Old Navy Sale Calendar: Sales Schedule & Savings Guide


Old Navy Sale Calendar: Old Navy is not only known for its stylish and comfortable clothing but also for its crazy, blowout sale.


There are nine different types of sales that Occur throughout the year. You should bookmark this page because you will be able to Choose from a variety of sales that suit your budget and style.

Old Navy Sale Calendar

We’ve got the answer to when is the best time to Shop Old Navy.


This article will cover all the major sales throughout the year, so you know when the next one is coming. You can then wait to save the most money by waiting for the next sale.


We’ve listed all of the Old Navy Sales dates for this year so that you don’t miss any great deals. This Page is updated regularly with the most recent information. Bookmark this page!

When does the Old Navy sale start?

Old Navy has sales all year round. Some Sales are tied to holiday shopping seasons such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Others happen at random times throughout the year. Check their website for specials and discounts, both Online as well as in store.

Old Navy Sale Schedule

Sale Month Sale
May Memorial Day Sale
June Swimsuit Sale
Flip Flop Sale
July Summer Sale
September Labor Day Sale
November Black Friday Sale
Cyber Monday Sale
December After Christmas Sale

Old Navy Sale Calendar

You can use this calendar to get a better understanding of the dates of Old Navy’s sales.

Below, We’ll explain each sale in detail so that you can better understand the deals and savings. You’ll also be able to watch each sale live.

Old Navy Presidents’ Day Sale

Old Navy’s Presidents’ Day Sale is right when your children are about to outgrow those jeans that you purchased on Black Friday.

Old Navy’s Presidents’ Day sale is always the time when I check the sales online before I decide if I want to go to the store or shop the in-store.

Presidents’ Day sales usually offer storewide discounts of 50% to 60% and extended offers on jeans.

It’s also a Great time to buy warm clothing to help you get through the cold winter and early spring.

Old Navy Clearance Sales

Old Navy offers a lot of clearance sales. Every Sunday and Monday, check for the most recent markdowns.

Old Navy also offers promo codes that will allow you to save up to 40% on sale and clearance items.

Old Navy will have more clearance sales one month after the next-season’s shipments arrive on Old Navy Shelves.

Clearance sales are expected from April to June During the summer, July through September in the autumn, October through December in winter and January to February.

Old Navy Flip Flop Sale

Old Navy’s Flip Flop Sale is well-known. Every year in June, all flip-flops cost $1 per pair. Tank tops are also often on sale for about $3 per shirt.

As mentioned above, the flip-flop clearance sale coincides with other clearance sales. Old Navy is having a lot of sales this summer.

Old Navy Jeans Sale

Old Navy Jeans Sales are a little mysterious. Most big sales discount jeans. Black Friday and Labor Day sales offer big discounts on jeans.

But there’s also a sale on Old Navy Rockstar Jeans. This sale Does not always have a set date, but it usually occurs between early and mid-November.

Old Navy Black Friday Sale

Old Navy Black Friday is as legendary as the Flip-Flop Sale.

Old Navy’s Black Friday sale usually begins a week in advance, allowing them to offer massive discounts and avoid the crowds.

Old Navy Black Friday Sales vary from year to year, but always offer substantial savings.

Past sales included $2.50 tops or coats starting at $18, 40% off jeans, and 50% off the entire store.

Old Navy Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale is typically the last major sale of summer and the best time to save.

Old Navy’s beloved jeans are now only $20 per pair, thanks to a savings of up to 60% on regular prince.

It also coincides with the end-of-summer clearance sales. This can lead to even greater savings. Old Navy will often send special offers via email.


Does Old Navy Offer Black Friday Sale?

Yes, Old Navy Black Friday is as legendary as the Flip-Flop Sale.

Old Navy’s Black Friday sale usually begins a week in advance, allowing them to offer massive discounts and avoid the crowds.

Old Navy Black Friday Sales vary from year to year, but always offer substantial savings.

Past sales included $2.50 tops or coats starting at $18, 40% off jeans, and 50% off the entire store.

Does Old Navy have sales on Valentine’s Day?

Old Navy does have Valentine’s Day sales, but they’re not known to offer significant discounts.

These sales tend to be limited to clothing and accessories, such as graphic tees with Valentine’s Day themes, sweaters, jewelry in heart shapes, and other items.

Old Navy usually offers a Valentine’s Day Sale if you watch their website or subscribe to their newsletter.

You should also check their social media platforms, as they might offer special deals.

Does Old Navy have sales on Halloween?

Old Navy will offer Halloween sales and promotions, but these are usually limited to Halloween-themed clothing and accessories, like graphic tees and costumes.

Old Navy does not offer significant discounts on Halloween merchandise. It’s much more common that they offer discounts during the fall season on items such as jackets and sweaters.

Subscribe to their newsletter or check their website to stay up to date on Halloween promotions and deals.

When does Old Navy have their biggest sales?

Old Navy’s best sales are usually during the major American holidays, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Shoppers can expect deep discounts during these holidays on everything from children’s clothing and accessories to shoes and home decor.

Old Navy could also be offering special promotions and free shipping during these periods.

These sales are a great way to save on your favorite Old Navy products or stock up on essentials for your family.

Stay informed about upcoming sales by keeping an eye on email notifications, social-media announcements and advertisements.

FAQ – Old Navy Sale Calendar

When is Old Navy’s Back-to-School sale? 

Old Navy’s Back to School sale is usually held in July or August, and offers discounts on clothing, school supplies, and backpacks.

When is Old Navy’s Christmas sale?

Old Navy’s annual Christmas sale is usually held in December, and offers discounts on clothing and holiday gifts.

What discounts can I expect during Old Navy’s sale?

Old Navy sales can save you anywhere between 20-50% on regular priced items. Discounts of up to 75% are available during clearance sales.

Can I return items purchased during Old Navy’s sale? 

You can return any items you purchased during the Old Navy sale. Returns are allowed within 45 days.

Can I buy Old Navy gift cards during a sale? 

You can purchase Old Navy gift cards at a discount. Gift cards do not qualify for discounts.

What time does Old Navy open during a sale?

Old Navy store hours may vary depending on the location. Most stores are open from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

Can I buy Old Navy products on Amazon during the sale?

You cannot purchase Old Navy products through Amazon during the sales. Old Navy products can only be purchased on the Old Navy website or in stores.

When is the Old Navy holiday sale?

Old Navy’s Holiday Sale usually takes place in mid-December. It offers discounts on winter clothing and holiday apparel.

What is Old Navy’s ‘Super Cash’ promotion?

Old Navy offers a promotion called ‘Super cash’, which allows customers to earn a certain amount based on the total of their purchases. The ‘Super cash’ can be used to redeem discounts on future purchases during certain dates.

How can I earn Old Navy rewards?

With the Old Navy Credit Card, cardholders earn rewards on their purchases that can be used to make future purchases.

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