The Subway Secret Menu: 15+ Hidden Menu Items and Counting

Subway Secret Menu: You’re looking to test something that’s new from Subway and so you go to Subway’s Secret Menu.

We’ve all wanted something different from Subway at one time or another.

subway secret menu

It’s my absolute favorite spot to stop at to grab a bite. However, slowly, the standard sandwiches are beginning to taste similar. Then I came across Subway Secret Menu and I wanted to test it.

When I began looking around, I found out about the amazing Subway secret menu options, and decided that it deserved its own blog post that broke it into pieces.

Subway has been redesigned for me because of these hidden menu items.

What is a Subway Secret Menu?

Subway is a well-known fast-food chain, known for its customizable sandwiches, has earned the reputation of offering a secret menu.

Subway Secret Menu consists of innovative and unique sandwich options that aren’t listed in the menus that are standard.

These secret menus have earned a fanatical following from Subway lovers and have become the source of excitement for those who want to try new flavors.

In this post, we’ll explore the depths subway’s menu of secrets and reveal its history, the most top dishes and ways to enjoy this unique food experience.

Subway Secret Menu

Below, we’ll review some of the best items from Subway’s Secret Menu, so whether you’re seeking something new you can try out, or a Particular menu item that is secret or bonus hacks.

You’ll find Here are some Subway Secret Menu items to keep your mouth watering everything in the list below.

Subway “Old Cut” — Yummy

The husband always says he’d like everything except jalapeno’s in his food. I’ll tell you that this creates a massive mess that is nearly impossible to keep it all together.

But did you know there’s a better method to feed people who are a fan of all their vegetables? 

Subway Secret Menu

The old days Subway experts would cut their bread into the shape of a “V” right on top instead of cutting it across the middle. It’s an iconic cut, but it’s actually the most innovative cut.

It gives an appearance reminiscent of hotdog buns that you can fill to the max, so next time you’re craving eating a large meal of vegetables, just make sure to ask for the original cut. 

In the case of Subway’s menu items that are secret that are old but delicious, this one is a must-try that you be able to taste.

The Wing Effect — Meaty

This tasty sandwich is created by placing the meat in a flat surface on bread and not folding it in half.

Subway Secret Menu

The sandwich is then given the appearance of a “wing” shape and lets you taste the meat prior to the bread. It’s seriously tasty.

The Pizza Sub — For Pizza Lovers

This is a long-time favourite of Subway’s secret menu. Everyone knows I love pizza, and this is a pizza lover’s wish to come to life.

It’s the kind of story you give to your friends, but they aren’t convinced.

Subway Secret Menu

If you Purchase it, you will get pepperoni, red tomato sauce cheese, pepperoni, your choice of bread and vegetables.

You can ask them to toast it to get the delicious hot pizza crunch. Add Some parmesan cheese and you will get the most delicious pizza you’ve ever had.

It’s a thought that makes my mouth water. I believe I know what I want to eat tonight. Try it and then come back to tell us what you think of this as your most favorite hidden subway item.

The Footlong B.M.T. — Stacked

In the 90’s, a Subway employee wrote a story about the most massive sub he’d ever had from a truck driver who claimed he was extremely hungry. According to the report, it was the BMT is the outcome.

Subway Secret Menu

It means: Biggier. Meatier. Delicious and includes Eight double meats. eight double cheeses and 9 layers of bacon even more bread, and all the vegetables. Two forks.

I’m sure it could be a bit too large to eat, so you’ll need tell us about it. The item is massive and is the 4th spot on our list of secrets menu items at Subway.

Deconstructed Breakfast Taco — Loaded

If you’re a massive lover of steak like I am then you’ll be awed by this steak eating taco-like sandwich.

It is served with an egg-stuffed flatbread that is filled with eggs whites as well as steak, guacamole spinach and red onions, cut tomatoes, and then topped with delicious Chipotle sauce.

Subway Secret Menu

It’s an entirely different flavor, but it’s still delicious.

This makes my mornings brighter. I am looking forward to every bite, and it is equally delicious right up to the last piece.

Eggs Florentine Flatbread — Light

If you’re awake to a later morning and lunch isn’t ready or even later, don’t worry this sandwich will give you your protein-rich breakfast excitement and you can have anytime during the day.

