Home Depot Kids Workshop Schedule for 2024

It’s the Home Depot Kids Workshop are children’s activity classes for free that are available every month at Home Depot stores nationwide.

Each month, kids are able to take part in a class where they’ll build an exciting new construction project.

Home Depot Kids Workshop

All the tools and materials are provided. Upon completion of the workshop, students can take their work to take home. 

Additionally, the diverse selection of workshop projects ensures that participants of all ages and interests can find an activity that captures their attention and allows them to express their creativity.

It’s totally free and you’ll also get freebies as a reward for participating in Home Depot Kids Workshop!

Kids get a free project kit, a cute Home Depot kids apron, an award of recognition and a pin for being there! It’s one of our top giveaways since all you must do is keep up with the program!

Home Depot Kids Workshops are held every month. we’re keeping track of the details to ensure you always be aware of which date and time the following activity will be.

What do kids get for attending workshops?

It’s not just an enjoyable experience to attend Home Depot Workshops Kids get freebies when participating!

In addition, Home Depot supply the tools and supplies needed to create every craft, but every participant in a class keeps the project they create.

Home Depot Kids Workshop

They also receive the size of a child’s Home Depot apron, a certificate of recognition for their efforts and an commemorative pin.

It’s difficult to find activities for families which are both affordable and enjoyable for the entire family particularly if there is more than one child.

These workshops for kids are definitely a must-see one of our top priorities!

2024 Dates for Home Depot Kids Workshops

It is expected that the Home Depot Kid’s Workshops will take place on these Saturday.

  • January 7 (Snowball game)
  • February 4 (Valentine’s vase)
  • March 4 (Pinball game)
  • April 1 (Poolside birdhouse)
  • May 6th (Flower planter)
  • June 3 (Putting green)
  • July 1 (Fireworks bean bag toss)
  • August 5 (Treasure chest)
  • September 2
  • October 7
  • November 4
  • December 30

2022 Home Depot Kids’ Workshop Crafts

  • anuary 1 – Toss Game (You can still click to order for under $5!)
  • February 5 – Valentine’s Photo Box
  • March 5 – Airship
  • April 2 – Bird Feeder
  • May 7 – Picket Fence Planter
  • June 4 – Fish Tank
  • July 2 – Constellation Viewer
  • August 6 – Summer Camper
  • September 3 – Pencil Desk Organizer
  • October 1 – Fire Rescue Boat
  • November 5 – Scarecrow Napkin Holder
  • November 26 – Train Ornament
  • December 3- Santa Letters Mailbox

2021 Home Depot Kids’ Workshop Crafts

  • January 2, 2021 – ATM Bank
  • February 6 – Valentine’s Tic-Tac-Toe
  • March 6 – Riding Mower
  • April 3 – Bunny Hanging Planter
  • May 1 – Desk Organizer
  • June 5 – SUV
  • July 3 – Star String Art
  • August 7 – School Bus Bookends
  • September 4 – Mini Table Tennis
  • October 2 – Fire Chief’s Car
  • November 6 – Amphibious Vehicle
  • December 4 – Christmas Car

2020 Home Depot Free Kids’ Crafts

  • Feb 1- Heart String Art
  • Mar 7- Binoculars
  • April 4 – Recycling Truck
  • May 2 – Mirrored Vanity
  • June 6 – Tool Bench
  • July 4 – Soccer Game
  • August 1 – Locker
  • September 5 – Crane
  • October 3 – Ladder Truck
  • November 7 – Battleship
  • November 28 – Elf Ornament
  • December 5 – Santa’s Treat Tray

Home Depot Kids workshop – Registration

To Sign up to attend Home Depot Kids, you must sign up for Home Depot Kids workshop, you need to take these steps:

  • Go to on the Home Depot website: Go to the Official Home Depot website ( www.homedepot.com) using a web browser on your desktop computer or mobile.
  • Locate your way to the Kids Workshops area: Search for a tab or link on the site that will lead into this Kids Workshops category. It’s typically located in”Services” or “Events. “Services” and “Events” section.
  • Choose the workshop you want to attend Check out the available workshops and pick which one you’d like sign up for. Click the workshop to find out more information.
  • Make sure to check the details for the Workshop Check the workshop details: Read the description of the workshop, along with the date and time, as well as the place to make sure it meets your needs.
  • Register by clicking on this link In the event that the class is currently open to registration, you’ll typically see a registration link on the page for the workshop. Click that link to continue.
  • Complete the required details Complete the registration form by providing the required information including your name address, email address, phone number, as well as any other details requested.
  • Confirm your registration: Upon filling out the Registration form you might receive an email with confirmation of your registration or a notice on the website to confirm your registration. Follow the additional instructions given.

If you experience any difficulties or have any questions about your Home Depot Kids workshop registration you should call Home Depot directly.

Next Home Depot Kids Workshop

Next Workshop   Date Time
Build a Rocket Pencil Box   Saturday, August 3rd 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

The upcoming Home Depot Kids Workshop project, called ‘Build a Clock Tray,’ will start on March 2nd.

Participants will be able to construct their own free-standing clock, complete with simple-to-read numbers and hands, as well as movable ones and a tray for storage for reminders or other important trinkets.

We love this project as it allows you to strengthen time telling by using an activity they created! It could also serve as a way to teach children the importance of time.

Once your child finishes building the project, they can enhance its design by applying stickers and paint.

How Kids Workshops at Home Depot Work

Additionally, the majority of stores around have them, making it convenient to find a nearby location to participate in the workshop.

