Walmart Car Battery Return Policy 2024

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy: If You bought a Car battery from Walmart But didn’t use it Or it was the wrong size Or didn’t work well, You Can return it.

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

You might now be wondering what Walmart’s rules are for taking back car batteries. I’ve Already done the research for you, So you don’t have to! Here’s what I discovered.

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy in 2024

Within 90 days of purchase, You can return or exchange a car battery To Walmart if it is broken, hasn’t been used, or doesn’t fit a battery mount.

Customers Can get a Cash refund, an exchange, or Store credit when they return a car battery to Walmart with the original box and receipt.

Keep Reading To find Out how to return a battery, Where To do it, And What to do if you don’t have a receipt.

Conditions In Which Walmart Will Accept Auto Batteries Returns

Everything is Clearly defined and evaluated, So if you want to get a replacement, you can follow the battery return policy, which says:

  • Unsatisfactory product: It is still in good shape and has not been installed or used.
  • Doesn’t fit: It won’t fit in the compartment.
  • Can’t work if it can’t charge.
  • Tests show that the capacity is only about 75% of what it should be (shown at 12. 45 volts or maybe less).

If You bought something 90 days ago, You can go to Walmart to exchange it if the above conditions are met, And they will fully accept this problem.

If You’re Wondering About refunds, That’s Great, because if You have a receipt, You’ll Get paid back the same way you paid the first time. Walmart will pay with store credit if there is no receipt.

How To File A Warranty Claim?

The easiest and most common way to file a warranty claim at Walmart is to go to any Walmart store or Walmart Auto Care Center and let an employee know you want to file a claim.

Make sure to bring your receipt and car battery with you because the store will need to use your purchase record or the serial number on the battery to look up the details of your warranty.

If you’d rather file your claim online, you can try using the services of the company DoNotPay, which may be able to help you start your claim with Walmart online.

Can You Return A Car Battery Without A Receipt?

You can return a car battery to Walmart even if you don’t have a receipt, but you’ll need to be ready.

Walmart asks customers who want to return something without a receipt to show a valid government-issued ID instead of a proof of purchase. Walmart will use your ID to keep track of any other returns you might want to make without a receipt.

Even though Walmart is set up to accept returns without receipts, it’s important to know that the store manager can refuse any return or exchange request at any time. So, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your money back.

Does Walmart Pay For Old Batteries?

If you were hoping to get money back for your old batteries, you won’t be able to because this is not part of the battery replacement policy. But you may still get paid if you bring back old cores to Walmart.

The goal of this fee is to get people to trade in their old cores so they can be recycled instead of being thrown away, which is bad for the environment.

When you need a new battery, you can trade in your old one at Walmart and get $5 to $20 back (the charge will vary depending on the state). You can also get that money back in the form of cash or a discount when you buy a new one.

Will Walmart Change My Car Battery?

Walmart’s Walmart Auto Care Centers are the only places where batteries can be put in. As long as you buy the battery at a Walmart store, they will install it for free.

There is a $10 installation fee if you did not buy your battery at Walmart.

Does Walmart Support Change Auto Batteries?

The answer must be “yes.” Specifically, if you buy batteries from Walmart, you can get them installed for free at a Walmart car care center. If you buy something from outside and install it at their center, it will cost about $10 for the change and installation.

Does Store Accept Household Battery Return?

“Yes” is the answer to this question. Most of these products are covered by Walmart’s battery exchange policy, which is done within 90 days of when the product was bought. Remember that your product must be in its original packaging for the staff to accept returns.

As long as you have a receipt, you can get your money back the same way you paid for the item. On the other hand, staff will check your purchases even if you don’t have a receipt, and you will get your money back in the form of store credit. Also, cash refunds will be given for purchases that cost less than $25.

FAQs – Walmart Car Battery Return Policy

Can you return household batteries to Walmart?

It could happen. Some sources say that used household batteries can be recycled at Walmart, but there doesn’t seem to be enough information to say for sure that all Walmarts offer this service.

Will Walmart change your car battery?


Does the warranty get extended on replacement batteries?

No, Walmart’s EverStart car battery warranty only covers brand-new batteries. New batteries don’t come with a new warranty, so they’re only covered if the original warranty is still in effect.

Does Walmart give you money for old batteries?


Does Walmart install car batteries for free?

Yes. If you buy a battery for your car at Walmart or a Walmart Auto Care Center, Walmart will put it in for free. If you bought your car battery from somewhere else, Walmart will charge you $10 to put it in.

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