REI Sale Calendar: Sales Calendar & Coupon Schedule

REI Sale Calendar: We thought that with the frequency of REI sales, we should make it easy for you by creating a single place where all sale dates, current offers and upcoming sales are listed.

This handy REI Sale Calendar will let you know when and where the best REI sales are taking place.

REI Sale Calendar

We will cover garage sale dates and the schedule for 20% off coupons. We’ll also break down the larger sale days so that you can check back to see if there are any sales.

REI Garage Sales To find out when the next REI Garage sale is near you, enter your zip code in this box.

When does REI have sales?

REI offers both planned and member sales throughout the entire year. We keep track as the sales are made and also try to keep track of the previous sales.

The Labor Day Sale, Which takes place in late August, as well as the Anniversary Sale, which Occurs in May, are some of the biggest sales.

REI Sale Schedule

Sale Predicted Sale Date
REI Summer Sale + Clearance June
REI Member Sales March, October, May
REI Anniversary Sale Dates vary
REI Friends and Family Sale Dates vary
REI Backpack Sale Dates vary
REI Memorial Day Sale May 29-31st
REI July 4th Summer Sale July 4th
REI Fall/Labor Day Sale September 2nd
REI Winter Sale November 10th
REI Black Friday Sale November 24th
REI Cyber Monday November 26
REI Holiday Clearance Sale After Christmas

REI Garage Sales

Find the next Garage Sale at REI by using

Click here to see the date of your next garage sale. Check back regularly to see if there are any garage sales in your area.

The REI Garage Sale is a one-day event that promises to be a great deal. REI holds garage sales every year where you can get great deals on discounted equipment.

You can find garage sales by following the page.

The sale is only for members. You can sign up for a lifetime membership for $20.

The dates of these events vary. They happen four to six times per year. These events are not publicly announced, but we will let you know if there is a better way to get the dates.

REI July 4th Sale

Sale dates: Fourth of July
The REI 4th of Jul sale will allow you to find great deals across the entire REI website. Normally, the best deals are found on the home page.

Rei has offered 40% off in the past, so you shouldn’t overlook the 4th of July deals. They can be the best deals of the year compared to the other sales.

REI Friends and Family Sale

Sale dates: Dates vary (expect to see sales in May).
Previous Sale Dates:4/27/18

The Friends and Family Sale at REI usually is one of their top sales. These sales are usually held in May. However, we will be alert if this changes.

These sales will offer coupons that can save you 20-25% on your purchase. The dates are random, and there is no pattern.

Friends and Family Coupons give you a percentage off of your entire purchase above a certain minimum. So, expect to get 25% off if your purchase is $200 or higher.

REI employees can get these coupons by giving them to their family members and friends. Since they offer 25% off of multiple items, these coupons are in high demand.

These coupons also include 15% off bikes, boats, and other items.

REI Anniversary Sale

Sale Dates: May
Previous Sale Dates: 5/18/18

The anniversary sales at REI usually take place in May.

You can save up to 20% on your purchase by taking advantage of the REI Anniversary Sales.

We’ll round up the top deals and bargains across the site during this sale. We normally do a quick roundup near the top to make it easy for you to grab deals.

REI Holiday Clearance Sale

Sale Dates: December 25th
Previous Sale Dates: 12/25/2017

You can expect to see holiday clearance marked down at REI after Christmas. You can expect to see some great markdowns at REI the day following Christmas.

REI Labor Day Sale

The Labor Day Sale at REI will be happening from the end of August to early September.

The REI Labor Day Sales are among the best of the year, and they’re as good or better than the Black Friday deals you can get from REI.
Labor Day Sale offers up to 40% off the entire site. This is a great coupon compared to those released for other sales days.

There are also many other REI Labor Day Deals that will be covered live. These include up to 30% off certain brands, massive discounts on tents, backpacks, and sunglasses.

REI Winter Sale

  • Sale Dates: November
  • Previous Sale Dates: 11/10/2017

Expect this instead.

