Dashing Diva Prices

Dashing Diva Prices

Dashing Diva is a classic nail pampering salon situated in New York with probably the best and inventive nail specialists that are prepared and knowledgeable to perform cutting edge nail configuration tricks and tricks.

Since Dashing Diva has effectively verified its place among the top of the business, all nail specialists are swarming the salon areas to turn into the piece of this industry head, not just for its picture and individual consideration benefits yet in addition for self-awareness.

From completing your nails and hands by a some of the accomplished experts to body waxing and rubbing, all can be experienced at the salons with incredible Dashing Diva Prices.

Dashing Diva Prices

Dashing Diva Prices | Services & Its Cost

Service Cost


Lounge Manicure $12.49
Spoiled Lounge Manicure $22.49
All-Out Lounge Manicure $35.49
Polish Change $8.99
French Manicure Add On $4.99
Gel Add On $18.49
Buffing $3.99


Lounge Pedicure $23.99
Spoiled Lounge Pedicure $43.99
All-Out Lounge Pedicure $60.49
Polish Change $12.49
French Pedicure Add On $4.99
Gel Add On $20.99


Gel Polish $28.99
Gel Polish with Nail Guard $38.99
French Gel Add On $10.99
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay $35.99
ColorFX/DesignFX with Gel Overlay (Single Finger Application or Design) $5.99
Permanent UV Overlay $70.49
Permanent UV with Extensions $80.49
Permanent UV Fill-In $45.49
Permanent French $15.49


Eyebrow $9.99
Lip $7.99
Chin/Cheek $9.99
Full Arm $3299
Half Arm $20.99
Under Arm $12.99
Full Leg $38.99
Half Leg $24.99
Back $40.49
Chest $24.49
Bikini $20.49
Semi-Brazilian $28.49
Full-Brazilian $38.49
Bikini & Leg $55.49


Virtual Nails and Glamgel (Traditional, French, Metallic) $35.49


Virtual/Glamgel $10.49
Acrylic/Permanent/Wraps $12.49


Chair Massage (10 Minutes) $12.99

Dashing Diva Nail Salon Timing

Week Timing
Monday 9.30AM–8.30PM
Tuesday 9.30AM–8.30PM
Wednesday 9.30AM–8.30PM
Thursday 9.30AM–9.30PM
Friday 9.30AM–9.30PM
Saturday 9.30AM–9.30PM
Sunday 10AM–8PM

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