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Walmart Spark Delivery Driver Salary in 2022

Walmart Spark Delivery Driver Salary: Most people don’t know how much a Walmart Spark driver actually makes. There are many things that go into figuring out how much a Walmart Spark delivery driver makes overall.

In the United States, a spark driver makes an estimated $90,185 a year on average. The average hourly wage is around $40 to $45 and can go up to $60 to $70 depending on a number of things.

Walmart Spark Delivery Driver Salary

The delivery drivers can do a few things to get paid and earn commissions. But the estimated numbers don’t tell the whole story of how much a Walmart Spark delivery driver makes.

You must understand multiple aspects before starting as a Walmart Spark delivery driver or an independent contractor. So, let’s get going without further ado.

What is a Walmart Spark?

It is a transportation and logistics company that helps clients who need Walmart deliveries get in touch with each other. Customers can use the Spark app to place orders, which are then sent to Walmart delivery drivers.

When the orders are ready, the delivery driver picks them up and brings them to the customers’ homes. Clients can put in different orders for delivery based on what they want. Walmart has everything you need, from food to groceries.

What are the Different Types of Spark Driver Deliveries?

Walmart Spark Delivery Driver Salary

The Spark delivery drivers can get four types of deliveries for your customers:

1. Express deliveries

Customers can pick up express delivery within their local Walmart store. The company offers to deliver 95% of the orders within the first hour of the order requests.

Being a delivery driver, you can take up to 15-25 minutes to complete the process and ensure a steady income and incentive for yourself.

2. Online orders

Handling online orders can be simple and effective for you because of the commonality of the delivery type. Walmart customers place their orders on the website, and you need to go to the physical store for a pickup and then process the delivery order to the customer’s doorstep.

You can also drop the orders without contacting the clients to ensure preventive health measures.

Multiple delivery drivers have started disliking the delivery types because the customers cannot provide tips to increase their overall income from the delivery operations.

3. Curbside orders

Customers pick up curbside delivery orders inside the Walmart parking lot. Being a delivery driver, you’ll use the designated loading area to meet the client and hand off their order.

You don’t require driving to the customers’ homes, and the delivery process can be executed within the Walmart store.

4. Shopping and delivery orders

It can be the most-consuming delivery type in the Walmart Spark ecosystem. You must handpick delivery items from the Walmart store and deliver the required order to the client’s doorstep.

You must act as a personal shopper for the customer, but it can increase your income and incentive during the delivery operations.

How Much Money Do Walmart Delivery Drivers Make?

There are two different ways to look at how much a Walmart Spark delivery driver makes.

Earnings Based On Per Delivery:

Depending on the type of delivery you need to make, you can make between $13 and $30 on average per delivery.

As a self-employed delivery driver for Spark, you’ll get paid a set base rate for each successful order you complete within the given time.

The delivery rates are as follows:

  • Express delivery – base rate + tips = Total payout
  • Curbside order – base rate + tips = Total payout
  • Online orders – base rate = Total Payout
  • Shopping and delivery orders – No per hour earning guarantee or earning cap

You can earn more money than just from online delivery orders because you can also get tips when you finish a delivery. You can also see that people can leave tips between $5 and $20.

Earnings Based On Per Hour:

Because different orders take different amounts of time, it’s very hard to estimate how much you make per hour. But as a Walmart Spark driver, you can expect to make at least $14 per hour on average.

You can accept the orders in a short amount of time to increase your income and the number of deliveries you make. Also, try to get out of the Walmart store quickly and efficiently to reduce problems and make your delivery operations run better.

It doesn’t let out-of-stock items stop you and waste your time, which would slow down the delivery process and make it less effective overall.

You can make more money by making more deliveries per shift. You can also move up in the delivery operations to get better jobs and more orders.

How to Apply for Walmart Spark Driver Job?

Walmart Spark Delivery Driver Salary

It’s easy and straightforward to become a driver for Spark. To become a Walmart Spark driver, you don’t need to have a fancy education or a lot of experience.

But you buy a reliable car, have a valid driver’s license, a smartphone, and proof that you have auto insurance. This meets the company’s basic needs.

