Moxie Hair Salon Prices & Services

Moxie Hair Salon is a prominent hair salon that has revolutionized how people feel about the styling of their hair and treatment.

With an expert team of experts and a focus on giving exceptional services, Moxie Hair Salon has been a top Choice for people looking for top-quality solutions for hair care.

Moxie Hair Salon

In this post we’ll explore Moxie Hair Salon’s world. Moxie Hair Salon, exploring its philosophy, the services it offers and the distinctive experience it provides its clients.

Let’s go on a trip to understand the core that is Moxie Hair Salon and why it is different from other salons.

What is a Moxie Hair Salon?

Moxie Hair Salon is a salon that provides a broad assortment of hair-related treatments, including cutting and coloring treatments, styling and more.

Moxie Hair Salon might boast a staff of experienced hairstylists trained in a variety of techniques and styles to meet the needs of different clients preferences.

The salon could try to offer a modern and fashionable atmosphere, while providing high-quality hair services to its clients.

The Services offered at Moxie Hair Salon may vary depending on the location and features Of the salon.

Moxie Hair Salon Prices & Services


Service Price
Haircut (wet and/or dry) $40-$150+
Child Haircut $20-$50+
Bang or Neck Trim $20-$50+
Fancy Shampoo/Blowout $40-$100+
Formal Upstyle $60-$150+


Service Price 
Add-on Styling, Including Ironing $20-$50+
Beard Trim $20-$50+
Quick Clarify $20-$45+
Clarifying Treatment $40-$85+
Quick Treatment $20-$45+
Mask $30-$70+
Vital Shot Treatment $40-$85+


Service Price 
T-Retouch $35-$70+
Simple Retouch Color $60-$130+
Full Color, going darker $70-$175+
Quick Foil, up to 12 foils $60-$130+
Standard Foil $80-$185+
Full Foil/Hairpainting $90-$210+
Bleach Retouch $90-$210+
Multiple Step $130-$310+
Specialty Color $130-$310+
Corrective Color $130-$310+


Service Price 
Color Balance $50-$110+
Between the Foils $50-$110+
Tone/Glaze $35-$70
Eyebrow Tinting $20-$35


Service Price 
Keratin Express Smoothing Blowout $135-$285+
Keratin Full Smoothing Blowout $195-$435+
Qiqi $235-$475
American Wave $140-$325+


Extensions: $120-$300+ (cost does not include the price of hair)


Eyebrow or Lip Waxing: $20-$35

Appointment – Moxie Hair Salon

To book an appointment at the Moxie hair salon, comply with these instructions:

  • Find the salon’s contact info Find the number of their phone or email address for Moxie Hair Salon. You will usually locate this details on the salon’s website as well as on their social media pages.
  • Contact Moxie Hair Salon: Once you’ve got their contact details, contact them by either email or phone.
  • If you’re calling make sure you wait until they return your call and tell them you’d like to make an appointment.
  • If you’re contacting them via email, be certain to mention your full name and dates and times of your appointment, and whatever other information you’re searching for.
  • Confirm the details If the salon can accept your requests, they’ll inform you of the time and date for your appointment.
  • Make sure to confirm these details with them and inquire whether there are any particular instructions or requirements you need to be aware of prior to your visit.
  • If necessary, ask about their cancellation policies as well.
  • Make sure you are prepared prior to your scheduled appointment Note down the time and date of your appointment.
  • You can also create a reminder for yourself. In case there’s any specific requirements like washing your hair prior to the appointment or avoiding using styling products, make sure you follow the directions according to the instructions.
  • Timely arrival on the date of the appointment be sure you arrive at the salon about a couple of minutes prior to the scheduled time.
  • This will allow you plenty of time to make an appointment and discuss any needs or changes you like to discuss in your hairdresser.

Return policy – Moxie Hair Salon

The return policies are designed to guarantee customer satisfaction. Here are the steps to follow in the return procedure:

Contact us: If you’re not satisfied with a salon item or services, you can contact Moxie Hair Salon within 48 hours of your appointment time or make a purchase.

Explain the reasons for your dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction with an issue with a service or a defect in the product.

Evaluation Moxie Hair Salon is able to review your concerns and may ask for additional information or proof to better understand the issue.

Resolution Based on their evaluation, Moxie Hair Salon will decide on a suitable resolution. This could include re-doing an existing service, offering an alternative service, or offering an exchange for the item or service.

Agreement When an agreement is reached, both parties must affirm the agreement either in writing or via electronic communication.

Execution: Moxie Hair Salon will take action on the resolution quickly and effectively.

Follow-up: Moxie Salon will follow-up with you following the resolution to verify your Satisfaction and address any other issues.

It is important to read and comprehend the specific Moxie Hair Salon return policy as other terms and conditions could apply.

 Moxie Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am to 8pm
Wednesday 10am to 8pm
Thursday 10am to 8pm
Friday 10am to 8pm
Saturday 9am to 7pm
Sunday 10am to 6pm

Moxie Hair Salon Near Me

Final Words

Moxie Hair Salon offers exceptional hairstyling services within a fashionable and comfortable setting.

The skilled stylists at Moxie stay abreast with the most recent techniques and trends to offer clients stunning hair transformations.

With an emphasis on client satisfaction and personal care, Moxie Hair Salon guarantees the best experience for each customer.

For more information about other Nails & Hair salon prices please visit our website

FAQ – Moxie Hair Salon

Who are the stylists at Moxie Hair Salon?

The stylists at Moxie Salon are highly educated professionals with years of knowledge of the industry. They are up-to-date with most recent trends and techniques by constant learning and development. Each stylist is unique in their talent and passion for bringing beautiful hairstyles to improve the beauty of their clients.

How can I book an appointment at Moxie Hair Salon?

Making an appointment with Moxie Hair Salon can be convenient and simple. You can either contact the salon directly or utilize their online booking tool on their website. Choose your preferred time and date, then select the services you want and you’ll be ready for a luxurious experience with Moxie Hair Salon.

Does Moxie Hair Salon offer consultations?

Absolutely, Moxie Hair Salon provides consultations to ensure that clients receive individualized and tailored services. In the consultation, you will discuss your hair needs, goals and desires to the hair stylist. They will provide professional advice and suggest the most appropriate hairstyle or color that will work for your needs.

Does Moxie Hair Salon offer hair treatments for damaged hair?

Absolutely, Moxie Hair Salon offers many hair-care treatments specifically designed to rejuvenate and repair damaged hair. These treatments bring back moisture, strength and shine to hair, leaving it looking healthy and renewed.

Does Moxie Hair Salon provide hair extensions?

Absolutely, Moxie Hair Salon offers high-end hair extensions that increase length, volume and the thickness of your hair. Their Skilled stylists are able to effortlessly blend the extensions into the natural hair to create a the most natural and natural looking result.

Does Moxie Hair Salon cater to both men and women?

Absolutely! Moxie Hair Salon welcomes both females and males, offering individualized services tailored to each client’s specific requirements. No matter if you’re seeking the classic haircut for men or a fashionable women’s hairstyle, Moxie Hair Salon has provided you with the best.

Does Moxie Hair Salon have a cancellation or rescheduling policy?

Absolutely, Moxie Hair Salon has a cancellation and rescheduling procedure in place. It is essential to inform Moxie Hair Salon at least 24 hours in advance should you must change or cancel your appointment in order to avoid possible penalties or fees.

Are the hair products used at Moxie Hair Salon cruelty-free?

Indeed, Moxie Hair Salon is dedicated to using cruelty-free and ethically-sourced hair products.

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept cash or credit cards as well as various forms of mobile payments. Contact our front desk staff for specific options for payment.

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