What is Walmart’s TV Return Policy? 2024

What is Walmart’s TV Return Policy?

Walmart TV Return Policy 2024

Walmart’s TV Return Policy: TVs are one of the Most expensive things you can buy for your home. If You want To buy or return a TV at Walmart, I’ll tell You everything you need to know.

Here is our full guide to whether or not Walmart lets you return TVs and, if so, what the rules are.

walmart tv return policy

All LED, LCD, OLED, and QLED TVs bought at Walmart can be returned within 30 days as long as the TV is in good condition and has all of its parts (remote, legs, remote) and a receipt.

Customers can return TVs to Walmart without the original box, but bringing any original packaging is recommended.

Keep Reading to find out how to return a TV to Walmart after 30 days, What to do if you don’t have the receipt, and more.

Can You Return A TV To Walmart After 90 Days?

In Order to return a TV To Walmart, You have to do so within 30 days of buying it. But if You can’t return it in this time frame, you can still do so later.

In This Case, it will be up to Walmart employees To decide whether or not to accept your return.

If Your TV return is turned down, You can go to a different Walmart and ask to talk to the store manager there.

It Would help if the TV wasn’t broken, was in its original box, And came with its original accessories and purchase receipt.

If The store manager can’t help you, You can tell them nicely that you will file a complaint at Walmart’s corporate headquarters.

At this point, The store manager may accept your return or be told to do so by the headquarters.

How to Return A TV to Walmart

You Can bring a TV back to Walmart at any Walmart store. You can also mail the TV back to the store or start a return process on walmart.com.

When You return the TV in-store, Don’t forget to bring the original box and any accessories (cables, remotes, etc.). You Must also have the original receipt from the store.

Here is how to return a TV online:

Walmart TV Return Policy

  • Go to Purchase history
  • Go to Orders
  • Find the order that has the TV you want to return.
  • Click on Order details
  • Choose Begin a return.
  • Click the box next to the TV you want to send back.
    Choose to go on.
  • Type in why you’re coming back and click Next.
  • Pick whether you want a refund or a new one, then click Next.
  • If you have more to say, add them here (optional). Select Save.
  • Choose the way you want to file your return. You can drop it off at a FedEx location, mail it back, schedule a pickup, or return it in person.
  • Review your return after you’ve chosen the method you want to use. If everything is right, click the “Submit” button.

Can You Return A TV To Walmart Without A Receipt?

You Can return your TV to Walmart even without the receipt. Walmart, however, would not reimburse you for the return. Instead, they’ll let you exchange the TV for a model similar to it or give you store credit.

Make Sure the TV is returned in its original packaging even if you don’t have a receipt. A Government-issued photo ID And the debit or credit card you used to purchase the item are also required.

The information on the purchase will be located by a customer service representative at Walmart by scanning the barcode on the product’s packaging.

Walmart might be able to assist you in locating a misplaced receipt as part of the Walmart protection plan. To Do this, You’ll need the following details.

  • Zip code, street address, or state where you bought the TV
  • The date and amount of the purchase (you can get this from your statement)
  • Type of payment card and its last four numbers

Go to Walmart’s receipt look-up

tool and follow these steps to find the receipt.

Walmart TV Return Policy

  • Enter a zip code, city, or state to find the location of a Walmart store.
  • Enter the purchase date
  • Enter your card type and the last four digits of your card
  • Enter the amount paid or receipt total
  • Complete the Captcha
  • Select Look up receipt
  • Download your receipt

What Is Walmart Return Policy During COVID-19?

Throughout COVID-19, Walmart’s return policy has been mostly the same. Even during the pandemic, Walmart’s standard return policy lets you return items bought in-store or on walmart.com within 90 days of purchase.

You Can send the items back in person, Through the mail, Or at walmart.com.

But because of Covid-19, Walmart put some limits on how customers could return certain items, such as;

  • Food items
  • Home cleaning supplies
  • Apparel
  • Medicines
  • Paper products
  • Health care and beauty products

Walmart TV Return Policy

You’ll Need the original receipt And to start the return process through the Walmart app Or walmart.com.

Can You Return a TV to Walmart Without the Box?

You Can return a TV to Walmart even if You don’t have the box it came in. Walmart will take such returns as long as the item is in good condition and has all of its parts, like the remote and cables.

You Must also bring the receipt with you when you return the TV.

Can You Return a Refurbished TV to Walmart?

You Can Return a Refurbished TV to Walmart if You still have the receipt And it’s Been less than 30 days since you bought it. You Can return the item in person Or by mail.

But You Can’t return the TV to a Walmart store if You bought it from a third-party Walmart reseller. In this case, you should get in touch with the seller To see if they’ll take your return.

Can You Return a Damaged TV to Walmart?

You Can’t take a broken TV back To Walmart unless you can prove that it broke while You had it. If the damage was caused by Walmart staff’s carelessness, you can return it.

Also, You Can send it back if the TV was broken during shipping And you didn’t find out until you opened the box.

In all of these cases, Walmart will only take back the item if the damage wasn’t caused by you. If You Can prove your case, Walmart will take the item back and either give you a refund or a new one.

Can You Return An Opened TV To Walmart?

Most of the time, it’s Preferable To return a boxed item to a retailer in as close To flawless condition as you can. Make Sure the item is still in Good enough condition to be sold again and make an effort to maintain all of the original packaging.

Your TV’s Prospects of being resold And your chances of getting Your money back in full may be harmed if the box has been opened and is plainly damaged.

As a Result, You should take good care of the TV’s packing until you are certain that you won’t be returning it.

If the Original barcode on the box is still present and legible, you may still be eligible for a replacement or refund if you return a TV with a damaged box or no box at all.

Can You Get a Refund After 90 Days?

Walmart’s TV Exchange Policy gives You 30 days from the date you bought the TV to Return it. For your return To be accepted, make sure the TV is in its original packaging, has all of its parts, and is not broken.

You Also Need the receipt from when You bought the item, But Walmart will still take care of the Return if You don’t have it.

Walmart TV Return Policy

Walmart Sends You a refund using the same method you used to pay. If You Paid with a Debit or credit card, it could take up To 10 business days To get your money back.

Walmart does Not refund shipping costs that are paid outside of the United States.

FAQs – Walmart’s TV Return Policy

Can I return TV to Walmart if opened?

Your TV Must still be in its original box for you To be able to exchange it. Even if You don’t have the purchase receipt, Walmart will still let you exchange your TV.

Even if you opened the box and took the TV out of it, you can still exchange it at Walmart.

Does Walmart refund by cash?

Yes, Walmart will offer You Cash back if You purchased with cash or a Check. You’ll Also Receive Cash back if the sum of your purchases is less than $10.

Can you return a TV to Walmart after 6 months?

A TV Can only be taken back To Walmart 30 days after it was bought. Walmart may not accept returns after this time unless the store manager says so.

Can you return a TV to a different Walmart store?

Yes, You can return something To any US Walmart. All You need is the original receipt or packing slip, And the item must still be in its original packaging. You Also have to send it back within 30 days of when you bought it.

Can Walmart deny a TV return?

Yes, Walmart can say no to the return of your TV. Walmart looks closely at all returns to make sure they are eligible. Walmart can also refuse to take back your TV if it’s broken or has been there longer than 30 days.

What is Walmart’s electronics return policy?

You have 30 days To return an electronic item To Walmart.

Does Walmart have a strict return policy?

No, Walmart’s return policy is quite lenient. It lets you return things even if you don’t have a receipt and exchange them for similar things.

You Can also get cash back On purchases that are less than $10. You can also return things to Walmart at other Walmart stores.

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