Chipotle Secret Menu Items You Didn’t Know About

Chipotle Secret Menu: Chipotle is among those places which are guaranteed to satisfy your appetite at a reasonable price. 

Much like other popular chains like Starbucks as well as Taco Bell, Chipotle offers a menu that most people aren’t aware about.

Chipotle Secret Menu 

 These hacks are able to make the most picky customers as well as the fanciest of eaters, including reducing menu items, to incorporating them to create an extraordinary (sometimes pictures-worthy) Chipotle masterpiece.

The access to Chipotle Secret Menu isn’t difficult Sometimes all you need is a simple lookup for TikTok and a somewhat complex order.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that these items aren’t found on an menu. They are not on any official menu but are merely fan-created modifications of menu options.

Therefore don’t count on to go into your neighborhood Chipotle to know the contents of you’re “Burritodilla” order is made up of without describing the item. 

These hacks will not only improve your food quality however, they’re generally cheap.

Below are the Chipotle secrets menu items that I’ve uncovered over time with the help of my friends and some lengthy menu experiments.

What is the Chipotle Secret Menu?

Chipotle Secret Menu includes items off the menu that aren’t included on the regular menu, but are still purchased from Chipotle locations.

These secret menus enable you to try out new Flavour combinations and satisfy your appetite by experimenting with new twists on standard Chipotle menu items.


A Quesarito is basically an uncooked burrito that is wrapped in a quesadilla, rather than simply a tortilla. This makes for an extremely delicious burrito.

You can explain that you’d like an uncooked burrito wrapped in quesadilla or purchase the quesadilla as well as a burrito to make it your own.

Chipotle Secret Menu

Since you’re still ordering the Burrito, it is possible to use the ingredients you want.

Based on Chipotle employees they say it could be a hassle to make therefore, make sure that you don’t order it in the afternoon rush.

If you’re ordering on the internet you can include a brief description to the box with text to make ordering simpler or you can make it on your own. The Other toppings are available as well, and it’s priced at $3.50.


The Burritodilla blends a quesadilla and the burrito, but in a different manner from the quesarito.

In essence, it’s a quesadilla stuffed with the same fillings that you would normally add to the burrito.

Chipotle Secret Menu

It’s much smaller than the gigantic quesarito (because it only holds approximately half all the ingredients) and also more cheesy.

In order to place an order, please request an entree that includes a protein of your choice along with any additional toppings you desire.

Making sure to order your fillings before the cheese is melted is crucial because otherwise, the quesadilla will not be able to accommodate them.

When ordering online, make sure to include in the note section in which you’d like the fillings in the quesadilla.


Chipotle’s quesadillas come in a variety of quesadillas, a burrito-like tortilla filled with cheese that is melting inside their presses.

Although this was more of a shady technique, Chipotle has adapted with the times and has added it to their menu online as an option for a kid’s Meal (it’s however not available on their official menu).

Chipotle Secret Menu

For in-person orders, the method of making the quesadilla is a common practice as it is usually prepared for online orders. So, don’t hesitate to place your order.

The online menu offers a cheesey quesadilla and three different sides at $3.50 with just cheese and $4.50 which includes protein.

Double-Decker Taco

Double-decker tacos are an ordinary taco that is inside an soft shell cheese taco. We positioned the cheese taco at the bottom, and we placed the regular taco (filled with fillings) on top of it.

When you order, ask for one with all your favorite fillings, stacked over the softshell cheese taco. 

Chipotle Secret Menu

You can also order each individually and then stack them up yourself (this will likely work best with online purchases).

Taco Salad

The taco salad doesn’t appear on the list of most popular Chipotle hacks. It is believed that this item is not served at all Chipotle restaurants.

Chipotle Secret Menu

Taco salad any other salad that’s on the Chipotle menu, served with a fry tortilla bowl.

If it’s not in stock at the local Chipotle it’s possible to request nachos with lettuce to get your most out of the salad!

Double Toppings

Although most people receive one portion of each topping included in their meals, it’s okay to request two servings (and is absolutely free).

Chipotle Secret Menu

 This can be helpful if you’re unsure however, be aware of additional charges when you request extra food items or Guacamole.

