Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

👉 Does Walmart Pay Weekly: Walmart doesn’t pay every week. They instead pay their workers every two weeks. Usually, payments are made every other Thursday.

Does Walmart Pay Weekly

But you can schedule an extra payment once per pay period using the Instapay feature on Even, Walmart’s app for managing payments.

You could get paid once a week if you did this.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is a public company that is based in many different countries and runs chains of big discount department stores and warehouse stores. They also run warehouse stores for Sam’s Club.

Sam Walton started Walmart in 1962. It Was made a legal business On October 31, 1969, And started trading on the New York Stock Exchange in 1972.

By 2014, it Had become the biggest grocery store chain in the United States And a Fortune Global 500 company.

Does Walmart pay its employees weekly

As of 2024, Walmart no longer pays every week. Instead, it pays every two weeks. Everyone who works there gets paid every two weeks, which is usually on a Thursday.

Does Walmart Pay Weekly

Because Walmart has so many employees, The best way To make sure everyone gets paid right is to Pay them every two weeks. Payday at Walmart is always on Thursday, unless your bank does the transaction earlier.

If You get paid every Two weeks, that means you get paid 26 times a year. This Pay is based on how many hours you work.

So, the answer to the question “Will Walmart pay weekly ?” is “Yes.” Is, “No, Walmart won’t pay weekly.” It still gets paid every two weeks.”

Walmart Pay Periods Calendar

👉 The counting starts with the last payday ,so this is the day of pay;

January 5th January 21st February 4th February 18th
March 4th March 18th April 1st April 15th
April 29th May 13th May 29th June 10th
June 24th July 8th July 22nd August 4th
August 19th September 2nd September 16th September 30th
October 14th October 28th November 11th November 25th
December 9th December 23rd

Walmart Pay Schedule

Every two weeks, Walmart pays its employees either by direct deposit or by check.

Things To Know About Getting Paid at Walmart

👉 Now, There are a lot of other things a Walmart worker should know About their pay. These things are On the list below.

There is No Company that expects its workers To work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even Walmart agrees with that, And under certain conditions, it gives its employees paid time off (PTO).

This is different from the LOA, Where you don’t get paid for the time you’re away from work. The LOA is what you get when you take a long leave for a reason that isn’t covered by your company.

When we talk about PTO, it is usually given for things like accidents or short-term illnesses.

For this, The employee will have to submit a formal request stating the above reasons.

When an Employee has short-term disability PTO, They have to wait 7 days before they can use it. This PTO is based on how much you made on average before your leave started.

Maternity Leave and Benefits

Any Full-Time worker at Walmart who has been there for more than a year is eligible for 9 weeks of paid leave To care for a new baby.

a 7-day wait, Any Soon-to-be mother who wants to take maternity leave can do so and get paid. The pay will be 100% of what a person usually makes in a week.

People Who Only work part-time or temporarily as associates at Walmart can’t get this benefit.

This benefit gives you more than just 100% of your average weekly wage and 9 weeks of paid leave.

These workers will also get an extra six weeks of paid parental leave benefits. It’s Part of the benefit for short-term disability.

How To Get Paid Quicker Using Even

Even is an app used by Walmart that, among other things, helps employees keep track of their paychecks.

The Goal of the app is To help employees save some of their money and plan their budgets.

👉 It has a feature called “Instapay” that lets employees Get up to 50% of their next paycheck early. This is different from how paychecks are usually paid.

  • You can do this once each time you get paid.
  • You can get paid by Instacash through direct deposit or in cash at any Walmart.
  • The app also lets you set up automatic payments to help you budget. For example, you could set up automatic
  • payments that pay you 50% of your salary every other week. This way, you’d get paid once a week.

The idea is that if an Employee has an unplanned expense, They Can get their own money early so that the expense doesn’t put too much strain On their finances in the short term.

Walmart Pay

Remember that Walmart does Not pay every week. Instead, it pays its 2.2 million employees every two weeks.

Pay Varies based On who you work for, What Position you hold, Where you live, what shift you work, And how much experience you have. Walmart Pays between $9 and $18 per hour.

👉 Here is how much different positions at Walmart pay.

Job Title Range Average
Cashier $10 – $14 $12
Sales Associate $10 – $15 $12
Stocker $10 – $15 $12
Personal Shopper $11 – $15 $12
Pharmacy Technician $12 – $19 $15
Overnight Stocker $10 – $17 $13
Retail Sales Associate $10 – $17 $12
Department Manager $12 – $19 $15
Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPHT) $13 – $20 $16
Order Filler $13 – $24 $18
Customer Service Manager $12 – $20 $16
Asset Protection Associate $11 – $18 $14
Deli Associate $11 – $15 $13
Customer Service Associate $9 – $17 $13
Cake Decorator $10 – $17 $13
Automotive Service Technician/Mechanic $9 – $18 $13
Maintenance Technician $12 – $32 $19
Customer Service Representative (CSR) $9 – $17 $13
Warehouse Associate $12 – $21 $16
Retail Associate $11 – $18 $13
Deli Clerk $10 – $15 $12

But Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillion said that he plans to raise the average hourly wage to $15.

The Highest-paid workers are the co-manager, the inventory management specialist, The department manager, And the Customer service manager. Their pay ranges from $107,625 To $110,000.

How Much does Walmart pay every 2 weeks

Depending on your pay grade, The amount of your biweekly payment will be different. The average hourly wage at Walmart as of September 25, is $16.40.

A full-time Walmart worker usually works 37.5 hours per week, which adds up To 75 hours times 16.4%, or $1230 per two weeks.

But this is before taxes are taken out. So Expect less than this when you get paid every two weeks.

Does Walmart hold the first paycheck?

No, Walmart does not hold back the first paycheck. Your first paycheck will come every two weeks, just like everyone else’s.

In fact, your first paycheck in the U.S. cannot be held back by law.

Be aware, though, that if you started working in the middle of a pay period, it may take some time to get you set up on the payment system.

This means that you may not get your first paycheck until the day after the next payment day.

We hope that was helpful. If you’re new to Walmart, you might also find it helpful to learn more about Walmart’s transfer policy in case you ever want to move to a different store or department.


Walmart pays its employees in a unique way, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

Walmart employees get paid every two weeks, which is called “biweekly.”

Even though some people don’t like it, the biweekly payment method works well and is easy for everyone to use.

In general, Walmart employees in all fields should be paid every two weeks.

FAQs About Does Walmart Pay Weekly

Does Walmart Pay Weekly?

The Fact that Walmart employees used To get paid every week was awesome, but now the rules have changed.

New employees might worry about pay schedules, but it’s important to know that, unless you work in a state that requires weekly pay (more on that later), Walmart will send your pay every two weeks.

How much does Walmart pay per hour?

Keep in mind that Walmart may not always make payments. It pays its 2.2 million workers every two weeks instead.

The Amount you are paid depends On your employer, The position You hold, where you live, the shift you work, and your level of expertise.

Walmart offers hourly wages ranging from $9 to $18.

What is a Walmart time card?

A Time card is used to keep track of when an Employee clocks in and out. A Time card is used to figure Out how much an employee gets paid each pay period.

How Much Does Walmart Pay Every 2 Weeks?

Your Hourly rate, The Number of hours You Worked during the previous pay period, Your position, Whether You work during the day or at night, Any incentives you received, And other factors all affect how much money Walmart Pays you every two weeks.

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