How To Check My Walmart Schedule Online?

My Walmart Schedule App iPhone, Android & How to check my Walmart schedule online?

How do I access My Walmart Schedule with the My Walmart Schedule App and the WalmartOne App?

Its My Walmart Schedule app is accessible on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

It is important to note that you are able only to see your shift schedules and work hours in this application for the moment. In November, the new version will be released.

This new version of the My Walmart Schedule app will let every Walmart associates check their schedules, swap shifts with associates, and take on empty changes.

My Walmart Schedule

It is the My Walmart Schedule App, and it is accessible to Walmart Managers of all Walmart stores and Walmart Associates in stores using the latest My Walmart Schedule system.

The app will provide details about your schedules, and the time you can take off, and let associates pick up empty shifts at the nearest Walmart store.

Walmart associates are able to view their schedules by week. If you click the calendar icon to see the entire month, it displays a dot on the date on which days you work.

My Walmart Schedule

⏩ What is my Walmart schedule app?

This app is available for all Canadian members of the My Walmart Schedule System. My Walmart Schedule application is available for Canada both for Android and iPhone, is frequently searched and provides access to associate schedules, views time-off requests, and permits associates to be able to take on additional shifts or hours, etc…

Check your work schedule

My Walmart Schedule is a free app that employees at companies are able to use to view their schedules. The app allows them to request to alter their working hours or swap shifts with colleagues.

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⏩ How to download my Walmart schedule app?

For downloading my Walmart schedule app for the iPhone and Android in Canada, you have to follow the steps below. This article will assist you in downloading your Walmart calendar Canada app onto your mobile devices.

👉 My Walmart schedule application for iPad and iPhone within Canada (Appstore)

  • ✅ For downloading My Walmart schedule, download the My Walmart schedule app on iPhone and iPad and open the Apple AppStore on your iOS device.
  • ✅ Then, you can search for the “My Walmart schedule app” and then select the appropriate app, which is made available by Walmart.
  • ✅ Then click on GET. After that, tap to Install. Wait until it is successfully installed.

Appstore Download link

👉 My Walmart app for scheduling on Android in Canada

  • ✅ For downloading my Walmart schedule Canada for Android, you will need to open Google Play Store first. Google Play stores first.
  • ✅ Enter “my Walmart schedule app ” and search for it.
  • ✅ Once you’ve found it, open the app published by Walmart
  • ✅ Once you have done that, click the Install button. Wait for the program to get successfully installed.

Google Play Store Download link

👉 My Walmart Schedule application Download to PC Windows 7/10/11 as well as Mac

Suppose you would like to utilize or download the Walmart schedule app for your Windows 7/10/11 PC and mac. You will need this Android Emulator For your pc as well as a laptop.

Certain Android emulators such as the bluestacks app, bignox app Memu Player, and LDPlayer are compatible with laptops and PCs. Follow the below steps to download the Canimmunize application for Windows 10 and Mac.

  • ✅ First of all, download the Android Emulator on PC like Bluestacks, Bignox players, and many more.
  • ✅ Once you have successfully installed the emulator, start the emulator, and sign in using your Gmail account.
  • ✅ After that, you will see the google play store in the emulator. Double-click it, and the play store will appear.
  • ✅ Then, after that, Search for the “my Walmart schedule app” and select the appropriate app from the available options.
  • ✅ Then you click”Install. Please wait until it is successfully installed.

⏩ How to check my Walmart schedule online?

If you wish to view the Walmart schedule online, you must install the app for your Android, iPhone, and iPad. After that, you can open the Walmart schedule app and sign in using the ID and password to access the program, and after that, you will be able to check your schedule.

⏩ Why is the My Walmart schedule app not working?

If the Walmart schedule app isn’t running on your device, You must go to your Mobile Setting and scroll down to select my Walmart schedule app.
After that, go to the Notifications icon and check if notifications are on or off. If not, then turn it on.

Another cause could be the Walmart scheduling app, which is being maintained, the server is shut down, connection lost, etc.

⏩ Download My Walmart Schedule App

  • ✅ The App is accessible on the Google Play store
  • ✅ To download the App, visit the Google Play Store.
  • ✅ Go to the search bar and type in the name of the App.
  • ✅ After that, just hit the App to download and install it.

⏩ My Walmart Schedule Sign In

First, go to the official website at

Find the “Sign in’ link, and click it.

My Walmart Schedule

Enter your WalmartOne User Id and Password. (You must have a registered account).

Once you’ve logged in. Look at your top right. You will see “View Full Schedule”.

