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Darque Tan Prices 2024

 Darque Tan prices are reasonable, and the salon is also very nice and has different levels and sessions.

As far as looks go, a tan is just as important as anything else. When you have that golden, full complexion, you look your best. Even though most people tan in the summer, it is possible to get and keep a tan in any season.

For people who think a tan is an important part of who they are, it all comes down to which tanning salon gives the best results.

Because everyone doesn’t live near the beach. Also, in all seasons, the sun doesn’t always shine. Too much time in the sun can be very bad.


Darque Tan Prices

It is not impossible to stay tanned all year long. This is why Darque Tan is here: to help regular people get a tan without sun exposure.

The matter of certainty is that not every person dwells near seashores to get a sun-kissed tan and the sun isn’t constantly out during every one of the seasons in a year.

It is certain that an extraordinary presentation to daylight can effectively affect your skin. In any case, it doesn’t imply that getting a specific tan around the year is incomprehensible.

Darque Tan gives you customized, high-quality tanning services and spa services, all at affordable Darque Tan Prices.

From ultra-violet tanning to spray tanning and spa services, Darque Tan has all the beauty services you need to keep your skin in good shape.

Visitors are always welcome and encouraged at Darque Tan Sunless Tanning. Darque Tan Spa wants everyone to try Sunless Tanning, and they think the best way to do that is to give it a try.

Here are the latest estimates for Darque Tan prices and services.

Darque Tan Prices in 2024

Darque Tan Membership Pricing

Darque Tan Price Per Month

Level 1 Only $18.88
Levels 1, 2, and 3 Standup $28.88
All Beds $58.88
All Access $98.88
Add Unlimited Spray Tanning to a UV-Only Membership $40.00

Darque Tan Individual Session Pricing

Spray Tan Session $34.00
Tanning Bed Session $10.00

About Darque Tan

No matter what time of year it is, a great tan is just as good as any other accessory. For a summer look, nothing beats having a lot of colour on your skin. A good tan is also a good way to look toasty and warm in the winter. People who need a tan all year often don’t know how to get one.

The truth is that not everyone lives near enough to the beach to go sunbathing. Also, the sun doesn’t always shine during all seasons. We also can’t forget that too much sun can be bad for the skin.

This doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t get a tan all year long. Darque Tan’s different sunless tanning services make it possible to always have the perfect tan.

Darque Tan Company Background

Darque Tan is more than just a regular hair salon. It’s a great place to get a tan, and it’s the largest of all 5-star chains. Darque Tan wants to be the best place to get a high-end tan.

Darque Tan builds and keeps long-term relationships with its clients by talking to them and giving them great service.

The goal of Darque Tan is simple: to offer good services in the places where they work. And they do this by providing unique service that makes the experience amazing.

Darque Tan Prices and Services

Darque Tan gives its customers two main choices: UV tanning and tanning without UV light.

When it comes to UV tanning, this method combines traditional tanning with UV light bulbs. There are tanning beds and a UV machine that you stand in front of. Beds range from level one to level five tanning. The UV machine that stands up is on level three.

Each of the different tanning levels has different levels of tanning and different times for tanning. If a client has time to spare, they can choose level one, which takes about 20 minutes. On the other end of the spectrum, people can use equipment from levels three to five, which only takes 12 to 15 minutes.

Spray tanning is for people who want to get a tan without lotion or cream and for people who need a service quickly. A spray tan is just using tanning solutions that are sprayed on.


Also, Darque Tan has three kinds of machines to meet the needs of its customers. And in fact, the Mystic Man is the most reliable machine for tanning without sun exposure on the market today.

This machine changed the way spray tans are done and will always give you amazing, unbeatable results.

The Versa Spa is a new spray tanning machine that does more than just give you a tan. It also makes fine lines look smoother and gives you an airbrushed look.

The Norvell machine is the newest way to get a tan without sun exposure. It also gives you the standard airbrush tan and is easy to use because it is automated. With all of these services, Darque Tan’s prices stay low enough for customers to afford.

Why Choose Darque Tan?

Many customers are happy with Darque Tan and say that there aren’t many other companies that offer as many services and options. Customers made it clear that they only wanted the best service every time they came.

As a high-end tanning salon, Darque Tan loves to hear reviews like this one. This is a big reason why their customer service is so good, as the staff always gives customers what they want and answers any questions they have.

Also, cleanliness is just as important to Darque Tan as anything else. Their policy is to keep the place clean and comfortable for customers.

Every single piece of equipment is cleaned very well. They also make sure customers are comfortable by giving them clean towels and treats. Some machines even have radios to help customers relax while they tan.

Lastly, the prices at Darque Tan are reasonable, making it a great choice if you want to save money. People who want to tan can walk in for a single session, or they can buy a package to save money. There are also limited memberships. Frequent clients will also receive regular deals and discounts.

Visit www.darquetan.com, Darque Tan’s official website, to make an appointment or find out more.

Sun Tan City, South Beach Tanning, and Palm Beach Tan are a few more tanning salons you should check out.

Darque Tan Hours

Day Hours
Monday 8:00AM–10:00PM
Tuesday 8:00AM–10:00PM
Wednesday 8:00AM–10:00PM
Thursday 8:00AM–10:00PM
Friday 8:00AM–10:00PM
Saturday 10:00AM–8:00PM
Sunday 10:00AM–6:00PM

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FAQ About Darque Tan

How much is a spray tan session at Darque Tan?

A spray tan session on Darque Tan is $34.00 per person.

What happened to Darque Tan?

Now, Darque Tan is Palm Beach Tan. Palm Beach Tan, the largest indoor tanning company in the United States, has bought 44 Darque Tan locations in Houston, Austin, College Station, and San Marcos, Texas, as well as salons in Boston, Massachusetts, and Minneapolis/St.

How much is tanning bed session at Darque Tan?

A tanning bed session at Darque Tan is $10.00 per person.

Why is Darque Tan selling to Palm Beach Tan?

After running Darque Tan, Inc. for more than 30 years, the owners have decided to move on to other things. Palm Beach Tan and Darque Tan have known each other for a long time in the business world.

They have both bought salons in Dallas, Austin, and Phoenix in the past, so Darque Tan joined forces with Palm Beach Tan to take care of its customers and employees.

How much is the access membership at Darque Tan?

An all-access membership to Darque Ten is $98.88 per person per month

How much does level 1 cost at Darque Tan?

Level 1 on Darque Ten costs $18.88 per person per month

Darque Tan Near Me

Check out this article which provides complete information you are looking for about Darque Tan Prices.

Look out the table which has a complete list of different Darque Tan services with its price.

Visit its official website www.darquetan.com for more details.

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Disclaimer: Darque Tan Prices above are for estimate only. The data has been gathered from various sources Like online, on-site, and/or via phone. Pricing may vary by its location or may not be current. To confirm current pricing, please contact your local Darque Tan.

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