Does Walmart Make Keys? (Costs, Key Copy, Location and More!)

Does Walmart Make Keys?

Does Walmart Make Keys :- Since we use our keys to get into our homes, offices, and cars, it’s not surprising that we all need new ones at some point. So does Walmart make keys? Here’s what I found out!

When You Use a MinuteKey kiosk, each key can cost anywhere from $2 to $6, and you’ll need a credit or debit card to pay for it.

There are Minute Key kiosks in most Walmarts. With These self-service kiosks, You can make a copy of your key in just a few minutes without the help of an employee.

Does Walmart Make Keys


Most Home locks, padlocks, and even some cars can use these machines to make keys. Most House Keys Cost between $2 and $5 each, while car keys can cost as much as $25 each.

Walmart Doesn’t charge you anything more than the cost of the key for cutting it.

Keep reading to find out more about Walmart’s key cutting services and how to use them.

What Kind of Keys Can I Make at Walmart?

You Can Easily make both house keys and office keys at Walmart, which is very convenient.

Car Keys are a little different, but you can copy them successfully at a MinuteKey kiosk if they are old enough and don’t have any programming chips inside.

The MinuteKey kiosks are set up so that they will not accept duplicate keys or keys that are too hard to copy.

Other keys that can’t be copied are ones that say “Do Not Copy” or are for public buildings, high-security buildings, schools, or restricted properties.

How Do I Make Keys at Walmart?

MinuteKey kiosks use their own robot technology to make copies of keys in just one minute after you start the process.

They Also have touch screens that are easy To use and step-by-step instructions for making copies.

You can choose the design from a wide range of options, such as nature scenes, animal prints, cartoons, and logos of sports teams.

After you choose your options, the kiosk uses laser imaging to take a picture of the shape of your key and make an exact copy.

What Walmarts Have MinuteKey Kiosks?

MinuteKey kiosks are not in every Walmart store, of course.

But luckily, you can easily check if your local Walmart has a kiosk by using the MinuteKey website’s kiosk locator tool to search for your preferred location.

You only need a few minutes and your zip code or state and city for the website to find the MinuteKey kiosks that are closest to you.

Does Walmart Copy Vehicle Keys?

Some Walmart stores Can make copies of many car keys, even transponder keys.

Depending On Your car’s make, model, and year, the price can be anywhere from $23 to $330. It can take up to 7 minutes to program a key with a transponder.

Depending On the type of key You want to copy, cutting car keys can be a little tricky. Let’s Break it Down for a Moment.

There are Two kinds of car keys: ones made of metal and ones that use a chip.

Transponder Keys

If your car was made in 2000 or later, it probably has a transponder key.

A transponder key is a type of key whose head contains an RFID chip. When the key is put into the ignition, an RFID receiver reads the unique code on this chip.

The Car will start if the code is correct. Unless You do, the car won’t start. Transponder Keys are Usually easy to spot because they have a thick black plastic shell (as seen in the image below).

If Your Car has a transponder key, things get a little more complicated. Even Though the MinuteKey booths at Walmart can copy many transponder keys, there is no guarantee that they can copy yours on the spot.

You’ll Have to go to the Walmart near you.

Some Transponder Keys Can’t be Duplicated On the spot either. You can scan these keys at Walmart, but they have to be made somewhere else and shipped to you. Most of the time, these keys are sent within 3–5 days.

You Can also Go to Your local AutoZone if you don’t want to worry about whether or not Walmart can make a copy of your car key. They can make copies of most car keys, and it doesn’t cost much.

You Can Also Go to a locksmith, who can make a quick and cheap copy of your key.

I Wouldn’t Take Your car key to a dealership to have a copy made because they tend to charge a lot more than they should.

Non-Transponder Keys

The keys that don’t have a chip are just regular metal keys. If your car was made before 1999, you probably have a traditional key that doesn’t have a transponder. It’s likely that Walmart’s MinuteKey can make a copy for you.

Normal car keys can be made for up to $10 and in just a few minutes.

Does Walmart Copy Do Not Duplicate Keys?

MinuteKey prevents the duplication of “Do Not Copy” and “Restricted” keys. They Don’t want individuals who shouldn’t be there to be allowed to enter.

An illustration of this would be a key to a bank safe deposit box, filing cabinet, or mailbox.

You can only get a duplicate of a key like this by visiting the business and requesting them to manufacture one for you. This is typically either free or extremely affordable.

For instance, the post office offers a complimentary duplicate of your mailbox key. The majority of institutions charge a few bucks to duplicate your safe deposit box key.

Walmart Key Copy Hours

You Can get a Copy of Your key at Walmart when the store is open. In the table below, you can find the hours of most stores.

Sunday 6 AM – 11 PM
Monday 6 AM – 11 PM
Tuesday 6 AM – 11 PM
Wednesday 6 AM – 11 PM
Thursday 6 AM – 11 PM
Friday 6 AM – 11 PM
Saturday 6 AM – 11 PM

FAQs – Does Walmart Make Keys?

How long does it take Walmart to make a key?

So, Walmart is a Great place to Get a key made and buy a few things you need. They Don’t have a locksmith on staff, but a company called Minute Key makes self-service kiosks.

So, How Long Does it take at Walmart to Make a copy of a key? In Reality, it usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Can you copy any key at Walmart?

Most Walmart stores can make copies of keys quickly and easily with the help of Minute Key kiosks. The machines at Minute Key can make copies of any simple, flat, all-metal key.

For example, at a Minute Key kiosk at Walmart, you can make copies of the following types of keys: House keys.

Do all Walmarts do keys?

Walmart has a service where they cut keys for most home and office keys. Self-service Minute Key kiosks are in front of most Walmart stores and can be used to make keys. These DIY kiosks can be used quickly and easily.

How much does Walmart charge for a key?

A third-party kiosk called MinuteKey, which works like a vending machine, lets people copy their own keys at Walmart.

Most House keys Cost between $2 And $5 each, and making a copy of each key takes about 2 minutes.

How much do Walmart charge to get a key made?

Depending On the Sort of key You Need to duplicate and the type of copy key you select, the cost to do so at Walmart ranges from $2 to $12.

Some of the Keys available for Purchase come in vivid Colors to stand out on your keychain.

Will Walmart cut my blank key?

Yes, is the short answer. You can make copies of your car keys at Walmart. You Need to Give them a copy of the key you have now. Their “MinuteKey” self-service system will let you get this key in less than five minutes.

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