Click on “View Full Schedule”

⏩ Features of My Walmart Schedule App

  1. ✅ Alarm clock for the shift widgets: 4×1 3×3, 4×2 4, and a resizable one.
  2. ✅ The colors of Shange for the chosen day colors, all shifts, and day numbers
  3. ✅ Change your customized shift pattern
  4. ✅ You can save up to 8 customized patterns
  5. ✅ There are two schedules on one calendar simultaneously.
  6. ✅ 25 Preset shift patterns for shifts
  7. ✅ Show the week number, then change the day that begins the week.
  8. ✅ Background image from the gallery of users

There is no doubt that many users of mobile devices have a difficult time connecting and signing in/logging in to their accounts. That’s the main reason why in this article, we’ve presented the step-by-step instructions for signing in or logging into My Walmart’s Schedule.

⏩ WalmartOne Schedule

How can I access the details of my Walmart Schedule via the website?

There is no have to install the MyWalmart Schedule app or the WM1 app to access your work schedule online from your home. You can also view your work schedule at and, as of today,

  • ✅ Simply go to, click on the Walmart Logo, and sign in.
  • ✅ Enter your WalmartOne User ID and Password.
  • ✅ After logging in, locate “View Full Schedule” at the top of the page and click the link.

⏩ The My Walmart Schedule App – What is it?

Watch this video to get an explanation of the latest My Walmart Schedule app.

⏩ My Walmart Schedule App – Reviews

What are your experiences using the latest My Walmart Schedule app and the old WalmartOne app?

The reviews for the Google Play and iTunes App stores aren’t very positive. We are now curious about precisely the problems users are facing.

Comment on your thoughts with us in the comment section.

Everything is in your hands.

Although the My Walmart Schedule application crashes frequently, it allows employees to arrange their schedules according to their needs.

While the brand new Walmart app doesn’t have complete access to Wire but it will allow users to view their schedule in a snap. All you have to do is sign up using your ID number and password to access the program and view your calendar.

The app launches with a bland layout that’s difficult to navigate. It is. Fortunately, it provides all the data you require to comprehend scheduling and make adjustments. However, in exchange, the program crashes often.

If this occurs, then you might need to access the Walmart Wire at home using your computer to accomplish this. One of the program’s benefits aside from the ability to check your schedule is the ability to ask people to switch shifts without having to consult with management.

👉 Where do you want to run this program?

It is compatible with Android 4.4 and up.

👉 Do you have a better option?

No, unfortunately. Your Walmart Schedule is the only application that meets this specific requirement, and the company has not authorized any other alternatives for checking your work hours on mobile devices.

👉 Our perspective

This application helps employees feel easier since they do not have to sign in to their personal computers to access the Wire Portal anymore. However, the biggest issue that I have with My Walmart Schedule is that it tends to stop working.

👉 Do you need to download it?

Yes. If Walmart employs you, this application is an essential product.


  • Secure sign in
  • Efficient display
  • Manage time off


  • Unattractive user interface
  • Often, crashes


⏩ My Walmart Schedule App Pros Ans Cons


  • ✅ It gives you visibility into your time off and schedules
  • ✅ As a supervisor or a manager, you’ll have the ability to check on your subordinates’ schedules as well as time offs
  • ✅ Organized app
  • ✅ It provides a schedule that is valid for a minimum of three weeks


  • ✅ They will not be available to regular employees.

⏩ Automagic WM Schedule Tracker

We would suggest the one Walmart Schedule app can be the Automagic WM Schedule Tracker App. If you are tired of checking WalmartOne each day for schedule changes and schedule changes, download The Automagic Walmart Schedule Tracker application.

The app monitors your schedule in WalmartOne and updates your phone’s calendar to reflect the shift and shift change information.

The app has a rating of 4.6 out of five on the Google Play Store, and it is available for download on this page.

FAQ About My Walmart Schedule

👉 How do I check my schedule for Walmart?

Although the brand-new Walmart application does not provide complete access to Wire, it allows you to review your schedule fast. All you have been able to do is sign in using an ID number, password, and username to access the application and look up your schedule.

👉 Can I check my Walmart schedule online?

Get the WalmartOne app or My Walmart schedule app on your phone and access it from there. You must be registered with Wal-Mart on their computers for the verification in a two-step procedure before you are able to access your schedule at home.

👉 How do I change my schedule at Walmart?

To alter your availability, you need to obtain the document from HR, take it in, and ask for the assistant manager’s signature. After that, HR will enter it into the system.

👉 Who makes Walmart’s schedule?

In the year, Walmart introduced its advanced system for scheduling, which was made possible with its JDA Workforce Management software that Scottsdale offers, Ariz—based JDA Software. Walmart’s sophisticated, consistent scheduling system lets its 1.1 million associates at stores see their schedules, swap shifts, and make changes that are not filled.

👉 Can Walmart change your schedule without asking?

Walmart cannot make you work on non-available days beyond one day per calendar year, thanksgiving. There is no obligation to work because you can use an occasion to call; however, you must be present all the time, regardless of when you are available.

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