Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay? Salon Price List

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Does Walmart take Apple Pay in 2024?

Walmart has Stores all Over the United States because it is One of the Largest stores in the country. Walmart Stores have low prices and lots of items in bulk.

They also have thousands of stores To make shopping as easy as possible. The huge store chain has never been afraid to try out new ways to pay.

Apple Pay is Becoming more And more Popular as a way for people to pay digitally. This begs the question: Does Walmart accept Apple Pay?

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay

How to use Walmart Pay on iPhone

To use Walmart Pay: 

  • Open the Walmart app and use the navbar to go to the Services tab.
  • Tap Walmart Pay.
  • Then, at checkout, just scan the QR code, and you’re good to go.

Does Walmart take Apple Pay

Scan & Go Can speed up the checkout process even more if you have Walmart Plus. With Scan & Go, You Can scan the barcodes of the items you want to buy as you add them To your cart. At checkout, You Can scan the QR code to finish your shopping and pay for it.

This Means You don’t have To scan everything at the end of your trip, And if You bring your own bags, You Can even bag things as you go.

You Just Need To pick out the things you want, Scan their barcodes with your phone, And scan the QR code at the checkout to pay.

What Is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay

is a Way To pay for things without Touching them. It Works with Apple products. It Lets you store digital copies of Your debit and credit cards On your iPhone or iPad.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay

It is The Biggest mobile payment company in the world, with 507 million users. The Goal is to get people To Stop carrying wallets and instead store their cards On their iPhones. This Means that you can pay with your phone instead of a card.

Apple Pay also lets people buy things with just one tap in apps that have added the Apple Pay API. It Can be found on the web on devices that run iOS 10 or macOS Sierra or later. iOS apps for the iPhone 6 and later can use Apple Pay.

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay?

Walmart no longer takes Apple Pay as of February 2022. Apple Pay uses NFC (near-field communication) technology to pay for things with linked funds. Walmart doesn’t support NFC technology, which is a shame.

Most People at Walmart use MasterCard, Visa, Or American Express credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, checks, or cash to pay for things.

What Forms of Payment Does Walmart Accept?

Walmart accepts:

  • ➡ Credit card
  • ➡ Debit, ATM, or check card
  • ➡ Capital One Walmart credit card
  • ➡ Gift card
  • ➡ Affirm
  • ➡ Paypal
  • ➡ Cash
  • ➡ Chase Pay
  • ➡ American Express Checkout
  • ➡ Venmo

Why Doesn’t Walmart Take Apple Pay?

Does Walmart Accept Apple Pay

Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay for three important reasons:

Extra Charges

Since Apple Pay is an Apple product, Every business that uses it must pay a processing fee to Apple.

This Means that you don’t have to pay anything to use Apple Pay, But Walmart does. Walmart does Not accept Apple Pay because it would hurt its profits.

Promoting Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is the store’s own way to pay online. A User Can store information about their debit, credit, And Walmart gift cards in a safe place, Which they can then use to pay for things at checkout.

Since Walmart Owns Walmart Pay, all of the money made from this payment method goes to Walmart.

Walmart Pay makes the company more money and makes more people aware of the brand. Because of this, Walmart wants to promote its own payment platform instead of using other options like Apple Pay.

Fees for processing

One of the Main reasons Walmart does Not accept Apple Pay is because of the Processing fee. Apple Says that anyone can use its technology for free, But there is a catch.

The Charges will be made by the card issuer on their behalf. Because of this, Walmart has to pay different processing fees for each digital wallet card. Depending On the card, The processing fee can be quite high.

In theory, Walmart would make less money if they accepted Apple Pay. Walmart Wants To make as much money as it can from each transaction. One Way to do this is to avoid payment processing fees as much as possible.

Walmart Pay

Even though Walmart doesn’t take Apple Pay, They do take Walmart Pay, Which is their own digital payment system. Walmart Doesn’t take Apple Pay because it doesn’t want To compete with its own digital payment system.

With the Walmart Pay app, Customers can pay Online and the store can send notifications and talk to customers all from one place.

Marketing benefits

This Might not mean much To the average customer, But if Walmart can come up with new ways for customers To pay and interact with the store, it raises awareness of the brand. It Brings more people into stores and gets Walmart’s name out there at the same time.