Spicy Queso

The account has endorsed and posted the recipe. Chipotle TikTok account, spicy queso is a different fun sauce mix that is great for dipping into quesadillas.

Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle’s spicy queso by having a queso side along with their hot salsa, and mixing it together.

Chipotle claims that the sauce pairs well with Quesabrisket (a quesadilla made with Brisket as the meat option).


When ordering nachos, it can be disappointing, it’s an option that’s not on the regular menus of Chipotle.

If you’re planning to purchase these delicious nachos, don’t be concerned because the most difficult aspect of ordering is to ask for it.

Chipotle Secret Menu

For ordering nachos, request a bowl that has chips for the base. Add any toppings or protein you’d like.

If you’re looking to streamline ordering (and make it easier to avoid ordering food anxiety) You can also purchase chips with your meal and order the bowl like you normally do, and after which you can mix everything up.

When ordering online, provide written instructions so that you can get an ice-cold bowl that has chips for the base or buy the two items separately and mix them at home.

Chips and chips cost $1.55 while a bowl will cost about $7-9 based on your food choices, so the loaded nachos will cost less than $15.

The 3-Pointer

The 3-pointer is a burger that only contains three toppings or fillings in it. It is available on the secret menu, as many believe it to be more affordable than a regular Chipotle burrito.

This tactic has caused some confusion within Chipotle’s community.

Chipotle Secret Menu

Chipotle community, and an official Chipotle spokesperson clarified the issue via a Facebook post that a single portion of meat, sofritas or guacamole, is equivalent to two points. The rest of the menu is worth one point.

To place an order and make sure you receive the lower “3 pointer” rate, you must follow the procedure above.

If you choose to add extra items or fillings, we will charge you the regular burrito cost.

Kid’s Menu Hacks

There are many methods to hack the kids dinner to gain more value and unique menu choices.

  • Kid’s meal for adults: With a kid’s meal, you can enjoy tacos or a quesadilla as well as chips, and a drink. The majority of restaurants allow adults to purchase meals for their children, therefore if you’re looking to get something lighter to spend a little less money Try this trick.
  • Burrito Bowl Quesadilla Combo: Order a Quesadilla Kid’s Meal, with the option of a side of meat, then create an a la carte burrito bowl using the rice, beans, and meat. There is a fee for the meat, but in essence you’ll get the combo meal of chips and soda at about the same amount as burritos.
  • loaded Quesadilla Kid’s meal Hack: Order a Quesadilla Kid’s Meal that includes an ingredient like protein, and one or two sides. You can ask for salsa later (so it’s not counted as an item of a meal). Include a amount of ingredients in the quesadilla, making it filled and then use chips to scoop up and then eat the rest of the side dishes.

How to Order Chipotle Secret Menu Online

To place an order on Chipotle’s secret menu online you must comply with these instructions:

  • Visit the official Chipotle website or download their mobile application.
  • Choose your location by entering your address, or by Permitting the app to access your address.
  • Please take a moment to look through our menu options, keeping in mind that we may not explicitly list some items.
  • For Ordering a specific special menu item you’ll need the name of the item and its ingredients. If you’re not sure, you could search the internet to find Chipotle’s Secrets menu products in order to locate some popular choices.
  • When you’ve decided on the type of food you’d like to have make sure you personalize your meal by choosing the base (burrito bowl, tacos, burritos etc. ), protein (chicken, beef, sofritas, etc. ) rice beans, toppings and sauces.
  • If the item on your menu requires special modifications, you may include the details in the specific instructions or the customization options available in the order process.
  • Include the items in your shopping cart and then proceed to the checkout.
  • Enter your payment details and then complete the purchase.
  • Be patient and wait for the scheduled delivery or pickup time according to your preference and the choices available at your place of residence.

It is important to remember it’s not the case that all Chipotle locations provide secret menu items and the availability may be different.

It’s always an excellent idea to contact at your nearest Chipotle restaurant ahead of time to find out whether they are able to fulfill your order from the secret menu.

Chipotle Secret Menu Near Me

Chipotle Secret Sauce Menu

The Chipotle is not the only restaurant to offer an exclusive sauce, however there are some sauces and toppings you can ask for to personalize your order and make distinct flavor combinations. 

