K&M Waxing Center Prices

K&M Waxing Center Prices

➥ K&M Waxing Center offers unisex face and body waxing and exclusive products to use in various methods of removing hair.

➥ We choose only the finest quality wax to fulfil our pledge to offer you the most superior solutions and items. At K&M, our focus is on providing services with the highest level of professionalism, respect, and honesty.

K&M Waxing Center Prices

➥ Our aim is for you to feel welcomed at home, relaxed, and comfortable in comfortable and safe surroundings.


➥ We are committed to providing our customers with the most acceptable standard of service using an unbeatable combination of expertise and the flexibility to enhance the level of customer service by offering the fastest, cleanest, and most enjoyable waxing experience ever.

K&M Face And Body Waxing Prices

For Her Face

Services Prices
Chin $8
Chin Plus $15
Eyebrows $20
Eyebrows Design $25
Eyebrows Tint $18
Full Face $49
Full Neck $28
Jawline $15
Lip $8
Neckline $15
Nose $12
Sideburns $15

For Her Body

Services Prices
Abs | Stomach $30
Arms – Full $40
Arms – Half $25
Arms – Under $18
Back – Full $65
Back – Lower $34
Back – Upper $34
Bikini Line $29
Bikini Full $46
Bikini Plus $46
Brazilian* $56
Chest $25
Feet $10
Full Body* $399
Glutes* $30
Hands $10
Legs – Full $79
Legs – Lower $40
Legs – Upper $42

For His Face

Services Prices
Beard $45
Ears $12
Eyebrows $20
Full Neck $28
Neckline $15
Nose $12

For His Body

Services Prices
Abs | Stomach $32
Arms – Full $55
Arms – Half $30
Arms – Under $18
Back – Full $65
Back – Lower $34
Back – Upper $34
Brozilian** $100
Bikini Full $46
Chest $35
Feet $10
Full Body* $449
Glutes* $39
Hand $10
Legs – Full $79
Legs – Upper $42
Shoulders $20

Laser Services

Services Prices
Full Body (M) $965
Full Body (F)  $900
Full Face  $115
Forehead  $40
Sideburns  $45
Cheeks  $45
Lip  $35
Chin  $35
Chin Plus/Jawline  $60
Neck Line  $60
Full Neck  $90
Shoulders $75
Chest $90
Underarms $55
Full Arms $135
Half Arm $70
Hands $40
Abs/Stomach $90
Belly Strip $35
Brazillian (F) $110
Bikini Line $75
Bikini Plus $95
Full Bikini $95
Brozilian (M) $190
Full Back $150
Upper Back $90
Lower Back $90
Glutes $95
Full Legs $150
Half Leg $80
Feet $30

K&M Popular Waxing Services

K&M Waxing center

Brazilian Wax

➥ Our experts are total pros—they’ve seen everything! So, the next time you’re going to bare all, be confident.

Brow Wax

➥ There’s nothing like the perfect brow. It’s just the best form that shows your highlights. Our professionals are experts in the field, so you’re in good hands.

Facial Wax

➥ Every face has at least a little hair; it’s perfectly normal! If you’d like to make your hair look more polished, we’re here to help get it done.

What is Waxing and Why

➥ Waxing is a method of removal that takes all hair from the hair follicle; in contrast to shaving, Nair or clippers bluntly cut hair at the surface.

➥ The skin is sprayed with warm wax and “shrink wraps” around the hair follicles, allowing hair to be pulled away from the hair’s root.

➥ Since the hair’s entirety is removed, the skin is left very smooth and is longer lasting than any other hair removal method. You are not going to believe it until you experience it.

What To Do Before Your Treatment

➥ You should stop tweezing and shaving 2.5 to three weeks before the first appointment! Hair should be about 1/2 to 1/4 inch long and 3-4 weeks after the last time you shaved.

➥ Oh, we can hear the moans now But, yes, three weeks. Could you do it? You will not regret it. If you visit too early, we won’t be able to treat you with wax.

➥ The best rule of thumb to remember is that when you can easily squeeze the hair and feel it squeezing, you’re good to go! It is recommended to wear loose clothes.

➥ The skin can be following sensitive waxing, and you should not wear clothing that can irritate.

➥ It is unlikely that you will experience discomfort, but be prepared to become sensitive to the area of the skin that has been waxed affected.

How Long Will K&M Waxing Last?

➥ We recommend clients return at least every four weeks to wax their bodies and at least every two weeks with facial waxing.

➥ To make the most of your waxing session, do some things at home to ensure you’re prepared to wax.

➥ This includes exfoliating every two weeks and not shaving between appointments.

➥ By making regular visits and taking home care, your results will be more effective, and your skin will become softer.

➥ If you arrive too early, your hair will be cut too short, and we will not be able to guarantee an entirely smooth result.

➥ Please be aware that hair growth happens in stages; usually, four weeks is the time to complete the growth process.

Do I Have To Be Completely Undressed For A Brazilian?

➥ Yes! But just from the waist up. It’s scary, but nothing to get you freaked out over. Our professional waxers are highly trained, which is a normal aspect of the body for us.

➥ We assure you that you are in safe hands, so take it as you like and enjoy a non-judgment space.

K&M Waxing Center Hours

Day Hours
Monday 9am – 7pm
Tuesday 9am – 7pm
Wednesday 9am – 7pm
Thursday 9am – 7pm
Friday 9am – 7pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm
 Sunday Closed

K&M Waxing Center Contact Us

Brookfield, CT

➥ info@kandmwaxing.com
(203) 740-1133

➥ 483 Federal Rd, Brookfield, CT 06804

Pawling, NY

➥ info@kandmwaxing.com
(845) 493-0284

➥ 31 NY-22, Pawling, NY 12564

Jacksonville, FL

➥ info@kandmwaxing.com
(904) 683-0524

➥ 9735 Old Saint Augustine Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257

 official website

K&M Waxing Center

K&M Waxing Center Near Me

FAQs – K&M Waxing

How is K&M Waxing & Laser Center rated?

➥ K&M Waxing & Laser Center has 5.0 stars from 9 reviews.

What days are K&M Waxing & Laser Center open?

➥ Mon-Fri 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

➥ Sat 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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