You can get huge discounts during the REI Winter Sale in November and Decembre, just before Christmas. 

Winter Sale is one the most popular sales of the entire year. It makes up for the lack of a Black Friday sale by offering huge discounts.

REI Black Friday Sale

You may be wondering how to save money at REI Black Friday Look no further. REI participated in Black Friday the past couple of years, but not this year.

We love that they chose to close their stores instead of taking part in the campaign, Opt Outside.

REI has offered 50% discounts during Black Friday sales in the past. We will keep an eye on REI to see if that happens this year.

How often does REI hold sales?

REI offers discounts and special promotions all year long on outdoor gear and equipment.

REI organizes large sales events, even if the frequency may vary. These are usually held during the key shopping seasons, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays.

They may also have clearance sales, anniversary sales, and seasonal sales. Subscribe to the REI newsletter or keep an eye out on their Sale Calendar for information on upcoming promotions and sales.

Does the REI Sale Calendar include online sales as well?

Yes, the REI Sale Calendar includes online sales in addition to in-store sales.

REI offers its customers the convenience of shopping online, and they often have exclusive online promotions and deals.

Whether you prefer shopping in-store or online, you can find discounted prices and special offers on Outdoor gear and equipment through the REI Sale Calendar.

It’s a Good idea to Check the specific details of each sale event to Determine if it applies to both online and in-Store Purchases or if there are any exclusions or limitations.

Are there different types of sales on the REI Sale Calendar?

There are many different types of sales listed on the REI sale calendar. REI offers a variety of sales to meet the needs and preferences of its customers. The REI Sale Calendar includes:

Seasonal Sales: These sales are often held during the key seasons of spring, summer and fall. You can get discounts on outdoor gear for these activities.

REI offers many sales and promotions around holidays like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Memorial Day. This allows customers to buy outdoor gear at reduced prices.

REI’s anniversary is celebrated with sales events that feature a variety of products at significant discounts.

Clearance Sales: These sales are used to get rid of excess inventory, discontinued products or old season’s gear. Customers can grab some great deals on outdoor equipment.

Members Exclusive Sales: REI Co-op member often enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions that provide additional benefits for loyal customers.

Online Sales: REI has exclusive online sales that allow customers to take advantage of deals and promotions and shop from the comfort of their website.

Here are a few examples to show the variety of sales you may find on the REI Sale Calendar.

To take advantage of all the sales and discounts, it’s essential to check the calendar regularly and keep up to date on the latest events.

Can I return or exchange items purchased during the REI sale calendar?

You can exchange or return items that you purchased on the REI Sale Calendar. REI offers a generous policy for returns and exchanges.

Customers can return or swap items within a year, whether they were purchased during a REI sale or at the regular price. 

You will need to show proof of purchase such as an order confirmation or receipt. Your purchase history is available through your REI Co-op membership account if you are a member. 

You should be aware that REI Garage Sale products are sold as-is and final sale. This means they cannot either be exchanged or returned unless the item has a manufacturing fault.

FAQ – REI Sale Calendar

How long does the REI Anniversary Sale last?

Sale dates are usually announced a few days before the event.

When does the REI Garage Sale happen?

It’s best to contact your local REI shop for the exact dates of their garage sale.

Can I combine discounts or coupons during REI sales?

REI has policies on coupon stacking. It’s best to read the terms and conditions, or speak with a REI representative.

Does REI have any clearance sales?

You can get discounted items from different categories at REI during their clearance sales.

When is the REI Winter Sale?

The REI Winter Sale is usually held in late November or the beginning of December.

What is the Gear Up Get Out Sale?

Gear Up Get Out Sale includes outdoor apparel and gear at discounted prices.

What is the REI Member Sale?

The REI Member Sale offers discounts on outdoor apparel and gear exclusively to REI members.

What are the benefits of being an REI member?

REI members get exclusive discounts, special access events and a dividend based on purchases.

What is the REI Co-op Sale?

The REI Co-op Sale offers discounts on outdoor equipment and apparel to support the REI Co-op Community.

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