36 Trending Hair Colors on Pinterest ❤️ Updated 2024

36 Trending Hair Colors on Pinterest ❤️

Pinterest has 36 hair color ideas that are totally trendy

We all eventually get bored of the same look after a while. Although dyeing your hair is an excellent way of changing things up, it can also be challenging to know what to do. These ideas for hair colours can help you get inspired on your journey to unique hair.

Pastel Hair Color Ideas

Pastel colors are great for anyone looking for something light or mellow.

Deep Blue Ombre

colorful hair ideas

This style will make you feel happy, hopefully. This wintery look can be combined with everything indigo and ciane and can also include ash or slate.

Black is a great base color for Ombre or balayage hairstyles. You can add any color to the bottom, and it will still look amazing. The transition from black to darker blue is seamless and natural. Curl your hair for extra volume.

Pastel Blue Hairstyle

colorful hair ideas

This Ombre goes from black at the top to pastel blue at the bottom if you are more into pastels. The contrast between the black and pastel colors is incredible, as they are brighter. You look even more glamorous with the curls at the bottom.

White Hair style

colorful hair ideas

In the 2000s platinum blonde hair was the fashion. A few years later, white hair is the latest fashion trend.

Gray Hair style

colorful hair ideas

Gray is the latest trend, no matter your age or speed of graying. Do not try to hide gray hair by dying it constantly. Instead, embrace your natural color.

Colorful Hair Ideas

Mermaid Hair style

colorful hair ideas

This trendy green Ombre look is vibrant and fashionable. The contrast between the different tones created by the green gradient is striking. This look is bold and dramatic.

Geometric Dying

colorful hair ideas

This style is bright and uses light and dark colors together to create a geometric design. This two-toned look employs contrast to create its unique style. If you can pull off bright colors, you can attract attention.

Sunset Locks Hair

colorful hair ideas

What do you call “sunset hair”? This hairstyle is made up of several colors that resemble the sunset. This look can be achieved in many different ways.

You can use any hair color technique to create sunset hair colors, including balayage and reverse Ombre. You can also choose any color scheme because sunsets are multicolored, unique, and customizable.

Inspiration can be drawn from the beginning or end of a sunset in the desert or even a city one. Sunset-coloured hair can be a combination of blue, orange, pink or purple hair strands and everything in between.

Rainbow Hair

colorful hair ideas

This vibrant rainbow look will turn heads and brighten up everyone around you. I recommend this vibrant look.
Splat dyes are an excellent option for a vibrant look. They are very bright and highly pigmented.

Purple Ombre

colorful hair ideas

This gorgeous Ombre includes everything, from deep plum to pastel pink. They blend well together.

Blue Mermaid Hair

colorful hair ideas

This colorful style is brimming over with purples and blues. It’s exotic, unnatural, and still beautiful. This look is bright and vibrant, with a blend of colors that gives off an aquatic feel.

Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

Purple Taupe

colorful hair ideas

The shaved side style, which is not the Pixie cut, takes over the world, regardless of gender or race. All over the world, women and men are cutting their hair in a way that allows them to express themselves in a variety of ways. This particular look creates a striking contrast by using contrasting colors on the sides and top.

Silver and Maroon

colorful hair ideas

This elegant, maroon and silver look is beautiful and aged. This looks great on all skin types, including tan and fair.

Trippy Rainbow

colorful hair ideas

Bobs are making a comeback, and this dying pattern will keep your bob looking stylish.
This is a beautiful and sharp shoulder length haircut. This color idea will enhance the overall appearance.

Purple Swirls

colorful hair ideas

The shaved side haircut is currently a popular area for experimentation. This look shows that only the swirling sides of this look are purple.

Geometric Coloring

colorful hair ideas

These hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. This hair color combination combines teal, violet and pink with white to create a beautiful geometric look.

Blonde Hair Color Ideas

Strawberry Blonde

colorful hair ideas

Strawberry blond locks will always be the envy of the world. This color idea looks natural and can be used if you aren’t looking for anything crazy.

Rose Gold

colorful hair ideas

While we can all agree there are many different types of blondes, I prefer this golden blond to pale rose.

Purple Peek-a-boo

colorful hair ideas

This look is great for summer, with its dirty-blond style and purple Peek-a-boo style. You can show off the fuchsia in your hair by having it pulled up high.

Hair Color Ideas From 2015 and Beyond

Flower Beards

beautiful hair color ideas

Pierce Thiot was a photographer who loved to put various objects in his beard. He’s not alone in this. Men all over the globe are now putting flowers in their beards.

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint who started this trend, one of our photos dates to 1977. The idea probably originated with John Phillips’ song “San Francisco” and the hippie movement.

Many young people travelled to San Francisco with flowers in their hair, and some even in their beards, after hearing the line “If You’re Going to San Francisco, Make Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair”.

Rainbow Beards

colorful hair ideas

The beard-encrusting trend is a growing worldwide phenomenon that has attracted men from all walks of the globe. This male trend grabs your attention.

Hair Stenciling

colorful hair ideas

It is funky and beautiful when you first see the result of hair stenciling. Bright flower designs are a symbol of spring. However, dyes used to achieve this effect are usually not permanent.

Dark Hair Color Ideas

colorful hair ideas

This casual look is super cool, and streaked in deep pinks and purples. This look is best if you have long dark hair (either dark brown or black).

Colored Dreadlocks

colorful hair ideas

Dreadlocks are an African tradition that is gaining popularity in America. Locks are becoming more popular among Americans of all ethnicities.

Locks are an effortless style for natural hair that is low-maintenance. You can safely dye or bleach locks. However, you can still dye the hair if it is in locks.

Faux Locs can be used if you’re concerned about your hair falling out if you don’t want it to. American women and men have recently broken the race barriers associated with this style.

Locs are so easy to make at home.

Rainbow Peek-a-boo

colorful hair ideas

A pop of color is the best way to accent black hair. This style has a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Mood vibe.

Summer Orange Dip Dye

colorful hair ideas

Bright and sunny, this multi-colored dip-dye look reminds me a lot of a sunflower with its bright yellow ends and dark brown top.

Red Hair Color Ideas

Cherry redhead

colorful hair ideas

This vibrant cherry color is a great way to add color. This curly, cute look grabs everyone’s attention and is very bright.

Auburn with Highlights

colorful hair ideas

This gorgeous auburn look is complemented by blond highlights and is still very bright. It is a stunning combination of orange and red shades that creates a beautiful result.

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