You can apply for the job and see a list of regions and states where Spark delivery is available and drivers are needed by going to the Spark Driver careers page.

Walmart Spark Delivery Driver Salary

You can find your home town on the list, or you can search for a specific place if you want to move somewhere else.

Once people who want to be Spark drivers choose a region, they are sent to an application page that tells them how far they might have to drive to do the job.

For more information about the job, independent contractors can also look at the map and see which Walmart stores are marked.

You must tell us how to reach you, how old you are, and your full name. Make sure you don’t try to use the delivery driver app until you are old enough to drive, which is 18.

Also, if you’re old enough to drink legally, you’ll get delivery jobs where you’ll have to bring alcohol.

Basic requirements for becoming a Walmart spark driver

You don’t get a higher requirement number with Walmart Spark. What you need is this.

  • Walmart Spark driver’s requirements
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Own an Android or iPhone smartphone
  • Have the ability to pick up at least 50 pounds of items
  • Have valid insurance and driver’s license

Once you give this information, the company will check the details and do a background check to make sure of other things. You can work with the organization and make sure you give correct and true information to avoid being turned down or having problems in the future.

Walmart Spark vehicle requirements

You can use any car you want to drive for the company. You have to register your vehicle with DDI so that your orders will fit the size of your vehicle.

It also lets Walmart and your customers know who you are when you come to deliver packages. You can deliver an excellent customer experience and earn decent profits from the company to accomplish your goals.

You can also change your vehicle when you want to use the Walmart Spark deliveries. You need to let DDI know so they can help you change the status in the app so you can keep running Walmart Spark deliveries smoothly.

You’ll be provided access to the Spark driver app for checking the lump sum incentives, base pay, own schedule, and other details.

After that, you can start the process of delivering it. But you shouldn’t use Spark’s app default route provider if you get shopping and delivery orders or other types of deliveries where you have to go to the client’s location.

Use a professional route planner to make sure that your deliveries are accurate and precise. This will help your business work better and make more money.

Walmart Spark Delivery Driver Review

FAQs – Walmart Spark Delivery Driver

Do Walmart Spark drivers get paid daily?

So, when do spark drivers get paid? By 5 p.m., you’ll be able to see your earnings in the Branch app. Every Tuesday, PST.

The day that Walmart delivery drivers get paid is Tuesday. These weekly payments will cover Walmart deliveries made from Monday to Sunday of the week before.

Is driving for Walmart spark worth it?

Walmart Spark gives delivery drivers a lot of ways to make more money than other delivery apps. They can get incentives for each trip they make, get extra cash from tips, and earn more per trip than with other delivery apps.

Depending on the type of delivery done, the average hourly wage is between $40 and $45.

What essential skills are required for a Walmart Spark delivery driver?

The Walmart Spark delivery driver should know how to drive a vehicle and be strong enough to carry and deliver Amazon packages.

They should also be able to handle changing situations during the delivery process and have experience driving for delivery jobs.

How does the Walmart Spark driver work?

Once you are approved as a Walmart Spark independent delivery driver, you can accept delivery orders through the Spark driver app.

You can start the delivery process, make your business run more smoothly, and fulfill delivery orders from customers.

You can keep track of your progress by using the app to look at your delivery schedule, history, and payout information.

How much can you make on Walmart Spark?

Walmart Spark gives delivery drivers a lot of ways to make more money than other delivery apps. They can get incentives for each trip they make, get extra cash from tips, and earn more per trip than with other delivery apps.

Depending on the type of delivery done, the average hourly wage is between $40 and $45.

How often is a Walmart Spark driver paid?

Every Friday, your earnings can be sent to your bank account, and you can find out everything you need to know about your payment through the Spark delivery app. The software adds up all of your bonuses, tips, and base pay and sends the total to your account.

How do Walmart Spark drivers get paid?

How do drivers for Walmart get paid? Every Tuesday, Branch Wallet is used to pay the people who make deliveries for Walmart Spark.

You can get money electronically through this app, which you can then save in the app or move to your bank account. Through the Spark app, you can keep track of how much money you make each week.

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