Walmart Car Battery Prices 2024

Walmart Car Battery Prices

Walmart Car Battery Prices

Walmart Car Battery Prices: Most people know that Walmart sells very cheap consumer goods. But not too many people know that Walmart also sells car batteries, and that they are cheap.

So, let’s talk about how much Walmart car batteries cost: how much are Walmart batteries?

Walmart’s prices for new batteries are lower than those of other battery suppliers and shops. On average, a car battery at Walmart sells for between $65 and $140 per unit.

Walmart Car Battery Prices

On other websites and stores, these same batteries are more expensive. The real price depends on the size, grade, and brand of the battery.

Walmart car batteries are reliable, good quality, and can last for a long time. These Batteries were originally made by Johnson Controls, A Company that makes some of the best batteries on the planet.

In late 2019, Clarios LLC took over the production work from Johnson.

Read On to learn more about the prices of car batteries at Walmart and the different kinds of batteries you can buy there, along with their prices.

Walmart Features of Car Battery

Best Price on Car Batteries

Car batteries are the cheapest at Walmart, according to those who know. In general, the price of car batteries at Walmart is less than at other stores and shops that sell batteries.

Batteries Cost anywhere from $65 To $140 at Walmart. Other shops charge more for the same sizes of car batteries.

Good Quality Batteries That Can Last a Long Time

But don’t be deceived—Walmart also sells high-quality, long-lasting automobile batteries. Also, You may rely on them greatly.

They are Produced by Johnson Controls, a company renowned for its high-quality automotive batteries. The world’s top batteries are also produced by this company.

Clarios LLC Produces Walmart Batteries

Everlast Batteries make up most of the car batteries that Walmart sells. These batteries are made by Johnson Controls. This company also makes a number of high-quality battery brands.

Johnson Controls used to make Walmart batteries, but at the end of 2019, Clarios LLC took over.

When Brookfield Business Partners bought Johnson Controls, it was the start of Clarios. So, Walmart batteries are still made by the company that made them in the first place. Only the new owners are different.

Excellent Batteries at Very Affordable Prices

Batteries from Walmart are inexpensive and frequently function effectively. These batteries are evaluated for a month to ensure they will perform as intended before being released on the market.

These Walmart batteries are designed to perform well in harsh environments, such as cold regions.

Price of Car Battery at Walmart

If You know how much batteries usually cost, You might be surprised at how cheap Walmart’s batteries are.

Here is a Table that shows how Good the Prices are for Walmart Batteries:

Battery Brand Battery Size Price per Piece
OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive Battery Group Size 35 $299.97
UPG 12V 35Ah AGM Sealed Lead Acid Battery UB12350 U1 Group $74.99
OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive Battery Group Size 75/25 $239.99
OPTIMA RedTop AGM Spiralcell Automotive Battery Group Size 34/78 $269.99
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 65N $102.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 35N $129.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 24F $112.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 51R $135.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 78N $98.76
EverStart Plus Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 35-3 $85.00
EverStart Plus Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 65 $99.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 124R $129.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 34N $122.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size T5 $149.84
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 24 $131.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 121R $132.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Groups Size 59 $136.00
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 51 $129.76
EverStart Maxx Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 151R $149.84
EverStart Plus Lead Acid Automotive Battery Group Size 56 $99.84
XS POWER 1000/2000W 12V AGM BATTERY 2000A MAX AMPS $199.99
Braille G5 Lithium-Ion Battery 12 Volt $179.99

Who Makes Walmart Batteries?

Walmart stores all over the United States only sell EverStart batteries. They also sell batteries from other brands, but EverStart is the most popular one.

Who makes the EverStart batteries, then? Walmart gets its EverStart batteries from a number of companies that make batteries.

Johnson Controls

When Johnson Controls and Walmart joined forces in 2010, these batteries were made by Johnson Controls.

Clarios LLC

But when JC was bought by a business interest group in 2019, Clarios began making the EverStart batteries. The official company that makes EverStart batteries is now this one.

Alien Power Systems and East Penn Manufacturing

But some grades of EverStart batteries are also made by companies other than EverStart. They are East Penn Manufacturing and Alien Power Systems.


Before, Walmart also bought EverStart batteries from a company called Exide. But since Exide filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11, Walmart can’t use them to make batteries anymore.

How Long Does Walmart’s Battery Warranty Last?

You can buy different kinds of car batteries at Walmart. Every one of them has its own warranty period. Their warranties depend on the grades of their batteries.

Here are the types of batteries and how long their warranties are:

Battery Grade Warranty Period
Value Power Free replacement within one year of purchase
EverStart Plus Free replacement within two years of purchase
EverStart Maxx Free replacement within three years of purchase. Prorated warranty from 3rd to 5th year. The warranty expires after five years.

Walmart Makes it easy to return a bad battery, but you should do it at the store’s automotive service desk. The Battery tech at Walmart may look at your old battery to see if it is broken or not.

