Best Buy Return Policy: Your 11 Biggest Policy Questions Answered

Best Buy Return Policy: Best Buy’s return policy is designed to ensure customer satisfaction, and provide an easy shopping experience.

Customers have plenty of time to exchange or return products with a generous returns window. Best Buy provides flexible options to refunds and store credit.

Best Buy Return Policy

This allows customers to choose what suits them best. Best Buy strives to surpass expectations by prioritizing the convenience of customers and maintaining its commitment to providing excellent service.

What Is Best Buy’s Return Policy?

Best Buy offers a 15-day return policy that allows customers to exchange or refund most products.

The product must still be in the original packaging and accessories. Some items, like tablets and mobile phones, are eligible for a 14-day refund period.

Some products such as video games, software, and movies may be only eligible for exchange. Elite Plus and Elite members can also enjoy an extended return period.

To Get the Most up-to-date and specific information on Best Buy’s Returns Policy, you Should visit their website or contact their customer service.

How Many Days Can I return at Best Buy?

You’ll generally have 15 days in which to return an item to Best Buy.

Some items are not included in this list…

  • Most Items — 15 days after purchase
  • Wedding Register Items — 60 days after Purchase
  • Cell phones — 14 Days after Purchase
  • Devices with Contracts — within 14 days of purchase

You will receive a 30-day extended policy if you choose to become a Best Buy Elite Member.

Or if your choice is to sign up for Best Buy Elite plus membership, you will get 45 days instead of 15 days to return items.

How Do I Return a Gift to Best Buy?

You can get store credit if you walk into the store to return a gift purchased at Best Buy.

If you Return a Gift Via the mail, they will credit your gift Purchaser’s account and send them an email to let them know.

Best Buy Return Policy Exceptions

Can you return an item that you have opened to Best Buy if it is in like-new condition?

Best Buy’s open-box policy allows for a refund if the item is returned in pristine condition with all Original accessories and packaging. Best Buy might deny a return for missing package components.

The Restocking fee is waived for certain items if they are unopened, or if you purchase and return the item in one of the following states.

  • Alabama
  • Colorado
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • South Carolina

How To Return an Item to Best Buy

Best Buy’s return policy allows you to return an item purchased in-store, or on

You Can either visit a local Best Buy store or mail the item back. How to return an item.

Best Buy In-Store Returns:

Gather the following:

  • All original packaging and contents of the items must be returned
  • The packing slip is also known as a receipt
  • Use of a credit card to pay for the purchase
  • Valid photo ID

You can visit a Best Buy with these items and receive a credit on your card, a refund or an exchange.

Best Buy Returns by Mail:

You can return the item for free. When returning the item, you’ll have to include all the original packaging and contents.

can start a return by logging into your account on Best Buy’s website or by entering your order number.

Print the prepaid shipping labels by following the instructions. Attach the pre-paid return label to your package and drop it at a UPS authorized location.

Tips – Returning Items to Best Buy:

If you want to ensure that your refund goes Smoothly, make sure the item is brand new with all the original packaging.

It also needs to have the manuals and documentation. Best Buy may refuse to accept your return if you have missing components.

Bring a proof of purchase, such as a packing slip or receipt.

What Can’t I Return to Best Buy?

Some products are not returnable at Best Buy. You can find them here:

Final Sales: These are clearance items marked “Final Sale”. Ask an employee if you are unsure if the item you want to buy is on Final Sale.

Special orders: You will only receive 85% of your original purchase price back. Best Buy does not stock these items, which are usually ordered directly from manufacturers.

Digital content: includes software and games that can be downloaded.

Prepaid Card: This includes prepaid card from Nintendo, AT&T Verizon, eBay and Disney.

Gift packaging: Pretty obvious. It would be very difficult to return.

Membership Prices: This includes an annual Geek Squad membership. Update Thanks Kristy, who informed us that Geek Squad memberships may be returned up to 14 Days after purchase. Then they will prorate it.