Furthermore, the well-equipped workstations offer a conducive environment for creativity and focus, enhancing the overall workshop experience.

The paintbrushes are provided as well as the hammers and even the paint. I make sure that my children wear clothes that I would be comfortable with getting paint on, as it could be a bit messy.

I must refrain from helping too much as it’s so much fun. I’ve witnessed parents who take to it and do everything while their children watch.

It’s the thing for kids, so let them do it! They are also learning to work with wood in the process that helps to boost their confidence.

Home Depot workshops for Adults

Home Depot offers a variety of adult workshops that range from DIY home improvement projects, gardening, and woodworking.

Additionally, the workshops encourage collaboration and provide an opportunity for participants to share their ideas and experiences with each other.

Here are a few illustrations for Home Depot workshops for adults:

Do-it-yourself workshops: These classes offer a wide range of topics that include how to set up tiles for backsplashes and how to construct bookshelf out of wood and also how to change the toilet.

Workshops on Gardening: Home Depot offers workshops covering a variety of gardening subjects like the construction of raised beds composting, soil management.

The Home Decor Workshops: courses instruct participants on how to make customized home decor items.

Kids Workshops:Home Depot’s Kids Workshops offer activities that allow children to build fun projects while also learning new skills, even though they are not explicitly designed for parents.

To attend workshops, make sure you register in advance as many workshops have early registration requirements.

Home-Depot-kids-workshop Model

Moreover, these sources provide comprehensive information regarding the workshop schedules, locations, and any updates or changes to the program.

  • Children’s Workshops are for free and take place every Saturday on the 1st day of each month at each Home Depot store.
  • The kits for workshops for kids come with all the tools required to complete the task and are cost-free.
  • Home Depot Home Depot offers free do-it-yourself workshops for people of all age groups and levels of experience with livestreams and digital project tutorials for children.
  • The Kids Workshops offer opportunities for children to develop new skills and gain confidence.
  • Home Depot’s Home Depot website provides step-by-step guidance, tutorials and cost breakdowns of 42 DIY projects for kids to complete.
  • The Kid Projects & Activities section on The Home Depot website provides details on upcoming workshops for kids as well as other activities for children.

Moreover, these sources provide comprehensive information regarding the workshop schedules, locations, and any updates or changes to the program.

How long are kids workshops at Home Depot?

Home Depot holds the Kids’ Workshops once a month, usually on the first Saturday of every month.

They usually begin around nine a.m. Workshops last up to a maximum of 1-3 hours dependent on the type of project.

Be aware that adults must stay for the duration of the course.

What is the age-range for kids workshops?

The Home Depot Children Workshops specifically cater to children aged 5-12 years old.

Please note that we encourage children of any age to attend with an adult or parent present to assist with the activities.

Are the Home Depot Kids’ workshops really free?

Yes, you can the Home Depot Kids’ workshops are free. The workshops are designed to provide children with an educational and enjoyable experience while they learn various DIY techniques.

Additionally, this ensures that every child has an equal opportunity to participate and learn, regardless of their financial background.

Home Depot’s Virtual Kids Roblox Workshops

Home Depot Workshops now offer the virtual class on Roblox. If you are unable to attend the home depot Home Depot or want to take part more frequently, this is an excellent alternative.

The experience takes place within Roblox’s Redcliff City and allows gamers to gain knowledge through collecting materials and build projects.

If your player is in Redcliff City, they can discover Redcliff City’s Home Depot metaverse storefront and can select from three projects:

  • Birdhouse (easy)
  • Mini flower garden (medium)
  • Small car (hard)

Once they have chosen a topic the kids will begin the scavenger hunt, where they will collect items from all the (virtual) aisles.

History – Home Depot Kids Workshop

The Home Depot Kids Workshop was first introduced in the year [yearthe year.

Moreover, Home Depot aims to inspire the next generation of builders and do-it-yourself enthusiasts through its commitment to education and community outreach.

Moreover, the workshops offer a chance for participants to explore their interests and learn new things in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

FAQ – Home Depot Kids Workshop

Where and when are the Kids Workshops held?

Typically, participants’ local Home Depot store hosts the Workshops on specific Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. In addition, you can visit the store near you for specific times and dates.

What projects are offered at the Kids Workshop?

Every workshop has a distinct task, like building tools, a birdhouse, and picture frames. Furthermore, the activities are intended to be enjoyable and informative.

Do I need to bring any tools or materials for the workshop?

The answer is no. Additionally, Home Depot provides all the tools, equipment, and safety glasses for your workshop.

Is pre-registration required?

Typically, there is no need to register for workshops as they are offered on a first-come or first-served basis. However, it is recommended to arrive early to secure a spot. However, it is advisable to inquire at your local shop about any specific prerequisites.

What age group is the Kids Workshop suitable for?

Children aged 5 to 12 can participate in the Kids Workshop, but younger kids can also join with adult supervision.

Are there any safety guidelines for the Kids Workshop?

Absolutely, Home Depot prioritizes safety during workshops. 
Furthermore, children are provided with safety eyewear, and parents or guardians are accountable in supervising their children’s activities and making sure they are safe.

How long does each workshop last?

Workshops generally last between 1 to 2 hours, dependent on the difficulty of the task and the speed of the participants.

Is this a drop off event?

Parents or guardians should watch over the children throughout the day at both Home Depot and Lowe’s kids workshops. Additionally, it is important for them to provide supervision and ensure the safety of the children.

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