Does Walmart Pierce Ears?

Does Walmart Pierce Ears?

Does Walmart Pierce Ears: Walmart is already Well-known Around the world as a store that sells almost Everything under the sun.

Since Walmart has More than 11,300 stores Around the world, you may be wondering if you can get your ears pierced at one near you. Here’s what I found out.

Does Walmart Pierce Ears?

As of 2022, Walmart does pierce ears at more than 5,000 stores. Over 10,000 Walmart employees have been trained to use the Inverness enclosed sterile ear piercing system in a safe and clean way.

When you buy certain types of earrings or studs in-store, Walmart will pierce your ears for free.

Keep reading to find out more about locations, hours, safety, and more.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Your Ear Pierced At Walmart?

Some employees will pierce the ears of babies, while others don’t like to do it on kids younger than five.

If You want to pierce the ears of a very young child, you should call Walmart ahead of time to see if the piercer on duty will do it.

Laws About Piercings for People under 18 vary by state and location. So, Please call ahead To find Out what the rules are in your state, or just to be safe, bring a parent or guardian with you.

How Much Does Walmart Ear Piercing Cost?

When you buy certain studs and earrings at Walmart, you can get your ears pierced for free. A basic pair of these studs costs around $9.99, but the price can vary.

There are Also many different kinds Of earrings To choose from. “Fancy” Earrings Can cost between $20 and $40.

Do All Walmart Locations Pierce Ears?

Depending On Where you are, Walmart may Or may not offer ear piercing services. You can use the Inverness search tool to find piercing services at a Walmart near you.

There are more than 5,000 Walmarts that pierce ears right now, so chances are there is one near you.

What Hours Does Walmart Offer Ear Piercing Services?

The hours for getting your ears pierced vary depending on the Walmart location You visit.

The Store is Typically Open from 7 a.m. To 11 p.m. During Regular business hours, But in some locations, it is open around-the-clock, seven days a week.

What Parts Of The Ear Does Walmart Pierce?

Most Walmarts Let you get your ear cartilage And ear lobe pierced, but if you want to be sure, you can call ahead.

In general, Walmart does not pierce the Tragus or any other part of the ear that is in the middle.

What Kinds of Earring Can You Get Pierced at Walmart?

Every Pair of Hypoallergenic earrings at Walmart is Available in a Range of designs, from straightforward studs to flowers, butterflies, and diamonds.

Also, They are Available in a Range of Metals, including titanium, medical-grade stainless steel, and gold plate in the Following weights: 18KT, 14KT, 10KT, And 24KT.

What Do I Do After I Get My Ears Pierced?

After a Trained Employee pierces your ears, You will be given special care instructions for your ears over the next few weeks. You will also get a free bottle of Inverness antiseptic To keep your ears clean.

Every Time You Touch Your Earrings, wash your hands. Every time you clean your earrings, which should be three times a day, you should switch them around.

The Earrings that were used to pierce your ears will need to stay in for at least 6 weeks. Even after 6 weeks, You shouldn’t Go more than 24 hours without wearing your earrings for the first 6 months.

You Can also sign up for an email service at Walmart. During the time that your ears are healing, this email service will send you important information about them.

Is The Inverness System Safe?

Yes, the FDA has approved the Inverness piercing gun that is used at all Walmart stores. It is One of the best On the market right now.

The system is completely sealed, which keeps the earring clean, and the gun is cleaned and sterilized between guests to make sure the piercing goes smoothly.

Does Walmart Offer Hypoallergenic Earrings?

If You suspect that You may be allergic to certain of the metals used in Earrings, Walmart sells a variety of hypoallergenic crystal earrings starting at $10.

Find Out if a set of earrings is hypoallergenic by asking a Walmart staff.

FAQs – Does Walmart Pierce Ears?

Does Walmart still pierce ears?

Some Walmarts have places where you can get your ears pierced. This is only true for Walmarts with jewelry counters, and not all jewelry counters offer this service.

Walmart has services to pierce ears in about one-third of their stores (3400 piercing locations total).

Is Walmart ear piercing good?

Walmart has a Rating of 3.31 Stars from 4,743 Customer reviews, Which shows that most customers are happy with what they buy.

Customers Who are happy with Walmart Most often talk about free shipping, great prices, and a store near them. Walmart is 9th on the list of sites for discount shopping.

What is Walmart’s policy on piercings?

Walmart is Also Getting rid of Most of its Rules about hairstyles, tattoos, And piercings.

The executive vice president of Walmart Neighborhood Markets, Todd Harbaugh, said at the meeting in Fayetteville, Arkansas’s Bud Walton Arena, “We want you to wear what makes you feel good.” “And at Walmart, we want you to be yourself.”

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