American Eagle Sale Calendar: Sale Schedule & Savings Guide

American Eagle Sale Calendar: Anyone who is passionate about savings knows how important sales are the best occasions to shop.

 Don’t miss the big sales and you’ll probably pay more for a product that you could have saved money on. 

This is the reason we created this helpful American Eagle sales calendar to keep track of sales so that you can know the best times to save money.

American Eagle Sale Calendar

Before we begin we should mention that you can get 25 percent off every friend you offer to and the person you refer will also receive 20 percent off their purchase as well! 

The discount is among the best and simple ways to save money. can save money at American Eagle that most people aren’t aware of.

Not just the upcoming sales we’ll cover, we’ll also discuss current sales and promotions that can aid you in saving money if you’re buying today. 

So, you can save the guide as a bookmark and keep this article in your library. That will give you a accurate idea of when American Eagle has sales and when is the next one is likely to be.

Why is the American Eagle Sale Calendar Important?

This American Eagle sales calendar is essential for a variety of reasons. It allows shoppers to organize their shopping and benefit from the best offers.

If you know when sales are scheduled and when they will be, you can save money for Products that are likely to be sold out soon.

Furthermore the sale calendar will help to keep you informed of upcoming sales and Occasions, making sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to purchase your preferred American Eagle products at discounted costs.

American Eagle Sale Dates

Sale Name Predicted Sale Date
Semi-Annual Clearance Sale January
American Eagle Presidents Day Sale February 20
American Eagle Secret Summer Sale May/June/July
American Eagle Labor Day Sale September 4
American Eagle Columbus Day Sale October 9
American Eagle Black Friday Sale November 24
American Eagle Cyber Monday Sale November 27
American Eagle Winter Warmup Sale January

Does American Eagle have a rewards credit card?

Yes, American Eagle offers a rewards credit card dubbed”the “American Eagle Connected Credit Card.”

The credit card allows users to earn rewards for their purchase through American Eagle and its sister brand, Aerie.

Clients can earn points each time they spend money and receive a range of benefits like discounted shipping for free, discount that are exclusive to customers, and bonus rewards.

It is the American Eagle Connected Credit Card is specifically designed to provide additional benefits and rewards for customers who are loyal to the brand.

Anyone Who is interested can submit an application to the card via American Eagle’s website, or in-Store, and they will need to meet the eligibility requirements and follow the normal credit card application procedure.

When does American Eagle have sales?

You can see in the American Eagle sale calendar, AE often has sales! Alongside the many ways where you can get discounts on a daily basis Sales are held almost every month and offer discounts of 25 percent off.

Be aware the fact that Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be the most discounted days.

If you’re hoping to get the best price on American Eagle clothing, make sure to try and keep your eyes open until.

In the meantime, keep an eye on this calendar of sales and visit American Eagle’s social media pages to find out more about hidden sales.

American Eagle Sale Calendar

American Eagle auctions are usually scheduled around the traditional American weekend holidays.

The sales last for a number of days to allow more customers. The aim for these promotions is to encourage people who are working and families to visit their shops.

The purchase of clothing during sales is the best way to save cash while buying quality clothing. 

To make the most of the sales and save money, it is crucial to know what time American Eagle discounts their clothing all through the year. 

You may be shocked to discover this information. American Eagle has a pretty precise timetable of when they hold their sales on a year-to -year basis.

We’ve done all the work so you do not need to. If you are searching for details on each of the numerous sales held by American Eagle hosts throughout the year, you’ve arrived at the right spot!

 Here, we go over each sale American Eagle will host this year, so that you can choose to shop for the best price when the price savings are best.

If you are a shopper who shops online Do not be afraid! Most sale times, American Eagle hosts sales in-person and online. 

The only issue is that you might find some stores are more options at the store during times when stores are trying to reduce their inventory.

Saving Daily at American Eagle

The first and most importantly, the wonderful Feature of American Eagle is that you don’t need to wait for American Eagle sale dates in order to buy discounted AE apparel.

Here are some ideas to help you save money every day with AE:

AEO Real Rewards Program:

The reward program at AE gives you 5 percent off of every $150 spent, in addition to earning points and getting member-only coupons.

AEO App Download:

Apart from the loyalty program, AE provides coupons for app users only. Some of these coupons are discounts up to 25.

Get Birthday Rewards:

If you are you are an AEO membership, members get 15% off your birthday comes around!

Friend Referrals for AEO Membership:

The referral coupons are amazing and all you have to do is complete your details and your friend’s details, and you will both get a 20% discount coupon.

Semi-Annual Clearance Sale

Sale Dates: January
For the most savvy bargain hunters of us The Semi-Annual Clearance Sale occurs twice per year at American Eagle!

The company uses this time to dispose of their the old stock by offering discounts on their already discounted items.

These sales typically occur in January and June, so keep an on the lookout for sales in early January and the beginning of June for sales! Discounts on clearance prices range from 40% to 70 percent off.

American Eagle Presidents Day Sale

Dates for Sale: February 20
It’s the American Eagle Presidents Day Sale is an extended weekend sale with a range of what is discount.

We’ve seen sales on the low end of the scale at 25 percent discount and on the upper end that can be up to 60 discount!

These dates are crucial for American Eagle as they prep for inventory that will be used in warmer weather.

Look out for deals on jeans, Joggers and Hoodies! We suggest keeping an your eyes open for bargains and coupons both online and in-store.

American Eagle Secret Summer Sale Offer

Sale Dates: May/June/July
The American Eagle Secret Summer Sale is simply it’s a secret! We’ve observed it at times however, they don’t usually reveal their Secret Summer Sale before it takes place.