Subway Secret Menu

It’s cooked on their super fluffy flatbread. It’s filled packed with eggs, egg whites and red onions, banana pepper and black olives, as well as spinach and finished with a sweet Italian dressing that gives it an extra twist that will make your mouth water to squeak.

If you’re looking for a light breakfast for breakfast, you can try this recipe.

I’ve purchased the Subway special breakfast menu approximately 30 times, and every time I think about how thankful I am to have stumbled across it. 

Every time I meet with friends, they inquire about this item.

 Chicken Parmesan Sub — Delicious

In 2010, this was a very popular menu item, however Subway eliminated it from their menus. However, don’t fret they have all the ingredients needed to ensure that it is right before their customers.

You can’t make a mistake with an Chicken Parmesan Sub.

Subway Secret Menu

If you are ordering this menu item, just request an item that includes the marinara sauce, roasted chicken as well as parmesan cheese.

If you’d like to add a delicious gooey flavor, request that they toast the bread so that your cheese melts and the bread is a delightful crunch to it. It sounds delicious, don’t you think?

Philly Cheesesteak — Close Enough

We all enjoy eating a Philly steak sandwich, but how do you think about going to the next height and creating this incredible masterpiece.

This Subway special menu item is a beloved of both my and my husband’s. For a massive sub stuffed with steak, choose it in a footlong, and you’ll get three huge portions of steak, and twice as much cheese. It’s just like normal.

Subway Secret Menu

As a native of Philly I’m not sure if it would tastes as an Philly cheesesteak, but it’s pretty close.

Do not forget to add green peppers and onions to give the best Philly flavor. Also, we love banana peppers. Add this to a bag of chips and you’ll have an evening meal.

“The Feast” Sub — Meat Pyramid

Feeling super hungry? This is a huge sub that you could split it up with your friends, however the price will be around $13 however it’s totally worth it.

Subway Secret Menu

It was on the menu, but it was taken off. Don’t worry, you can still get it. It’s essentially a club and BMT, so a footlong will consist of 6 pepperoni, 6 salami four turkeys 6 ham, four roast beef. If you’re in the mood for meat this is the perfect alternative perfect for you.

The hubby loves this meat pyramid made of pure meat and it also serves him breakfast. It’s the perfect win-win for me.

Sweet & Sour Chicken Sub — Yum

If you’re a fan of sweet and sour, then you’re are in the right place. This sandwich incorporates Subway’s delicious red wine vinaigrette and sweet onion sauce on top of their flavorful chicken.

Something new, but still tasty.

Subway Secret Menu

If you’re anything like me, when you listen to sweet and sour, your mouth will water and when you combine it with chicken, it’s the ultimate food treat.

 Put on my most loved vegetables as well and allow the sandwich to take the walking into my stomach.

The Spicy Nacho Steak — Crunchy

Who says you can’t get crunchy chips in every bite? I love placing chips on my sandwiches at home. So when I learned about this hidden menu sandwich, I nearly screaming.

Subway Secret Menu

It contains Steak and chipotle Southwest sauce and nacho cheese chips, onions, shredded monterey cheddar and bell peppers, all prior to toasting.

After toasting, add your favourite vegetables and you’ll have the perfect sandwich that’s bound be a joy to you with every bite.

The Chicken Pizziaola — More Pizza

To finish off our most amazing menu, we needed a sandwich which was awe-inspiring and that’s precisely what this sandwich is.

Is it really possible to make a mistake with the other menu items that also include pizza?

Subway Secret Menu

Two of my favorites are chicken and pizza, and this recipe contains both.

You’ll receive the delicious and tender chicken breasts, which we serve with cheese, pepperoni, all your favorite pizza vegetables, and marinara sauce. We’ll toast it up to create the perfect blend of two meals, making your tastebuds explode with joy in every bite.

The Ultimate Celebration — Scrumptious

Whoever came up with this idea had a clear idea of what were doing. The sandwich includes eight pieces of salami, eight pieces of pepperoni, six pieces of turkey, six pieces of roast beef, and delicious Swiss cheese as the finishing touch.

Subway Secret Menu

It’s a full party in your mouth while you take every bite. Its delicious and the pepperoni Provides it with an extra kick of pure love.

