Coco Hair Salon Prices & Services

Welcoming you here to Coco Hair Salon, where beauty and creativity meet! In the middle of the city.

Coco Hair Salon is committed to providing outstanding hair care services that make you feel at ease and beautiful.

Our skilled team of stylists is Dedicated to keeping up-to-date with most Recent styles and techniques to ensure that you get the hairstyle that best suits your fashion and lifestyle.

Visit Coco Hair Salon and indulge in a transformational experience that will leave you feeling and looking the best you can be.

What is a Coco Hair Salon?

Coco Hair Salon is a professional salon that provides an array of hair care services. It’s a place where people can come to receive skilled hairstyling, cutting coloring and other treatments.

Coco Hair Salon is Staffed by experienced and trained hairstylists who are up to Date with the latest trends and techniques used in the industry.

The salon’s mission is to give Clients personal and unique experiences that transform their lives and leave clients feeling confident and content by their fresh hairstyles.

Coco Hair Salon Services & Prices

Haircut Services:

  • Girls Haircut $40
  • Women’s Haircut  $50
  • Touch-ups/ Bangs $15Boys Haircut $30
  • ​Men’s Haircut (Jamie) $30-$40
  • ​Men’s Haircut (Alex) $40-$50

Color Services:

  • Women’s Full Color  $120
  • Women’s Highlights  $150
  • Women’s Touch-up  $70
  • ​Balayage  $350
  • Men’s Full Color  $70
  • Men’s Touch-up  $60

Perm Services:

  • Women’s Regular Perm  $130
  • Digital Perm  $200
  • ​Magic Straightening Perm  $250
  • Men’s Regular Perm  $100

Coco Hair Salon Services

Haircuts and Styling:

Our experienced team of stylists are trained in the most recent cutting and techniques for styling to create striking and custom styles for each client.

Coco Hair Salon

No matter if you’re looking for the classic bob you’ve always wanted or trendy hairstyle, or an elegant hairstyle for a special event We’ve got you covered.

Our Stylists will work with you to understand your individual preferences and provide guidance for achieving the perfect look and haircut that complements your style and personality.

Hair Coloring and Highlights:

Change your hair’s appearance by using our stunning highlights and coloring services.

Coco Hair Salon

From natural-looking hues to vibrant and bold shades, our color experts can help you choose the ideal shade that matches the tone of your face and complements the overall look of your hair.

If you’re looking for a complete hair color shift, subtle highlights, or balayage our expert team will deliver an effortless and beautiful result.

Hair Treatments and Spa:

Enjoy a relaxing hair spa treatment with us at Coco Hair Salon. Our hair treatments are created to replenish, strengthen and revive your hair, making it smooth, shiny and healthy.

Coco Hair Salon

Treatments for deep conditioning to massages on the scalp, and replenishing hair masks, our experts provide a variety of options for specific hair problems like dryness, frizz and damage.

Relax in Our spa, and allow our professional hair therapists pamper your locks to the highest level.

Bridal Hair Services:

Your wedding day day is an important event and we understand how important it is to look and Feeling your best.

Coco Hair Salon

Hair services for brides are Customized to create stunning hairstyles that will make one feel as if you are a queen your wedding day.

If you are looking for a classy hairstyle, flowing curls, and a gorgeous half-up look Our bridal stylists will make sure you get the perfect look to match the bridal outfit.

Extensions and Hairpieces:

If you are looking for more length, more full, or more volume then our extension hair items and pieces are the ideal solution. 

Coco Hair Salon

Our specialists will assist you pick the ideal hairpiece or extensions that seamlessly blends into your hair and is in line with your ideal fashion. 

If you’re looking for clip-ins or tape-ins or a custom-made hairpiece we can provide seamless application and an excellent final.

Men’s Hair Services

Men’s Haircut

The men’s haircut we offer focuses on precision, style and care for the smallest of details.

Our stylists are skilled in cutting-edge techniques to make the perfect haircut for your personal features and style.

Coco Hair Salon

From a classic man’s cut to a modern fade or a sharp undercut, our stylists talk to you about your preferences, and then create the haircut that complements your appearance overall.

The cost for a male haircut in the Coco Hair Salon starts at $30.

Beard Trim and Grooming

A well-groomed and groomed beard can have an impact on your overall appearance.

Coco Hair Salon

Our grooming and trim service is designed to smooth and create a shape for your facial hair, giving you an elegant and polished appearance.