How Walmart’s Battery Warranty Works

Find out the details of the guarantee before purchasing a battery for your automobile at Walmart. You’ll see the benefits of their warranty for you as a client. Thus, the following is how the Walmart battery warranty operates:

Swap for a Replacement

You Can swap the battery for a New one at Walmart at no cost if it breaks while it is still covered under warranty. Your battery might not be able to maintain any charge.

So, Return it To a Walmart location and request a replacement. You’ll receive a brand-new one for free.

If You Can’t remember when you purchased the battery at Walmart, don’t worry. You Can see the date and place of purchase on the battery by looking at the sticker on the side of the battery.

Check If You Have a Valid Warranty Claim

When You send the defective battery back, Make sure the issue that prompted you to use the warranty is legitimate. Also, the following battery issues need to be rectified at Walmart:

  • Due to the battery, the car won’t start.
  • Not able to keep a charge
  • The battery isn’t getting fully charged.
  • Leaky pipes or rust
  • Case is getting bigger

Be Fair With Walmart

If You are aware that you have mistreated the battery, it is not a smart idea to request a replacement. What Conditions can prevent you from utilizing Walmart’s battery warranty?

  • You may have installed the battery wrong or connected the terminals in the wrong way.
  • Lack of care or neglect.
  • It got damaged by being out in the elements.
  • The car accident hurt the battery.

Are Walmart Batteries Good?

Some who purchased their automobile batteries at Walmart claim that they may even outlast their warranty. However, bear in mind that a battery could stop functioning before the end of its specified lifespan.

You won’t need to be concerned if that occurs because Walmart will provide you with a replacement. Several Walmart customers claim that in order to receive a replacement, you don’t even need to present your original receipt.

Car batteries from Walmart are reportedly just as excellent as or even superior to those from Autozone and Advance Auto Parts, according to many customers who have purchased them.

How much are the batteries at Walmart again? An Automobile battery can be purchased at Walmart for between $65 And $140, depending on the grade, size, and brand. The same brand of batteries are available at several retailers, however they could cost more.

Do Walmart Batteries Last Long?

Car batteries’ service lives depend on their grade.

The grade of a Walmart battery will tell you how long it will last. You can buy three main kinds of batteries at Walmart:

  • EverStartMaxx,
  • EverStart Value Plus, and
  • EverStart.

Walmart Also sells car batteries from other brands, But these three are their most popular.

EverStart Maxx Has the Longest Service Life

Some customer reviews say that the EverStart Maxx battery lasts the longest out of the three.

This battery can work for three to five years, making it the second longest-lasting battery after the EverStart Value Plus. EverStart Value Plus will work for about two to three years.

Battery’s Life Depends on Usage and Maintenance

The EverStart has the shortest possible use time. Yet, given that any battery brand on the market has a one to two year lifespan, it is not really that short.

But Once more, Keep in mind that how you use And maintain the battery will determine how long it lasts.

Even the most expensive and greatest battery in town won’t help if it is constantly utilized in severe environments. If it lasts as long as the warranty specifies, be glad.

Is Battery Installation Free at Walmart?

If You buy a car battery at Walmart and have your car with you, a tech will take your old battery away for free.

Again, They will put in the new battery for free. But this service is only offered at Walmart stores that have a service department for cars.

How to Choose the Right Walmart Battery for Your Car

Match the number of people in the Old Battery

If You want to buy a Walmart car battery, Make sure it has the same group size as the old one. On the top of the old battery, it will say what group size it is.

If The Battery doesn’t have a group size written on it or if it’s a different size than what Walmart uses, You can ask the staff for help.

The Battery Finder at Walmart

The ideal Walmart battery for your automobile can be found using Walmart’s battery finder. The precise battery type that will operate in your car can be determined with this tool.

Choose a CCA Battery

Also, Walmart says that you should choose a CCA battery. This is a battery with a cold cranking amp rating that starts better. The cranking amps should be as close to or the same as the current battery in your car.

FAQs – Walmart Car Battery Prices

Is Walmart car battery good?

Everstart batteries from Walmart are of excellent quality and reasonably priced when compared to other brands.

Battery changes, handy store locations, and a fantastic warranty and return policy are all features of Walmart. In general, Walmart batteries may be a superb option for a variety of car owners.

Can I get a free battery from Walmart?

You’ll Also get a free battery replacement if Your Walmart EverStart Maxx is broken by something you can’t control within three years of the date you bought it.

Does Walmart require receipt for battery replacement?

Even without a receipt, You are still able To return an automobile battery To Walmart, but you will need to be prepared.

Walmart Requests a valid government-issued ID in lieu of a receipt from customers who wish to return an item.

How does Walmart battery replacement work?

How does Walmart’s warranty on car batteries work? Simply Put, if Your battery stops working during the warranty period, you can get a new one for free.

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