Here are a few of the most popular sauces that people typically consider as being an element of Chipotle’s “secret” menu:

  1. Queso Blanco: This creamy and tasty cheese sauce is a great addition to your burritos, bowls or tacos for a boost in the overall flavor.
  2. Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette: The tangy and slightly sweet dressing provides an original variation to your salad bowl. It blends the smokey flavor of chipotle peppers and honey’s sweetness and vinegar’s tang.
  3. Hot Sauce: At Chipotle, there is an array of hot sauces like Tabasco, Cholula, and Tapatio available for you to choose from and add some heat and spice to your food.
  4. Sofritas: The protein source made from tofu is not a conventional sauce but rather a delectable and highly spicy marinade that accompanies it.
  5. It’s a top choice for vegetarians as well as those who want an unusual flavor.

Chipotle Bowl menu

Chipotle offers a range of bowls in their food menu. Here are a few of the options for bowls available:

Lifestyle Bowls:

Chipotle offers a range of bowls for lifestyle that satisfy certain dietary needs, such as bowls like bowls like the Keto Bowl, Paleo Bowl, Whole30 Bowl, and Vegetarian Bowl. Bowls like these are available to order online.

Chipotle Bowl:

Chili’s offers a delightful bowl featuring grilled chicken, shrimp, or Ancho salmon accompanied by Pico, field greens, Mexican rice, corn salsa, avocado, shredded cheese, avocado tortilla strips, and cilantro.

Burrito Bowl:

Chipotle’s bowl presents a selection of fresh-grilled meat or sofritas, served in a bowl alongside rice, beans, fajita vegetables, and garnished with salsa, guacamole, queso blanco, sour cream, or cheese.

The Secret Menu Bowls:

At Chipotle offers a secret menu that includes a wide variety of bowls, including The Quesarito Bowl, Nachos Bowl, Burritodilla Bowl, Quesadilla Bowl, The 3-Pointer Bowl, Double-Decker Taco Bowl, Taco Salad Bowl, and Double Wrapped Burrito Bowl.

Customers can purchase the bowls on-line to pick up or deliver via the Chipotle website or mobile app.

In addition, customers can use third-party delivery options like Grubhub to purchase Chipotle bowls.


Chipotle Secret Menu serves as a testimony to the imagination and creativity of Chipotle lovers. It opens the door to an array of delicious tastes and surprising combinations.

So, next time you go to Chipotle take a step beyond the normal menu and explore the secret delights of Chipotle Secret Menu has to offer.

FAQ – Chipotle Secret Menu 

What is the Chipotle Secret Menu?

Chipotle Secret Menu is the collection of hidden or non-official menu items that are not on the menu, but are available at specific Chipotle locations. The secret menu items are usually developed by Chipotle fans or employees who are experimenting on their own unique flavors.

Is the Chipotle Secret Menu available at all locations?

There aren’t all Chipotle locations provide the secret menu items. It is largely dependent on the specific restaurant and the ability of staff to accept these customized requests. You should contact Chipotle’s local Chipotle to determine whether they’re interested in making secret menu items for you.

What is a Quesarito?

The Quesarito is a mix of a quesadilla as well as a burrito. It involves filling a burrito in cheese, then grilling it to form an outer layer of crispy. This original creation brings together the two best things – an edgy quesadilla as well as an incredibly flavorful burrito.

Can I customize the secret menu items?

Absolutely! One of the benefits of Chipotle’s Secret Menu lies in the versatility it provides for Personalization. You can change your ingredients and add additional items, or create other adjustments to fit your personal preferences.

Can I request secret menu items for delivery?

The availability of the secret menu items available for delivery can vary based on the delivery service used and the particular Chipotle location. While certain delivery services might allow customizations, it’s best to consult with the restaurant as well as the delivery service for any restrictions.

Can I suggest my own secret menu item?

Chipotle Remains open new ideas and suggestions from customers. If you’ve got a great concept for a menu item that isn’t on the menu You could share it with Chipotle’s team on the official Chipotle website as well as through their social media channels. It’s possible that your invention could become the next huge trend!

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