Our stylists will meticulously trim and shape your mustache taking into consideration the style you want and your facial structure.

If you’re looking for a neat shaving, trimmed beard or a sleek mustache, our stylists will give you the best grooming experience.

The cost of a grooming and beard trim time in the Coco Hair Salon starts at $15.

Scalp Treatments

The health of your scalp can be the basis to healthy hair. These scalp care treatments have been made to nourish and revive your scalp, encouraging the growth of your hair and overall health.

Coco Hair Salon

Our specialists will examine your scalp and suggest the most appropriate treatment to resolve any issues you might have like dryness and sensitivity, or dandruff.

The treatments we offer for your scalp include gentle massages that stimulate blood circulation and promote relaxation. The cost of the treatment of your scalp in Coco Hair Salon starts at $40.

Hair Styling and Finishing:

If you’re going to a formal event or just desire to present your best for a date Our haircut styling services for guys will assist you to create a sophisticated and polished style.

Coco Hair Salon

Our stylists will design an attractive hairstyle that matches your style and complements the event.

From chic and elegant to sleek and smooth We have the experience to create a hairstyle that is a reflection of your individual style. Hair styling and styling with Coco Hair Salon starts at $25.

Does Coco Hair Salon Offer Kids Services?

Absolutely, Coco Hair Salon does provide services specifically designed for children.

We understand the unique needs and needs of Children with regards to their hair and our salon was designed to provide a secure and comfortable space for kids to enjoy their hair.

Our stylists are skilled in working with children and provide a variety of services such as haircuts or hair styling, treatments, as well as haircare education.

We try to make salon visits enjoyable for kids and make sure clients leave leaving with hairstyles they enjoy.

In addition, we offer activities to keep kids entertained and content while they are there.

In Coco Hair Salon, we will meet the needs of our children and ensuring a pleasant salon experience for children as well as their families.

Coco Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am – 7pm
Wednesday 10am – 7pm
Thursday 10am – 7pm
Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday 9am – 6pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm

Coco Hair Salon Near Me


Coco Hair Salon, We are passionate about haircare and are committed to providing an exceptional experience for our customers.

From personal consultations to professional services and a relaxing atmosphere We surpass expectations to ensure that you are satisfied.

Our team of experts will transform your hair and reveal your beauty. Visit our salon and take advantage of the ultimate pampering session that will leave you feeling and looking amazing.

For more information about other Nails & Hair salon prices please visit our website

FAQ – Coco Hair Salon

What services does Coco Hair Salon offer?

Coco Hair Salon offers a selection of hairdressing services that include haircuts and styling, coloring extensions, highlights treatments, as well as occasions-specific hairstyles.

How do I make an appointment at Coco Hair Salon?

You can schedule an appointment by contacting our salon directly or making an appointment online via our website. Our staff members will be happy to help you find the most convenient time slot.

Does Coco Hair Salon offer consultations?

Yes, we do offer consultations in which you can discuss your hair goals, worries and needs with our stylists. They’ll provide suggestions and recommend suitable services.

What hair products does Coco Hair Salon use?

In Coco Hair Salon, we employ high-end professional hair products and services from well-known brands to provide the best results and to maintain the quality and condition of your hair.

Can I request a specific hairstylist at Coco Hair Salon?

You can select a hairstylist that you prefer depending on their availability. Our team will try their best to meet your needs.

Does Coco Hair Salon offer hair treatments for damaged hair?

Yes, we offer an array of hair treatment options specifically created to restore and nourish damaged hair, and restore the health of your hair and its vitality.

Does Coco Hair Salon offer bridal or wedding hair services?

Yes, we provide the bridal or wedding services that will aid you in creating that perfect style for your wedding day. We can design elegant hairstyles and romantic curls or any style that is in line with the vision of your wedding.

Does Coco Hair Salon offer men’s haircuts?

Yes, we can accommodate both females and males in our Coco Hair Salon. Our hair stylists have experience in male haircuts and create fashionable and tailored styles.

Does Coco Hair Salon offer discounts or promotions?

Yes, we do occasionally offer promotions and discounts on certain services or at special occasions. Stay informed by visiting our social media channels or visiting our website to see the latest offers.

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment?

You can change or cancel your appointment by calling the salon at minimum 24 hours in advance. Refusal to cancel after 24 hours could lead to a charge.

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