A New way to get people to know about a brand is through a digital wallet like Walmart Pay. The Walmart Pay app is Only available to people who shop at Walmart. This is Part of the company’s plan To keep customers coming back.

When Will Walmart Start Accepting Apple pay?

Walmart does Not plan to accept Apple Pay right now. If the Walmart Pay app goes away, The company might decide to use Apple Pay instead. But it Doesn’t Look like that’s going To happen right now.

How to Use Walmart Pay

Thanks To digital wallets, it has Never been easier To buy things online or in person. You Can buy things with payment methods like Apple Pay and Walmart Pay by just clicking a button.

Both Android and Apple users can get the Walmart Pay app for free.

To get started:

  • 👉 Get the Walmart app on your device and open it.
  • 👉 From the list of features, choose “Services.”
  • 👉 Tap “Walmart Pay”
  • 👉 Click on “Get going”
  • 👉 Sign in to or make a new account.
  • 👉 Select a credit or debit card
  • 👉 Accept the rules and terms
  • 👉 Click “Go to Walmart Pay”
  • 👉 Create a passcode
  • 👉 Use Walmart Pay at checkout

When shopping at Walmart:

  • 👉 You can scan your items at any self-checkout counter or at a checkout lane with people working there.
  • 👉 On the screen of the debit reader, a unique QR code will show up.
  • 👉 Open the app for Walmart Pay.
  • 👉 Enter your 4-digit pin
  • 👉 Move your phone over the QR code on the screen until a sound or message tells you that your transaction was successful.

Benefits of Apple Pay and Other Contactless Payments

Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods, Like Walmart Pay, are Popular because they work right out of the box on mobile devices.

Apple Pay, in particular, is currently available in 20 countries through iOS apps at participating stores And financial institutions.

Some of its good points are:


Apple Pay Lets People buy things by just holding their phone up to the scanner. (Thanks to security features, You Can’t accidentally buy something by holding your device too close to the reader.) With Touch ID, You Can use your finger to accept the purchase. Then, Your transaction is completed in a few seconds.

Apple Pay keeps all of your card numbers And other sensitive information in a safe place, So you don’t have to type them in. This Means that you Only need one tap to finish your transaction.


Apple Pay will make doing business easier for people who already have an Apple computer. This makes the path for the buyer shorter.

They would also like how fast Apple Pay checkout is, since they wouldn’t have to enter their whole credit card number.

Mobile payments are very convenient because users can use a payment method that they already have on them. It doesn’t matter if they forgot their wallets at home.


Identity theft, data leaks, And credit card fraud are On the rise, making payment security a Top concern. Apple Pay Puts safety first. It has protections built into both the hardware and the software of devices that can use it.

Apple Pay also stores the payment information of its users, but this information is never sent to the recipient or retailer.

Internet-free connection

To Use Apple Pay, you don’t need to be online. There are No charges for roaming. You Can use your phone even when it’s in airplane mode.

When you use Apple Pay in a store, The payment goes to the store’s terminal and uses the NFC chip.


Apple Doesn’t keep track of what you buy, Who you are, Or any other personal information, like your billing address.

This gives you more space to yourself. Most of the time, using device account numbers with credit cards makes purchases in stores more private.

Additional Information

Walmart Pay and the Walmart mobile app are easy to mix up, Especially now that Walmart Pay is built into the Walmart app.

Walmart Pay is a mobile wallet that stores all of your payment methods. On The other hand, You Can shop online with the Walmart app.

Walmart Pay Lets You pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Walmart gift cards, eGift Cards, And prepaid cards.

You can search any barcode, QR code, Or Walmart shelf tag with the barcode scanner in the Walmart app. Price information And other helpful details about the product will be sent to you right away. This is helpful if you find a lost item Or don’t know how much something costs.

You can’t use Google Pay or Samsung Pay in Walmart stores or online after February 2022.

What Payment Methods Can You Use at Walmart?

Even though Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay, There are still many ways To Pay for what you want to buy.

Here are some ways to pay that Walmart does accept:

Users should know that PayPal and Affirm Cannot be added to their Walmart Wallet and can only be used when they check out.

How to add or change a method of payment

Here are the steps You Need to take To add a New payment method when shopping on the Walmart website or App.

