What Brand Of Hair Straighteners Do Hair Salons Use? 2024

What Brand Of Hair Straighteners Do Hair Salons Use?

Have you ever wondered about the secret behind the perfectly sleek and smooth hair you get after visiting a hair salon?

One of the key tools that professional hairstylists use to achieve that salon-quality finish is a high-quality hair straightener.

What Brand Of Hair Straighteners Do Hair Salons Use?

In this article, we’ll explore the world of hair straighteners used in salons, focusing on the brands preferred by hairstylists and the factors that influence their choice.

The Importance of Hair Straighteners in Salons

Before delving into specific brands, let’s understand why hair straighteners are indispensable tools in salons.

Hair straighteners are versatile devices that can transform frizzy, curly, or unruly hair into a sleek and straight masterpiece.

They provide the foundation for a wide range of hairstyles, from classic straight looks to trendy waves and curls.

Salon professionals rely on hair straighteners to:

  • Create smooth and polished finishes.
  • Achieve consistent and controlled results.
  • Offer clients a variety of styling options.
  • Save time during appointments.

The choice of a hair straightener brand is crucial for hairstylists, as it directly impacts the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their clients.

Key Features to Look for in Salon-Grade Hair Straighteners

When it comes to salon-grade hair straighteners, not all models are created equal. Hairstylists look for specific features to ensure optimal performance and durability. These key features include:

  • Adjustable Temperature Settings: A wide temperature range allows hairstylists to tailor the heat to different hair types, ensuring effective yet safe straightening.
  • Quick Heating: Fast heat-up times are essential in a salon setting where time is of the essence.
  • Plate Material: High-quality plates made from materials like ceramic or titanium distribute heat evenly and reduce hair damage.
  • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable, easy-to-use straighteners minimize stylist fatigue during long workdays.
  • Durability: Salon-grade straighteners are built to withstand daily use and are less likely to malfunction.
  • Versatility: Some models offer features like adjustable plate widths and the ability to create various hairstyles.

Top Hair Straightener Brands Preferred by Salons

Now, let’s explore some of the top hair straightener brands that are favored by professional salons for their exceptional performance and reliability.

What Brand Of Hair Straighteners Do Hair Salons Use?

GHD (Good Hair Day)

GHD is a renowned brand known for its high-quality hair straighteners. Its straighteners feature ceramic heating technology that ensures consistent and precise temperature control. GHD straighteners are favored by many stylists for their ability to create long-lasting sleekness.


BaBylissPRO offers a range of salon-grade hair straighteners with advanced features. These straighteners are known for their durability, quick heating, and exceptional results. Hairstylists appreciate the brand’s commitment to innovation.

CHI (Cationic Hydration Interlink)

CHI straighteners are celebrated for their use of ceramic and tourmaline materials, which reduce frizz and protect hair from damage. Their ergonomic design and reliability make them a staple in many salons.


Dyson, a leader in innovation, has introduced a groundbreaking straightener with intelligent heat control technology. It regulates the temperature to prevent excessive heat damage, making it a preferred choice for stylists who prioritize hair health.


Remington offers high-quality straighteners at affordable prices. These straighteners are known for their reliable performance and versatility, making them suitable for both professional and home use.

Factors Influencing Salon Choice

Several factors influence a salon’s choice of hair straightener brand, including:

  • Budget: The salon’s budget plays a significant role in determining the brands they can afford.
  • Clientele: The salon’s target clientele and their styling preferences impact the choice of straighteners.
  • Brand Reputation: Established brands with a history of quality and reliability often garner trust among hairstylists.
  • Hair Type: The diversity of clients’ hair types may lead salons to choose versatile straighteners that can handle various textures.

Salon-grade hair straighteners come in a range of prices, from budget-friendly options to high-end models.

It’s essential to strike a balance between quality and budget when selecting a hair straightener for professional use.

Investing in a reputable brand can pay off in terms of long-term performance and client satisfaction.

Tips for Consumers

For individuals seeking salon-worthy results at home, consider the following tips:

  • Choose a straightener with adjustable heat settings to match your hair type.
  • Invest in a trusted brand known for performance and durability.
  • Prioritize hair health by using heat protectants and following proper straightening techniques.

Best Hair Straightener For Thick Frizzy Hair

BabylissPRO Nano Titanium Straightener

This straightener has titanium plates that heat up quickly and evenly, making it easy to straighten thick hair without causing damage. It also has ionic technology to reduce frizz and static.