How to Online Order from the Secret Menu

To place an order online via Subway’s Secret Menu Subway secret menu take these steps:

  • Check out Subway’s official website, or Download the Subway mobile application.
  • Log in to your account, or create a new account if you don’t have an account already.
  • Choose the location you prefer for delivery or pickup.
  • Please explore the menu options, keeping in mind that some menu items may not be included.
  • In the special instructions or customizing section, make sure you specify the menu item that you would like to purchase.
  • To ensure that your order is prepared correctly, please provide detailed instructions if the menu item contains specific ingredients or requires modifications.
  • Continue to add any additional regular menu items or side dishes to complete your order.
  • Check your order’s summary and make any adjustments that are needed.
  • Input your payment information and then complete the checkout process.
  • After confirming your order, you must wait until the scheduled pickup time or monitor the delivery status if you have selected to have it delivered.

Please note that Subway employees typically possess a good understanding of hidden menu items, even if such items are not explicitly listed.

Subway Special Menu

Subway has a menu with unique and limited-time offerings. These menu items aren’t accessible all year long, but they are offered frequently to give customers fresh and innovative alternatives. 

The menu typically consists of inventive sandwiches, salads, wraps, and even seasonal dishes.

To learn more about the latest items on the special menu at Subway go to their official website, or ask about it at the neighborhood Subway restaurant. 

Remember that availability will vary according to the location and promotion period.

If you have specific questions about something specific or need assistance in any other area connected to Subway Feel free to reach out!

Subway Secret Menu Video Tutorial

Subway’s Weekday Hours

Weekday Hours
Monday 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM

How Many Hours is Subway Open During the Weekend?

On Sundays and Saturdays, Subway is open for all hours of the day. This time frame may differ at different locations.

Subway Near Me Location

Final Words

This article will discuss the latest prices on Subway. Subway menu.

I made every effort to gather all the details regarding Subway Us Menu prices and then put everything together.

I hope you learnt something that will help you select the best one.

If you have any queries regarding the price of food, make a note in the comments. We’re happy that you have went through the entire post.

FAQ – Subway Secret Menu

What is a secret menu?

The Phrase “Secret Menu” Refers to the menu items that aren’t on the official menu or in the menus of restaurants. Patrons who are aware of their existence can order the items, which are usually not visible to the general public.

Is the Subway secret menu real?

Yes, Subway’s secret menu is real. Subway Secret Menu is real. But, it’s crucial to remember that the items on the secret menu are not accessible everywhere Subway locations.
Certain regions have popular items or specific times of the day when certain items are restricted.

How can I access the Subway secret menu?

To gain access to your Subway hidden menu simply request the Subway sandwich maker whether they have any exclusive and secret menu options. They can provide you with the options available or offer suggestions for their own recipes. You can also look online for Subway hidden menu items and get suggestions for your meal.

Can I customize the items on the secret menu?

Absolutely! Similar to the menus on the regular you are able to personalize your order from the menu that is secret. You can select your preferred bread as well as toppings, sauces and other ingredients to create the perfect Subway experience.

Are the secret menu items more expensive?

The prices of items on the secret menu may vary based on the ingredients used and the geographical location.

In certain cases, products from the menu of secret might cost a little more because of the use of premium ingredients, or the possibility of customization options. But, the cost difference is typically minimal.

Can I order secret menu items through the Subway app?

Although Subway’s app Subway app provides a simple option to order from the menu available however, it doesn’t offer alternatives for the items on the secret menu. To experience the secret menu’s unique creations, it is advisable to personally visit the store or proactively communicate with Subway staff in advance to discuss your preferences.

Are there any health-conscious options on the secret menu?

Certainly, Subway has gained recognition for its focus on healthier options, and the hidden menu is not one of them.

There are secret menu items which have low calories and rich in protein, or loaded with fresh vegetables that align with your eating habits and fitness goals.

Can I order secret menu items for catering?

The availability of the secret menu items for catering can vary based on the restaurant and the items on the menu you’re looking for. It’s recommended to call you neighborhood Subway for a discussion of your caterer requirements with them. They’ll provide you with the information you need and also choices for larger orders.

Are there any secret breakfast options at Subway?

While Subway is primarily renowned for its lunch and dinner selections, certain locations offer breakfast options from their secret menu. Breakfast options typically include breakfast Wraps and sandwiches that come with a range of fillings, flavors and toppings.

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