In recent times this Secret Summer Sale has occurred during the Semi-Annual Sale in June and is a limited-time coupon.

American Eagle Labor Day Sale

Sale Dates: September 4
It’s the American Eagle Labor Day Sale is one of the best sales of the year! The sale continues throughout the entire weekend and also includes discounts on clearance items and the Back to School discounts.

The discount day were between September 1st and September 7th.

The 2022 Labor Day Sale saw 30 percent off the entire range of AE Mens and Womens shirts and Buy One Get One promotions on underwear.

Previous clearance discounts from the past two years have included an additional 60 percent off and 70 percent off clearance.

The best bargain, however? The 1st of September all of the shop was discounted by 25%-75!

American Eagle Columbus Day Sale

Sale Dates: October 9
Be on the lookout for AE promotions around Columbus Day! The past has seen American Eagle has hosted clearance sales to celebrate Columbus Day, such as discounts of 50% off sale items.

This Halloween holiday is an ideal opportunity to check out discounts on clothing for warmer weather.

American Eagle Cyber Monday Sale

Sale Dates: November 27
Are you tired of November’s deals already? What’s the reason? Some of the most significant deals online for AEO are available online following the Black Friday deals, which are over just prior to the close of November.

In 2022 it will begin the Cyber Monday sale was launched on Monday the 28th of November.

The best bargain of this sale is the discounts on jeans! There are discounts on jeans! can get 40% off women’s jeans.

In addition, 30% to 50 percent off other merchandise is normal for Cyber Monday. AE Cyber Monday sale.

American Eagle Winter Warmup Sale

Sale Dates: January
Another sale that is not advertised The AE Winter Warmup Sale, is held in January and offers incredible discounts! It is an online-only sale, however it is one that you must keep an eye out for.

In 2022 in 2022, in 2022, the Winter Warmup Sale was a discount coupon for $50 off of your online purchase! The next January be on the lookout for announcing of the sale on AE’s social media.

What is the next American Eagle sale?

If you can see in the above dates The following American Eagle sale is the Presidents Day sale, which is followed by a few of our top annual sales: the Summer Sales.

Be aware of summer sales, they tend to be held during May, June and July. However, to be more specific, we generally see summer sales in June.

This includes some of the largest discount sales of the season and in general (aside the exception of Black Friday) is one of the best occasions to shop.

Are there online-only sales at American Eagle?

Indeed, American Eagle occasionally offers exclusive online sales.

The sales are only available through their website and could include discounted prices along with special deals or special offers which are not available in store.

Sales that are only available online provide the chance for customers to shop at their homes and get discounts specifically designed for online customers.

To stay up-to-date on promotions that are only available online, it is recommended to subscribe for the American Eagle’s email newsletter and be part of American Eagle’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

And regularly check their website to read about news and announcements about exclusive deals for online buyers.

Can I use store coupons for online purchases at American Eagle?

In many instances, American Eagle allows customers to redeem store coupons to make online purchases.

It is important to keep in mind that certain coupons might have restrictions or restrictions.

If you are considering using a coupon for online purchases is, it is recommended to read the conditions and conditions of the coupon.

These information can typically be located on the coupon or in the small text of the offer.

Also, the American Eagle’s site or its the customer service can provide additional clarification regarding the application of coupons for store purchases for online purchases.

Can I return or exchange sale items at American Eagle?

In general, American Eagle allows returns and exchanges on merchandise sold within its stated return policy.

However, it’s Crucial to be aware that there may be some exceptions or limitations in relation to the item that is being offered for sale and the specific terms and terms of Purchase.

It is recommended to read American Eagle’s Policy on returns or call their customer service for more specific information on the rules for returning and exchanges for items sold.


This American Eagle sale calendar is an indispensable tool for smart customers who are looking to reduce the cost of their most loved clothes.

With a variety of seasonal sales, promotions and special offers only for members, American Eagle provides numerous chances to get discounts all year.

By keeping up to date with their sales calendar and using the advice provided in this article that you can get the most value from these sales and improve you shopping experience.

FAQ – American Eagle Sale Calendar

Does American Eagle have a rewards program for frequent shoppers?

Yes, the American Eagle Real Rewards Program is intended for customers who shop regularly and provides a variety of benefits, such as points accumulation and specific rewards.

When does American Eagle have sales?

American Eagle has sales throughout the year, with some major sales happening during holiday seasons and seasonal changes.

How often does American Eagle offer discounts?

American Eagle offers discounts and promotions on a regular basis. The company often has daily or monthly sales as well as seasonal sales.

Do American Eagle sales apply to online purchases?

The answer is yes, American Eagle sales apply to on-line and purchase in store, except stated otherwise.

Is there a loyalty program for American Eagle customers?

Indeed, American Eagle has a loyalty program named “Real Rewards.” Members earn points on purchases and get exclusive discounts and rewards.

Does American Eagle offer free shipping during sales?

American Eagle may offer free shipping during sales, particularly when you reach the minimum threshold for spending. Visit their website or promotional materials to find out more.

Does American Eagle have a student discount?

Absolutely, American Eagle offers a 20% discount for pupils who verify their eligibility with UNiDAYS.

Does American Eagle have a loyalty program?

It’s true, American Eagle has a loyalty program known as RealRewards. Participants can earn points on purchases and get rewards like free shipping, discounts on purchases, and birthday gifts.

How can I save money at American Eagle?

It is possible to can cut costs on American Eagle by signing up to their Real Rewards program and shopping during their sales and making use of coupons.

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