Target Car Seat Trade-In Event Dates

Target Car Seat Trade: Being a responsible parent ensuring your child safe in the car is essential. A crucial element is a safe car seat that is appropriate for the child’s weight and size.

But carseats can be costly, so as the child gets bigger and gets bigger, you may have to purchase an upgraded model.

Target Car Seat Trade

Target, One of the largest retailers in the United States, understands this issue and has been hosting an event for trade-in of car seats each year since the beginning of 2016.

In this blog article this post, we will give you all the details you require about Target’s trade-in event dates in 2024, how it operates and what you can expect.


What is Target Car Seat Trade?

Target Car Seat Trade is an opportunity that is offered by Target the retailer business.

In which customers can take in their old car seats for recycling and get a coupon to receive the discount on a brand new car seat or other baby items.

The goal of the program is to encourage sustainable development by offering a simple and sustainable method to dispose from their car seats and promote the purchase of new safe car seats for kids.

Target collaborates with waste management companies to recycle and repurpose the car seats that customers trade in, ensuring responsible handling and reuse of the products.

Target Car Seat Trade-In Event Dates

The beginning date of the trade-in of car seats may differ based on the year but generally they occur at the same time and we’ve noticed a Pattern.

These events are held each year, generally in the fall. However, the exact dates may alter yearly. We’ll be keeping track on events like the Car Seat Trade in event dates so that you’ll be in the loop.

Here is an infographic to help you understand you the Car seat trade-in dates:

Year Date
2023 April 16 – 29
2022 Sept. 11 – 24
2021 Sept. 12 – 25
2020 Sept. 13 – 26
2019 April 22 – May 4
2018 April 22 – May 5
2017 April 17 – 30
2017 Sept. 10 – 23

How To Get The Car Seat Trade-In Coupon

To receive your Circle coupon to participate in the Car Seat Trade-In Event be sure to adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Bring your old booster or car seat to the drop-off bin found near Guest services of the local Target store. Make sure that you’ve Checked out this site.
  2. Start the Target application on your smartphone and scan the barcode of your drop off box.
  3. After the barcode is read, head into”Baby” in the “Baby” section in The Target app.
  4. You should look up the coupon to get the 20 percent discount on purchasing a brand new vehicle seat or stroller or any other baby gear you want to purchase.
  5. Click”Save” or the “Save+” button to save the coupon to your Circle account.

Be aware that certain guidelines and terms may be in effect, and it is always advisable to consult you local Target shop or on their web site to find further details about the event.

When Does The Car Seat Trade-In Event Start?

The Car Seat Trade-in Event held at Target is Planned to begin the 16th of April in 2024 and run until April 29, 2024.

In this time, Target will offer customers the chance for them to trade in their old automobile seats in exchange for 20 percent discount coupon to purchase an entirely brand new stroller, car seat or any other baby gear.

What Car Seat Qualifies To Be Traded In?

The Target Car Seat Trade-In Event allows customers to trade in any car seat to recycle that includes baby car seats, convertible seat, harnessed seat and booster seats.

 No matter if the car seat is worn out, damaged or damaged or stained, it can be traded in during the event.

Additionally, Target encourages the reuse of car seat bases and older models that no longer meet modern safety requirements. The company is committed to promoting sustainable practices.

its recycling program for car seats is an ideal method of disposing of old car seats in a responsible way. You can bring in your old vehicle seat that you own and Target will handle recycling for you.

Do I Have To Be a Target Circle Member?

To avail the 20 percent discount coupons during the Car Seat Trade-In Event at Target You have to be a Target Circle loyalty program member.

If you are not an existing member however, you can easily join for free via Target’s website or app. Target website or through the app.

This is an ideal opportunity to benefit from the discount and join the Target Circle member, which gives you a range of benefits like special deals and customized offers.

How Much Is The Car Seat Trade-In Coupon?

When you participate in this Car Seat Trade-In Event, you will receive an 20% discount coupon that can be used towards the purchase of the latest vehicle seat or booster car seat base and stroller, travel system or other baby equipment. 

This coupon offers a fantastic chance to upgrade the car seat of your child while making savings.

When Does The Car Seat Trade-In Event End?

Car Seat Trade-in Event will be over on April 29, 2024.

In the next few days it is at this point that the 20 percent discount promotional coupon will be available and you can avail it.

You’ll have the option of using it on the Purchase of a new baby stroller, car seat, or any Other baby equipment. Once this date the promo will end.

Why do car seats have expiration dates

When I wrote this piece, I had no idea that car seats could expire or that they contained expiration dates.

However, as per Graco that the majority of car seats are suitable for use for seven years.

What is the reason a car seat would no longer be considered safe or have a expiration date?

It is true that the components in the car seat can deteriorate over time, so if you consider using a hand-me-down car seat, make sure to check the expiration date sticker on the car seat.

It’s not anything like what you should use by dates on food items that are usually about encouraging the consumer to purchase more food items.

This is about safety concerns for children in an automobile.

It’s also important to understand that the tag that you see on the car seat you’d refer to for the expiration date is really the date of manufacture. date.

Graco states that car seats have an expiration period of 7 years from the production date, requiring you to add seven years to the label date.

How Often Is The Trade In Event?

Target organizes their Car Seat Trade-In Event twice each year, in the fall and spring seasons. 

The program first came into existence in April 2016 and, since then Target has recycled 32.9 million tons of car seat materials.

