Walmart Birthday Cakes Prices

Walmart Birthday Cakes Prices

Walmart Birthday Cakes Prices: There are many different shapes, styles, designs, and flavors of birthday cakes at Walmart. Ordering a cake is often the easiest way to take some of the stress out of planning a birthday party.

Prices vary, on average, based on the store, location, flavor, type of cake, and decorations.

Walmart Birthday Cakes Prices

How much a Walmart birthday cake costs depends on its size, the design you choose, and where you buy it. Based on what we found out at a Walmart near us, the average price could be anywhere from $15 to $50 or more.

A typical half-sheet cake costs about $25, while a larger ice cream cake could cost a little more than $30. A full sheet cake that is decorated will cost about $40.

See what our local Walmart told us in the table below.

Size Serves Price Range
Full Sheet 96 $45
1/2 Sheet 48 $30
1/4 Sheet 24 $20
1/8 Sheet 12 $10
8-inch Round Single Layer 8 $8
8-inch Round Double Layer 8 $15
24-count Cupcake Cake 24 $20

What is the Extra Cost for a Walmart Birthday Cake?

There will be an extra cost for extra characters and birthday candles. Most of the time, adding extra decorations and/or special characters can cost an average of $3 to $6 more.

How to Order Birthday Cakes at Walmart

To place an order, all you have to do is download this order form from their website and fill it out. You can also go to a Walmart Bakery near you, where the staff can help you with the process.

Walmart will make the cake look nice and give it a name for free.

Walmart requires that you place your order at least 24 hours ahead of time.

Walmart Birthday Cake for Boy

Walmart is also a good place to buy a cake because it has a lot of different styles.

The store has the right to make birthday cakes with photos or other designs of your boy’s favorite characters from TV, movies, and even apps (via Walmart).

There are also enough colors of frosting at the bakery so that you can make almost any design you want.

Walmart Birthday Cakes for Girls

Walmart makes special birthday cakes for girls. Walmart is also a good place to buy a cake because it has a lot of different kinds.

Girls will love the Walmart Birthday Cake Best Cake. So make sure her special day is fun. To put a smile on his face, you should order a birthday cake from Walmart.

Walmart Birthday Cakes for Adults

Even adults like the birthday cakes at Walmart. You can find lots of great ideas for unique birthday cakes at Walmart, from a fun gin and tonic cake to a simple, easy, and fail-safe chocolate cake.

Walmart Birthday Cakes Overview

Walmart has the following cake types and sizes: sheet (full, 1/4, 1/2, and 1/8), round (single or double layer, six or eight inches), cupcake cake (24 cupcakes), cookie cake (single or double layer), and a multi-tier cake (two to three tiers). Each of these types has its own size, which is shown in the brackets.

Depending on what kind of cake you choose, you can get white, chocolate, yellow, marble, tres leches, or chocolate chip flavors.

You can get white, chocolate, colored, whipped, or but-r-creme icing.

Depending on the cake, you can choose between fillings like strawberry and Bavarian.

All Walmart bakeries have hundreds of designs to choose from, including 50+ licensed characters (Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, Nintendo, DreamWorks, and more) and simple birthday designs for a first birthday, quinceanera, sweet 16, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, and over the hill birthday. Follow this link to find out what designs are available at your local store.

FAQs – Walmart Birthday Cakes Prices

How long does it take Walmart to do a custom cake?

How long does it take for Walmart to make a custom cake? It doesn’t take long to pick up your custom cake after you’ve placed an order.

Most of their options are usually ready 24 hours after you place your order, but some of the bigger or more detailed cakes take an extra day or two.

Does the Walmart bakery actually bake?

A person who used to work at Walmart said that none of the baked goods are really “fresh baked,” and that the store’s popular sheet cakes come frozen.

How far in advance to book a cake for a birthday?

Most cakes should be eaten within 3–4 days of being baked, or else they aren’t very good.

Remember that if you need to bake the cake earlier, you can always bake the cake layers, freeze them, and then take them out of the freezer a few days before you want to serve the cake so you can decorate it.

How much does a 3 tier cake cost at Walmart?

A custom sheet cake that serves 96 people costs about $43. A wedding cake with two layers costs about $60. A wedding cake with three layers costs about $140. A dozen cupcakes that are made to order cost about $10.

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