Completed services: This is a list of the services that Geek Squad completed for you.

Consumables: This includes ink, batteries and 3D printer filament. It also includes items that are damaged or unsanitary, and those with missing parts.

What is Best Buy’s TV return policy?

Returning TVs within 15 days is the same as returning any other item.

Best Buy will accept the original packaging and the TV if it is in good condition.

Can I return an item without a receipt?

Yes, It is possible to return a product without a receipt. There are policies at many retailers that allow returns without receipts.

Depending on the policies of the retailer, guidelines and restrictions may differ.

Returning an item without receipt can result in a store credit, exchange for another product, or refund based on current selling price.

Some stores require identification or limit the number of returns without a receipt. Check the return policy to find out the requirements and options for returning items without a receipt.

Does Best Buy have a restocking fee for returns?

Yes, Best Buy charges a restocking for certain returns. Restocking fees are typically 15% of an item’s Price, and apply to non-defective and opened products, such as appliances, electronics, and certain accessories.

Best Buy’s Return Policy Varies depending on the product category, so You should check their website for more information or call their customer service to get up-to date information.

What If I Don’t Have a Receipt?

If you don’t have a Best Buy invoice, then you will need to Show a valid photo identification.

This is done to reduce the amount of return fraud.

If they Believe the return is fraudulent, they reserve the right not to accept it.

Does Best Buy offer a price match guarantee on returns?

The price matching policy of Best Buy does not apply to returned items.

Best Buy will match a Price if you buy an item at Best Buy, and find it cheaper elsewhere within a specified timeframe (15-30 days).

If you return an item to Best Buy you will not be able to request a price matching at a future date.

You cannot request that Best Buy match the price of an item you purchased from another retailer at a lower price.

What If My Return Has Been Opened?

You can return the item as soon as possible and receive a refund.

Don’t Forget to include any manuals and instructions that came with the product.

Re-Stocking Fees at Best Buy

Re-stocking fees may be applied to certain items. We’ll list any items with restocking charges for returns.

  • DSLR camera lenses — You’ll be charged 15% as a restocking fee.
  • Smartphones – You’ll have to pay a $35 restocking fee.
  • Drones – You’ll have to pay a 15% restocking fee.
  • projectors – you will be charged 15% for restocking.
  • Rideables – You’ll have to pay a 15% restocking fee.
  • Special Order Products – You will be charged 15% for restocking.

Final Words

You Can shop with confidence at Best Buy now that you know the return policy and how to comply with it.

Save your packing slip or receipt and the original packaging for a refund. Don’t Forget a gift receipt when you give someone a Best Buy item.

FAQ – Best Buy Return Policy

What items are excluded from Best Buy’s return policy?

Digital content, prepaid card, and products sold at final sales are all non-returnable. Media that have been opened, like CDs or DVDs, cannot be returned.

 Can I return an item after 15 days?

If you are a My Best Buy Elite Member, you can return most items within 30 days. The 15-day policy still applies.

 Does Best Buy charge a restocking fee for returns?

Best Buy can charge up to 15% restocking fees for certain items such as DSLR cameras, drones and damaged products.

Can I return an item without the original receipt?

Best Buy recommends that you keep the original receipt. However, if it is lost, the store can locate your purchase using your credit card information or your My Best Buy account.

Can I return a damaged item to Best Buy?

You can return an item damaged to Best Buy if you are within the 15/30/45 day return policy.

Can I cancel an order after it has been placed?

After the order has been shipped, 15/30/45 days return policy will apply.

Can I return an opened printer cartridge to Best Buy?

The return policy does not allow for the exchange of cartridges which have been opened. However, cartridges that have been damaged or defective can be exchanged.

Do I need to keep the original packaging to return an item to Best Buy?

Yes, it’s best to keep the original packaging as some items may have to be shipped back to the manufacturer.

Can I return an item for a cash refund?

You can return the item to receive a cash refund, if it was purchased with cash. If you used a debit or credit card, however, you will get a refund on that card.

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