bought an item for gifts during this period the gift recipient will have until January 31st to either return or swap the product.

This applies to the majority of products, but there are some exceptions that may be in place, like electronics that have a 15 day return period.

It is always recommended to review the terms on the policy for returns for particular items you purchase within this time.

Can You Return Clearance Items to Target?

Yes, you are able to return your clearance items to Target.

There is nothing you are unable to do with an item that is on clearance is to get an adjustment in price if you find that the cost decreased even more.

Does Target offer a price match policy?

Yes, Target is a member of the price match program that allows them to match the cost of a qualifying product purchased from a competitor and/or Target shop at the point of purchase, or within 14 days after the purchase.

The item has to be similar and available at the store of the competitor or Target. Prices on online stores are also matched provided the item is offered by a reputable online retailer.

The price match policy is applicable to a select group of categories, like electronic products, but not to items that are sold through third party sellers.

Price match requests can be made in an Target retailer or contacting Customer Care.

The evidence of the lower price like advertisements or flyers or other proof of the lower price must be presented.

The price match policy can be applied for Target Circle offers, so in the event that an item goes to sale after purchasing Customers can ask for a price reduction after 14 days.

This policy enables Target to stay competitive and offer customers the best prices possible.

Final Thoughts

Once you have a better understanding about the policies of Target and procedures, you are able to decide what you should do next when you Shop or have to return a Product.

Getting the most value from your ability to get a refund will Only improve the shopping experience.

FAQ – Target Return Policy

Can I return an item to Target without a receipt?

You Can certainly send an item back to Target without a receipt, however you’ll only receive the item back or exchange it for the price at which you Purchased the item.

Can I return a gift to Target?

Yes, you are able to return a gift item to Target however, you’ll have to prove the purchase, such as the receipt for the gift.

Does Target accept returns on electronics?

The answer is yes, Target will accept returns for electronics, however there might be a different return time for specific products.

What should I do if I lost my Target receipt?

If you have lost the receipt from your Target purchase receipt, you may return the item, but you’ll only receive the item back or exchange it for the price at which you purchased the item.

How do I track my return on

You can keep track of your return through by visiting the “Orders” page and selecting “Return history”.

Can I return an item to Target that was a gift from a wedding registry?

Yes, you are able to exchange an item at Target as a gift of a registry for weddings,, but you must provide the proof of purchase like the receipt for a gift.

Can I return a furniture item to Target for a refund?

You can return furniture to Target to receive a full refund within 90 days of purchase if the item is not opened.

What items cannot be returned to Target?

Certain items that aren’t able to return to Target include video games that have been played or digital downloads. Other items that cannot be returned include personalizing products.

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