Walmart Associates Have Access To Fitness Pass

Walmart associates have access to fitness pass

Tivity Health will offer its Prime Fitness Program to Walmart’s 1.5 Million associates and dependents in the United States.

Access to over 9,000 locations will be possible with the Walton Life Fitness Pass, starting at $9 per paycheck. For other fitness passes and gym membership information, you can visit


Prime Fitness Network by Tivity Health offers a reciprocal membership to its participating facilities. These facilities include community centers, recreation centers, and national chains.

Online tools are available to support program engagement.
Walmart promotes associates’ benefits via direct mail, social media promotion, and internal marketing. Thousands of associates have activated the pass.

Adam Stavisky (senior vice president, U.S. Benefits, Walmart) stated, “We’re committed in providing Walmart associates with high-quality medical coverage along with tools and resources for managing their health and wellbeing.”

All Walmart and Sam’s Club employees working in the U.S.A are eligible for the Walton Life Fitness Pass.

Associates can add their spouse/partner or dependents between 18 and 25 at no extra cost. Associates have access to a search tool to find nearby fitness centers. The lookup tool can be used to locate a nearby center for those (18-25) who live in another area.

Tivity Health has expanded its Prime Fitness network to include associates from Walmart. This includes 43 million people aged 18-64, and Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness are national partners in fitness.

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FAQ About Walmart Fitness Pass

Do Walmart employees get a discount on gym membership?

Walmart offers discounted memberships to its employees as part of the nationwide program. On Monday, January 27, Walmart announced that it would offer its employees a $9 per paycheck membership to a network gym without enrollment fees or contracts. This program is available nationwide.

Can you use Walmart 15 discount online?

To receive an employee discount, Walmart employees need to add the Associate Discount number to their Walmart account. Once you have found the link to register your Associate Discount Card, employees will need to enter their Walmart Identification Number, Win, and Associate Discount card number.

How long do you have to work at Walmart to get a lifetime discount card?

Walmart employees who have been employed for 15+ years receive a lifetime discount.

Do Walmart employees get a discount on tires?

Use our Walmart Employee Discount on Tires to enjoy your purchase and receive a 5% discount on all your orders.


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