Nordstrom Return Policy: 12 Things You'll Want To Know 2024

Nordstrom Return Policy: 12 Things You’ll Want To Know

Nordstrom’s return policy includes a variety of restrictions for in-store and online purchases.

Based on the condition of the receipt or tag for the item and the item’s tags, you could receive an entire refund or a reimbursement via an Nordstrom gift card.

Nordstrom Return Policy

Nordstrom If you are able to return items with or without receipt to Nordstrom What is the policy on returning items that you have used at Nordstrom and whether the policy is customer welcoming.

What is the Nordstrom Return Policy?

This Nordstrom Return Policy has no Deadlines for exchanges or returns and requests that you bring your item in the shop (or return it by mail) for a full refund.

The Policy Further Stipulates that each return will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

This makes sure that the Policy won’t be misused and they can keep an account of who’s returning and how to ensure the policy isn’t misused.

How Many Days Do I Have For Returns?

There aren’t any time limitations to exchange or return items at Nordstrom.

The most appealing aspect of Nordstrom’s return policy is the amount of time you can return items. There’s no fixed number of days to return items at Nordstrom!

This is easily one of the most hospitable return policies we’ve encountered.

Be aware Nordstrom declares that they take every return on a situation per case basis, but in general, you can return items for as long that you have to return your items to Nordstrom.

How Do You Return Online Purchases?

There are two choices. You can mail them back using the return label enclosed or return them to your closest Nordstrom store.

If you do not have an Nordstrom account or have lost the information you used to place your order then go here to fill out a Return form.

The most important thing? Return shipping is free.

How Many Return Days Does Nordstrom Offer?


Although Nordstrom has the discretion to manage returns on an “case by case basis” they don’t have a predetermined amount of days for return.

I’ve heard of customers returning items that are over an year old, and clearly used.

However, be aware that should you violate Nordstrom’s return policy too frequently, you’ll likely end up being blocked.

What If I Don’t Have My Receipt?

If you’ve lost or misplaced your receipt don’t fret you’re able to still return your purchase without one.

Although your receipt or purchase number will help locate the information about your purchase faster the process, it’s not the most ideal scenario.

Although it’s more efficient to return your item if you have your receipt However, they’re quite useful in the event that you’ve lost it also.

If you’re returning a product without confirmation of purchase, Nordstrom is able to lookup the item in their system, but might ask for additional information to find the purchase.

If there’s no proof of the transaction and Nordstrom chooses to permit returns, then they’ll require your identification number to make the return, and the return will be made in the form of the gift card.

Can You Return “Special Occasion” Dresses Without Tags?

No way Jose.

In light of recent violations of Nordstrom’s return policies “Special Occasion” dresses now have a tag on them that says “if this tag is removed the garment cannot be returned”.

Everybody doesn’t want to pay a significant amount of cash to buy a gorgeous dress that’s worn once or maybe a few times.

Can You Get a Cash Refund at Nordstrom?

From January 1st 2017, you can only receive a refund in cash when you made the purchase using cash.

All refunds are made in store credit, or back onto the credit card you initially used to purchase the item.

Nordstrom is taking action against customers who have abused its return procedure, specifically those whose accounts show more return than the actual purchase.

How Strict Is the Nordstrom Return Policy?

It is important to note that the Nordstrom return policy has a vague clause that permits them to look over returns on the “case-by-case basis.”

This gives plenty of flexibility or rigor, based on the sales representative who will be taking charge of your return.

If your item is in original state, complete with tags and an invoice You should not have a problem returning the item to receive 30 days of full reimbursement.

What Is the Nordstrom Return Policy without a Receipt?

If there is no receipt, Nordstrom will try to identify your purchase on their system. This could happen when you purchased using an e-wallet or debit card or the order number. 

If they discover the purchase was not yours, you could be reimbursed to the initial payment source.

If they can’t locate the item you purchased, you can be reimbursed for the price of the item in the form of an Nordstrom credit card.

How to Return a Product To Nordstrom


If you bought your Nordstrom Product in a shop, you’ll need return it in Person at the nearest Nordstrom Store. If you purchased the item through Nordstrom Boutique Nordstrom Boutique, you’ll have return it at the store.

Nordstrom Rack Offers a distinct return policy that only allows returns on specific items after 45 days via mail or in person at an Nordstrom Rack and Nordstrom store.

Via Mail:

Here’s how you can return an item purchased from

If you’ve made the price of a Nordstrom shopping online, shoppers are able to return it by post in the mail, on curbside returns or in-store.

If you don’t have an the order number of your purchase made online You are not able to use the curbside return option.

The curbside return option is not available for jewelry of a high-end quality and designer items, as well as opened baby equipment items.

You can begin your return via Nordstrom’s website. Nordstrom web site which will print a pre-paid shipping label.

“However, if customers do not have access to printing equipment, they can still complete their return by providing a digital return number at the USPS address. The postal service will then generate the necessary labels on their behalf.”

The original shipping cost of your Nordstrom purchase cannot be returned.

What Is the Return Policy For Makeup?

The makeup that you have used, and/or not Opened, can be returned to Nordstrom if you’re not happy with your purchase at any point according to the return policy you can return it.

Be Sure to not forget to bring the receipt when you return makeup to Nordstrom this will make the entire process much easier and quicker.

Nordstrom Rack Holiday Return Policy

Nordstrom Rack’s holiday return policies stipulates that the items have to be returned or exchanged before the 31st day of January in the next year, provided they are in original condition, and have tags that are attached.

This policy is applicable to purchases made between November 1st through 24 December.

Certain items may be subject to different limitations on returns, and final sale items are not able to be exchanged or returned.

Always go to Nordstrom Rack’s website and contact their customer support for more specific return details and directions.

Nordstrom Customer Services Number

For non-media questions, please call Customer Service at 1-888-282-6060

FAQ – Nordstrom Return Policy

Do I need a receipt to return an item?

Although receipts are useful, it’s not mandatory. Nordstrom will search for the purchase if you have used your Nordstrom account at checkout.

What items are eligible for return?

The majority of products are eligible for return which includes shoes, clothing bags, handbags and other accessories.

Can I return an item I bought online in-store?

Yes, you are able to exchange Nordstrom purchase online to the Nordstrom store.

How long does it take to process a return?

“Additionally, customers should note that the processing time for returns at Nordstrom can vary depending on factors such as the method of payment and the location of the return.

Do I need the original packaging to make a return?

The original packaging is not required but it will aid in speeding up the process of returning.

How do I track my return package?

“Moreover, customers can expect to receive an email from Nordstrom containing a tracking number once their return package has been accepted and processed.”

Can I return furniture or home decor items?

Yes, items for the home purchased at Nordstrom can be returned however furnishings are subject to a return charge.

Where can I find Nordstrom’s return policy online?

“Furthermore, Nordstrom’s return policy can be found easily on their website by navigating to the “Returns & Exchanges” section of their customer service page.”

Can I return store-branded items to Nordstrom?

Yes, you are able to return items that are store-branded to Nordstrom.

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