Korean Hair Salon Prices & Services

Welcoming you to the realm of Korean hair salons where creativity and art are combined to create beautiful hairstyles.

With a long-standing tradition of quality in haircuts, Korean salons have gained international recognition for their attentiveness to detail and cutting-edge methods.

Korean Hair Salon

Enter an Korean hair salon where you’ll find a fusion of contemporary style and traditional workmanship.

Professionally trained stylists, equipped with the latest styles and tools work at their best to turn your hair something stunning.


From precise haircuts to vivid hair colors and intricate updos, Korean hair salons offer an array of services that are tailored to your individual personal style and character.

Find the appeal of Korean hairstyling, and leave the salon looking confident and gorgeous.

What is a Korean Hair Salon?

The Korean hair salon is an establishment that offers diverse hair styling and care services that are specifically tailored to Korean haircuts and hair styles.

Korean Hair Salon

Salons that focus in Korean hairstyles and techniques, like perms and digital perming or Korean style haircuts.

They may also offer additional services such as haircut coloring treatments and styling products specifically tailored to Korean hair texture.

Korean hair salons are aiming to design trendy and stylish styles that are that are influenced by Korean pop fashion and beauty standards.

Korean Hair Salon Prices & Services

Haircut and Styling:

In an Korean stylist, you will receive professional haircutting and styling.

No matter if you’re looking for an elegant bob, a elegant pixie cut, as well as long hair layers the experienced stylists will give you the preferred look.

They’re knowledgeable about the current trends in hairstyles and offer valuable tips to enhance your face and individual style.

Haircut Style Price
Basic Trim $20 – $30
Layered Cut $30 – $50
Bob Cut $40 – $60
Pixie Cut $50 – $70
Men’s Haircut $15 – $30

Hair Coloring:

Korean hair salons have become known for their amazing service for coloring hair. Natural-looking highlights through vibrant and bold colors, colorists have the knowledge to change your hair.

They employ high-quality products and sophisticated methods to produce amazing results while focusing on the health and strength the hair.

Hair Coloring Service Price
Single Process Color $80 – $120
Balayage $120 – $200
Ombre $90 – $150
Highlights $60 – $100
Color Correction Varies

Hair Perming:

If you’re looking for gorgeous waves or curly curls, Korean hair salons excel in texture and perm services. 

Their stylists are adept at creating various types of curls that range from beachy and loose to defined and tight. With the correct perm you can give movement and texture to your hair and give it a new dimension.

Hair Perming Technique Price
Digital Perm $100 – $200
Cold Perm $80 – $150
Beach Waves $90 – $160
Volume Rebonding $120 – $200

Hair Treatment:

Healthy scalps are the backbone of beautiful hair. Korean hair salons understand the importance of taking care of your scalp.

They provide a variety rejuvenating and soothing scalp treatments to help promote healthy hair growth and overall health of the scalp.

These treatments are able to tackle issues like dandruff dryness, as well as excess oil production, making sure your hair is nourished by the root.

Hair Treatment Price
Deep Conditioning $30 – $50
Keratin Treatment $150 – $250
Scalp Treatment $40 – $80
Hair Spa $60 – $100

How to book an appointment in korean hair salon?

Making an appointment with an Korean stylist is fairly easy. This is a step-by-step guide to how to go about it:

  1. Find out more about the Salon Begin by looking up Korean salons for hair in your local area or the region you’d like to visit. Search engines and social media as well as directories on the internet to find salons offering the services you’re looking to find.
  2. Contact Info: After you’ve decided on the salon you want to visit, look up the contact details for them. This can be found on their websites or social media pages or on their online listings.
  3. Contact or message: Many Korean salons prefer booking appointments by phone as well as a text message. If you’re not able to speak Korean you should converse with them in English because most salons have staff that can speak basic English.
  4. Make sure you are clear about your request If you are contacting the salon, make sure you are certain of the service you’re looking for, like haircuts, color perm, hair color, etc. Be sure to mention any specific requirements or preferences you might have.
  5. Date and Time: inquire about the times and dates to make an appointment. Some salons will permit you to select one stylist in particular, while others may assign a stylist to you.
  6. Confirm the appointment After the time and date have been agreed upon, you must be sure you confirm your time with your salon. They may need your name and contact number for booking purposes.
  7. Arrival The day before your appointment, be at the salon just a few minutes earlier than the time scheduled. If you’re uncertain about the location, you can ask for directions prior to your visit.
  8. Have Fun During Your Visit: Once you are at the salon, take a break and relax. Korean hair salons typically provide top-quality services and provide additional services such as massages for the scalp or treatments for hair.

