Breon Hair Salon Prices & Services

Welcoming you To Breon Hair Salon, where the highest quality hair care and exquisite stylists come together to provide an unforgettable experience.

In the middle of the city Breon Hair Salon is a sanctuary of tranquility and beauty focused on improving your appearance and increasing your confidence.

Breon Hair Salon

With a team of experienced and skilled hair stylists offering a wide selection of services designed to meet your requirements.

From precise haircuts and vivid color transformations to lavish treatments and exquisitely designed hairstyles, our skilled stylists will deliver exceptional results that will exceed your expectations.

Come into Breon Hair Salon to let us handle every hair need and leave you feeling rejuvenated fresh, rejuvenated, and eager to take on the world with stunning hair.

What Is a Breon Hair Salon?

The Breon Hair Salon is well-known establishment that provides exceptional hair-care services, and creates new standards for the world of beauty.

With the focus on the latest technology, innovative thinking and individualized attention to detail, Breon Hair Salon is committed to giving its customers an unforgettable experience in the salon.

Breon Hair Salon Prices

Women’s Services:

  • Women’s Cut $40.00
  • Blow Dry/Style $38.00
  • Formal Finish $70.00

Men’s Services:

  • Men’s Cut $30.00
  • Color Camo $40.00
  • Color $65.00
  • Partial Hilite $60.00

Color Services:

  • Color $65.00
  • Gloss $65.00
  • Partial Hilite $80.00
  • Full Hilite $120.00
  • Ombre $135.00
  • Balayage $135.00

Makeup Services

  • Makeup Application $65.00
  • Air-Brush Makeup $80.00
  • Makeup Lesson $80.00


  • Brows $15.00
  • Lip or Chin $15.00

Haircuts and Styling Services

A stunning haircut can completely change your appearance and boost your confidence. In Breon Hair Salon we provide different haircuts as well as styling options for men, women and kids.

Breon Hair Salon

Women’s Haircuts

Our stylists are experts in haircuts for women, whether you want an elegant bob, fashionable layers, or a stylish pixie cut.

We offer individualized consultations to help you understand your ideal appearance and give you suggestions according to your face’s form, texture of your hair and your lifestyle.

Men’s Haircuts

Gentlemen can get fresh and fashionable haircuts with a stylish and refreshing haircut at Breon Hair Salon.

Our expert barbers are skilled in both modern and classic male hairstyles. They will ensure that you leave our salon looking polished and confident.

Children’s Haircuts

Hairstyles for children require extra attention and a lot of patience. Our professional stylists will ensure that they feel at ease leaving with hair that fits their style and character.

Hair Coloring and Highlights

Highlights and coloring your hair can give depth, dimension and character in your haircut. We at Breon Hair Salon we provide various coloring options such as:

Breon Hair Salon
  1. One-Process Color Get an even and consistent change in color using single-process color. If you’re looking to make grays disappear or experiment with the latest shade our colorists are experts and will assist you in achieving your desired appearance.
  2. Highlights and Lowlights: Create stunning contrast and dimension to your hair by using highlight and lowlights. Our stylists can customize the technique and location to give you a natural and attractive look.
  3. Balayage and Ombre for an artistic and fashionable style, think about balayage or Ombre techniques. These techniques result in an effortless transition of shades that give the hair an edgy gradient look.

Hair Extensions

If you are looking for more volume and length Hair extensions are ideal for you.

Our skilled stylists are proficient in applying top-quality hair extensions which blend effortlessly into your hair’s natural texture, giving you the volume and length you want.

Hair Treatments

Hair that is healthy is the basis of any good hairstyle. We at Breon Hair Salon we offer a range of hair treatments that enhance the condition and appearance that your hair has.

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning treatment deliver an intense amount of nourishment and hydration that restore dry, damaged and chemically processed hair.

Repair your hair’s moisture and restore its natural shine and softness.

Scalp Treatments

A healthy, well-maintained scalp is essential for Healthy and beautiful hair.

Our scalp treatments tackle the most frequent scalp issues like Dryness, dandruff, and excessive oiliness. They help to maintain the scalp’s healthy and balanced environment.