This event is a great chance for parents to upgrade their child’s car seat, while properly disposing of the old one. 

Be on the lookout to see when the next one will be and make use of this environmentally friendly initiative to ensure that children are secure on the roads.

Car Seat Trade-In Event Tips

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you get the most of the Car Seat Trade-In Event at Target:

  • Keep in mind that coupons can’t be combined, however the coupons can mix with other offers included in the currently available Baby Deals. This can aid you in saving even more money when you buy.
  • If you’re carrying an RED credit card utilize it to get another five percent and enjoy free shipping on online purchases. Non-members can still get free shipping on purchases of $35 or greater.
  • If you’re not able to find a car seat from your past to trade in look for a used car seat via Facebook Marketplace or your local Buy Nothing Project group.
  • Be aware that the most extensive option is usually available earlier in the sale, regardless of whether on the internet or in shops.
  • Target’s collaboration in partnership with Waste Management allows for the reuse of the old vehicle seat when it is put in. The material will serve to make new products like wooden pallets and plastic buckets and building materials. This can reduce waste and also benefit the environment.

With these suggestions If you follow these guidelines, you can benefit from the Trade-in of Car Seats at Target event to cut costs as well as reduce the amount of waste.

What does Target do with old car seats

As per the Target Answers to Questions Here is what happens to automobile seats which are taken to Target:

“Materials from the old car seats will be recycled by Target’s partners to create new products such as pallets, plastic buckets and construction materials such as steel beams and carpet padding.”

Since introducing the program for recycling car seats in 2016, Target proudly states that it has recycled over 2 million car seats.

The program also assisted in recycling nearly 33 million pounds worth of automobile seat material.

Target partners with Terracycle to offer Zero Waste boxes that you can utilize at your workplace or home to recycle items that may not be recyclable at the curb.

Why would you need a new car seat

There are some reasons you should consider purchasing an updated car seat for your child.

One was that you had your child’s car seats registered through the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration when you purchased it. Then, you found out that it was being recalled.

Two The child you have had outgrown their old seat. They’re no anymore infants.

Three, you’ve purchased new cars and the seat you had before is no longer comfortable-yes it occurs.

Four and a half years ago, you got in an accident in the car and required a new seat.

Like a bicycle helmet involved in an accident, a car seat should also be removed as a result.

This is not the case even if your child was not injured or you could have driven away from the incident.

It’s impossible to tell if the car seat has suffered a minor injury which makes it unsafe to use.

Why would you risk it?

Eligible car seats:

Target will take all types of car seats during an exchange-in program. This includes:

  • infant car seats or infant car seats
  • convertible car seats
  • Car seat bases for cars
  • car seats, boosters or harnesses
  • Car seats that have been used for a long time
  • damaged car seats

Can I use the trade-in coupon online?

Yes, you can utilize the coupon to trade in online, in the event that the retailer or online store accepts trade-in coupons as a method of payment.

 It is essential to review the conditions and terms of the coupon. You can also contact the customer service of the specific online store to verify if they accept trade-in coupons and to learn how to use them during checkout.

Walmart car seat trade-in 2024

Walmart held its first-ever car seat trade-in program between September 16th and 30, 2019.

They are planning for a second in light of the huge response to their previous recycled car seat program in which they surpassed capacity in less than an entire week!

Walmart has collected more than one million carseats and this is equivalent to recycling more than 200 million glass bottles out of the landfill according to their partnership, TerraCycle.

Walmart joined forces with TerraCycle to recycle old car seats. The additional 30 dollars Walmart gift card is certainly a plus however, you can be confident the car seat is recycling and not going into garbage dumps.

FAQ – Target Car Seat Trade

Do I need to be a Target Circle member to participate?

There is no require to be an Target Circle member to participate in the Car Seat Trade-In Event. However, membership may offer additional advantages or discounts.

Can I use the trade-in coupon on clearance items?

The requirements for the trade-in coupon on clearance products may differ. It is best to check the conditions and terms on the coupon, or contact Target in order to clarify the situation.

What do I receive in exchange for trading in a car seat?

If you exchange in an old car seat, you will receive a coupon of 20% off for a brand new baby stroller, car seat or other baby equipment.

Can I trade in a car seat without making a purchase?

Yes it is true that you can trade in the car seat you already have without the need to buy. The aim for Car Seat Trade-In Event Car Seat Trade-In Event is to encourage reuse from old seats and you’ll still get the 20% off coupon to use for future use.

Is the Car Seat Trade-In Event available in all Target stores?

The Target Car Seat Trade-In Event is generally accessible in the participating Target stores. We recommend contacting your local store or checking the Target website to confirm the availability of the event.

How much discount can I get on a new car seat?

The Car Seat Trade-In Event may offer a specific discount that differs, but in earlier years, attendees received a 20% discount on a brand new car seat or other infant equipment. It’s a good idea to verify the details of the event to find out the exact discount available.

What happens to the traded-in car seats?

Target collaborates with waste management firms to ensure they correctly recycle traded-in car seats. This program helps prevent car seats from ending up in landfills and promotes sustainable practices for the environment.

Is the Car Seat Trade-In Event available internationally?

It is the Car Seat Trade-In Event is generally only available in the United States. Target locations in different countries may offer similar initiatives or programs So it’s worth a look at the local Target and other retailer for more details.

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