Adding a Payment Method

  1. 👉 Select “Account.”
  2. 👉 Choose the “Wallet” option.
  3. 👉 Navigate to “Add new payment method.”
  4. 👉 Select the type of payment method that you wish to add.
  5. 👉 Enter the necessary details.
  6. 👉 Once you are done, select “Save Card.”

You Can also Use your camera To scan the details of your card To save money faster and more efficiently. Follow These steps to change the details of a payment method you’ve already set up:

  1. 👉 Go to “Account.”
  2. 👉 Select “Wallet.”
  3. 👉 Tap on “Edit” next to the payment method that needs to be changed.

Is Walmart Pay Better Than Apple Pay?

Since Walmart Doesn’t accept Apple Pay, a Lot of people might wonder if Walmart Pay is better than Apple Pay. Fairly, Both of these ways To pay are good in their own ways. They are similar, But they are meant for different things.

Walmart Pay Can only be used To pay for things On the Walmart website, in the Walmart app, or in a Walmart store.

Apple Pay, On the other hand, Can be used On a wide range of platforms. When it Comes To paying with an Apple device, Apple Pay gives you more options.

Walmart Pay’s Main goal is To promote the Walmart brand among all of its customers, while Apple Pay is more of a “use it for everything” app.

Benefits of Apple Pay

Apple Pay Can compete with other big fintech companies like Affirm and Block because it has new features that keep getting better.

Apple Pay is a Convenient way To pay that can be used on many different platforms because it has the following benefits.

It takes the place of your physical cards and cash with a safer and easier way to pay that has an Apple security seal.

  • When You use your Apple Card with Apple Pay, You Can get 2% Cash Back every day on everything you buy.
  • Apple Pay is Accepted by Most of the biggest websites and apps, so it has a large number of users.
  • When Apple users use Apple Pay, they can check out faster and buy things in a much more convenient way.
  • Apple Pay is already On your Apple device, So it’s Easy to set up and use. You Don’t even have to get a different app for it.

Benefits of Walmart Pay

When you shop at Walmart, Walmart Pay is a handy way to pay. Here are a few good reasons to use Walmart Pay.

  • It lets the user pay without touching the card reader at any Walmart.
  • Walmart Pay Keeps all of your receipts, so you don’t have to worry about finding one when you’re returning something.
  • Walmart Pay is better for the environment than paper receipts because it gets rid of them.
  • Since it doesn’t use NFC (near-field communication) technology, Walmart Pay is very safe. You Enter your PIN On your device instead of at a store register, Which makes it harder for other people to figure it out.

FAQ About Walmart Accept Apple Pay

How do I pay with my iPhone in Walmart?

Even though Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay, You can still use Your iPhone To pay at Walmart by downloading Walmart Pay And using that instead.

Does Walmart take Apple Pay in 2023?

Walmart does Not accept Apple Pay.

Does Walmart take digital wallets?

Walmart does Not accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, Or Samsung Pay, which are all popular ways To pay online. Walmart Pay is the only mobile wallet that can be used there.

Can I get cash back with Walmart Pay?

With Walmart Pay, You Can’t get cash back when you shop at a Walmart store. If You link a rewards credit card To your account, You can get cash back when you use Walmart Pay.

How do I know if Apple Pay has been accepted?

When Someone Sends you money with Apple Pay, You can decide if you want to accept the payment automatically or manually.

The Message will say “Accept.” You have seven days to take the money. If You want to turn it down and you have an iPhone, You Can Open the wallet app And click on “Recent Transactions” to turn down the money.

Can I pay with two credit cards on

You can use six cards at once: five gift cards and one credit or debit card. You Can’t use Two credit, debit, Or prepaid cards at the same time.

What is the difference between Apple Cash and Apple Pay?

Apple has two digital payment systems: Apple Pay And Apple Cash. Both of these things can be found in your Apple Wallet. You Can set up either one or both, Depending On what you want.

Apple Cash Can be Paid for with a debit card, Messages payments, Or cash back from an Apple credit card. On the other hand, You Can Add money To Apple Pay with a debit card, credit card, prepaid card, Or Apple Cash.

To set up Apple Pay from the main screen, follow these steps:
  1. Tap the “Wallet” icon. …
  2. Tap the “+” icon to add a card. …
  3. Tap “Continue.”
  4. Position your credit or debit card within the frame on your screen to add your card details automatically. …
  5. Enter the security code on the back of your card.
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