Korean Hair Salon Video Tutorial

Korean Hair Salon Hours

Day Time
Monday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday Closed

Korean Hair Salon Near Me

Korean Hair Salon near me ,In search of a new hairstyle, try Korean!

History – Korean Hair Salon

The history of Korean salons for hair dates back from the early 20th Century, which is when the beauty industry started to gain traction in Korea.

Salons that offered hair services initially targeted the elite, providing the traditional haircuts, treatments and styles.

However, as the modernization of Korea and the growth of hair salons, the business underwent major changes.

The 1960s, 1970s Korean hair salons adopted Western styles and hairdos, adjusting to the latest fashion trends.

The 1980s saw the emergence of salons for women that provided services to both men and women.

Nowadays, Korean hair salons are known for their skill in hairstyling, coloring and cutting-edge techniques that reflect the dynamic beauty culture in Korea.

Final Words

Korean hair salons offer many cutting-edge and fashionable hairstyling services.

With their highly skilled stylists sophisticated techniques, and focus on the smallest details, they offer outstanding customer service.

If you’re looking for an elegant look or a dramatic change or a Dramatic change, a Korean hairdresser is the ideal option for hairstyling.

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FAQ – Korean Hair Salon

Why Choose a Korean Hair Salon?

Korean hair salons are recognized for their meticulous care for detail, their innovative hairstyling techniques, as well as their commitment to client satisfaction. If you select an Korean hair salon you can be sure to receive individualized consultations, expert guidance, and a variety of services that are tailored to your needs.

How to Find the Best Korean Hair Salon?

Locating the most effective Korean hair salon is a bit of investigation and careful consideration. Begin by looking up online reviews or going through out their websites as well as looking through their previous work portfolio. Find salons with expert stylists who are skilled and knowledgeable as well as a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, and a positive reviews.

Do Korean Hair Salons Only Offer Hairstyling Services?

There is no need to worry, Korean hair salons offer the full range of hair styling services, which go beyond. They may be hair treatment treatments, treatments for scalp hair extensions and the coloring of hair, perming straightening and more. They aim to offer the complete solution to hair care to satisfy their clients’ requirements.

Are Korean Hair Products Safe to Use?

There is no need to worry, Korean hair salons offer the full range of hair styling services, which go beyond. They may be hair treatment treatments, treatments for scalp hair extensions and the coloring of hair, perming straightening and more. They aim to offer the complete solution to hair care to satisfy their clients’ requirements.

What Are Some Popular Hairstyles Offered at Korean Hair Salons?

Korean hair salons offer many trendy hairstyles which are instigated by K-pop idols, Korean dramas, and the latest trends in fashion. The most popular styles include the soft hairstyles like beachy waves, bobs hair cuts, bangs layers cuts, perm hairstyles and a variety of vibrant hair colors. The stylists can help you select the style that best suits your personality and features.

Can I expect professional stylists at a Korean hair salon? 

Indeed, Korean hair salons are filled with stylists of professional calibre who are trained extensively and are proficient in different styling and haircutting techniques.

Are Korean hair salons suitable for all hair types? 

Absolutely, Korean hair salons are skilled in working with a variety of hair types, such as curly, straight, wavy and hair that is textured.

What services do Korean hair salons provide, besides haircuts?

Korean hair salons offer various treatments, such as hair coloring, perms and straightening treatments treatment for scalp, and hair spa treatments.

Do Korean salons offer hair treatments for damaged hair?

Indeed, Korean hair salons provide different hair treatments for damaged hair including treatment for protein, deep conditioning and Keratin treatments.

What payment options are accepted at Korean hair salons?

Korean hair salons typically take cash or major credit cards. It’s always good to ask about accepted payment methods prior to making an appointment.

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