Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices

Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices

Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices: You Can get a Lot of things To help you celebrate your wedding day at Walmart, like rings, decorations for the reception, and party supplies.

But You Can also buy a wedding cake at Walmart, right? Here’s what I could find out about whether or not Walmart makes wedding cakes.

Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices

Walmart makes wedding cakes both to order and already made. Walmart Bakery can make wedding cakes that are round, tiered, or flat, depending on what the customer wants.

Depending on design and size, most wedding cakes at Walmart cost between $60 and $140.

So how do you order a wedding cake from Walmart that is made just for you? Read On for all the information you need.

What Flavor Wedding Cakes Do Walmart Make?

When You Order Your Walmart wedding cake, you can also choose from many different flavors and colors.

You Can order a white, chocolate, marble, or yellow sponge, and the filling can be either strawberry or Bavarian cream.

There are also many different kinds of buttercream-style and whipped icing. Here are Some Examples of Colors You can choose from:

  • Light pink
  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • Teal
  • Chocolate

Check out Walmart’s catalog of celebration cakes to learn more.

How Much Does A Walmart Wedding Cake Cost?

Custom wedding cakes don’t have a defined cost at Walmart. Depending on what you desire, a wedding cake from Walmart will cost a different amount.

A three-tier wedding cake with frosted figurines of you and your fiancé, for instance, will cost more than a one-tier cake with a more straightforward design.

But, wedding cakes from Walmart are typically fairly affordable.

Typically, a Two-tier Walmart Wedding Cake will Run You about $60, and a three-tier Walmart wedding cake would run you about $140.

Simple Wedding Cakes Start at $19.99 at Costco, so if you’re on a budget, you might go there.

How Do I Order A Wedding Cake From Walmart?

Either in Person at the bakery in-store or online, Walmart accepts wedding cake orders.

Simply Speak with the bakery’s customer service representative and specify your order if you wish to place one in the store.

When it comes to style and design, you’ll have many of options. Among these are, but not restricted to:

  • Sheet cakes
  • Character cakes
  • Cupcakes
  • Round cakes
  • Tiered cakes

Go To the Custom cakes Page on Walmart website to order your wedding cake online.

Can You Get A Wedding Cake From Walmart?

Nearly all Walmart Locations allow You to Place a bespoke wedding cake order, and in some regions you may do it online.

You Can Obtain Your Cake in a variety of colors and flavors, as well as a variety of styles and decorations.

Try To Order Your Cake at least eight days before your big day, whether you purchase it offline or online.

How Far In Advance Should You Order A Cake From Walmart?

You Should Order at Least eight days ahead of time, especially if you want a large or tiered cake.

This Will Give the Bakery The time it needs to make your cake exactly how you want it and get it ready for the big day.

Other Custom Cakes from Walmart, Like cakes for Graduations and birthday parties, should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

What Other Wedding Day Essentials Does Walmart Stock?

There are Numerous additional wedding-related essentials available at Walmart, including invitations, rings, ceremony and celebration decorations, and much more.

You Won’t Need to spend a lot of money To enjoy a good day because Walmart takes pride in maintaining its low prices.

For Wedding showers and bachelorette parties, it also includes décor and entertaining materials.

The Authenticity of Walmart wedding rings, as well as whether or not they may be resized or personalized, may be of importance to those organizing a wedding.

If You want to save even more money, Costco also sells wedding cakes.

FAQs – Walmart Wedding Cakes Prices

Do All Walmart Stores Have A Bakery?

Yes, All Walmart Stores have an in-store bakery, although not all Walmart bakeries can take custom cake requests.

How much is a 3 tier wedding cake at Walmart?

A custom sheet cake that serves 96 people costs about $43. A wedding cake with two layers costs about $60. A wedding cake with three layers costs about $140. A dozen cupcakes that are made to order cost about $10.

Can you buy a wedding cake from Walmart?

Walmart has Wedding Cakes That Look And taste Great and are Priced so that Couples Can have their cake And save money at the same time. There are Walmart Stores with full-service bakeries where you can buy wedding cakes.

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