GHD Max Styler

This is another great option for thick hair. It has extra-wide plates that make it easy to straighten large sections of hair quickly.

It also has a heat-up time of just 30 seconds and 30 heat settings to customize your styling experience.

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron

This straightener has ceramic plates that are infused with keratin and argan oil to help smooth and protect your hair.

It also has a floating design that allows the plates to conform to your hair’s natural shape, making it easier to get a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron.

This straightener is known for its ability to straighten hair in just one pass. It has ionic technology to reduce frizz and static, and it also has a built-in sensor that monitors the temperature and adjusts it as needed to prevent damage.

Dyson Corrale

This is a cordless hair straightener that uses flexing plates to grip your hair and straighten it without pulling or damaging it. It also has 3 heat settings and a cool shot button to lock in your style.

Ultimately, the best hair straightener for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consider your hair type, budget, and desired features when making your decision.

Here are some additional factors to consider when choosing a hair straightener for thick frizzy hair:

  • Plate size: A wider plate will make it easier to straighten thick hair quickly and evenly.
  • Heat settings: A straightener with adjustable heat settings will allow you to customize the temperature to your hair type and desired style.
  • Ionic technology: Ionic technology helps to reduce frizz and static, which can be helpful for thick, frizzy hair.
  • Heat protection: A straightener with heat protection features will help to prevent damage to your hair.
  • Budget: Hair straighteners can range in price from a few hundred rupees to a few thousand rupees. Choose a straightener that fits your budget and your needs.

what brand of non natural hair color does salon use?

Salons frequently turn to a variety of non-natural hair color brands to meet their clients’ demands for vibrant and unconventional hair transformations.

Among the trusted brands are Manic Panic, renowned for its bold and extensive range of semi-permanent dyes, ideal for clients seeking temporary, eye-catching colors.

Pravana offers professional-grade, long-lasting, and intense shades, including vivid and unconventional options. Joico Color Intensity is favored for its fade-resistant pigments.

Pulp Riot allows salons to create unique, artistic colors, while Arctic Fox provides eco-conscious choices.

Special Effects offers bold, enduring shades, while Crazy Color boasts an extensive, statement-making palette.

Directions, a UK-based brand, offers vibrant, semi-permanent color choices, making these brands staples for salon professionals.


Hair straighteners are indispensable tools in the world of hairstyling, especially in professional salons.

The choice of brand is a crucial decision for hairstylists, as it directly impacts the quality of their work and client satisfaction.

By understanding the key features and preferred brands, both professionals and consumers can make informed choices when it comes to achieving salon-quality hair straightening results.

FAQ – What Brand Of Hair Straighteners Do Hair Salons Use?

Are salon-grade hair straighteners suitable for home use?

Yes, many salon-grade straighteners are designed for both professional and home use, offering salon-quality results at home.

What is the ideal temperature setting for straightening hair?

The ideal temperature setting varies based on your hair type. Fine or damaged hair may require lower temperatures, while coarse or curly hair may need higher heat settings. It’s essential to use the right temperature for your hair to prevent damage.

How often should I replace my hair straightener?

The lifespan of a hair straightener depends on its quality and frequency of use. High-quality models can last several years with proper care and maintenance.

Can I use a salon-grade straightener if I have no hairstyling experience?

Yes, many salon-grade straighteners are user-friendly and suitable for individuals with limited hairstyling experience. However, it’s important to follow safety guidelines and consult online tutorials or professionals for guidance.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using a hair straightener?

Common mistakes include using high heat on fine hair, not using heat protectants, rushing the straightening process, and using the straightener on damp hair. It’s important to read the user manual and practice proper techniques for the best results and hair health.

Do salons prefer ceramic or titanium hair straighteners?

Salons often use both ceramic and titanium straighteners. Ceramic plates provide even heat distribution, while titanium plates heat up quickly and offer durability.

Why do salons use Dyson hair straighteners?

Dyson hair straighteners offer innovative cordless designs, intelligent heat control, and flexing plates, making them a convenient and efficient choice for salons.

Can you find Remington hair straighteners in salons?

Budget-conscious stylists in salons sometimes choose Remington hair straighteners due to their reputation for affordability and quality.

Do salons use different straighteners for various hair types?

Yes, salons often have a selection of straighteners to cater to different hair types and textures. Some may use specialized straighteners for thick or frizzy hair.

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