Hair Extensions and Weaves Services

Breon Hair Salon

Clip-In Extensions

Increase your hair’s length and volume by clip-in extensions. Our salon has high-end natural-looking and natural-looking extensions that blend into your hair. 

Our stylists can assist you in deciding on the best length and shade for the desired outcome.

Tape-In Extensions

For a semi-permanent option We offer tape-in extensions. They are light, easy to wear and blend seamlessly into your hair’s natural texture.

 Our stylists apply the extensions with care and precision to give you a natural, unnoticeable appearance.

Weaves and Sew-Ins

If you’re in search of an option that lasts longer we offer professional weave and sew-in solutions. 

Our stylists meticulously stitch or weave the extension to the natural hair to create a smooth and extensive result. Feel free to make your hair look as you like with these durable extensions.

Breon Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday 11:30am-7:30pm
Tuesday 8:30am-7:30pm
Wednesday 8:30am-7:30pm
Thursday 8:30am-7:30pm
Friday 8:30am-7:30pm
Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm
Sunday Closed

Breon Hair Salon Near Me Location

History – Breon Hair Salon

Breon Hair Salon, a boutique salon within Soho, New York City. It was started by the famous hair stylist Breon in the year 2015.

Breon began his career in the field of hair styling through his work at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. 

Then, he went on to work for a variety of luxurious hair salons located in New York City, including John Barrett and Bumble and Bumble.

After many years of working at different hair salons Breon thought it was the right time to launch the business of his own.

 Breon opened his doors to Breon Hair Salon on the 1st of the year 2015 and quickly built up an enduring clientele. 

Breon’s hairstyling philosophy is based on precision cutting, with a particular focus on increasing hair’s natural beauty. customers hair.

In addition to his work in Salon Breon, Breon has also styled hair for a variety of events and fashion shoots. 

He is now a regular in the beauty and fashion industry. His work has been highlighted in publications like Vogue as well as Elle.

Presently, Breon Hair Salon continues to be among the most prestigious salons for hair in New York City. 

The salon provides a wide range of services that include haircuts, color treatment, and even extensions. 

Breon himself is still working with clients frequently and ensures that every client leaves the salon with a feeling of confidence and beauty.


Breon Hair Salon operates as a chic hair salon located in New York City that was created by a celebrity hairstylist Breon in the year 2015.

 Breon’s hairstyling style is focused on precise cutting and improving the beauty and natural appeal of his customers hair. 

With many years of experience in the best salons, and creating hairstyles to be used for events and editorial shoots, Breon has established himself as an industry leader in the beauty and fashion business. 

In the present, Breon Hair Salon continues to provide high-quality hair care services to clients and offer the best experience.

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FAQ – Breon Hair Salon

What services does Breon Hair Salon offer?

Breon Hair Salon provides an array of services, including haircuts, hair styling, hair coloring highlight treatments, Keratin and many more. We also provide spa services like massages and facials.

How much does a typical haircut cost at Breon Hair Salon?

The price of a haircut will vary based on the particular service stylist, the type of service and other variables. Contact us directly to get pricing details.

Can I request a specific stylist at Breon Hair Salon?

You can choose a particular stylist according to their availability. We will try everything we can accommodate you preferences.

Does Breon Hair Salon offer hair treatments for damaged hair?

Yes, we offer a range of treatments for hair that revive and repair damaged hair, like deep conditioning treatments as well as hair masks.

What hair coloring techniques are available at Breon Hair Salon?

We offer a range of hair coloring methods, such as balayage, ombre highlights, lowlights, as well as traditional hair color applications.

What products does Breon Hair Salon use for hair treatments?

We make use of a variety of high-quality products for your hair from trusted brands to provide top-quality results and to maintain the condition of your hair.

Does Breon Hair Salon offer men’s haircuts and grooming services?

Yes, we offer various hair-related services for men, such as haircuts, beard trims as well as grooming treatment.

Does Breon Hair Salon offer gift cards?

Yes, we have gift cards that are available in our salon or on the internet. They make excellent gifts to family and friends.

Does Breon Hair Salon offer hair extensions?

Yes, we can provide hair extensions that give length and volume your hair. Our stylists are able to help you understand the choices offered.

Do I need to make an appointment or can I walk in?

Appointments are highly recommended, but we will also accept walk-in clients subject to availability.

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